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Ashes of Heaven

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Overwhelming Acclaim for the Work of Terry C. Johnston

The Plainsmen Series by Terry C. Johnston

About the Author



With my heartfelt respect and admiration

for the warrior that is within him,

with my deepest appreciation

for all that he has taught me,

and with my deepest affection

for him and all that he has helped me see …

I dedicate this novel on the end of

the Great Sioux War

to my spiritual mentor, my
Lakota guide,

to my beloved

Steve Emery—

Mato Tanka

Ashes of Heaven
Cast of Characters

Seamus Donegan

Samantha Donegan

Colin Teig Donegan


Nettie Capron


John Collins—

contract trader at Fort Laramie

Luther S. “Yellowstone” Kelly


Johnny Bruguier—

called “Big Leggings” by the Lakota and “White” by the Cheyenne

William Rowland/“Long Knife”

Willis Rowland/“High Forehead”


Joseph Culbertson


Robert Jackson


Dr. Van Eman—

civilian contract surgeon, Lame Deer Expedition


General William Tecumseh Sherman—

General of the Army

Lieutenant General Philip H. Sheridan—

Commander, Division of the Missouri

General Alfred H. Terry—

Commander, Department of Dakota

Colonel Nelson A. Miles—

Commanding Officer, Fifth U.S. Infantry

Major Andrew W. Evans—

Third U.S. Cavalry, Post Commander, Fort Laramie

Major Frank Brisbin—

Second U.S. Cavalry

Major Benjamin Card—

Quartermaster, Department of Dakota

Captain Ezra P. Ewers—

E Company, Fifth U.S. Infantry (given command of the newly mustered Crow scouts)

Captain Charles W. Miner—

G Company, Twenty-second U.S. Infantry

Captain DeWitt C. Poole—

H Company, Twenty-second U.S. Infantry

Captain Charles J. Dickey—

Company E, Twenty-second U.S. Infantry (given battalion command of the pack-train)

Captain George L. Tyler—

F Company, Second U.S. Cavalry

Captain James N. Wheelan—

G Company, Second U.S. Cavalry

Captain Edward Ball—

H Company, Second U.S. Cavalry (in command of the mounted battalion)

Captain Randolph Norwood—

L Company, Second U.S. Cavalry

Captain Andrew S. Bennett—

Company. B, Fifth U.S. Infantry

Lieutenant Charles A. Woodruff—

Company B, Fifth U.S. Infantry

Lieutenant Charles E. Hargous—

Company H, Fifth U.S. Infantry

Lieutenant Oskaloosa M. Smith—

H Company, Twenty-second U.S. Infantry

Lieutenant Cornelius Cusick—

F Company, Twenty-second U.S. Infantry

Lieutenant Benjamin C. Lockwood—

G Company, Twenty-second U.S. Infantry

Lieutenant Oscar F. Long—

Fifth U.S. Infantry, Acting Engineering Officer to Lame Deer Expedition

First Lieutenant Samuel T. Hamilton—

L Company, Second U.S. Cavalry

First Lieutenant George W. Baird—

Adjutant to Colonel Nelson A. Miles, Fifth U.S. Infantry

First Lieutenant Paul R. Brown—

Assistant Surgeon, Lame Deer Expedition

Second Lieutenant Edward W. Casey—

Twenty-second U.S. Infantry (commanding a detachment of mounted infantry and Cheyenne scouts)

Second Lieutenant Charles B. Schofield—

L Company, Second U.S. Cavalry

Second Lieutenant Alfred M. Fuller—

F Company, Second U.S. Cavalry

Second Lieutenant Lovell H. Jerome—

H Company, Second U.S. Cavalry

Second Lieutenant Samuel R. Douglass—

Seventh U.S. Infantry (battalion quartermaster the Second U.S. Cavalry)

Sergeant John F. McBlain—

L Company, Second U.S. Cavalry

Private Charles Shrenger—

Fifth U.S. Infantry, orderly to Colonel Nelson A. Miles

Private William Leonard—

L Troop, Second U.S. Cavalry



Old Wool Woman (Sweet Taste Woman)

Antelope Woman

Twin Woman Crane Woman Red Hood (Red Hat)

Crooked Nose Woman

Fingers Woman

Black Horse



Morning Star

Little Wolf Black Moccasin (Limber Lance)

Old Bear




Crazy Mule

Old Wolf



White Bull (Ice)

Last Bull

Wrapped Hair

Two Moon

Wild Hog

Left Handed Shooter

Bear Who Walks on a Ridge (Ridge Bear)


Medicine Bear

Wooden Leg

Tall White Man

White Hawk

Old Man Coyote

Little Creek

Buffalo Calf

Snow Bird (White Bird)

Strong Left Hand (Strong Left Arm)


Crazy Mule

Young Little Wolf

Iron Shirt

Standing Elk

Crazy Head—Council Chief

Old Wolf—Council Chief

White Elk

Bobtail Horse

White Thunder

Black Bear

Sleeping Rabbit

Brave Wolf

Roan Bear


Little Wolf—Sweet Medicine Chief


Morning Star

Old Bear

Coal Bear—Sacred Hat Priest


Sacred Hat Woman

Black Wolf

American Horse

Black Eagle

Turkey Leg

White Clay

Broken Jaw

Wolf Medicine

Plenty Bears

Beaver Claws

Red Owl

Tangle Hair

Magpie Eagle

Sits Beside His Medicine

Weasel Bear

White Wolf

Howling Wolf

Fast Whirlwind

Sits in the Night

Walks on Crutches

Spotted Wolf

Elk River

Crow Split Nose

Goes After Other Buffalo

Spotted Elk

Big Horse

Lame Dog


BOOK: Ashes of Heaven
10.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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