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‘Oh, it’s not my permission you need, it’s my son’s. You may not be aware of this, but Matthew was bombed while in a dugout, following which he’s been held as a prisoner of war for the last two
years. The experience has taken its toll, naturally, but he is making remarkably good progress. I’m quite certain that your presence back in his life will ensure that he makes a full recovery.’ And for the first time the woman actually smiled.

Livia was utterly astounded, unable to believe her own ears. ‘You’re saying he’s alive?’

‘Very much so, and longing to see you. I hear that ne’er-do-well husband of yours has finally taken his leave?’

‘Jack – yes. He lost an arm, but yes, he’s fine now, and is to move to Broadstairs.’

‘Excellent! Far enough away to be no trouble at all.’ The woman spoke as if she’d engineered the whole thing herself. ‘All it needs, then, is for you to go to Matthew. Why don’t you do that now? He’s waiting for you outside in the motor car. I should warn you that you’ll find him changed. No lost limbs and he can walk and talk, but his hearing and sight are not what they were. Some burns, too. I told him that such handicaps would be unlikely to trouble you.’

‘Oh, not in the least. I love him so much.’

The older woman chuckled. ‘I do realise that, although it has taken me a while to admit it. But hadn’t you better say all of this to him?’

Livia ran to do just that, then hastily skipped back to place a kiss on the older woman’s
cheek. ‘Thank you, thank you so much.’

Five seconds later she was running through the store, burst out of the front door and fell into Matthew’s waiting arms.

‘Just one thing,’ he said, when they finally took a breath from the kissing.

‘What is that, my darling?’ She could hardly take her eyes from his beloved face, had to keep touching him to convince herself that he really was here, alive and well and in her arms.

‘You will marry me this time, won’t you?’

‘Oh, gladly. No more running away, I swear.’  

House of Angels

Angels at War

The Promise.

gave up her thermals and keeping sheep and hens in the Lake District to build a house in an olive grove in Spain, where she produces her own olive oil. She is the author of over thirty novels, many of them bestsellers.


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Hardcover published in Great Britain in 2010.
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BOOK: Angels at War
4.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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