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Authors: Margaret Miles

A Wicked Way to Burn (40 page)

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“Well, go and argue with someone who will listen in New Hampshire, then,” Diana replied, holding her head high as she affected a sulk. “Though I’m sure the ladies there will be no more likely than we to dress themselves in sackcloth.”

“We’ll see,” Montagu answered thoughtfully. “But none could appear more charming than one Boston lady I know, either in brocade or burlap.”

Diana tossed the curls away from her lovely face, dimpling with pleasure.

As he knew she expected, the captain was quite affected by her show of spirit, as well as her ability to laugh at the future. It was something she did far better than he, and far more often. Listening now to her musical laugh, he noticed with something of a shock that the flowers in her hand had already begun to wilt and fade.

He looked up, and took careful note of Diana’s
peerless complexion. Then Edmund Montagu took her soft hand in his own once more, while he listened to a trill of foreboding (which he knew well) play upon his racing heart.


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