ALIEN ABDUCTION (Captured by Aliens)

BOOK: ALIEN ABDUCTION (Captured by Aliens)
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Captured by Aliens Book Two:



Jaide Fox



Copyright October 2013 by Jaide Fox

Cover art by Eliza Black, ©
copyright October 2013



This is a work of fiction. All
characters, events, and places are of the author’s imagination and not to be
confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely








Ebony Raines struggled to wake up, but for some reason, she could
not.  She was trapped in some kind of nightmare where she seemed to be lying on
her back on a table, like a medical exam table, and was strapped down and could
not move.  She was entirely naked and bright overhead lights shone down on her--so
bright that she was virtually blinded.  But the room was warm and she found
that she was not afraid--just very baffled as to what was happening.


Adrienne!  She tried to call her sister, but her mouth wouldn’t
make any noise.  She felt paralyzed, though her mind screamed this was not a


She sensed several people working around her and moving about the
room, but she could not get a clear look at them.  If she turned her head far
to one side, and rolled her eyes away from the lights, she could just see one
of the doctors or nurses or whatever these people were.  But that could not be
right--the one she saw looked like those crazy alien things that people kept
insisting they saw.  It looked like a small, thin gray human with a big head
and huge, solid black eyes. 


She was imagining this.  She and Adrienne were traveling through
the desert.  They’d stopped to sight see at Roswell, New Mexico and all the
alien paraphernalia and museums had made its way into her dreams.  If she could
just pinch herself, maybe she’d wake up.


Ebony couldn’t move a finger in this world.


Ebony tried to sit up, but could not.  She tried to cry out for
Adrienne, but even though she opened her mouth wide her scream was a silent one. 
Was Adrienne here?  Ebony whipped her eyes left and right and thought she saw
her sister, also strapped down to a table, and even thought she saw some of the
other women.  They were all held fast on exam tables, too.


Fear rose in her chest, making her heart beat painfully against
her ribs.  She began breathing rapidly through her flared nostrils, struggling
for breath.  She tried to scream again, but it was still no use.


There was a small motion beside her.  Ebony turned her eyes and
looked straight into the warped gray face and huge black eyes of one of the
aliens.  She tried to scream and willed her body to thrash and fight with all
her strength, but nothing happened.


A touch of coldness at her arm was followed by the sting of a
needle.  What were they doing to them?


Slowly a feeling of warmth and relaxation spread through her, and
she was content to simply rest on the table. 



Ebony remembered little else about her contact with the gray
aliens, the Nexus Lamians who’d taken her and her sister from Earth, along with
dozens of other women.  She’d thought it strange at the time that they’d been
the only African American women on board, but when they’d seen the aliens
they’d been abducted for, it made sense to her.


She’d been told they’d been inoculated against infection for their
arrival in their new alien home world, and that was the reason for the exam
tables, but even after months had passed, the occasional nightmare would turn
up in her dreams.  Sometimes she would dream of Adrienne trying to outrun the
spaceship in the car rental, but they always ended the same. 


She always woke back up into a real nightmare, the one she lived
every day.


After what seemed like a long time, she found herself
down a very long marble corridor in the enormous building.  There were tall
staircases and a grand balcony overlooking the corridor, and tall doors of dark
polished wood set into the corridor every thirty or forty feet.


She wore a long, gossamer, wraparound skirt in a deep shade of red
with wide gold ribbon along the edges.  There was a top piece that draped over
her chest with one end of it thrown over her shoulder, rather like a sari.  It
was all made of thin, silky fabric that was practically transparent.  She was
barefoot and her feet were cold.


Marching alongside her were two tall--
tall--men in
what looked like tight black leather armor, with high thick boots and some type
of heavy silver gun strapped to their belts.  Their powerful footsteps echoed
off the tall ceiling, while her bare feet simply padded along and barely


She got the feeling that if she tried to make a break for it, they
would instantly grab her and drag her to wherever it was they were taking her.


Finally, they reached the end of the corridor.  One of the men
rapped three times on the heavy wooden door with his fists, and then pushed it
open.  The two of them took Ebony by the arms and forced her to walk inside.


That’s enough of that!” she cried, and wrenched
away from them.  To her surprise, the guards simply turned and walked out of
the room.  The heavy doors slammed shut behind them.


! Where are you going?” She started after them,
hoping she could get the doors open and catch up to them before they were gone. 
“Wait for me! I don’t exactly know my way around here!”


“Ebony,” said a deep male voice.


She stopped and turned around.  She was alone in a spacious, dimly
lit room with big luxurious cushions piled high over half of the floor.  Alone,
that is, except for one very tall man wearing long silk robes like some kind of
Middle Eastern king.  His hair was long and jet black, and had wide streaks of
silver in it.


She recognized him as the man who’d she’d seen briefly before
being separated from her sister in the throne room.  She despised him on sight.


Ebony narrowed her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest.


“I’ve been waiting for you,” the man said.  “You are certainly the
most interesting female I’ve seen in a long while.” He grinned at her, but his
eyes were cold and she was not reassured.  “And I’ve seen many, many females in
my time.”


Ebony ran for the door and grabbed the bronze handle, but it would
not budge.  She glanced around but saw no other way out.  The big smirking man
walked over and pinned her with his weight against the door, and kept a tight
hold on her arm.  “I am King Kore Anadaru,” he said, “the leader of this world
called Chalcydon.  Welcome to my chamber.  I trust you will have a pleasant
time here.  I can assure you that I will.”


braced herself against the door.  “Look, I am no whore,” she hissed, through
clenched teeth.  “I don’t want to be here.  You let me out of this room right
now and bring me my sister!”


The man
grinned at her, barely parting his lips.  He reminded her of a ferret.  Or a
rat.  “You will go back to the harem as soon as I am finished with you.  And
then it will be another’s turn.”


stepped back a pace, allowing Ebony to stand up on her feet.  “You are here for
one reason and one reason only:  To provide me with an heir.”


gaped at him, then remembered to close her mouth.  “To provide you with--


King Kore
reached out and traced the side of her face with one hand, and then fingered
her black, wavy hair.  She’d had it straightened back on Earth, but they didn’t
exactly have the stuff she needed to maintain her hair like she’d like here on
this planet and it was beginning to curl.  “So unusual,” he murmured.  “So
exotic.  Our own women had no such dark coloring of their skin.  I think I will
enjoy you very much.”


stared up at him.  “Yeah, I’m starting to remember now,” she whispered.  “My
sister and I were kidnapped, along with some other girls.  We were brought here
to this place--to this other world--and we’re being kept as prisoners.”


laughed, and raised the golden goblet he held as though in salute.  “You are
not prisoners, beautiful dark one.  You are all my concubines.  You are my
family.  You will be well cared for here.”


shook her head.  “If you can’t leave, you’re a prisoner,” she said.  “Doesn’t
matter how nice the jail cell is.”


The king
tossed the goblet aside.  It clattered across the marble floor.  “I did not bring
you here to talk to you.  I brought you here to get you with child.”


Her eyes
widened.  She was beginning to get a crick in her neck from staring up at him. 
Tall bastard.  “Get me with--


He walked
into the room, crooking a finger at her.  “Come over here to me and lie down.”
He stepped over to the dark red velvet cushions and gave her a slight bow,
inviting her join him. 


can’t be serious!  I will never be a baby mama for you--or for anyone--unless
choice!  I want to leave here right now and I want somebody, or
something, to take me and my sister


“You are
home,” he said, striding over to her once more when she rooted to the spot.  “And
you will never defy me again,” he said in a low tone.  He grabbed her by both
arms and began forcing her over to the cushions. 


tried to tear herself away from him.  “What if I refuse?”


stopped, and again gave her that sneering grin.  “If you refuse, you and your
sister both will be thrown from the highest tower of Auresial Palace and left
to rot where you fall.  You will therefore serve as a warning to any others who
might think they can say no to the king and still go back to their comfortable
rooms and eat my food and drink my wine and sleep on my silk sheets.”


She still
held herself rigid, about to try to pull away again, when King Kore spoke once
more.  “Give in to me now, or I will order your sister taken from the Captain
of the Guard’s bed and brought here immediately.  Both of you will be taken to
the highest tower of Auresial Palace.  Neither of you will see the next hour.”


slowly let out her breath and straightened up.  She threw off his grip from her
arms and slowly walked over to the cushions.


he said, following her.  “I do hate to be delayed.  I still have at least two
of the other women to breed today, and throwing you and your sister off of the
palace tower might make me late.”


others?  Today?”


“Oh, yes. 
I make sure to mount at least three of my concubines each and every day.  I
want an heir.  I
an heir.”


watched him and frowned, glad for any excuse to delay him.  “Well, I didn’t
take much biology in school, but I do know that too much sex can actually leave
a man sterile.”




yeah.  From what you say, if you’ve got one drop of live sperm left in your
nuts, I’d be surprised.”


He simply
stared at her, blinking. 


really.  I wonder how you keep moving and talking and breathing, because it
seems like you’re going to fuck yourself to death trying to get all of your women


His eyes


“I just
wonder how in the world you manage to run your little kingdom at all, since it
seems to me that all you ever do is screw around.  You must be relying on some
chancellor or somebody to take care of business for you.”


grabbed her wrist again.  “Are you defying me again, dark one?”


“No.  I
think you just gave me a little hope.”


“Hope?”  Again,
the rat-like grin.  “I hope you are all I expect you to be.  Captain Zeta has
told me you and your sister have fiery spirit.  I welcome the challenge of
bending you to my will.” He twisted her arm and forced her to her knees on the
velvet cushions, facing away from him.  “I have cared for you, and now you will
care for me.”


realized she would do almost anything to avoid getting pregnant by this man.  She
was not going to be able to avoid sex with him--that much was plain--for she
could not overpower someone so strong and had no way to escape.  But she could
avoid violence and she could avoid a child.

BOOK: ALIEN ABDUCTION (Captured by Aliens)
10.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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