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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to reality are entirely coincidental.


Copyright © 2015 Capria Callen



Growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona had always made Jasmine a little bit insecure. It’s pretty much the land of no black people. Moreover, it’s the land of wealthy Arizonans. Anyone who has money in the Southwest owns a nice property in the desert there—and there are all sorts of nice shopping districts, things to do and see. Fancy tailors, places to get dresses done, nightlife…

The whole works exists in Scottsdale, Arizona. Anyone who was anyone goes there if they wanted a slice of New York out in the heat.

Jasmine had always grown up around wealth. Her father managed a bank, plus her mother worked as a premier hairdresser. People from all over the world came to see her for her styles. Together, they appeared as a power couple and magazines, and booked interviews with people Jasmine saw on television. They even appeared together on news broadcasts, having their own opinions about this issue or that. Jasmine oftentimes felt her parents were stratospheric, but in a bad way.

They lived an extremely lofty lifestyle. One where neither really was aware of the pressures of other poorer countries. It was a hard thing to be aware of when both of them had also grown up privileged. Poverty was something exclusive to…well, anyone but them.

Not that Jasmine was complaining. By the time she was twenty, she had accepted her fate as a young rich black woman. Moreover, she was curvy, and had tons of sexual power. Men always lavished all sorts of praise over her. They loved a woman who could show up all of the others—especially those who thought they were better simply because of being conventionally beautiful. Not that there was anything wrong with being a conventionally beautiful woman. It’s just Jasmine faced a lot of discrimination for being curvy and bigger. So she had a sense of “making it” that other women might not have.

Eventually, after making it past her freshman, sophomore, and junior years, Jasmine was officially senior. The first semester was…trying, to say the least. She was still living at home, having her parents pay off every single one of her bills. She truly did not even need to go to college, simply going for a vanity degree. Her parents would hang it up on the wall, lavish her with praise, and tell her how smart she was for having graduated. Going to Arizona State Desert University pretty much ended up being a choice because of its renown for parties. Sure, that wasn’t exactly the reason why you’re supposed to go to school. But Jasmine was privileged, and she didn’t really understand much about her world.

She grew up so sheltered.

She barely even identified as a black woman.

Of course, she did face discrimination. Whenever she applied for jobs or internships, bosses and future employers always did a double take. “Is that your real name? Jasmine?”

And Jasmine would always nod furiously. “Yes, that’s my real name.”

And people would constantly tell her how “articulate” she was. How “well spoken” she was. Constantly giving her lip, as if she wasn’t an actual person. As if she had to have a handicap going through life.

What was worse was when people asked her if she made it into college simply because of certain government programs. They were just as competitive as any others, but nobody saw it that way.

Still, Jasmine, being shielded by her wealth, never faced many problems. Anything that came her way, well, she simply waved her arms, and charged it to the family credit card.

Her father’s bank was called Southwest Financial Resources, and mother’s hairdressing business was called Beautiful Hair For You LLC.. Everywhere she went, people pestered her about her family’s success. A part of her enjoyed it. The attention. The love of strangers. When she was younger, she definitely milked all up. Teachers and other classmates wanted to get to know her more simply because of her family name. And guys who dated her never broke up with her…she always had to be the one to tell them no.

It wasn’t until the second semester of her senior year in an economics class that Jasmine began to question her life. She had been majored in General Leisure Studies—a joke major— and found herself contemplative, sitting in the back of a lecture. The professor was going on and on about study habits. It was the first day. She had put off this economics class for some time, being more focused on hot parties with great guys.

The class was meant for the core of her degree plan. She didn’t really have much attention to give it…

Truly, she was more focused on the next party and the next great time. She was ready for another guy to fall into her life, someone to give her everything that she needed. Good sex, possibly lots of drugs.

It was during one of her reveries that she began to think more about what she really wanted in life. As she had grown up from her teenage years, being “cool” was no longer important. She had spent more time reading philosophy, and wondering about her future.

Since she was in the back of the class, Jasmine had a perfect view of the entire auditorium. As people began to file in, she noticed a handsome man with beautiful tan skin walk on in. He had a chiseled jaw, and a straight long nose, nice model eyes, and a gait that suggested pure sex, a swagger that indicated his hips were used more for fucking than anything else.

Jasmine shook her head. She couldn’t be so thirsty in public. On her face it was probably so telltale. But Jasmine was trying to get away from being that kind of girl…

Though she couldn’t help herself from getting wet automatically at the sight of him. The man had spiky black hair, done over with what seemed to be an expensive pomade, not clumpy at all, not too shiny, and definitely not sticking to his scalp in chunks. Yes, it seemed like he was using the good stuff.

The professor went to introduce this handsome fellow. His name was Antonio, and he would be the class TA. He stood at the front, indicating to the overhead and showed a schedule of when he might be offering tutoring sessions. He was a grad student at Arizona State Desert University, definitely excited to be there.

“Just some facts about me,” he said, waving to the crowd, “I’m here on a student visa. And I’m focusing on macroeconomics. So if you have any questions about that in particular, I can definitely help you out. Of course, my specialty overall is economics, so I should have no problem answering any general problems that you might have.”

The professor said that Antonio had gotten straight A’s in his previous courses. That he was a good student, meant for the stars, and absolutely hard-working.

“I can’t wait to be of help to all of you,” Antonio said, finally, nodding and sitting down at a front row seat.

All along class, and Jasmine couldn’t stop from staring at the back of Antonio’s head. He seemed to have a nice fade, and great edges. It was as if he had gone to a stylish salon—maybe even her mother’s. She wanted to get closer to him, rub her hands down his back, give him a good massage…

Wait, I’m supposed to be focusing on my life here. I can’t be distracted by hot sexy men again. I mean, even if I have a perfect 4.0, I still need to think about graduation and getting work, and about going through all of the hoops…

But it doesn’t hurt to think about my future and think about him. I mean, I can’t be serious all the time. Even if I’m trying to be…

So Jasmine oscillated back and forth between serious thoughts and the nonsensical. She thought about what it might be like to have a man like Antonio around her arm. Or maybe, her arms wrapped around his. He wore a tight T-shirt, the kind that bulged out at all of the right places. His shoulders were like cannonballs, and his chest was a platform of raw muscle. It went well with his beautiful tan, the color of almonds. And his eyes, whenever he smiled, it seemed as if he was the happiest person on planet earth.

And don’t forget, he had straight white teeth. An immaculate smile, one that couldn’t at all be soured by even the sternest of frowns.

Jasmine sighed. She should’ve sat up front.

When the class ended, the TA made sure to announce to everyone his schedule once more, reiterating that if anyone had questions to come see him after class during his tutoring hours.

Jasmine had an idea to go see him just to…

No. She shouldn’t waste his time. She should only go to his tutoring sessions only out of a need for more knowledge…


Well, there are plenty of people who probably go to see their sexy tutors. So what if I went to go see him for other purposes? As long as I’m making plans for my future, and I’m not putting other people above me, then it’s all good…

Jasmine drove her Ferrari back to her house. She lived in a mansion, complete with maid service. Oftentimes, she did not even bother using the maids simply because she liked doing things for herself. Although this was a recent habit.

Only months prior, Jasmine had no problem ordering around the staff. But making her life more independent was a slow transition. She wasn’t going to go from Jasmine the curvy black woman to Harriet Tubman overnight.

Her parents were home that day. It was a hot autumn afternoon. The sun beat down on all of the skylights. Jasmine stretched out her legs across a leather couch, pushing away her weave from her face. She flipped through a magazine, thinking about what styles she might wear next. Her mother was telling her to go natural, although she wasn’t exactly sure about that thought. She really liked wearing weaves, really liked the length that she could achieve having the installation.

“How are you?” her mother said, rounding the edge of the couch. They kissed each other on the cheek, and her mother sat down. “You look very deep in thought today.”

Jasmine took her face out of the magazine. She checked herself in a mirror nearby—there were tons in the house, considering her mother’s occupation— and she noticed a dull blush creeping down the length of her neck.

“I guess I’m just feeling very good,” Jasmine said. “I don’t know what it might be.”

“It honestly looks like you have a bit of a crush,” her mother said. “You haven’t looked that way since you were in, say, high school.”

Jasmine threw the magazine aside. “Really? Is that what you think it is? I’m focused on school, really. I don’t have any man in my life.”

Jasmine was somewhat notorious in the family for being a floozy. All throughout high school, and all throughout college, she had been known for her parties, extravagance, and sexy men. This time, she was being called out for it.

But this time was different. Before, she was so focused on solely sexy men. Now she was focused on sexy men and her future.

There’s a difference. You can do both, I realize.

Her mother sat down next to her, rubbing Jasmine’s legs. “If you say so,” she said. “But I’m simply noticing a change in behavior. The other day you weren’t even interested in watching Glenna Famous.”

Jasmine had been so focused on Glenna Famous all of her life! She really loved reality TV shows. But recently, she hadn’t been watching too much of them.

“I’m just tired as all.”

“Well, don’t be too tired. You need to be doing well in school, okay?”

Jasmine nodded. Her mother left.

Man, I could use a nail appointment. And even if I have everything I want, I can’t stop thinking about that guy, Antonio. It’s almost as if… I’m being consumed again. I can’t be. I need to focus on myself first, don’t I?

But there really isn’t anything wrong with doing two things at once…

Jasmine pressed herself back into the leather couch. It was so warm from the constant baking in the sunlight. She closed her eyes, and before she knew it, she had fallen asleep.

In her dreams, she thought of him… Antonio…



I should’ve said hello to her
, Antonio thought.

He was sitting in one of the graduate dorms, resting on his bed. He had his phone out, was playing a videogame. Sunlight drifted in through a window nearby, but he closed the blinds. He couldn’t stop thinking about her, the girl in the back.

She was so beautiful. I should’ve said something right then and there when I was walking in. I don’t think she even noticed me though. Tomorrow, I’ll have to make a move. Though, it might not be appropriate if she’s a student and I’m a TA.


Antonio sat back up. He turned on the television, watching some football. He held in his hand an old soccer ball, twisting it up into the air, throwing it against the ceiling.

He missed his home, way back in General Santos, the Philippines. It was a far, far, far ways away. Nearly a twenty-four hour flight. And incredibly expensive. He was lucky, being that most people couldn’t leave the country. In fact, something that he rarely ever told anyone was that he was…a billionaire. He lived like a normal person though, not wanting to attract too much attention to himself. But he had a lot in the bank, endless amounts of cash to support himself throughout his time at Arizona State Desert University.

Even though it was a premier college, one of the best in all of the world, it couldn’t replace the fact that he no longer had no longer a support system. He truly missed all of his friends, and all the different places that he was so used to going to.

Maybe that’s why I took notice of her. She seems so nice and safe. The kind of girl that I would meet back home, someone I would start with and chat to. Someone I would love to get to know more…

He thought about the shape of her face: dainty and with beautifully curvy features. Something outside of what was championed as “attractive” in the media.

Antonio definitely didn’t like the way that American society only portrayed certain types of women as beautiful. He rarely ever saw women like the girl in the back on TV. It was such a shame, because he had never found many people like her walking around in the streets. Truly, she was probably the only woman he had ever found attractive so far in all of the time he had spent in the United States.

The sun slowly set in the horizon. Antonio got up, not wanting to be lazy, and he put on a pair of good jeans, a T-shirt that showed off his muscles. He walked on out, heading for the gym. Before he left, he grabbed himself a shaker bottle, plus his protein powder. He grabbed himself a bag, filled with a change of clothes, and then made sure he had shampoo and body wash. Checking over everything one last time, Antonio made for the gym.

Outside, people definitely stared at him. No matter where he went, eyes were on his body, his physique. It was almost as if no one could stop from gawking at him…

I know, I’m pretty hot. Damn. I’ve been working out hard that it’s making everyone turn heads.

Even back in the Philippines, Antonio had the attraction of many local women. Many Filipinas wanted to sleep with him, give him everything that he wanted simply because he was so attractive. His chiseled body, the way his Adonis belt flew up the sides of his hips. His walk: definitely one with a ton of swagger, and one that brought all of the women to his backyard. And it wasn’t a conscious effort on his part. It’s not like he tried hard like some guys did to be handsome. No, he was the type of guy who simply oozed sex appeal naturally, the type of guy who didn’t need to go online for help to learn how to date or whatever. He automatically knew how to charm women, how to bring them by his side, and how to make them feel comfortable. With a simple smile, he could make panties wet.

On his way to the gym, women smiled at him, and men frowned. He knew plenty of men were jealous, wanting what he had: money, a big cock— which he knew he had— and plenty of muscle.

They all need to take a lesson in how to stop hating on other people.

They really did. Because everywhere Antonio went, he attracted attention. And going into the gym, he was pretty much the only beast there. Lifting nearly four-hundred pounds on a squat, and managing curls that made eyes bulge out of their sockets, well, it made people lust after him. Want to be him. Hate him.

Antonio was in the squat rack when he bent down low and saw in the mirror…


Yes, it was definitely her. And she was so distracting, that he nearly toppled over. She grinned at him, surely recognizing him from somewhere.

After he got back up, putting the weights where they had to go, he strolled over to her, greeting her.

“I know who you are,” she said, “you’re my TA.” Her hand stuck out fast, and she shook it with strength.

Has a lot of confidence. That’s really sexy

Antonio had met so many women who had limp handshakes. They were the types who seemed to depend strongly on another man for everything. But this girl…

“What’s your name?”

“Jasmine,” she said, pulling aside her headband. She bundled up everything in a tight braid around her scalp, and was wearing a fashionable scarf over her headband. “My name is Jasmine. And yours is Antonio, right? I recognize you so well.”

“Thanks,” Antonio said. “I don’t get that a lot.”

Jasmine giggled. Her body language seemed to say,
you don’t get that a lot because everyone is too intimidated.
She held her hand close to her mouth, smiling now.

“Do you come here often?” She said. “I’m actually new here. Trying to get my workout on. Look, see? I have muscles growing!”

She flexed her arm. She had a beautiful, curvy figure, and deep ebony skin. Antonio wanted to get closer to her, touch her immediately, make her his, but of course, he couldn’t do that in public. Especially not to someone he just met.

“Yeah,” he said, “you’re definitely toning on up. I like it. How come you don’t come here more often?”

“Oh, I usually exercise back out at my parents place. It’s nothing special. Just a nice small gym for ourselves.”

“That’s cool. Well, I guess I should go back to my workout now. When yours is done, how about we go and grab something to eat? Dinner? Are you going to be here much longer? Leaving early?”

Jasmine giggled. She shook her head, her beautiful hair swaying from side to side. “No, I’m going to be here for a little bit more. Maybe about thirty minutes? So not too long, but not too short either.”

“That’s about the time that I have left too. I’ll wait around for you when I’m finished outside. I just have to shower and stuff, all right?”

Jasmine said okay, and Antonio went to the squat rack again, finishing up his workout. Some of the other guys were angry that he was taking so long— you weren’t exactly supposed to go chatting to cute girls in the middle of the session— but no matter, some of them were approving of his little debauchery.

She’s definitely one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Has all of the right curves in all of the right places. And definitely can do a mean squat. Look at her go…

Antonio stared at her, making sure to flex his muscles whenever he bent low. He wanted to give her the best gun show she could possibly ever witness. Whenever he bent down to the ground, all of his calve muscles and biceps were fully pushing out of his shirt and pants. And no matter what, he made sure to stick out his ass a little bit. He had heard that some girls really enjoyed the guy with a huge ass.

He finished up quickly, going over to her and telling her about his shower. “Just a moment,” he said. She nodded again, and Antonio got into washing himself down fast. He rubbed himself, head to toe, making sure to clean up every inch of him. Then he got back on out, throwing on another good T-shirt, another pair of casual jeans.

She was waiting for him right outside, her arms crossed, having just showered herself as well. “There you are,” she said, releasing her arms from her chest. “I was wondering where you went.”

“Sorry,” Antonio said, not at all truly apologetic. He needed to look good for her, and he knew that he did. Before he had left the bathroom, he redid his hair, drying his spikes in a new wave pattern across his scalp. He wanted to look like a boy toy of sorts. Sure, maybe he was a little bit into his appearance…but he could tell Jasmine was already wet in her crotch.


He didn’t say anything to her. He didn’t want to embarrass her. But all the while, as they walked out of the gym, he saw the patch in her crotch grow longer, wider, and darker. Once they were outside, it didn’t matter anymore, because the darkness had set upon Scottsdale.

It just makes me feel really good knowing that she’s into me like this. That I have this kind of… sex appeal power over her…because she’s made me wet as fuck too.

Yes. Down in Antonio’s boxer briefs…

Down in Antonio’s boxer briefs, he had pre-come so much, that his legs were sticky, and he needed another shower…


BOOK: Asia And Asia: A Black Woman Asian Man Romance
9.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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