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After All These Years

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Something shifted between them,
as if a veil were yanked away


“I don't understand it,” Lia whispered. “I think I've been robbed.”

“What happened?”

“I was just putting away the drugs that were delivered today. See this?” She reached up and tapped empty spots, and then she turned to face him. “Morphine and everything containing codeine.”

Cal's eyebrows shot up.

“I had a full supply.”

“You're sure—Of course you're sure.” He studied the shelves up behind her shoulder, his peppermint gum-scented breath filling the tiny space between them. “Maybe they were accidentally moved out of place. Let's search through all the drugs.”

“I already did that!”

“Well, we'll do it again. And then probably again. Hey, don't worry.” He lightly touched her forehead and pressed away the frown.

It was when he brushed strands of hair back from her face that something shifted between them, as if a veil were yanked away, abruptly bringing into focus a nameless emotion. He stopped smoothing her hair. Surprise registered in his eyes, and she sensed hers reflected the same. Slowly he tilted his head downward until only a hair's breadth separated them…




About The Author

Sally John
is the author of several novels, including the popular The Other Way Home and In a Heartbeat series. She has recently coauthored a book with Gary Smalley,
A Time to Mend,
in Nelson's Safe Harbor series. A two-time finalist for The Christy Award and a former teacher, Sally lives in Southern California with her husband, Tim.





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John, Sally D., 1951-

After all these years / Sally John.

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   1. Female friendship—Fiction. 2. Vandalism—Fiction. I. Title.

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Kaiya Grace John,
at the beginning of your journey


About The Author



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My fictional characters always draw breath from the real world. I'd like to thank those people in my world who so graciously give of themselves. This story would not have been written without them.

Thank you:

Leila McGrath, for inspiring the essence of
; and Lynn and Janet Fyfe of the Orion Pharmacy, Orion, Illinois, for creating
store and expertise.

Martha Nieto, for giving
an incomparable heritage; and Myrna Strasser of WDLM radio station, for animating

Sue Laue, for your passion for journalism I caught years ago and passed on to
; and Juanita Arellanos and Pastor John Jairo Cano of Colombia, for rescuing

Michael Skelton, for the
Valley Oaks
map, without which I would have become lost; and Tracy Charlesworth, for your excellent critiquing and the hours of brainstorming.

Chip MacGregor, agent, and Kim Moore, editor, for your unfailing enthusiasm and direction.

And, as ever, Elizabeth, Christopher, and Tim, for being there.


Man plans his journey by his own wit,
But it is the LORD who guides his steps.

—Proverbs 16:9


BOOK: After All These Years
7.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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