ALIEN SHIFTER ROMANCE: Alien Tigers - The Complete Series (Alien Invasion Abduction Shapeshifter Romance) (Paranormal Science Fiction Fantasy Anthologies & Short reads) (104 page)

BOOK: ALIEN SHIFTER ROMANCE: Alien Tigers - The Complete Series (Alien Invasion Abduction Shapeshifter Romance) (Paranormal Science Fiction Fantasy Anthologies & Short reads)
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Chapter 5

“Are you my daddy?”

Dante sat up and looked at the little girl. “No sweetie, I am going to be your uncle now that my dad married your grandma.”

“Oh.” Christine looked down, studying her hands. “Well then why did I hear mom tell Mary that you were my daddy?”

“I don’t know why Christine, but if I had a daughter, I would want her to be just like you.”

“Promise that you won’t hate mommy?”

He looked confused, but nodded his head. “I could never hate your mommy.”

Dante was at a loss for words, remembering Mary as one of Ana’s best friends. “Christine come on dear. It is time for your nap.”

“I need to talk to you when you are done Ana.”

“Sorry Dante, I have some studying to do.”

“It wasn’t a question.”

His tone made her look and he was obviously upset about something. “Sure, just give me a few minutes to put my daughter down.”

Dante nodded and then he asked himself the question that had been so obviously there the whole time. Was that their daughter? It was clear the coloring could have been inspired by him. His mind tried to remember how old she was. She would have to be about 5, almost 6…

Ana took her time and was not so quick to go back in the living room and hear what he had to say. The only part that seemed tolerable was that their parents were off on their honeymoon and wouldn’t have their day ruined by the situation. It was trying at best and she knew that it was as bad as it sounded. She had a child with her stepbrother and he didn’t even know it. Ana just knew that that was why he wanted to talk to her and she still was not sure what she was going to say about it all. How could she explain herself and did she really want to? He was the one that had told her he didn’t want that kind of life. He was the one that had left.

She kept reminded herself of that as she walked back down the stairs. Christine had a few questions, but like before, Ana was still not sure of the answers herself. He was pacing when she finally saw him and his eyes were muddled a dark black, full of stormy emotions. She stopped when she got down the stairs and she could see him in the other room. She didn’t make an attempt to move any closer, his anger holding her body at bay. Ana had never seen him so upset and certainly not directed at her.

She squared her shoulders once more and finally walked into the room. She held his gaze for several moments before she finally had to look down. “What did you need to talk to me about?”

“Don’t play daft with me Ana. Our daughter just asked me if I was her daddy. I take it I am? She overheard you talking to Mary about it. It’s true isn’t it?”

He talked fast and she was unable to answer one question before another one was rattled off. Ana waited to make sure he was done. He was working himself up, his breathing coming faster. “You said you weren’t ready for a family. You left to go live your dreams, remember? I do not see why you have anything to be mad about, I let you go.”

Dante did not quite see it that way. He remembered vaguely saying something to that accord, but he hadn’t meant that he didn’t want to know about a child that he had already made! Surely she could see that. His words played in his head and it was kind of harsh. She was devastated and he wondered how long after that had she found out?

Walking towards her, he was dismayed to see her moved back away from him. The last thing she wanted was to be near him when he was so angry. It wasn’t that she was afraid she just didn’t like him when he was pissed at her. His already hulking body was intimidating and she wondered more than once what he was truly capable of after all of his training. Another thought of his hands on her would be next and make her heart thud harder in his chest.

“I can’t believe I have a daughter. This is wild.”

“Yeah, I bet.”

“I could have helped you. Christine could have had a father. It could have been easier for you.”

“What would you have done? Gave up your dreams to come back to this tiny town and the girl you ran away from? No thanks. We have done just fine without you.”

“Were you ever going to tell me?”

She shrugged. Ana had thought about telling him many times, but it never seemed to be the right time. There was always something that came up and after a time, she started to think about him less and less. It was only when Christine did something that made her look like him, the same expressions, that she thought about the man that had broken her heart.

“I don’t know. One day I guess. When Christine was old enough to start asking.”

“Well she is asking now.”

Ana sighed. “It doesn’t matter. Nothing has changed.”

He grabbed her shoulders, making her look at him. “How can you say that?”

“Because it is true. You will be gone again and I will see you another five years from now. That is no kind of life for a little girl, so why make it any harder than it is?”

“But she is my daughter!?”

“I have been doing it all this time alone and I plan on continuing. Go live your life. I am sure you have lots of girls that would love to have a kid for you.”

Dante’s head hurt with the swirling thoughts. It was not every day that he found out that he had a love child from his senior year. “I’m going to get some air.”

“You leaving. Now that is what I am used to. Don’t stress yourself out Dante. I let you off the hook a long time ago.”

Ana walked away so that he couldn’t see the tears. She didn’t know why she had ever hoped for anything different. He would be gone soon and she realized then, that she had been waiting for a man that no longer existed anyways.


Chapter 6

Ana took Christine to the park to get away from the house. Dante had not been back since he stalked out and that was just as well. She certainly didn’t want her daughter hearing it all. She stopped the realization. She was their daughter and she had to be told. Ana wasn’t sure what to do. What if he took off and didn’t come back? She had apparently overheard something, so some sort of explanation was due.

Instead they rode in silence, her mind trying to figure out a way to explain it all to a five year old. She was pulling down Mary’s street when her phone rang and she picked it up. Ana didn’t recognize the number, but she answered. “Where are you?”

“Going to the park.”

“Is that where you want to hash this out?”

“I don’t want to hash out anything Dante. That is the point of going to the park. You’re leaving next week and don’t you think it is best if we don’t see each other that much.”

“That is the problem. You have been thinking too much for us. Have Christine stay with Mary and come back here now.”

He hung up and she stared at the phone, bleeping a dial tone. “Hey Christine, do you want to stay with Mary a bit so I can take care of something?”

“With daddy?”


She didn’t ask anymore, but there was a hint of a smile on her face. Mary of course was more than happy to watch her, as well as push her in the right direction. Ana didn’t want to hash out anything with him. She had wanted to years ago and it just seemed too late to do it then.


He was waiting outside on the porch. Dante’s hair was still wet from a shower and he just had on a pair of camo pants on. Damn if he didn’t look good, his muscles bulging as he watched her walk up the cement pathway. His eyes darkened and she looked down, her breath coming out quickly. Dante had certainly grown up since he was gone.

She sat down on the edge of the banister across from him. “Why can’t you guys come with me? You always did like to travel.”

It was not what she had been expecting. “I haven’t seen you in six years. It is not like we can just go on like you never left.”

“Of course not. We have a child together, which means we need to get married and then you will come with me.”


“Germany next I think and after that, who knows? I will have to leave sometimes without you for missions, but then I will be back after a few days.”

She shook her head. The idea was to mad to even contemplate. “This is crazy. I will work something out if you want to see your daughter, but the rest, is just…”

Dante was up and in front of her, pulling her up as if he was going to shake her. Instead, he pulled her in for a kiss, not stopping until she was unable to speak. “Let’s start over. Marry me Ana. You know I have loved you since we were seventeen. And I know you still love me, we have Christine. Marry me?”

Oh how she wanted to say yes, to the perfect question, but there was no way that she could. “We are family now.”

He chuckled. “That does complicate things, but that’s okay.”

“I just can’t Dante.”

“Fine, then I will stay here until you change your mind. I am not going anywhere without you.”

His hands went to her hips, pulling her to him by the belt loops in her jeans. He was looking at her in a way that made her insides melt. God, she had missed him. Her hands had no choice but to wrap around his neck, to steady herself from him. He was so close, his lips inches from hers and she looked down to where their bodies met. He seemed larger and thicker than before or it had just been that long.

“A lot has changed Dante.”

“The way you feel in my arms hasn’t changed.”

She held her breath, waiting for him to kiss her. It was driving her crazy, him so close, his hips grinding against her, pinning her to the large wooden column behind her. It didn’t matter that they were outside doing that, she didn’t care who seen them. Nothing ever did matter when it came to him. Ana tried to move away, to give her mind space to breathe, but it was hard when he was so close. Dante wasn’t giving her an inch, waiting for something. “I don’t know what you want from me Dante.”

“Marry me Ana. That is what I want from you. Just give me the rest of your life. That is what I want.”

His words were not working, so he moved in to try another approach. She whimpered as his mouth finally went came down on hers. His lips were insistent, as was the body that pressed her against the smooth wood. His hand cupped her ass, pulling her closer to his need. It was clear what his body wanted and hers was as ready as it had been last time he had checked.

There was a sound behind her and her eyes opened to see an elderly couple walking down the sidewalk. Ana pushed him away, but he only growled and pulled her closer, his lips once again ravishing hers. Did he know she couldn’t breathe when he did that?

She tried to get out from around his hard grip, but he held her tighter, his tongue trying to push away her resistance. “Dante wait.”

He looked down at her and didn’t want to wait or stop. She put her hand up as he came back in for more. “Let’s go in.”

Dante pulled her through the screen door and his hands were back on her in a moment. Ana was trying to catch her breath, but he was having none of that. Dante picked her up and started to take her up the stairs. Ana gripped his neck and whimpered as he moved in for another kiss. Their kiss felt like they had been doing it forever, so familiar, yet still driving her crazy. Dante had always been devastating, but when he was focused, it was even more damaging to her senses. The years away had taught him new tricks and his sheer size made him even more capable of driving her to madness.

Ana squealed when he threw her a few feet to the bed. She had not been expecting it and before she could recover, his hard body was on hers, pressing her down into the mattress. “Oh Dante.” Her thighs opened to receive him against her. He pressed against her and then pulled back to remove the last pieces of clothing that stood in the way of his hard cock finding heaven. His fingers fumbled on her jeans and she finally helped him.

Her shirt was not as difficult and he was quickly pulling it over her head and then burying his face between her covered mounds. They were bigger than he remembered and there were small changes that he noticed as he licked and nibbled down to her crotch. He breathed out deeply on her quim, the hot air driving her absolutely mad with desire. Biting her softly, his teeth grazed her swollen clit and made her jerk with the sudden thrill of pleasure.

Ana tried to get away, but he dragged her back. Ripping her panties to the side, he took a long, slow lick down her puffy lips, pressing in to taste the wetness that dripped out of her. Oh how she was ready and she tried to pull him up, just to end his slow torture of her.

Dante’s mouth moved away, opening her thighs wide and kissing up one side and then down the next. All she was given was his hot breath for mere seconds before he passed by her need, moving up her quivering stomach and then to the valley between her large mounds. His tongue slid across her lips and she moved to join him. Ana could taste her own sweetness on his lips and she pulled him close with a grip in his dark, collar-length hair.

He was not ready to give in control though, his hips and hands stopping her from taking over. She tried to lift her hips to grind against his hardness, but he wouldn’t allow it. Ana was struggling in his grip, but he looked as though he couldn’t be bothered.

Pulling back from her mouth, he waited for her eyes to open and look at him. “Tell me you will go with me Ana.”

“You can’t ask right now. I can’t think.”

He chuckled. “That is the point.”

He moved back and off the bed. Ana didn’t move an inch, her eyes on what he was doing. His fingers flew on his fatigues and he pulled them down in a flash. The large cock she remembered so well was nestled in a few dark curls, standing up and pointing at her. Her thighs closed and squeezed together in defense. It had been a long time for her and he looked huge to her eyes.

Dante moved back on the bed, his hands resting on her knees. She waited for him to yank them open, but he didn’t, even though she wished he had. “God you are beautiful Ana. Just say yes so I can make love to you.”

She shivered, but the words would not come out. He finally pushed open her thighs, but instead of the length that she was dying for, his head moved between her thighs while his hand reached for one of her hard nipples through her thin bra. She gasped at the suddenness of it all, the double stimulation making her hips betray her once again and rise begging for more. As he always had, Dante delivered more than she could take and she was quickly shaking below him.

“Fuck Dante. God, I’ve missed your mouth.”

He pulled back to watch her convulse, her essence leaking from her core. His hand rubbed her clit slowly, watching her jump and then smacking her softly with fingertips. She shook and came again, his name on her lips as her thighs started to close in front of him. Dante had forgotten so much, but the sounds were something he could never forget, nor how quickly she would come. Another thing that he had found out wasn’t normal the hard way.

“Be mine Ana, please?”

She had never heard him say that before and it threw her off. It wasn’t just that he asked, but that he actually waited for an answer. The Dante she knew had always taken what he wanted, never asking if it was okay.

Ana tried to speak, but she just couldn’t. She shook her head instead. Not sure what she was agreeing to, he stopped touching her and moved close enough to rub his cockhead on her slit. He tapped it much like he had with his hand, watching her spread open for him and then hide away again when he pulled back. The sight was mesmerizing, as was the tiny pink pussy his movement revealed. “Tell me you are mine Ana.”

Looking down between their bodies, her hips finally made contact with his, his length sliding between her lips. Several times he let her do that, never once giving her the angle she needed for penetration. She whimpered from frustration and his eyes held hers. “Just say it and I will give you what you need.”

“I need you for more than just the moment. If you are going to leave, just go now. I will be okay, but if you do that, I won’t be.”

Her words made him pause and his hand went to his own length, tightening his grip till he turned purple with trapped blood. Ana’s answer was better than her declaration. He did know what being with her meant, his whole life was going to change and there would be many changes in the family. The parents would have to be told, Christine, but none of that was too close on his mind. Her body beneath him was all he could think of in that moment and the feel of her possession. It may have started as one thing, but he had to have every ounce of her, leaving nothing for later.

“I am never going to leave you again Ana. I promise.”

The man surged forward all at once, taking both of their breaths away. Ana cried out. Dante was too big and she was too small. He growled in her ear. “Oh my God, you are so tight. Just like the first time we were together.”

Ana closed her eyes, she didn’t even try to answer or comment. Her mind and body were focused on the long length driving into her. Dante tried to keep himself under control, she could see it in his eyes, but she squeezed him tight, murmuring as she found herself being pushed closer to another end. How could she be there so quickly?

“Please Dante, like before. You know how I like it.”

He pulled out of her, growling as he did. The last thing he wanted to do was pull out, but he quickly flipped her over onto her stomach. She squeaked as he slapped her ass like before, watching the roundness jiggle from his touch. Ana had went to her knees and waited for what would come next. Her body shook with anticipation and she looked behind her once, his eyes locked on her weeping core. He tapped her quim with his cock over and over again while she jumped. “Please Dante. Stop teasing me. I have waited years for you.”

Dante pushed forward in a rush, her scream satisfying to his ears. There was an idle thought that he hoped the neighbors weren’t as nosy as they had been in years past. She felt like heaven, engulfing his manhood with ease. He grabbed her arms and yanked her back, using them as leverage to start rutting into her the way she wanted it. His pace increased, as well as the strength behind each pump. Ana liked to be taken and Dante was always the only one that could do it the right way.

Her voice rose in pitch as he slammed in and out of her with a flurry. “Yes, fuck yes. Oh my God, I am going to come!”

He didn’t let up, slamming in and out of her until the only thing holding her up was his grip on her. She was close to a puddle beneath him. Dante yanked out of her, his sticky cock steaming from her furnace. Ana flipped back over, her head moved up to take the offered cock between her legs. She had always loved the way she tasted mixed with him, his cock practically throbbing with need.

Moving her back, he pushed deep, sighing as he took her how he wanted, slow. Dante wanted to watch her eyes roll back in her head as she reached her next peak, so close from the last one. Her engorged clit was rubbed by his hips as he ground as deep as he could, pulling her legs up to allow him another inch.

Ana clung to his body, every move felt from head to toe. This was the most devastating way he fucked her, face to face, with their bodies in slow motion. It was when part of her soul was given away and she knew from the last time, she would never get it back. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders as her world turned upside down and her eyes could no longer hold his gaze.

BOOK: ALIEN SHIFTER ROMANCE: Alien Tigers - The Complete Series (Alien Invasion Abduction Shapeshifter Romance) (Paranormal Science Fiction Fantasy Anthologies & Short reads)
7.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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