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Angel In Blue

Mary Suzanne

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Mary Suzanne







Rushing water filled the vacant building from the hose Mack Baird held firmly in his hands. The thick smoke swirled around him making it hard to see across the two-story building. He focused on his mission and relied on his training and experience, but he silently wondered if he’d get out of the scorching flames alive. His entire life would pass through his thoughts in the next hair-raising minutes.

Even with his heavy gear and mask, he felt the intense heat attack through his protective covering. His skin felt on fire; the painful searing sensation ran the length of his muscular body, but he knew he had a job to do and he pushed himself further.

Mack couldn’t figure out where the rest of the firemen were that night. He could hear shouts, but they seemed a long way from where he fought his fiery foe. His only hope was that help would show up soon. The flames crept up the walls and licked across the ceiling practically engulfing the room.

The fire fed on the various combustibles in the area and seemed impervious to his hose and water. As clouds of smoke and steam mixed with the flames, Mack knew his fight was useless. He edged his way toward the only opening that didn’t have leaping flames shooting through it. Before he could make it across the room and reach his escape route, he heard the crack of wood overhead. He raised his head just in time to see a heavy beam breaking loose on the ceiling and plunge toward him. Mack tried to scramble out of the path, but with his heavy clothing, it proved impossible. The long timber had him trapped and there was no escaping. He glanced as the heavy beam landed on him.
Oh, fuck, it’s going to hit me!
The flaming length of wood struck with a searing pain through his head. His six-foot muscular frame collapsed in a heap on the floor. Although he tried, he couldn’t move his legs; they were trapped under the heavy beam.

The hose and nozzle he had in has hands only moments ago were gone. The flames moved slower across the ceiling as the smoke thickened; the room beyond his facemask looked smaller – and darker… He fought his way back to consciousness, trying to right his world. He heard shouts, but they seemed a long way from where he lay on the wet floor. An eternity of time seemed to pass, but it may have only been seconds; Mack didn’t have a sense of time. The pain shot through his head again, and just when he was ready to give up hope, he felt a pair of hands tugging on the debris covering his legs.

Once his legs were free, Mack felt the hands checking his legs for injuries. Those same hands brushed over his crotch and even in his state of pain, he felt excitement course through him at his strange savior’s touch.

When Mack could focus his eyes, he glanced into the face of the man carrying him. Through his facemask, Mack saw a blur of dark curls and hazel eyes that made up the face of his rescuer. The stranger’s full lips split into a grin when he saw Mack had regained consciousness. Mack’s gaze traveled to the shiny metal pinned to his chest. The badge on his blue uniform proved he belonged to the police force. 

    Mack tried not to slip into the black void again. He wanted to find out more about the stranger hauling him to safety, but it wasn’t to be. Another wave of dizziness seized Mack, and he closed his eyes as his rescuer picked him up into a fireman’s carry. 

Mack came around again to the loud wail of a siren and the jostling movements of an ambulance speeding to the hospital. Opening his green eyes, he saw a man dressed in a pair of scrubs and felt the man insert an IV into his arm.

“You’re gonna be OK,” the medic placed an oxygen mask over Mack’s mouth, “some smoke inhalation and maybe a concussion, a few bruises.”

Mack glanced around looking for any sign of the man that saved him, but he and the EMT were the only ones in the back of the screaming ambulance.

After settling into his hospital bed, he closed his eyes, reliving the earlier events. He wondered if he’d ever see the policeman that had valiantly saved him from the inferno.

Mack couldn’t stop the excitement he felt over the stranger he’d only met for seconds. Remembering the way the stranger’s hand had lightly brushed his crotch brought his cock to full attention. He shifted the sheet to a tent-like position so that no one could tell he had a hard-on. A noise at the door had him glancing up self-consciously.

A nurse bustled into the room and picked up his chart. “You have a visitor waiting in the hallway.” She replaced the chart and smiled at Mack.  “Should I send him in?”

Mack thought it might be one of his fellow firemen, “Sure, I’m up to company.”

She disappeared out the door and Mack waited impatiently to see who his visitor was. He couldn’t believe his luck when in walked the policeman that had saved him. A smile of welcome lit Mack’s face. Feelings of arousal rose in him over seeing this muscular stranger again. He’d always tried to dismiss the sensations he felt when seeing a handsome member of his own sex, but he found this man sexy as hell. Mack struggled to dismiss the thoughts.
How does it look for a strapping fireman to be ogling another man, wishing he could bed him? No, that won’t do.
He brought his wayward thoughts back to the present, but at the back of his mind, he still remembered the man’s touch as he pulled Mack to safety. 

“You’re an angel in blue,” Mack pushed the words from his parched throat. “What’s your name?”

The stranger pulled a chair up to the bed and sat. “Isaiah Madison, but everyone calls me Ike. I’ve never had anyone call me an angel before. You’re the first.”

“That’s what popped into my head when I saw you tonight in the burning building.”

“I wouldn’t try to talk anymore,” Ike said, “until they check your throat to see how much damage you have.”

Mack nodded, but his gaze remained on Ike. There was something in Ike’s hazel stare that he couldn’t identify. When their eyes locked, Mack felt the dizziness returning.

Watching Ike standing to leave, Mack thought he needed to find out more about him before he walked out of his life forever. “How about giving me your telephone number? I owe you a drink when I get out of here.” He knew he shouldn’t be talking, but Mack felt the need not to let Ike get away. Once he walked out the door, he might never see him again.

“Why not,” Ike said, pulling out a pen and a small black book. He jotted down his number and ripped the page out. As he started for the door, he turned to Mack. “I’ll be waiting for your call. Take care.”

Mack’s gaze lingered on Ike until the door closed behind him. Adrenalin pumped through his body over the thought that Ike might be approachable for more than just a drink. The thought of going to bed with another man had always been in the back of Mack’s mind, but he’d never acted on his thoughts. From the looks Ike had just given him, Mack thought he might have a chance with him.

By the next day, the doctor signed the release forms and Mack left the hospital. He returned to work, but didn’t forget Ike. All that week he tried finding the courage to call him. In the back of his mind, Mack thought he might have misjudged the looks Ike had given him when he visited, but then Ike’s visage would fill his head. He hadn’t imagined the fleeting touch in the burning room or how it had set him aflame.

That night, after showering, he dialed Ike’s phone. He was just about to hang up when he heard a male voice. “Ike, here,” the deep husky tone filled the line.

Mack felt his insides shake at the sensuous sound. His mind formed a visual picture of his rescuer, and he felt his fingers tightening on the receiver. “Ike,” he eventually answered. “This is Mack, the guy you saved last week.  How about meeting me at Smitty’s for a drink tonight?”

“Sure, I’ll be there around eight.”

Mack had chosen Smitty’s because he knew that none of the members of the fire or police department hardly ever frequented the small bar. Privacy was what Mack looked for, a safe place to explore his hidden feelings; especially since he wanted to find out if he was right about Ike.

“See you there,” Mack said, having a hell of a time keeping his voice calm. The last thing he wanted was to act overanxious with Ike. Just the thought of his sexy cop made the blood sweep through his veins.

Mack was the only one left in his family, so he didn’t have to worry about relatives finding out what his sexual leanings were. Although he’d never acted on those urges, he felt the time was right; and that Ike was

Mack stopped and looked in the mirror. He ran the brush through his dark hair, not missing his green eyes dancing out at him from the glass. He wasn’t handsome, but the toughness in his features made up for any Adonis look he may be lacking. Although the women didn’t hold any interest to him, he always had his fair share of attention when he happened to find himself in their company.

By eight, he walked through the door at Smitty’s. He glanced around looking for Ike in the dimly lit room and found him sitting in a booth, waiting for him.

“Hey, glad you could make it,” Ike greeted him, motioning for the waitress that had been hovering nearby.  “What’re you drinking?”

“Beer,” Mack answered, sliding onto the vinyl seat.  “The drinks are on me tonight.”

“I’m going to have to rescue you more often,” Ike laughed.

Before Mack could answer, the barmaid brought their drinks. Lifting his long neck bottle, Mack tapped Ike’s with a clinking sound. “Thanks again for your daring rescue.”  Mack’s gaze lifted and met Ike’s.  

For some reason, Mack found he couldn’t break eye contact. Ike’s open stare brought a powerful reaction swiftly surging through his body. He felt as if he was drowning in the hazel depths holding his in relentless capture.

The jangle of Ike’s keys hitting the floor filled the space around them, and Ike’s head quickly disappeared beneath the table. The next thing Mack experienced was a hand gliding caressingly across his crotch. It was so fleeting it made him wonder if he’d imagined the light touch. When the erotic stimulation happened again, he knew this wasn’t his imagination. Ike kept up the gentle stroking across Mack’s sheath until he felt his head whirling with the pleasurable sensation.

Mack felt his cock rising swiftly at the intimate contact, pressing solidly against his tight jeans, pushing for a release from the heavy confining material. A heated flush filled Mack’s face over the unexpected experience. As Ike’s head appeared above the table again, Mack couldn’t hide the excitement dancing in his green eyes.

“What’d you say we get out of here?” Ike suggested, swallowing down the remainder of his beer.

“I’m with you,” Mack answered, leaving his unfinished beer on the table. Beer was the last thing on his mind.  He wanted to explore the depths of Ike’s invitation moments ago. “We can head over to my place.  I’ll drive.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ike agreed, following Mack across the parking lot to his car.

Mack slid behind the wheel and buckled his seat belt and noticed Ike hadn’t bothered with his. Mack thought it was curious, but didn’t comment as he drove off. After driving through the busy streets, Mack caught Ike’s movement from the corner of his eye. 

Mack wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Tonight was an experiment for him, but he was up to anything, and it looked as if Ike was going to take the lead.  Mack waited impatiently watching Ike inching his way toward him. Ike reached for the zipper on Mack’s jeans, the raspy sound of the metal fastener breaking the stillness in the car. Ike’s massive hand captured Mack’s cock as it exploded from his loins. “This,” Ike’s hand closed around Mack’s cock and squeezed, “is mine.”

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