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Thank you to Andy Bartlett, Jacque Ben-Zekry and the wonderful team at Thomas & Mercer. I’m
grateful to everyone who has been involved in the production, design and
marketing of this book.

Thanks also to my lovely new agent, David Hale Smith at InkWell Management.

I have a friend called Brenda Castles, and she has a sister called
Emily. Emily and I have never met, but I liked her name enough to borrow it for
the main character in my mystery series, with her permission. Thanks to the
Castles family. I hope your mam likes the book, Emily.

Thank you to Al Kunz and Lauren Smith, who read the manuscript before

Lauren has read every book and every play I have ever written and
given me useful notes on all of them. She has never complained about this. I
borrowed Lauren’s sweet nature, her dimples and her freckles for my
descriptions of Emily in the book. Thanks for being my inspiration and my joy,

Thanks to my parents for your love and support. Thanks also to my extended
family and my friends.

I went to Bouchercon last year for the
first time. Thanks to everyone who made me laugh and made me feel so welcome,
and to Lauren Henderson, who introduced me to many of you.

Still with me?
Thank you for reading
Invitation to Die
I hope you enjoyed the book.


Photograph by Photoespero, 2011

Helen Smith is a novelist and playwright who lives
in London. In addition to the Emily Castles mysteries, she is the author of
Alison Wonderland
Being Light
The Miracle

This book was originally released in episodes as a Kindle Serial. Kindle Serials launched in 2012 as a new way to experience serialized books. Kindle Serials allow readers to enjoy the story as the author creates it, purchasing once and receiving all existing episodes immediately, followed by future episodes as they are published. To find out more about Kindle Serials and to see the current selection of Serials titles, visit

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