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Authors: Laura Lovecraft

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A Woman's Touch

BOOK: A Woman's Touch
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A Woman’s Touch




L.L. Craft



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A Woman’s Touch



Copyright © 2014 by L.L Craft



Chapter One

I made the mistake of glancing at my watch and groaned; it was only four fifteen. Another forty five minutes before I could get out of work and indulge in my weekly treat. Thinking about that treat; an hour long full body massage, was making this the longest day since, well, since last Friday! I fought to focus on the columns of numbers in front of me, but it was a losing battle. Instead my mind drifted to the thought of those soft, yet firm hands rubbing my feet, taking away the discomfort a week in heels caused, then moving up my calves.

Those long, slender, and oh so talented fingers, would work their magic behind the tender backs of my knees before beginning their upward journey to my thighs. I shifted in my seat and felt the thong sticking between my legs. I’d been wet all day which was becoming the norm on these glorious days when I allowed myself the luxury of not resisting my fantasies. Giving up on work altogether, I leaned back in my chair and removing mysensible black pump, put my stocking foot on my desk.

Pulling up my equally sensible knee length black skirt I placed my hand on my inner thigh and caressed it softly before squeezing it, mimicking the attention it would be getting later. Letting my hand wander upwards I teased myself by sliding it across the path of lace covering my now sopping slit. The thong was a sexy contrast to the skirt, shoes and the red long sleeve blouse I was wearing. Sensible and professional was what I had been for the majority of my thirty eight years.

Not that I still wasn’t on the surface, but the last few months my inner thoughts, dreams and fantasies had been far from what I was raised to consider proper. I rubbed my hand more firmly against the damp material and released a soft moan. My fingers pressed harder, pushing the thong between the lips of my pussy and working them up to push against my aching clit. Jill, my receptionist, left at four on Friday’s along with most of my department and as always when she left I’d locked the door.

With no fear of getting caught I thought about giving myself some relief. The past few hours had been filled with visions of soft hands and even softer tongues wandering over my yearning flesh and I’d been squirming in my seat all day. Normally I managed to abstain from masturbating during my special day, letting my sexual frustration build. I would then endure the delicious excruciating tease of my massage before racing home, stripping and hopping into bed. Then it was time to use the evening’s toy of choice to get off several times before collapsing into a deep sleep.

Saturday morning would feature a slower more sensual session with my fingers and a multi speed bullet while replaying the previous nights encounter. Not that a massage would be most people’s idea of an encounter, but when you secretly desired women, an hour of being rubbed down by an attractive one was as close as I could get. No, that wasn’t true. The closest I would allow myself to get was more like it.

I had no doubt that if I put myself out there, went to the right bars or clubs; I could get what I wanted. After all my sapphic obsession had begun when Jill and I had stopped in for a drink at a new club The Pink Hat, not knowing it was specifically for women who enjoyed the company of other women.

Lightly teasing myself through the thin material of the thong I let my mind drift back to the day I discovered my latent desire to experience the softer sex.

It was just after work on a Friday and there were only a few women there so it didn’t hit us right away. However, once someone put some music on, Jill and I caught on pretty quick.

A song I didn’t recognize, with a slow sensual beat began to play and to our surprise two women drifted onto the small dance floor and slipping their arms around each other’s waists began swaying seductively against one another. We glanced at each other and I noticed Jill looked uncomfortable. I’d shrugged and suggested they were probably just playing around. That idea went out the window when I looked back over to see them kissing.

And what a kiss it was! It wasn’t a playful peck or even a quick causal one, but a long deep passionate kiss that caused a strange sensation within me. The sensation itself shouldn’t have been strange; it wasn’t like I didn’t recognize arousal, but was shocked to feel it watching the scene before me. I could honestly say at that point I’d never thought about two women together. Even on the occasions I had watched some dirty movies with Rob, if a lesbian scene came on I would ask to skip it.

I’d always thought why would I want to watch what I already had? But that day, the way those two beautiful women had touched each other had gotten me hot in a way I hadn’t been in years. Perhaps it was the fact they were so open about it; that here they were kissing and touching in front of a room full of women and not caring.

Jill had excused herself to go to the bathroom and as she made her way across the room I noticed several women stare at her as she passed. Jill was a petite little brunette who although on the slender side had long shapely legs and what I had since come to realize was very fine ass. One woman in particular, an older blonde wearing a dress that was far shorter and tighter than I would ever have the courage to wear, stared at Jill with a look of pure lust that sent another unexpected feeling of desire through me.

When Jill was with me I had focused on her, sneaking furtive glances at the women dancing whenever she would glance away. I now took full advantage of her absence, turning on my stool to watch what I used to think was so wrong. The taller of the women, a stunning red head wearing a skirt that barely covered the cheeks of her ass was now behind her partner, her hands encircling her waist.

The other woman, a short curvy blonde whose ample breasts threatened to spill from the low cut sundress she was wearing, was working her hips, grinding her ass back into her girlfriend. The redhead responded by sliding the blondes hair to the side to kiss her neck. She worked her lips along her creamy skin and my face grew hot despite the air conditioning in the club. The blonde sighed and reaching back ran her fingers through her lover’s hair, holding her face to her neck.

There were whistles from several of the women when the redhead’s hands worked their way up and my breath caught when she cupped her impressive breasts. She pushed them together, and then fondled them, her hands sliding across them. The blonde’s mouth opened as she released a moan that was drowned out by the music. What wasn’t drowned out were the cheers when her hand dropped to the hem of the blonde’s skirt and pulled it up giving a quick flash of a black lace thong before pulling it back down.

Someone yelled not to tease and with a laugh she hiked the skirt up giving everyone there a full view of the black strings over her full hips. The blonde reached behind her, caught the hem of the redheads dress and returned the favor lifting it up to expose her…bare ass. The women around laughed and clapped and I sat there transfixed by the sight of her shaking her bare ass. That ass was firm and tight and when she widened her legs and leaned forward, she flashed a quick peek of her pink pussy.

To my dismay she straightened, leaving me to struggle to focus on just the glimpse I had gotten. In front of me the blonde was now rubbing her hands across her lush thighs and the patch of lace over her pussy. I watched transfixed by the sight of her long slender fingers with their deep purple nails sliding across her inviting thighs and…inviting? Even now sitting at work months later I recalled how that word had jumped into my head and how shocked I’d been.

The redhead’s hands had gone back to her top and after several women began chanting “Flash, flash!” she laughed and pulled the top of the dress down. My eyes had widened and I was sure my mouth had dropped open at the sight of her bare breasts. Her large milky white globes were well rounded and her nipples pink and swollen. The redhead gave them a quick pinch causing her to yelp, before pulling her top back up.

That yelp had sent a thrill through me and was quickly followed by another when the blonde playfully pulled her thong to the side showing off her pussy and the small patch of golden hair above it. Her fingers slid up and down her lips several times, and much to the appreciation of the women watching, before she slipped the thong back into place. The song wound down and turning in her lover’s embrace, the blonde wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into another deep kiss that included them putting on a show of their tongues sliding across each other.

There was a round of applause as they walked hand in hand back to their table and turning back to the bar I picked up my glass of wine and gulped it down in several long swallows. My hand was shaking and I had become aware of a growing wet patch between my legs. I stared down at the bar not making eye contact with anyone and trying to understand what I was feeling. How could watching two women have caused such arousal?

Jill came back and appeared upset. In an indignant tone she told me she had been lewdly hit on in the bathroom and said she wanted to leave. I agreed, but for the opposite reason. Whereas she was offended I was hornier than I’d been in years and wasn’t sure I was comfortable with it. I probably should have just walked out with her, but instead I found myself curious to see if I would get any attention.

Telling Jill I had to use the bathroom I made my way across the club. I was moving slowly and admittedly putting some extra swing into my hips. I felt like a giddy young girl when I did indeed see a couple of women look my way and flash me welcoming smiles. I was wearing my usual ensemble of a knee length gray skirt and a white button up blouse. Neither article of clothing did anything flattering for me and I found myself wishing I was dressed more provocatively.

That was another uncharacteristic thought and I felt as if I were just now discovering a part of myself that had lain hidden all these years. When I walked into the bathroom I was confronted by the sight of two women playing right there in front of me. One woman was sitting on the sink with her skirt up and her smallish tits propped out of the top of her shirt. The other woman was on her knees her face buried between the thighs of the first woman.

Her feet were on her shoulders and I could see her lovers arm moving back and forth and could just imagine her fingers pumping her pussy. This was more amazing than the dance floor. Neither woman noticed me right way. The brunette on the counter had her head back and her eyes closed, moaning and running her fingers through the other woman’s light brown hair. I stopped in my tracks and even though everything in me said to turn and walk out the door I stood rooted to the spot.

My eyes moved wildly, trying to take in everything at once. The look of ecstasy on the face of the woman on the counter, her eyes closed, her cheeks flush and soft sighs of pleasure coming emanating from her parted lips. Her rosy nipples were erect and her small perky tits coated in sweat. Her thighs were wrapped around the head of the other woman, but I could hear her lips smacking as she sucked on her.

Her skirt was pulled up as well and I saw her hand between her legs playing with her pussy while she licked her girlfriends. Like the woman on the dance floor, she wasn’t wearing underwear and the way she was squatting showed her pussy off well from behind. I watched her rubbing her clit in circles with two fingers and could hear her moaning between her lover’s thighs.

“Oh, honey!” the woman called out, “Fuck yeah, suck that clit, oh…oh just a little more!”

I’d taken a step back hoping not to be noticed and stood there with my nipples aching and my pussy dripping while the other woman began smacking her lips even more loudly against the wet flesh she was sucking. The brunette released a loud squeal, then another before her girlfriend reached up and covered her mouth, muffling her cries. My pussy gushed as I watched her writhe on the counter, pulling her girlfriend’s hair and moaning into her hand as her orgasm tore through her.

Releasing her grip on her girlfriend’s hair she slumped back on her elbows her head resting against the mirror. Her girlfriend stood up and leaning forward gave her a deep kiss. When she pulled away she had sighed, “Damn I taste good on you.”

“I think it’s your turn to taste,” The other woman giggled, “I…”

“Oh, shit!” The woman on the sink had turned her head and saw me standing there. “Jesus, Sandy I thought you locked the door!”

“I…I…I’m sorry,” I stammered, “I just came in and um, have to use the bathroom.” I sounded like an idiot, but had nothing else to say.

“Well that’s okay,” The woman hopped off the counter. Taking a second to pop her perky tits back into her top and smooth her shirt down, she laughed and added, “We just finished.”

“What about me?” The other woman, made a show of pouting.

“Guess you have to wait until we get home sweetie!” she kissed her quickly and headed my way.

BOOK: A Woman's Touch
8.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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