Anarchist: (An MC Serial Novel) Book 2

BOOK: Anarchist: (An MC Serial Novel) Book 2
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Anarchist Book 2


Jordan Silver

Copyright©2014 Alison Jordan

All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1






“Are you fucking shitting me?” She looked up at me with those big sad green eyes that were swollen from her dad’s fists.

I don’t trust those eyes or what they make me feel, I don’t want to feel anything about nothing, except my own shit.

I looked away from her so she didn’t draw me in with those eyes of hers, and that look of sadness that only a blind man could resist.

It’s been a long time since I let anything get to me, and even longer since I gave a fuck about a female, I had better things to do with my time. But I can’t let this shit slide, there’s too much here that I can work with.

My mind was already moving things around, but I had to think real hard before I did anything. Whatever I chose to do with this was going to impact all our lives.

I’d just found out that I was now in possession of something my enemy wanted. I’ve been waiting a long time to get the jump on him, but could I really use an innocent to do it? Fuck yeah.

The only thing was, that if I did this, I could be affecting my own life for years to come.

None of that mattered now though, all that mattered was making that fucker bleed anyway I could.

I looked at her again, this innocent that had got herself caught in the crosshairs of this little war that we had going on Davis and I.

It wasn’t hard to make up my mind, all I had to remember was what had been done to my mother and sister, and it was easy. Fuck conscience, that shit died a fast death a long fucking time ago.

“Tell me everything you know about this deal between your dad and Davis.” I now stood over her looking down.

She looked small and vulnerable and yes, I did have a slight twinge of regret for what I was contemplating, but that didn’t last either.

A man in my position took what he could get and used what he had at his disposal, anything that would get me closer to my objective. If there were casualties along the way, that was to be expected. There usually are in a war.

“Why? You can’t let him have me.” I didn’t know females still did that wringing hands and biting lip shit. She sure is a nervous little thing. That shit would soon drive my ass to drink, who has time for that fuckery?

“Who said anything about letting him have you? I just need to know what we’re looking at here.” I pulled my phone to call Kyle.

“Bro, tell the guys to be on high alert, Davis is involved in this mess. I’ll fill you in when I know more, but I’m not sure what her old man is going to do next so we can’t wait.”

“I’ll tell them Law but this guy doesn’t look so good, he hasn’t woken up yet, what do you think we should do?”

“Have Tyson and Chaz take him to the hospital in Cooperstown. Make sure they stay on him and bring his ass back here as soon as he’s been seen to.”

“They’re gonna ask questions.”

“Tell them the fuck got in a fight what the fuck do I care, I look like a nursemaid to you?”

I hung up and went back to her. “Well?” She ducked her head really fast when I turned around and then started fixing her hair.

Maybe the old man had hit her in the head harder than we thought. And now she was hiding her face and pulling at her dress.

“You got somewhere to go?”

“Of course not I was just...” her face lit up in a blush under her bruises and I prayed for patience.

“Listen, I don’t have all day, you brought this shit to my door and now I have to deal, so please tell me what the fuck I need to know.”

I maybe could’ve been a bit more diplomatic, but I wasn’t in the mood. I hadn’t planned on having my day disrupted with this shit and there were other things I should be doing.

“I don’t know that much, as soon as my dad told me what was going on, I got upset. We started yelling at each other, and then he began hitting me.”

She touched her cheek and I actually felt for her; so not gonna happen. I had no feelings left, unless they were directed towards my brother and I wasn’t looking for any. That way leads trouble.

“All I know for sure is that Mr. Davis was the one who paid for my education, and that he’s expecting me to marry him in return.

I only just returned home last week after graduation, and was under the impression that I was going to go off to a nice college, but instead...”

“Does your mother know? Of course she does what am I saying.” I answered my own question as I walked away.

“I’ll be right back.” I left her there and headed out the door. I could see the men getting into position around the perimeter and somebody had already pulled the security gates.

I never took anything for granted where Royce Davis was concerned; any man who would rape a mother and child, or order such a thing to be done, was not someone I’d want to turn my back on.

Her mother was sitting in the front room of the cottage, looking out of place, like she was on tenterhooks.

She jumped a few feet into the air when she heard me coming. I pulled a table chair over to the couch where she was sitting and straddled it.

“I need to know about the deal your husband had with Davis.” I kept my eyes on her face for any sign that she was lying to me.

Her eyes widened in surprise, I guess she wasn’t expecting her daughter to share family secrets.

“Please don’t try to stall me or feed me any bullshit, I already have half the story and can pretty much put two and two together, I just need you to fill in the blanks.

I didn’t pull my punches, because I could see she already had that look about her, that look that says she was ready to forgive and forget.

Well, she could do whatever the fuck she wanted, that girl was not going to fucking Royce Davis, no way no how.

“What is it that you want to know?”

Uh-huh, stalling. I gave her a look that I’m sure would put more fear in her than her husband’s fists. No I don’t have any fucking patience with this shit.

“Look, I can see that you’ve already had a change of heart and started worrying about what life is going to be like without your piece a shit spouse, I could give a fuck about you or him.

I do give a fuck about the young girl that came crawling onto my place this morning. Now you wanna go back there for more beatings and bullshit, feel fucking free, but if you have some fairy tale notion in your head that she’s going with you, you can forget that shit right now.

Even if she changes her mind and decide she wants to leave, she can’t.”

“But you can’t keep us here against our will.” She wrung her hands together and looked at me pleadingly. If I had time to give a fuck I might’ve worked on her a little bit to get her to come to her fucking senses.

But I ran out of time to give a fuck when someone slaughtered most of my blood. These days my give a shit meter stayed stuck on empty.

“I’m not keeping you against shit, you can go anytime you fucking please, but your daughter stays; she’s under my protection now.”

“But if she doesn’t go through with it there’s going to be trouble...”

“What kind of trouble?” she wrung her hands harder and looked miserable as fuck, still I couldn’t find it in me to give much of a shit.

She had stood by and watched her husband abuse her kid; that little bit of heat she’d shown this morning had obviously worn off and now she was probably thinking that she was better off with the devil she knows.

Whatever her reasoning, I couldn’t say that I was surprised. I’d seen it often enough to know it.

There were kids here whose mothers had crawfished as well. Unlike the government, we didn’t give children back to their fucked up mothers who were willing to put their own children in danger.

The one time the slimy fuck sheriff had come out here for one of my kids, as they all come to be known, I’d sent his ass packing with a warning.

If he didn’t want me burning down his house of cards, he’d leave my shit alone.

He didn’t know what Clay and Brand had copied from his office before they walked, and we always held that shit over his head.

We had plenty to take the greedy fuck down, but we were playing a strategic game that was full of checks and balances.

If I moved too soon I’d miss the one thing I wanted most of all. To burn Royce Davis once and for all!

“I don’t know too much about...”

“Lady do I look like I have time for your bullshit? I know that two minutes after getting here you started having second thoughts; I don’t give a shit. I want to know what’s planned for tomorrow and I want to know it all now.”

“You have to understand, Carl never would’ve done it if we didn’t have the need...”

“You know, when I pulled you out of that place I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if you’re gonna sit there and spout excuses for your piece a shit husband, then there are no longer any doubts.

I repeat, I don’t care about your fucked up feelings or what the fuck you think. You and your husband sold your fucking kid to a monster.” I saw her flinch as if I’d hit her and really couldn’t care less.

As soon as I got what I wanted out of her she was gone. She was starting to piss me the fuck off and I wasn’t in the mood. I had shit to do because I didn’t know exactly what her daughter had brought to my door, and I had people to protect.

Her old man might not have known me personally before today, but the way he’d tried to run from me earlier, told me that he knew something of who I am, or at the very least had heard of me.

Which meant that he could’ve already told Royce what was going on. Would this be the thing that brought the slimy fuck out from behind that cast iron wall? I should be so fucking lucky.

Then again, what were the odds of the man’s intended, bought and paid for bride, falling into my lap so effortlessly?

I know how the bastard thinks; if he paid for it he owns it lock stock and barrel. Or, more to the point and more his style; if he sees it, and wants it, it shall be his.

And he doesn’t share well with others, whether the shit belongs to them or not. I can’t see him spending all that money over the past six years and just walking away from it.

I especially couldn’t see him accepting a loss to me, so there was definitely going to be trouble.

I was purposely leaving out the most important reason why I think he wouldn’t be happy with this turn of events, why I think he would do whatever possible to get back what he thinks is his.

I have the feeling in my gut that when she cleans up, that little girl is going to be one gorgeous piece of ass. A man would die for some shit like that.

Should I go on the offensive or play defense? That was the only thing in question, but first I needed this idiot to talk.

“Mr. Davis came to my husband when the farm was in trouble.” The fuck he did.

“Start at the beginning, the Royce Davis I know doesn’t give a fuck about anyone so I don’t see him coming out to your half ass farm just to lend a helping hand.”

Again she started that fidgeting shit and I was beginning to suspect this shit might be worse than I first thought.

“Um, well, I guess it started one day when we went to the feed store. Dana Sue had tagged along with her dad and me. She wasn’t well known in town because we sorta kept her close to home.

She didn’t go to the school, I schooled her at home since she was about seven or eight and the other kids started picking at her.”

She must’ve seen the ‘do I look like I care about this shit’ glare on my face because she sped up her narrative.

“Anyway that day Mr. Davis was coming by the store, he owns it you know.” Another glare had her moving it the fuck along.

“Anyway he seemed to take a real interest in her and well...” she broke off her speech and looked at me and for the first time I saw a little bit of shame there.

Well at least she had some human left in her and the asshole she was in an all fired hurry to get back to hadn’t beaten it all out of her.

I think I’m going to be sick though. The girl was all of twelve six years ago, which meant Davis had to be at least fifty back then, since he was dad’s age.

“Go on.” I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists so that I didn’t leave my chair and strangle her where she sat.

I have to admit after hearing her out, that there really wasn’t much she could’ve done, but still, it pissed me off no end.

I’m sure my mother suffered even more in the end, because she was doing everything in her power to protect her baby girl. I didn’t have to be there to have seen it to know it, it’s just who we are.

So though I might have a little empathy for her plight at the hands of that abusive asshole, there are other alternatives to selling an innocent young girl to a man that everybody knew, whether they admitted it out loud or not, was three steps past being a fucking monster.

I walked away without saying another word to her and went in search of one of the younger members of my crew. I needed something to clear my head after that sickening revelation and this would be killing two birds with one stone.

BOOK: Anarchist: (An MC Serial Novel) Book 2
5.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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