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Authors: Ananya Ritwik; Verma Mallik

Anyone Else But You...

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ould understand that it’s not life! It’s a freakin’ game!









































And to
those little flowers named
Ashmi and Udita…

























































Life... is like a box of chocolates - a cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that no one ever asks for, unreturnable because all you get back is another box of chocolates.
So, you're stuck with mostly undefinable whipped mint crap, mindlessly wolfed down when there's nothing else to eat while you're watching the game.
Sure, once i
a while you get a peanut butter cup or an English toffee but it's gone too fast and the taste is fleeting.
In the end, you are left with nothing but broken bits filled with hardened jelly and teeth-shattering nuts, which, if you are desperate enough to eat, leaves nothing but an empty box of useless brown paper.


~ The X-Files




Life is a game that must be played.


~ Edwin A. Robinson
























Writing a book is never easy and more so when you have to juggle it between your studies and extra-curriculars. So, the entire support system that helps me bring this book to you should be the ones acknowledged really. In comparison to their contribution, I haven’t done much really – just added a few words here and there and made the story readable.


My parents
form the backbone of this support system and without their guidance and motivation; it’d be really hard for me to continue writing. A big hug to my elderly grandparents – both my grandmothers have played the role of efficient PR managers and
my grandfathers
have always egged me to follow my heart. The attempts made by my
maternal grandmother
to translate my works into Bengali and the publicity provided by my
paternal grandmother
for both my books, have been commendable.


Lots of love to my
Appa, Mamu-Mami & MumMum-Cream dadu
. I’m ever grateful to
my aunt
in Jersey, who has made sure that people read my books in the US too.  All my
uncles and aunts
deserve a big mention for the way they’ve supported me all throughout and so do my army of


I extend my heartfelt gratitude towards all my teachers who’ve truly inspired me at every sphere of my life. And some of the mentions I’d want to make here: The ever amazing
Mrs. Gurleena Sikka
, who has always backed me during the worst of times;
Mrs. Rekha Jha
, for pointing out my shortcomings in the sweetest manner possible;
Ms. Renu Saxena
, for being like a mother at all times and for pampering me whenever I ran short on cash to treat my valentine;
Mr. Puneet Sharma
, for teaching me what it is like to be dedicated towards a purpose and the ever inspiring and supportive,
Mrs. Arpita Sen, Mr. Kannan, Mr. Beniwal, Mr. Ashish Singhal
Mr. Santosh Gupta.


My existence would be in jeopardy if the likes
Himanil, Mayank
weren’t there for me. It is hard to imagine how hard it’d be to do anything without constantly asking them for advice.


Lots of love to a certain
for being there and making my life so much more beautiful. You are really really special, idiot. Remember that always…


A big thank you to
Aditi Verma
Runjhun Sharma
Siddhartha Sinha
Mihir Paul
. I extend my warm regards to the ever loving,
Ira ma’am
for agreeing to go through my manuscript and point out the flaws in it.


My publishers have made me what I am and I am indebted to them for the rest of my life. From the MD to the person who packages my books, every single person deserves credit for this work.
Sumit Sharma
needs a mention for the wonderful covers he makes. And not to forget my benevolent readers who keep on showering their best wishes and support at all times, I love each one of you.


And lastly, I’d like to thank my co-author
– for trying to teach me the art of perfection. Her constant jibes on my faulty grammar and “melodramatic” writing style have made me improve leaps and bounds. With all the workload, it’d be hard to imagine how I could singlehandedly go through with this book.


I sincerely hope that you all enjoy this story and accept it like the way you have accepted
‘Love Happens Like That’
‘Because You Loved Me..’
into your lives.


Ritwik Mallik



y sister, I kid you not, is the best. Thank you for just being there. I cannot begin to thank you for all the times you’ve saved my a**.


I’d want to thank my co-author
Ritwik Mallik
, who has given me the opportunity of writing this book with him. Although it is very hard to make him listen to what I am saying, he was pretty patient when it came to this book. Only we know what ups and downs this book has been through.

I would like to thank my parents for helping me out whenever I have sought help.


My existence would be incomplete had it not been for my best friend. Thank you for being there always, for putting up with me. We will always have that weird connection, like we do, always.
Heartfelt gratitude to my teachers who have been there for me and have always encouraged me.


This is my first step into the world of writing and I hope that all of you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed bringing this to you.

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