A Very Dirty Boss (A Sexy Standalone Contemporary Romance)

BOOK: A Very Dirty Boss (A Sexy Standalone Contemporary Romance)
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A Very Dirty Boss


Lara West






Romance: A Very Dirty Boss

Lara West


Copyright © 2016

Published by Run Free Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means without the prior permission in writing of the publisher. This contemporary romance is a work of fiction. In this sexy, witty romance about an alpha male, any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 


A Very Dirty Boss


Ladies, it’s all about size. I should know.

I’ve got size. I’ve got strength. I’ve got arrogance. In fact, I have all the right assets - money, muscles, and my own billion-dollar business. I might sound like a prick to you but I don’t care. There are plenty more girls like you out there. I haven’t got time for you.

I haven’t got time for anyone.

But the only girl that has ever touched my heart is now my personal assistant. I’m not going to let her have power over me this time. No. I’m going to use her like I use every other girl. Dine her, screw her and leave. But I can’t seem to shake this feeling. It’s… something more than just perfect sex. It’s…

No. I’m the alpha male. I feel nothing for this girl.

Or maybe, just this once, I’m wrong...


A VERY DIRTY BOSS is a standalone, dirty romance novel written from the guy’s and girl’s POV by bestselling author Lara West.


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A Very Dirty Boss


Lara West



Chapter 1





“Pardon my French, sir, but you have to be shitting me?!”

Mr. Hartz, my boss, throws me a cautious look. It reminds me of the same one my father gives me when I swear in front of him. Even though I’m twenty-four years old, my father still treats me like a child. And seeing that I still live with him, biting my tongue is a constant battle.

I know I’m crossing the line by saying the word “shitting” to Mr. Hartz. After all, who swears at their boss?

A fired person, that’s who.

But Mr. Hartz has become a second father figure to me while I’ve worked for his company. I’ve been here for a solid four years now - two years as an intern (while I was still studying business administration at Dartmouth) and two years as a full-time employee once I graduated – and so naturally I feel comfortable around him.

So much so that a swear word tends to fly out from time to time.

Besides, he just dropped a bombshell on me. And the fallout might be catastrophic.

“Anna… Lucas has worked damn hard these last few years. He deserves the promotion,” Mr. Hartz states with a don’t-push-your-luck expression on his face. “I started him off as a team leader and the manager of deliveries so that he could prove to me that he’s willing to work hard to get ahead in life.”

“I know that,” I exhale. “I just don’t share your faith in him. What about Max?”

“Max has a wife and two small kids. He prefers being the assistant director, not the director of the whole enterprise. It means that he doesn’t have to spend extra hours at the office and go away on business trips.” He pauses and lets out a hearty sigh. “Look, I know you and Lucas have history, but it’d be nice to have you on board with this. You’re the best PA the company’s ever had, and I’d like you to continue in the position when Lucas takes over next month.”


Next month?

That soon?

The ground may as well open up and swallow me whole right now. My cushiony, good salaried job might just bite the dust.

There’s no way I can work for Lucas - #degenerate trust-fund jock notorious for blowing his share of his family’s fortune on hookers in Las Vegas when he was only nineteen - #biggest-prick-on-the-planet.

He may have the body of a Spartan warrior, the face of Adonis, and the voice of a sex God, but I for one am not falling for that smooth, lying, asshole of a Casanova.

Uh-uh. Not for a second time.

“But he’s not fit to run the company,” I continue to protest. “Can’t you advertise and find someone else? Someone more mature?”

Mr. Hartz carves a warm, understanding smile but his words are firm. “He’s my nephew, Anna. I need to give him a shot at this. Hartz Brothers Removals & Storage is a family business. Ever since Lucas’s dad, Jack, died, I can’t help but think this is what he would’ve wanted. Jack started this company with me too.”

“I know,” I say, sinking further into the chair by his desk. “It’s just… Lucas is-”

“A pain in the ass, I know,” he interjects with a chuckle. “But he’s proven himself worthy of a chance and I’m going to give it to him.”

After I inevitably tell my boss that I support his decision and will stay onboard until his nephew drives me so far up the wall that I’m forced to quit, I saunter out of his office and back to my desk.

And I thought the break-up with Jake last month was hands down the worst thing to happen this year.

Boy, was I fucking wrong.


Chapter 2




It’s funny – I always thought my uncle was a douche. Not like me douche, not tough. But the complete opposite: too soft for his own good.

He always seems so relaxed and generous. He’s too nice to people. The director of a billion-dollar company should not be “nice”. They should be hard-lipped, ruthless when they need to be, and a total player when it comes to banging women.

Which is why I know that I am the right man for the job.

Being the head honcho of Hartz Brothers Removals & Storage is going to be fucking sweet. I wonder if my uncle’s penthouse comes with the gig.

Hello bachelor pad in midtown Manhattan
goodbye Mom’s twelve million dollar, yet cramped, townhouse.

What can I say - five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a study, a garden with a courtyard and pool, and a private cinema just don’t do it for me. I want more luxury than that. I want the view of a King surveying his city.

Oh, yes. That penthouse better come with a big red bow attached.

Something that has got me on edge, though, is working alongside Anna. I thought I was done with her – that part of my past never to be revived. But now I’m forced to, at least, be civil to her seeing as my uncle made it clear that the director’s position comes with one mandatory attachment.

The current PA, fucking Anna Fitzgerald.

I remember the conversation with my uncle yesterday in vivid detail. He called me into his office after I’d finished the paperwork for the final delivery of the day.

I was slouching in one of the chairs by his desk; fully expecting him to bust my ass over some banked up deliveries, only to hear him say, “Lucas, you’ve proven your loyalty to the company. I’m giving you the reigns.”

My eyes had almost popped out of my skull. Was he appointing me the head of the enterprise? Just like that?

I thought the old timer must have lost his marbles.

“Ah… are you serious?” I stumbled out.

“Of course,” he said firmly. “I know it’s what your father would’ve wanted. And I’m pushing sixty-two. It’s time for me to retire and get some overdue R & R.”

I could hardly believe my ears. I knew that I’d be promoted to assistant director some day, but director…? I thought that was a long way off.

If ever.

His son and my cousin, Max, was the next obvious choice.

“Is Max okay with this?”

“Yes, he’s a family man. He doesn’t want the extra weight. However, he’ll still be the assistant director and advising you, so I implore you to listen to him. He knows this business inside out.”

“Yes, sir,” I told him.

I didn’t mind Max being my right-hand man. He and I have always got along. That won’t be an issue whatsoever.

“Oh, and there’s one more thing… It’s not negotiable and comes with being the director.” I creased my eyebrows, curious as to what he was going to say. “You’ll have a PA.”

Images of a busty blonde, a smoldering brunette or a fiery redhead flew into my mind. A plan was already in motion to interview as many hot girls as possible.
Now that would be fun

But then my uncle said her name.

“I’m aware that you two have a history,” he continued, clearing his throat. “Will that be a problem? Because Anna is an asset to this company. I wouldn’t dream of letting her go.”

I had wanted to ask him how much he knew about Anna and me.

Does he know I fucked her tight, little pussy in the back of my mom’s Beamer?

And that we haven’t said shit all to each other since?

“I’m sure we can put our differences aside,” I said, my tone reassuring. But in truth, I had no fucking idea how it was going to work.

Anna hates me. Like
hates me. Not that I can blame her. After out wild roll in the hay, I pretended that she didn’t exist.

If I were a chick, I’d want to kick me in the balls too.

But I didn’t ignore her because I didn’t like her. It was just the reverse – she made my damn head spin.

I knew that if we started something up, I’d turn into one of those doting boyfriend types.
Screw that
. I wanted to play the field first. Be a free man and all that jazz.

Little-Miss-Perfect-Dartmouth, barely-cracks-a-smile, uppity-princess, won’t be happy about any of this. And it’s going to be damn hard to stop myself from hitting on her too.

Maybe I can get her to wear a paper bag over her head to distract me from those smoky gray eyes and plump pink lips that were once wrapped around my cock.

Back in high school, Anna was untouchable - an off-limits zone to every guy, except me.

I’m the only one who finally got to her and made her moan in ways I bet no one has been able to since.

One thing I will say about Anna, though, is that even after I snubbed her, she didn’t show any signs of caring. In fact, I’m pretty sure she wrote me off as a man whore who didn’t live up to his otherwise highly satisfying reputation.

Hmm… all those ditzy cheerleaders sure knew their way around a guy’s most valued anatomy.

But of course, for my uncle, and for the sake of what’s best for the company, I’ll fall in line.

For now.

I’m going to play along with the whole boss and PA routine.

Besides, how can I pass up the chance to get under Anna Fitzgerald’s skin and seduce all over again?

Chapter 3




He stands in front of me, his naked, ripped physique making me quiver in secret places. As I watch him, his eyes wander over my body like a conqueror upon a new land. Ready to plunder.

Before I even have a chance to blink, he’s on me, pushing me down onto the bed and yanking off my panties so he can slip his large, thick cock between my legs.

I feel it warm against my thigh before it pushes through the opening of my cunt and slides along my inner walls.

I gasp, “Lucas...”

He groans my name in reply, “Anna.” He repeats it in loud succession as he drives his cock in deeper. It feels way too familiar – the same as it was nine years ago.

No, it’s even better than it was back then. More satisfying.

When he kneads my breasts with his palms and looks down at my shuddering, joy-stricken sex face, it’s then I realize I’m his. I let go of all my inhibitions and let him grind into me. Owning me.



Soon I’m on the edge, begging him not to stop.

I’m so close… so very close…


I open my eyes to find Dad hovering over my bed, glaring at me.

“Dad?!” I shriek, jolting upright. “What are you doing?”

“Anna, it’s six o’clock. Abigail and Lucas will be here any minute. Why aren’t you dressed?”

Oh, crap.
I forgot all about tonight. Dad has asked Abigail Hartz and her annoying son over for Friday night dinner. 

He’s going all out too – roast pork, oven baked veggies, homemade applesauce, onion gravy and Yorkshire puddings – which is weird. He hasn’t cooked a meal like that since Mom died.

“I must have dozed off,” I say, pushing back the comforter and swinging my legs over the side of the bed. “I’ll be down soon.”

I wave him off, and he strides out of my room, muttering incoherent words under his breath. He seems edgier than usual and somewhat nervous. What’s with that?

Outside my window, the ruby orange sunset glows in the distance. I can’t believe I nodded off. One minute I was lying down contemplating the conversation I had with Mr. Hartz a few days ago, and the next I was waking up to Dad saying my name.
Boy, I must have been one tired teddy

When my feet find the hardwood floor, I wince at my damp blouse sticking to my back. Great, I was sweating in my sleep. No, during my sex dream
I need to shower and get rid of the effect Lucas has had on me. Pronto.

Does this mean I’m still attracted to him? Or has my subconscious just gone bonkers?

For my sake, I hope it’s the latter.

Downstairs, I get a surprise to find Dad, Abigail, and Lucas waiting for me in the living room. Okay… everyone looks serious. Too serious.

“Don’t tell me someone has died,” I say, peering at Dad standing over by the fireplace. Abigail sits on the beige leather chair in front of him while her son has claimed the left side of the sofa.

Lucas is still wearing his work uniform: gray suit pants and a white polo shirt with the logo for Hartz Brothers Removals and Storage on the lapel.

If I didn’t already know his family is insanely rich I’d think he was just an ordinary Joe Blow. Except for the fact that he’s as drop dead gorgeous as a movie star and has the most piercing mulled brown eyes I’ve ever fucking seen.

Up close, his features distinctly shout, “I’m-from-good-breeding-stock.”

When Lucas gazes over at me, I’m instantly transported back to my dream. His wandering hands… The heat of his breath on my neck… Me writhing underneath him as his cock slips in and out of my creaming pussy…

“Hello, Anna. It’s lovely to see you again,” Abigail Hartz says warmly, rising from the chair.

I blink away the erogenous images and force out a smile. “You too, Mrs. Hartz.”

She turns to Lucas, who looks like he’s brooding in his seat. For a twenty-six year-old that’s real mature. Not.

I bet Abigail forced him to come, just like Dad is forcing me to make nice with my mom’s old best friend.

He and Abigail have stayed in contact since Mom died five years ago. I think her passing left a big hole in both their hearts. Mom and Abigail had been friends since they attended NYU together back in 76’. They were both art majors and Manhattan IT girls.

“Lucas, doesn’t Anna look lovely this evening? You’re very lucky that she’s staying on as the director’s PA. Your uncle, Sam, assures me she’s an irreplaceable asset to the company.”

“Apparently,” Lucas states, his eyes leaving mine momentarily. “But I guess anything beats managing incompetent delivery guys.” His smug tone takes me right back to that night seven years ago…

Abigail’s silver Beamer still had that new car smell as I squelched into the dark leathered backseat.

Lucas was on top of me with the condom already sheeted over his cock; he was ready to go.

Tell me you want me,” he whispered, his voice full of arrogance. He knew I wanted him.

I blushed in the dim light. “Just do it already,” I said, determined not to give into him emotionally.

“You have done this before, right?”

“Of course, I’ve done it before, you dick,” I lied, scowling at him. “Now, are you going to live up to your reputation or what?”

Making the decision to finally give in to Lucas’s incessant flirting all year was prompted by the fact that I was heading to college in the Fall. I’d envisioned semesters of keg parties, dating, and casual sex with random guys. Not heaps, just a few.

Anyway, I had to lose my maidenhood sometime, and why not with a sure bet.
Lucas Hartz, sex maniac
. Well, that’s what a few cheerleaders claimed anyway.

Dad’s voice draws my attention back over to the fireplace. He and Abigail are now standing side-by-side and… holding hands??

Wait… no no no.

They aren’t…?

This dinner isn’t…?


I already know what he’s going to say next, and judging by the worried look on Lucas’s face, he too is bracing himself for Dad and Abigail’s announcement.

“We wanted to break the news to the both of you first,” Dad begins.

Here we go. I can already hear the bells, the organ music, and the sound of hands clapping as the couple leaves the altar

“Abigail and I have been dating for just over a year now… and a few days ago, I asked her to marry me.”

Abigail beams, her eyes flicking between Lucas and me. “And I said yes!”


BOOK: A Very Dirty Boss (A Sexy Standalone Contemporary Romance)
6.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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