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Gerald Benedict eased down beside her and reached out and brushed his fingers over the hair that covered her mound.

“When it’s wet like it is now, it looks more red than blonde.” He stretched out beside her. “Now, thanks to my brother, I’m going to taste your mouth and your cunt with the same kiss.”

Kate gasped at the use of the crude word even as a shiver of pleasure skittered over her skin. Gerald didn’t give her a moment to think or demur. He just lowered his mouth to hers and plundered.

Kate’s body came alive again.
My third shock of the day
. She’d been nearly scandalized when Patrick had put his mouth on her pussy, but the sensations so quickly seduced her she wanted nothing more than for the wonderful torture to go on and on. And then she’d erupted in orgasm, something she’d heard whispers about but never quite understood before.

If other women have orgasms, why would they ever want to get out of bed?
She loved that new thrill and wanted more of it.

The sensation of Gerald’s bare chest pressing against her breasts felt so good, she tried to rub against him. He weaned his lips from hers and met her gaze.

“I knew you’d catch fire for us. That hint of your musk on your lips just begs me to taste more of you. I want you to come for me, the same way you did for Patrick.”

Oh, yes!
She knew she had, of course, but she gave him her honesty. “I don’t know how to make that happen.”

“We’ll teach you how to pleasure yourself, sweet Kate, but later. For now, you leave the how of it up to us. Just feel, sweetheart. Just lie back and feel, and take what we give you.”

For a large man he moved fast. Sliding down her body, he spread her legs and settled down between them. He brought his mouth close to her pussy and gave her a long, slow lick that made her gasp and shiver.

And then he set his mouth on her, his lips and tongue as voracious as when he kissed her mouth. She could feel his lips sliding, his tongue gliding, and the jittery tingling pleasure began to swirl in her again.

Too much
. The pleasure felt like more than she could possibly bear, sizzling out from her pussy to the rest of her body. Closing her eyes, head back, she moaned and whimpered.

A stroke on the side of her face made her turn her head and open her eyes. Patrick had lain down on her left. He kissed her, his tongue fast and slick, stealing into her mouth and tasting her. Then he eased back and met her gaze. The heat in his eyes mesmerized her, and when he looked down, she did, too.

The sight of the brown tousled head between her legs, the sensation of Gerald’s tongue and lips, everything combined to excite her even more.

“Oh! I don’t…I can’t…” Reason shattered for her as rapture exploded upon her once more, as the shivering, quivering pleasure stole every ounce of strength and every breath in her body.

Gerald moved, climbed up her body, and cupped her cheeks in his hands. She felt his cock brush against her damp folds. He waited until she met his gaze and then he moved just a bit more, sliding up and then into her in one, slow stroke.

“Oh!” She felt something inside her tear and the pain bit into her, sharp and quick and then, just as quickly, it began to fade.

“That’s the worst of it, Kate. I swear.”

She saw just the shadow of regret in his eyes, and she understood in that moment that Gerald would always be a man whose emotions ran deep, and went mostly unstated. She looped her arms around his neck while her body adjusted to the presence of his cock inside her.

“That wasn’t so bad, actually.”

He smiled. “Good. You feel like heaven, Kate. I love the way your hot cunt has wrapped itself around my cock. I want to move inside you. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

It surprised her more than a little that his crude words inflamed her. What came as no surprise was his deliberate use of those words as if he would shock her.

“Is that any way to talk to a lady?” she asked. How could she tease at such a time as this? She asked and answered herself in the same heartbeat. It felt natural and right to do so.

Kate had an epiphany that with these men, there would be no taboos. She could do or say or try anything at all, and there would be no one to gainsay her—not
these men. Especially not these men.
My men
. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling, and that smile felt sultry.

“It’s the way we’re going to talk to
lady, especially when we have her naked beneath us—or between us.”

“Well, in that case, Gerald, by all means, please fuck me.”

She needed him to move. The sensation of his cock holding still within her body just made her itchy for more.

His lips twitched. “Of course, my dear.” He eased almost all the way out of her and then thrust in again.

Oh, yes
!” How could she have known that she would find a second kind of carnal delight, even over and above having an orgasm? She loved the sensation of his cock moving in and out of her pussy.

She raised her legs and wrapped them around him as he moved in her, as he stroked in her again and again. Gerald reached down and slid his hand under her bottom, pulling her up and into his thrusts, and Kate cried out as more little fiery shocks nipped at her nerve endings.

“You feel so damn good, Kate. Give me your mouth, love. Kiss me. Come for me.”

Gerald didn’t wait, just plundered her, above and below. He timed the sliding of his tongue with the sliding of his cock, and Kate felt helpless in the midst of the twin invasion. He angled his hips and rubbed against that tiny spot above where they were joined, that spot that made everything inside her light up like Fourth of July fireworks. She’d known since nursing school that spot was called her clitoris, but until today she’d had no idea how important it would prove to be to her.

Kate clutched him and cried out, her shout one of pure joy as her climax rolled over and through her. He drank in her cry of completion as he continued to kiss her. As she found bliss, he continued to pump inside her. Moments later, Gerald’s lips left hers, and his head rested on her shoulder. He held himself stiff and still within her and groaned.

Inside her body his cock convulsed, and then the pulse of his ejaculation bathed her in stream upon stream of liquid heat.

He lay upon her as he struggled for breath. She kept her arms wrapped around him and couldn’t prevent the tiny smile she had no real desire to hold back—and she didn’t even care if they saw it. To have brought such a man to the point where he would lose all control
all strength was not a small thing.

Kate sipped from the cup of having pleased a man and knew it would be a nectar she would want to indulge in again and again. She cradled him between her thighs and sighed with the contentment that simple action brought her.

Gerald lifted his head, shifting so that he took most of his weight off her, and met her gaze. “Are you all right, sweetheart?”

“Well I would hope I was more than just ‘all right.’” She raised one eyebrow and waited to see what he would say to that.

His laughter came out like a sudden bark, totally unexpected. His smile—good God his smile was gorgeous! She made the decision then and there to do what she could to see it on him more often.

“Personally, I think you’re beyond spectacular.” He kissed her lightly, and then said, “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“I’m not.” How could she be sorry when the result was being loved so thoroughly? She turned her head to look at Patrick. That man had apparently been watching the whole time, and just grinned as usual. Stretched out on his side, his hand supporting his head, he simply lay there, completely naked, seeming content to be a spectator.

Their gazes locked and she read the heat in his, and knew that heat was for her.

“So she feels as good as she tastes?” Patrick asked.

“She does indeed.” Gerald replied.

“And she’s waiting to embrace one more lover.” Kate continued to hold Patrick’s gaze, and wondered how he’d react to the challenge.

His grin didn’t diminish one whit. “Is she, now?”

“She is.” Kate had the sense he knew she didn’t particularly like being addressed in the third person, and did it anyway.

“Hot, is she?”

“Very hot, and wondering what the hell you’re going to do about it.”

“I see. That sounded like a challenge to me.” Patrick’s voice came out soft, silky, and seemed to stroke all of her nerve endings. But there was something about that look in his eyes, a subtle change that she couldn’t quite seem to read.

Gerald lifted himself off her and then rolled to his side. He propped himself up to match his brother’s pose. “Uh-oh.”

She’d thought earlier that Gerald had moved quickly, but it was nothing compared to the speed his brother demonstrated.

Kate shrieked when he sprang to his feet and scooped her into his arms. The instinct to hold on kicked in, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, even as he spun her around in a wide circle, and then began to walk with her.

It certainly didn’t escape her notice that they were both completely naked. “Where are you taking me?”

“You said you were hot. I’m being a gentleman and doing something about that little thing.”

“What do you mean…” Kate’s voice dropped off because she heard something then she’d not heard just moments before. She swiveled her head and gasped when a river came into view.

The water seemed to be racing over the rocks strewn close to the bank. She’d had no idea there had been water anywhere near where they were. Though shallow over the rocks, the water darkened toward the middle, telling her it would definitely be deeper there.

“Patrick Benedict, you are
tossing me into that river.”

“Actually, love, it’s only a stream and no, most certainly I’m not going to toss you in. That wouldn’t be very gallant.”

Kate would have breathed a sigh of relief, but Patrick was nearly at the water’s edge and didn’t show any sign that he was going to slow down or turn back soon.

“So, you’re going to put me down, then?”



“But I won’t toss you in, I promise. I’ll just walk in with you still in my arms.”

Kate frowned. There was devilry in this man’s eyes. She could see it shining there with the laughter. “Is the water cold?”

“Define cold.”

And then it was way too late, because Patrick’s bare feet were on the rocks, and in the next moment, he waded to the middle and jumped, submersing them both into the fast-running current. He let her go, and she sank like a rock. The water was freezing, and the shock of the cold delayed her movements. It took her a moment for her to manage to kick upward.

Kate found the air not more than a second or two after she heard Patrick break the surface. “Bastard!” Kate didn’t think Patrick minded the oath she sputtered at him as he was laughing like a loon, and quite frankly, so was she. But when she slipped below the surface of the water for a second time, he stopped laughing right fast enough.

She heard the splash of his dive and in a heartbeat he was there with her.

He scooped her back into his arms, and kicked up so they were above the surface in an instant, and held her close. “I swear I wasn’t trying to drown you, sweetheart. I guess I should have asked you if you could swim, first. Are you all right?”

Kate clung to him and coughed out the water she’d inadvertently swallowed. “I’m fine. And for your information, I
swim. Provided the water is above freezing, that is.”

Patrick’s grin was one of the things she liked best about him. At the moment he was using it to his best advantage. He kicked his feet and took them to where he obviously could touch bottom. “The water is a little chilly today, isn’t it?”

“A little ch–chilly? It’s fr–freezing!” Kate had started to shiver and she really couldn’t stop. Her teeth began to chatter, and she couldn’t stop that, either.

“Keep holding on to me, love, I’ll get you out and on dry land again in no time.” He didn’t have to ask her twice. He wrapped his arms around her, and where her flesh met his there was at least some warmth.

In short order she was out of the water and shivering even more in the air. Gerald was right there waiting for them, with a blanket in hand. He wrapped it around them both, which Kate found telling. Perhaps she wasn’t the only one shivering, and for certain she wasn’t the only one this domineering man would take care of.

“Sorry, love. Sometimes I’m a little impulsive.” Patrick did sound a little sorry.

“He’s impulsive a lot.” Gerald said that. Then he kissed her ear and stepped back. “I’ll get a fire going in the pit, here. You’ll be warm in no time, sweetheart.”

“A fire would be nice, thank you. But the blanket is getting soaked.”

Gerald said, “I brought two blankets, mainly because my brother
impulsive a lot.”

Kate thought about that for a moment. Then she eased back so she could look into Patrick’s eyes. He still held her in his arms, and still held her off the ground and had somehow managed to wrap her even more snugly in the blanket to keep her warm.

BOOK: A Very Lusty Christmas
10.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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