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Book 3.5 - Aces MC


By Aimee-Louise

Text copyright © 2016 Aimee-Louise

All Rights

This book is
dedicated to my readers with a big thank you to Karen Atherton x

Character List

Club Members

Mitchell 'Duke' Groves - President
Ethan 'Diesel' Stokes - Vice President
Andy 'Bear' Harper - Sergeant at Arms
Daryl 'Justice' Hayes - Treasurer
Frank 'Hound' Watson - Secretary
Mark 'Woods' Davies - Road Captain
Connor 'Spike' Stokes
Jake 'Locke' Dixon
Caleb 'CJ' Jones
Paul 'Rex' Regus
Charlie 'Stoney' Henderson
Jacob 'Skinner' Burns
Tyler 'Whip' Watson
Blake 'Recon' Washington
Elijah 'Lyric' Grey
Viper - President of the Aces 5 years ago




Amy Stokes - Diesel's sister
Harlow 'Ink' Webb - Diesel's old lady
Taylor 'Ash' Miller - Duke's old lady
Maggie Watson - Hound's old lady
Louise 'Angel' Walker - Spike's old lady
Chloe Watson - Salon worker
Paige Watson - Stripper
Olivia 'Savannah' Reid - Stripper
Pearl - Stripper
James Hudson - Doctor
Cade Smith - Hang around

Chapter 1


Five years earlier

I pulled on the cuffs as I screamed in ecstasy. The metal
dug into my skin and the pinching sensation around my wrists caused me
discomfort but I rode the wave of my orgasm feeling the intense pleasure
between my legs.
I squirmed, bringing my thighs together around Recon's head as I writhed trying
to prolong the sensation.

I opened my eyes as I felt Recon's rough hands prize my legs
apart and looked down to see his cocky expression as he wiped his chin. "That
gets you going every time babe," he stated moving up my body to lie on top
of me.
I rolled my eyes at his brashness, Recon was so self assured and he knew that I
couldn't resist him not that I ever wanted to. We'd been seeing each other now for
the past six months and as hard as I'd tried to fight my feelings towards him
by telling myself that it was just sex, deep down I knew that I was only
kidding myself as I was slowly falling in love with him.

"Any chance you can release me?" I asked tugging
on the cuffs attached to the metal framed headrest.
Recon sniggered, "Oh so now that you've got what you wanted, you're gonna
fuck off!" He stated sarcastically as he leaned on his elbows taking his
weight from my body.
I sighed, "The birds started singing hours ago babe, I've already
outstayed my welcome." I always made sure that I never fell asleep when I
came back to the clubhouse with Recon, as I wanted to leave before anyone else
woke. Not many members stayed here as they had their own homes but I didn't
want to run into Viper, as I didn't know how he'd react to the situation.

Recon reached over to the bedside cabinet and took the small
key in his hand before climbing up my body so that he straddled me.
I sniggered as his semi erect cock landed between my breasts as he reached
towards the cuff on my right hand. Recon smiled, "Oh, you find that amusing
do you?" he asked unfastening the lock to release my wrist and quickly
turned his attention to the other cuff.
"This is a compromising position," I raised my brows looking at his
cock as it slowly became fully erect.
"Don't start something you can't finish Vixen." Recon winked before
he swung his leg over me and moved from the bed.
I loved it when he called me Vixen, he didn't use the name in public but saved
it for when we were alone in the bedroom, which made it even more special. We
had established a routine that suited us both over the past six months and he
knew that I needed to leave shortly, and he wouldn't allow me to touch him if I
couldn't see it through.

I rubbed my wrists to get the blood pumping and moved so
that I was sitting on the edge of the bed as I watched Recon busy himself
collecting my clothes from various places around the room.
He threw them onto the bed and caught me staring. "What's up with
you?" he asked with a confused expression.
I shrugged, "Nothing." I stated as I grabbed for my clothes and began
to dress myself.
How could I tell him that it was the simple things when he
wasn't even trying that made me want him more?

I stood to secure my dress and brushed my hands gently
across the material to make sure everything was in place.
"I'll call you later Vixen."
I glanced across the room at the rugged man that just took my breath away, my
feelings had become deep and he meant so much to me, and if I was truly honest to
myself I didn't want to leave him like this. I wanted to wake up in his arms
each morning and not have to sneak around in case I was seen by one of his
"Yeah, see you soon." I said quietly, trying to keep the bravado going
before sauntering from the bedroom. As I reached the corridor, I took a deep
breath to prepare myself before running the gauntlet through the clubhouse
without being caught.

"Take a seat."
I glanced around the shadows trying to see where the voice had come from, and
could just make out an outline of someone sitting in the far corner of the
room. My heart rate accelerated as I slowly made my way over to the seating
area to see who'd caught me like a thief in the night but the panic slowly
mounted when I realised it was Viper calling me over.

My tight smile couldn't possibly hide my discomfort as I
perched on the chair opposite him.
"This is turning into a regular occurrence Amy." Viper grasped the
neck of a glass bottle and took a long swig as he continued to hold my gaze.
It wasn't a question, it was a statement so I remained silent waiting for him
to either make his point or dismiss me. Viper was a bad arse in every sense of
the word, he had to be ruthless in order to run such a successful club and I
couldn't help but feel nervous under his scrutiny and leering eyes.

"Is he going to make you his old lady?" he asked
placing the bottle onto the table before wiping his mouth with the back of his
I shrugged, Recon and I had never discussed the future so I didn't know what he
was thinking but had secretly hoped that he would want our casual fling to turn
into something more serious, although I wasn't ready to let him know exactly
how I felt.
"You've been sneaking in and out of here for the past six months."
I swallowed hard, I knew that Diesel and Spike were aware of my fling with
Recon but not Viper.
"What's the matter, you think I don't know what's going on in my own
clubhouse?" he leaned forward and rested his chin on his grasped hands.
I didn't want to say something that may antagonise Viper but I was at a loss of
what to say, Recon and I weren't in a relationship we were just shagging.
"I'm waiting Amy."
I shrugged my shoulders, "What do you want me to say? I can't force him to
take me as an old lady but if you want me to stop coming over here I
will." It was his club and I needed to respect his wishes although it
would be difficult to stop seeing Recon as my feelings were far beyond the
friendship stage.
"It's not that I want you to stop coming over, it's that I think you
deserve better. You shouldn't be someone's booty call Amy."
"It's not like that," I answered back quickly taking umbrage to his
Viper laughed loudly, "You're kidding yourself babe. If you've been seeing
him for the past six months and he hasn't claimed your arse, then it's never
gonna happen."
I chewed the inside of my mouth as I contemplated what he'd just said feeling
the pang of hurt in my chest, "Have you finished with me, as I need to get
ready for work." I didn't want to hear this, I didn't need him to spell
everything out.
Viper nodded and I stood ready to leave. "Amy!" I turned to glance in
his direction, "I can't tell you what to do, it's your life babe but if
you're that desperate to be an old lady, you know where I am." Viper gave
me a cheeky wink and lifted his bottle to take another swig.

I smiled briefly before I turned and eagerly walked from the
clubhouse. I wasn't desperate to be anyone's old lady, I was just hoping that
Recon would see just how good we were together but obviously people looking
from the outside in, could see that it wasn't going anywhere at all.

Chapter 2


"Just remember a lot's riding on this, have you got
everything you need ladies?"
I turned on my heels to face Viper who was looking at me expectantly. He'd been
on my case since catching me at the clubhouse two weeks ago and I was trying to
make it look as if he wasn't affecting me with his constant badgering. Pearl
and I had been working undercover for the Aces for the past five weeks and had
been asked by the club to infiltrate a local gang, the Dyers. We were now
regulars at the Zone, the local nightclub the group frequented and last week
we'd had a breakthrough and been asked to sit with the group. The evening
hadn't been unpleasant, we'd had a lot of male attention but nothing too heavy
and nothing that we couldn't handle.

Pearl and I had both been brought up around club life. My
dad had been a member up until his death and Diesel had followed suit, the club
was what I knew. Pearl had a similar upbringing and her dad was the Sergeant at
Arms at the Kent chapter so she also knew the score.
I had been surprised when Viper asked the two of us to go undercover. Females
were usually seen and not heard but they needed to find out some information
regarding the distribution of the Dyers up and coming shipment of drugs. Word
on the street was that this was a huge shipment and the Aces needed to know
details and no one was talking. Viper thought that Pearl and I may be able to
extract some information or possibly overhear if we were with some of the game
players and he was right as we'd already found out when it was happening, we
just needed to find out where.

"We understand the importance Viper." Pearl stated
as she zipped up her jacket.
Viper raised his brow slightly, "I don't like your tone missy!"
"And I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it Viper, the ladies are just a
little anxious like us all." Duke tried to smooth the situation and placed
a protective arm around Pearl's shoulder as he directed her towards the taxi
that had just pulled up in the yard. Mohammed was our taxi driver this evening
and had worked for the club for a number of years and I felt relieved that a
friendly face would be with us on our journey to the club as I was feeling a
little anxious.
Duke understood the severity of the situation and that we were putting
ourselves in harm's way even if Viper didn't and the fact that he'd stood up
for Pearl made me love him even more. I glanced in Vipers direction still
smiling feeling that Duke just had one over him, to see him assessing me and I quickly
became uncomfortable as he undressed me with his eyes.

"Ames get a move on or we'll be fucking late."
Pearl shouted as she sat in the front seat of the taxi.
I turned towards her and smiled at her demeanour, that's why we were friends.
We could say whatever, whenever and it didn't affect our relationship as we
always knew where we stood. Taking a deep breath, I placed my handbag over my
shoulder and made my way towards the taxi.

"You okay Ames?" Duke asked looking at me intently
as he opened the car door.
 "Yeah I'm fine Duke, I'm looking forward to this evening." I winked
before entering the rear of the taxi.
"You know the score ladies, Pick will be in the club keeping a watchful
eye. If you get into any difficulties give the signal and back up will be
there." Duke banged the top of the taxi twice indicating that Mohammed could
go and closed the door firmly before standing back on the pavement. "Enjoy
yourself but not too much," he shouted after us as I rolled my eyes at his

"There's so much chemistry between you two." I
leaned forward to slap Pearl's shoulder playfully.
"Don't start this again, you know we're just friends." I sat back
comfortably in the leather seat watching the world pass by as I looked out the
window. It was bad enough the club members thinking I was screwing Duke let
alone my closest friend but it was a good smoke screen for me as no one
suspected that Recon and I were up to no good, and that's the way I wanted it
at the moment until we'd sorted out what we actually meant to each other.

"So how are we playing this tonight?" Pearl asked
turning around in the chair so she could face me.
I shrugged, "Well Tyrone took a liking to you at the weekend, I was kinda
hoping you would try to rekindle that spark this evening." I stated
wiggling my brows.
"He's cute but a bit handy if you get what I mean." Pearl sniggered
as she mimicked a groping action towards her sizeable bust. Mohammed glanced in
her direction before turning his attention back to the road, and I noticed his
knuckles turn white through holding the steering wheel with such force. Poor
sod, what he didn't realise was, that Pearl would be far too much for Tyrone to
handle alone.
I sniggered to myself as I continued to look out of the window trying to
distract myself from the tightening of my stomach. I knew that Pearl and I were
treading dangerously but I wanted to earn the trust from the club and prove to
Recon that I would be perfect to stand beside him and possibly be his old lady.
At twenty-two, I had little in the way of life experiences but I was more than
ready to start creating memories with a life partner that would hopefully be

Before long we pulled up outside the club, I let out a long
sigh and delved into my handbag to retrieve my purse.
"It's already taken care of ladies."
I looked up to see Mohammed glancing between Pearl and I with a smirk on his
face and nodded my head understanding. Of course it was paid for, Duke wouldn't
expect us to pay for a journey that was for the benefit of the club. I smiled
and opened the car door feeling the pinch of my skin from the cold night air. My
outfit didn't leave much to the imagination and also didn't offer much of a
barrier against the chill blowing across my skin.
Pearl placed her hand in mine and gave it a light squeeze before gently leading
me towards the entrance of the club. I heard the taxi pull away behind us over
the loose gravel and took a deep breath knowing that this evening was about to
get interesting.

"Good evening ladies, I'm pleased that you could join
us again so soon."
I smiled brightly as Jackson the head of security opened the barrier to let
Pearl and I through. I could hear several women around us, kissing their teeth
and making rude gestures as Pearl and I were on the guest list and didn't have to
queue in the cold.

"What's the matter with you this evening?" Pearl
asked as she guided me towards the cloakroom so that we could drop off our
I was feeling a little under the weather and had been the last couple of days
but I was trying to put on a brave face knowing how important this meeting was
this evening.
"I'm all good," I replied plastering a huge smile on my face but I
wasn't sure if she was convinced as she narrowed her eyes assessing me.
"Well if you're sure you're okay that's good enough for me."

"Hi beautiful." We both turned to see Tyrone strut
towards us with his arms held open ready to embrace Pearl. She'd made quite an
impression on him over the last couple of weeks and if I wasn't mistaken, I'd
think it wasn't all play acting on her behalf either.
"Hi yourself," she replied softly allowing him to take her into his
arms and plant a soft kiss on her forehead.
I turned my head and glanced around the club taking everything in when
Sheldon's eyes met mine from across the seating area of the club. He nodded his
head beckoning me over and my heart raced at his gesture. He was the big fish
that I'd been chasing, I'd played hard to get over recent weeks and now it was
time for me to reel him in.
I glanced over my shoulder to see Pearl deep in Tyrone's clutches and sniggered
to myself as I strutted seductively across the club towards the seating area of
the hardened gang members.

"I was hoping you'd show up this evening." Sheldon
stated as he rubbed his chin slowly, looking deep in thought.
"Why? Have you missed me?" I asked softly.
Sheldon moved his hand from his chin as a huge smile spread across his face
showing his beautifully lined teeth, "I sure have babe, please take a
Manners and good looking, I sometimes had to remind myself just who he was and
what he represented. I saw movement at the corner of my eye as I sat beside him
and noticed Pearl and Tyrone join the group and sighed with relief knowing that
I wasn't alone. I hadn't seen Pick this evening but I knew he'd be here keeping
a watchful eye over us and reporting back to the guys where necessary.
It made me think of the time that I told Diesel what I was doing, he went
fucking mad and threatened to lock me in the house to prevent me from helping
the club but I was always able to talk Diesel around to my way of thinking and
that's what I did that evening.

"What's so funny babe?" I turned towards Sheldon still
smiling from my thoughts of Diesel.
I shook my head, "It's nothing, I just remembered a conversation I had
with my brother which amused me."
He looked at me intently as if expecting me to explain further. I couldn't
believe that I had actually mentioned a family member and mentally kicked
myself as I squirmed slightly under his scrutiny.
"Your brother as in a member of the Aces?" he asked in an unreadable
I tried to fake confusion but I was startled by a commotion beside me. I turned
to see Pick being dragged along the floor unconscious, and stood quickly
knocking the drinks over from the table in front of me. It was as if everything
from that point happened in slow motion, I glanced across the seating area
towards Pearl as she scrambled around in her handbag searching for her phone.
Her eyes met mine, I saw the panic register as two large arms wrapped around my
waist as I was jolted backwards.
Letting out a high pitched scream I fought with all I had as I was lifted from
the floor by the man's strong arms. My efforts were futile and my screams
unheard over the noise of the music as he held me effortlessly. I managed to
glance back towards the group as I was taken through a large door at the back
of the club to see Pearl being tossed around like a rag doll between several
men, and the glare in Sheldon's eye's worried me as he watched me being carried

"Fuck!" I hit the ground with force and slid
across the concrete only stopping the momentum as I slammed my arms out in
front of me. The room was silent apart from my heavy breathing but I didn't
dare move the hair from my face to see my fate.
The silence was deafening but I held firm trying to gather my thoughts quickly although
I knew the man was still in the room.
Think Amy think!
I played the mantra in my head assessing the situation.
Would they want me dead? It was a possibility but would they want to start a
war with the Aces?

I didn't have long to think as the door that I'd just come
through opened allowing the noise of the club to fill my surroundings before it
was slammed shut. I heard heavy footsteps walk in my direction and was yanked
from my position on the ground by the material of my dress around the back of
my neck and pushed me into the corner of the room.
I opened my eyes to see three men standing in front of me and hastily searched
their faces trying to look for distinctive features should I get the
opportunity to describe them to the club, but by the look on their faces, I
doubted I was getting out of here and crumbled inside at the prospect.
"Shall we have some fun first Jason?" the man on the right asked
looking at me as if I was a prized possession.
Jason kissed his teeth and slapped the man on the arm, "Shut your gums,
I've got a job to do." He surged towards me and I squealed holding my
hands out to try to stop him from touching me. He simply laughed and swatted
them away like a fly before grabbing me by the scruff of my neck and pulling me
into the centre of the room.

I didn't feel the pain at first, it was surreal watching the
blade being pulled up high and then thrust into my stomach. The noise around me
instantly became muffled and I heard a slicing sound like an animal carcass
being cut open.

Lights, I could see lights shining brightly as the room
became a hive of activity. I felt drunk as I now lay on the cold ground
helpless and lifted my hand to try and focus on something as the room span
around me.
Why did I have blood on my hand?

"Amy, stay with us babe. We're gonna get you to the
hospital." I turned my head slightly as Duke slowly came into focus. I
gave him the goofiest smile I could muster as I tried in vain to stop my eyes
from closing.
I continued to hear the commotion around me as I felt myself being lifted from
the ground in someone's strong arms as if I weighed nothing. "You're doing
good babe, not long." The voice whispered reassuringly as a light kiss was
placed on my temple.
Not long for what?
All I wanted to do was sleep but I wasn't allowed as
I was constantly being slapped on the cheek and told to wake up.

More lights...for god's sake please just turn them off
and leave me alone.
"So how's she doing?"
Diesel...I need to speak to him and let him know I'm okay.
"You've got to understand that our main priority is Miss Stokes."
"Well of course she is."
I'm fine...really I'm fine.
"Surgery went well and Miss Stokes will make a full recovery."
"I sense a but there Doc, be straight with me. I thought I was gonna lose
her tonight, I just need you to be straight with me."
Lose was he going to lose me?
"There's no easy way of saying this but we couldn't save the baby."
"Baby what fucking baby?" I heard Diesel's harsh tone as he
questioned the other person.
What are they talking about? Why won't my eyes open?
"Your sister was around ten weeks pregnant."
Pregnant?...Please eyes open, I need to speak to them...I really need to...

"How am I gonna tell her Spike?"
"Does Recon know?"
"I doubt it, although he's been trying to get in here for the past eight
Recon's here...he does care...
"What's the plan?"
"Wait for her to wake up and then I'll have to tell her."
I am awake I just need to open my eyes...

BOOK: Amy (Aces MC Series Book 3.5)
9.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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