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BOOK: Alien Refuge
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Jol spat out a few words in Kalquorian as she whipped her tongue all over him. She couldn’t see him, but she sensed his body thrumming with tension.

“That good, huh?” Ospar said. “No, don’t tell me. I’m looking forward to finding out for myself.”

Jol’s cock was huge, and he was reaching close to Iris’ limit. She jerked against his grip on her head.

“All right, my beauty. No farther.”

The men held still, imbedded in her body. Iris lay very still, enjoying the possession and scarcely believing she had three men inside her at once.

Ospar said, “Rivek, I’m afraid you’re going to have to the work for both of us. I don’t have much range of movement.”

“That is not a problem, my Dramok. Are you ready?”

He chuckled. “Unfortunately, too ready. Be gentle with us, my Imdiko.”

Rivek snorted. His hands closed on Iris’ hips. Holding her, he drew outward. His larger cock slid through her hands.

Jol also moved back, emptying her mouth of everything but the very tip of him. He stopped at the same moment as Rivek.

As one, they re-entered. As the Imdiko pressed forward, he moved Iris with him, making Ospar draw out of her sex. The sensation of one man’s retreat as the other filled her was heady, putting pressure on her interior hot spot. At the same time, her clit ground against Ospar’s groin. Iris cried out against the cock pushing into her mouth.

Jol and Rivek kept rhythm with each other, the Imdiko moving Iris so that Ospar slid delightfully through her pussy. She quickly lost all ability to think coherently. All she knew was the scent of Jol’s lubrication, the flavor of his arousal, the fullness coming from the other two as they traded penetration. Her ears were filled with gasps, moans, grunts, flesh striking flesh, the slick sound of damp body parts forging together over and over. More than anything was the feel of the three men on, beneath, and within her body.

Heavy heat in her belly. Coils of pleasure twisting within that heaviness. Ribbons of acute bliss unfurling up her spine. Grinding ecstasy burrowing deep in her ass. Mini detonations of ecstasy from her clit. The thrilling sensations grew with every thrust into her rioting body until they merged into one great expression of raw glory.

Gathering brightness warned Iris she was closing in on climax. The men were moving faster, becoming more demanding, feeding the growing brilliance beginning its slow expansion in her womb. She was seconds from detonation.

Jol’s rhythm stuttered. His fingers clenched in her hair, and his breath caught. He thrust and stilled for a moment. Then he jerked back and thrust deeper into her mouth, nearly choking her. He issued a long groan.

Spicy-sweet-salty fluid burst from him, filling her mouth and flowing down her throat in a wash of thick heat. Iris swallowed reflexively. She realized what she’d done the next moment. It was not something she’d ever done before, not even with Conrad.

Her sex contracted in a tight fist. An instant later, orgasm billowed through her belly, igniting her with such strength that she felt it in her toes and skull. She screamed around Jol’s still pulsing cock as the pressure released in a cataclysmic rush.

Ospar’s belly smacked against hers as he arched beneath her, his howl joining her cries. Then Rivek joined them in their ecstasy, thick ropes of semen streaming across her back as he shoved his primary cock into her tight grip, his grunts bestial as he gave himself over to pleasure.

They rutted like animals until the last pulse of climax ended. Gasps filled the air. Jol and Rivek pulled free of Iris, and she heard and felt their big bodies crashing to the sleeping mat on either side. Her lax body rode the swells of Ospar’s breathing.

“Bath,” Rivek finally said.

“Carry me?” Ospar groaned.

The Imdiko laughed at him.

The blindfold slipped from Iris’ eyes. She blinked, the low illumination bright to her light-starved vision. Jol sat up and took the cuffs off her.

He carried her into the facility, which had a sunken bath big enough to accommodate them all. With a spoken command from Rivek, water sluiced from multiple slots in the tub to quickly fill it.

Iris sighed at the warmth of the water when Jol settled her in it. The men gathered around and meticulously washed her. It was enjoyable and soothing for the most part, but also embarrassing because they were so thorough. Not one crease or fold of her body was missed. She was too relaxed to protest though. It was easier to give in and let them do with her as they wished.

Jol yawned hugely. “Full day tomorrow,” he said. “My biggest project is to track down those fools who tried to kidnap you and Thomas.”

Ospar grimaced. “They need to be caught and punished. If the E.I.K. was behind it, they must be dismantled once and for all.”

Iris only blinked sleepily as they talked. She was lazily content, especially with the three men surrounding and taking care of her. She couldn’t remember a happier moment in her life that didn’t include Thomas. She had to admit, privately of course, that she almost hoped Jol never found her and Thomas’ would-be abductors, making it safe for them to return home. At this moment, she felt she could stay here with the clan forever.




Chapter 10

At the Jones homestead, Nobek Groteg woke from a deep sleep. Every sense was instantly alive and aware, telling him something was very wrong. An unfamiliar sound for the seven-room house, a kind of crackling wind, came from a distance.

Alert as if he’d taken a stim tab, the Kalquorian sat up in the bed and immediately checked his clanmates. The four of them crowded into the two king-sized Earther beds shoved together. Next to him, his Imdiko Utber slept, as did their Dramok Amgar. Their Matara Sara curled between Utber and Amgar, her small body sheltered in their shadows.

Groteg noted this in less than a second. Almost as soon as his head left the pillow, he caught the smell of smoke. Immediately, he thought of the three children in the other two bedrooms of the house, his adopted sons and daughter. Terror for them had him on his feet in a moment. He flung open the closet door, grabbing for clothing as he shouted to warn the others.

“Amgar, wake! The house is on fire!”

His clanmates woke immediately. The two men sprang from the bed and pulled on their winter snowsuits that he tossed to them. Groteg also threw one towards Sara, though his beloved was still struggling to get out of the tangle of sheets and blankets. Her first thought was, as always, for the children. She was more intent on getting to them than readying herself for escape. Her brown eyes were wide and her sleep-tousled hair stuck out in all directions as she crawled to the foot of the bed. Her hand reached towards the door as if she could snatch her sons and daughter to safety from there.

Utber took control, hauling her out of the bed and shoving her snowsuit on her struggling body. Groteg finished pulling his own snowsuit on and hurried towards the door as Sara’s cries rose, calling the babes’ names.

Groteg yelled to be heard over her. “Take her out through the window! I’ll get the children.”

Amgar raced to the window and shoved it open. “Hurry, Utber,” he called to his Imdiko.

“Door, do not activate,” Groteg said as he neared. Smoke was already curling in through the door seam. He paused next to it, testing the surface with the back of his hand to see if it was hot. It remained cool. Good. The fire had not entered the hallway then, at the end of which the children slept. There was still time.

Sara struggled against Utber as he carried her to Amgar and the window. She stared at the Nobek, who watched impatiently to make sure they got out all right. “Groteg! The children!”

No one wasted precious seconds to calm her. Amgar pushed his Imdiko towards the window, taking Sara from his arms. “You first, Utber. I’ll send her out to you.”

As Groteg watched, his Imdiko shot out into the blackness of night. For once, the Nobek was thankful for the Earther delight in inefficient windows rather than vids. He had no idea if the fire blocked the outer doors of the house, cutting off their chances of escape that way.

The door against his hand was warming. He was running out of time, but he had to wait for his clanmates to get out before he opened the door. Opening it might send flames leaping into the room as they raced for the oxygen in it, perhaps killing them all. Then the children would die, and he would have failed everyone.

Amgar shoved the hysterical Sara out through the window, handing her off to Utber. That accomplished, he started towards Groteg.

The Nobek held his hand out to stop his leader. “No, my Dramok. Get out. I will see to the children.”

Amgar kept coming, his broad face set with determination. “You can’t carry all three of them. Hurry and don’t argue with me. I don’t think we have long to get them out.”

The room was now graying with smoke, making them cough. There was no time to argue, so Groteg contented himself with standing in front of his Dramok. “Stand back then. Door, activate.”

The door slid open and smoke poured in, boiling over the two men. Both immediately dropped to their knees to get clear of the worst of it, but it was still thick. There was no air left to breathe, and both men choked on the hot fumes. Groteg could hear the fire roaring nearby. It would come charging down the hallway at any moment.

The sound of the little ones coughing got him crawling fast despite the dizzying lack of oxygen in his lungs. Amgar was right on his heels, hacking loudly. It took only two seconds to reach the open doorway of seven-year-old Adam and baby James’ room, but it felt like forever. Groteg could just make out the bed and crib within the dim, smoky environs. He turned and grabbed Amgar by the arm, pulling and shoving his coughing Dramok into the bedroom.

The flames were at the start of the hallway now, their roar obscenely loud. Groteg shouted to be heard over the din. “You take the boys. Go through their window. I’ll fetch Tori.”

Between coughs, Amgar choked out, “Be careful, my Nobek.”

Amgar rose to a crouch and ran to the children. “Close and de-activate door,” Groteg yelled, trying to buy them a few extra seconds to escape. The door slid shut, blocking his view of Amgar as the Dramok lifted Adam in his arms.

Groteg turned to his daughter’s closed door at the very end of the hall and raced for it. The door opened obediently for him. The room’s surplus of oxygen beckoned the oncoming fire, and the Nobek saw the flames leap forward. Boiling hot fumes filled his lungs, but he shot into the room, shouting “Close and de-activate door!”

It slid shut before the fire could barrel in with him. There was much less smoke in Tori’s little room, but Groteg couldn’t stop coughing. His lungs burned fiercely from breathing the fumes in the hall. His blood was running out of oxygen, making him dizzy. He forced his wobbling legs to carry him to his small four-year-old daughter, who coughed without waking. The fumes in the smoke had already rendered her unconscious, trying to suffocate her before the fire could claim her tiny body.

Groteg gathered up his Baby Sunshine. It was the nickname he teased Tori with, gently plucking at her golden corkscrew curls to make them spring. He loved the whole lot of the children he’d adopted, would lay down his life for any of them without hesitation, but it was his Tori that made him smile the most. That made him worry the hardest.

Heaving and choking, he carried his daughter to the window. Leaning her limp body against his shoulder, Groteg struggled to get the window open. He was coughing so hard he couldn’t get a good grip on it.

The fire was coming for his Baby Sunshine. He had to get her out.

He picked up a small wooden table Amgar had made for her to sit with her dollies. Groteg smashed it into the flex-glass with all of his failing strength. Cracks appeared in the force-resistant pane, weakening it just enough to allow the Nobek to kick it out in shards. Cold, pure air billowed in. He whooped his lungs full only to cough so hard his surroundings went gray. Pain lanced through his chest, making it even harder to get his senses about him again.

A huge groaning sound joined the cacophony of the fire now encroaching on the room. Groteg raised streaming eyes to see the ceiling overhead smoking and cracking. The roof was on the brink of collapse.

“Get – get you out,” he wheezed to his little girl. He sat on the windowsill and slung one leg over.

The ceiling squealed, buckling. It was giving way. Groteg swung his other leg out and managed to push free of the window. He crashed to the snow-covered ground outside, going to his knees.

BOOK: Alien Refuge
4.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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