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This book contains SEXUAL SITUATIONS and PLACES including but not limited to nude men and women having sex, felacio, a girl on girl situation that is rather short, and other naughty things that go on in a BDSM Club, a Strip Club that includes horny men celebrating and women that run around and dance topless, and a DOM trying to fulfill his submissive’s fantasy of having two men at once. –If any of these situations might bother you…please don’t buy this book. Or at least don’t read it.


If you want to read about a US Paratrooper that serves his country and tries to find love, read about the naughty stuff that goes on in a BDSM club and go inside of a strip club with a big woman named Bertha and her strippers…come along for the ride and enjoy!


***18 and UP only please*** Unless you are an emancipated minor or your mother has let you read this, if you are sneaking into your mother, sister, or Aunt’s Kindle, iPad or Nook and you know you aren’t supposed to read this stuff…put that device down immediately and stop reading! (I’d hate for you to get any ideas or get into trouble)!


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Chapter One

Alarm clock; Blinking from loss of power.

              Cell phone; Off. But at least it was charging.

Hot water; none.

Coffee pot; Just exploded all over the counter.

This was how Addie Marshall had started her Wednesday morning, after last night’s storm had stomped its way across Fayetteville, North Carolina. She hated storms and wasn’t even sure how she’d slept through it, but she had. The sky was still grey, but it was brighter. Running around with a towel on from her cold shower, she reached for her phone that was finally charging, but had turned off because she’d worn down her battery. She hit the on button and waited for it to beep and buzz and the usual fanfare it made when it turned on. It was still only fifty percent charged and still wasn’t working right.

“Why is it when you are in a hurry, you take your time to turn on?” She muttered at her phone, shaking it in her hand. “Stupid smart phone. Why are you a smart phone when you are so stupid?” She tossed it on her bed and took the remote for the TV and turned it on. She turned to the TV Guide channel and saw that it was almost nine o’clock.

“Holy shit!”  She groaned, reaching for her phone again and hit the green button to turn it on. She saw the text from her coworker Talia, and even she was running late. Good. At least she wasn’t the only one.

She dialed her boss Mr. Claymore. What a complete douche canoe he was. Short and fat, bald, with no personality. Nobody liked him. He was a disgruntled sergeant in the Army. Then he was discharged for being overweight, and must have thought it would be great to make others suffer, so he got a job with the DOD.

“Mr. Claymore, its Addie Marshall.” She began.

“You’re late Marshall.” He said in a disgruntled tone. Yeah, no shit, Addie thought, and he always sounded disgruntled.

“Yes, I know sir, that’s why I’m calling. My apartment lost power and my phone was dead so my alarm didn’t go off on my phone either.” She wasn’t going to mention that her shower was cold, and that her coffee maker decided to explode all over the counter. “So, give me about a half hour and I’ll be in as soon as I can.”

“Yes. Yes. Fine. I don't know how many times you’ve said that you let your phone go down to almost no battery. I’ve told you just like I tell the others and my daughters...that you never, ever let your cell phone battery go like that. What if you had a real emergency? Twitters and Facebooks aren’t going to help you.”

“Thank you Mr. Claymore.” Addie said, and hung up and tossed the phone on her bed. “It’s a wonder that you have daughters. Much less are married.” She said walking to the bathroom. “And it’s Twitter and Facebook. Not plural. Jackass.”

Knowing that she had said it out loud, she raced back to her bed to check her phone to make sure she actually disconnected to call. Seeing that she’d actually disconnected it, she went back into the bathroom. Deciding that her day was probably going to continue to be crappy, she decided to pull her long dark brown, naturally curly hair into a tight bun at the back of her head. Light makeup was the way to go, so she completed her look with black eyeliner and mascara to surround her hazel green eyes. Her freckles made up for the color in her cheeks, so she decided not to do blush. Quickly brushing her teeth, she slapped on some red lipstick that gave her that signature vampy look that she could pull off, and walked over to her walk-in closet.

Looking through the clothes on the hangers, she could hear her mother’s voice, ‘You need some color in your life Addie. Always with the dark clothes.’  She smiled as she decided on a black wide leg pant and a grey, V-necked short sleeve sweater that hugged her ample breasts. Then she turned around and pulled a pair of grey suede heels from the shelf and made her way back to the bedroom to get dressed. Taking a look in the full length mirror behind her bedroom door, she shook her head. Her ass was just way too big. It was the Italian genes in her. She was always displeased with her little tummy. But no amount of sit-ups or crunches or cardio had gotten rid of it, so she just dressed her size ten figure to accentuate the other attributes in her life.

‘Tits and ass’, her older brother, Lewis had said, ‘It’s what every man wants. Tits and ass.’  Addie shook her head. She went over to the mirror and put on silver hoop earrings and long silver chain necklace that had silver circles to it at certain intervals. Another look in the mirror and she walked out into the kitchen that again, made her sigh in frustration. No coffee on the way to work.

Her apartment building was old. It had power surges all the time. And unfortunately, whenever the power went out, the surges would be worse the next day or two. She kept everything on a surge protector, except her coffee maker. But this time, the damn thing had caught fire and the pot exploded, it melted the tower where the water was held, that was what put out the little fire in the heating element. She’d smelled it right before she went into the shower after she’d turned it on. Then ended up racing back into the little kitchen naked and pulled the plug, but not until the coffee grinds and water were all over the counter and the carafe had shattered and water spread it all over the place. She’d taken a towel and pushed it all into the sink. Then went back and realized that there was no hot water. Again. Thank God she was on a month to month lease.

Rubbing her temple, she decided to leave the mess and grabbed her car keys and her purse and walked out to her car. Ah, her car. Quite another temperamental thing in her life that she really didn’t need right now. One of the belts kept slipping. She’d told her father that she’d have it fixed before he and her mother moved back up to Pittsburgh after he retired in the next few months. She locked and bolted her apartment door and made her way to the last parking spot in the row. Living on the ground floor, she wasn’t going to pull a dick move and take up one of the first spots closest to her door like the two guys that lived across from her did. She looked at their fancy, shmancy import tuners that looked like they’d put thousands of dollars into. She’d love to key them because their owners were dick-heads and at times took up two spaces at a time, but she couldn’t quite get herself to do that. They must be home to shower and change from PT. Two young single Soldiers that had a revolving door of women and parties every weekend.

Getting into her 1988, grey Chevy Z24, she started it up and pushed in the clutch the back out and get on to work. She pulled into the big parking lot outside of the Personnel building the same time Talia did. Good, she thought, she wouldn’t have to face Claymore alone. It was always best to face him in numbers. They both got out of their cars and greeted each other good morning and made the walk to the building with the events of this morning and why they were late. Walking into the building, the smell of coffee immediately assaulted Addie’s brain.

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