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Her cry of release was a piercing wail that hurt her own ears.

He laughed and slowly kissed his way up her body, licking and nipping at her breasts, nibbling at her collarbone and gnawing at her neck. She tried to move her head to kiss him, but he dodged her skilfully.

Ozwin moved back and flipped her to her belly, then helped her prop herself up on her elbows. The chain of the cuffs drew her closer to the headboard, but she had enough play to brace herself as he continued his slow caresses down her spine and across her buttocks.

“You have the loveliest hips.” He nipped at her left and then her right hip.

“Thank you. They are part of a set.”

She stopped talking when she felt the prod of his cock inside her opening. He slid in, inch by inch, widening and parting her to make room for his shaft. It was slow torture, and with her elbows in the bedding and her face looking at the sheets, Lee was forced to concentrate on what was happening to her body.

He rocked against her, pushing and sliding, caressing her inner walls with every shift of his hips.

Ozwin set up a rhythm, slow and deep. It had her crying out and whimpering. She wanted it fast and hard, and he was giving her exactly the thing guaranteed to torture her.

She concentrated on doing to him what he had done to her earlier. She created a blurry but specific image in her mind. He started to thrust faster, harder, and he gave his hips a twist that had not been in her image but sent her shuddering into release.

He reached up and flicked the cuffs, releasing them an instant before he lifted her.

Ozwin turned her and slid back inside her in seconds. They both groaned.

“I wanted to be face to face this time.”

He cupped her thighs and lifted her, bouncing her on his cock until he groaned and his neck corded in tension.

She felt the swelling inside her again and understood. Gasping she said, “You wanted to face me while we were stuck.”

He grinned and kissed her chin. “You are correct and very lovely.”

Locked onto him, he supported her with hands on her lower back.

Smiling, she raised her hands and slowly removed all of the pins in her hair. When it tumbled down and covered her breasts, she grinned. “That’s better.”

He swallowed and stroked the flaxen locks. “It certainly is. You look lovely in formal wear, but you look infinitely more desirable in nothing at all.”

She rocked her hips against him lightly, loving the pressure on her clit from their close contact. “I would have to say the same of you, though I am going to have to request some better-fitting clothing if I am to stay here.”

He grinned. “You are adapting to it?”

“I am prepared for that eventuality. Being a badge here would mean that I could at least use my beast from time to time. If the position is similar to the one at the colony, I not only enforced the laws of the colony, but I counselled, arrested and investigated when it was necessary.” While she spoke, she kept up the slow rock of her hips against him, working her on the wide flare at the base of his cock.

Ozwin’s eyes were losing focus, and the passionate look was coming back rapidly.

Lee raised her arms and tossed her hair down her spine before gripping his shoulders and continuing to work against him. When her hips jerked and she let out a high-pitched whine, he was with her, growling.

His cock pulsed inside her again. She could feel the spasms through the ridge wedged inside her.

Smiling, Lee pressed her head against his chest and waited for her breath and heartbeat to return to normal.

She looked up at her mate, and the tenderness on his face brought tears to her eyes. She drew his head down to her, taking his lips with hers in a kiss that sealed them together.

Eventually, his body released hers, but she kept him tightly to her as they lay together, kissing and touching.

“Wake up, sleepy head. Ozwin has left this for you.” Ona was cheerful once again.

Lee waved a greeting, stumbled to the lav and took a quick shower to remove all the soluble traces of the evening before. Her hair was wet but her body clean when she re-joined Ona in the bedroom.

The highly efficient woman had already changed the sheets on the bed and was straightening the coverlet.

The box was lying on the centre of the bed.

“For me?”

“He thinks it will make it more comfortable here for you. It defies our traditions, but then, so do you.” Ona grinned. “Open it.”

Curious, Leeahan lifted the box lid, and she gasped in surprise. Her hands trembled as she caressed the stiff fabric and the mark on the shoulder. A white wolf and black wolf were facing off, hackles raised. It was picked out in delicate embroidery.


Ona looked surprised. “You are correct. It is Ceeki’s work.”

Lee sat at the edge of the bed and pulled the suit on, when she was dressed, she took the boots that Haz had made for her and pulled them on.

It was not Alliance issue, but Lee was back in uniform. The bodysuit was deep blue, covered everything and had a thick reinforcement that let her know body armour was included. The boots were perfect, as if they had been designed for it.

“So, Ona, how long has everyone here known that I would only stay as a badge?”

Ona grinned. “Since your first day of transformation. Ozwin had a long talk with your dispatcher, and she told us what we needed to do to get you to stay.”

“Where is he?”

“He is in the council hall, seeing to the duties of the settlement. Anyone will direct you there.” Ona gathered the bedding and disappeared out the door, whistling softly.

Grinning, Lee brushed her hair dry and let it hang loose. The white against the dark blue reminded her of the moon and night sky.

Her eyes still freaked her out, but as long as the eyes she stared into had the same icy composition, she was going to be one happy Terran.

Striding through the settlement, she was greeted with the same friendliness that she had seen the farmers offer to Ozwin. When she asked for directions, she was shown with a cheerful grin.

Walking up through the few folk gathered to speak to Ozwin, she stood behind the current petitioner and glared at her mate.

The man asking for additional acreage finally clued in to her presence behind him. He bowed out of the way with a smile. “Please, Alpha. Take my turn.”

“Thank you.” She stepped into the petitioner position.

With concentration, she sent Ozwin images of her hands in the shower, caressing her skin, sliding over her breasts and down between her thighs. His hand trembled and sweat appeared at the edge of his hairline.

She received an imaged of that same path, but this time, his hands were on top of hers.

Laughing, she countered with the thought of him on his back, her hands on his chest, nails digging in as she rode his cock.

The pen that Ozwin was holding cracked.

A few of the men realized what was going on and carefully moved away from Lee.

It was a sound decision, as the moment that he surged to his feet, he kept going and lunged for her over the table and down the aisle.

Lee remained in place, fighting the beast inside her that wanted to fight him.

He stopped in front of her, his chest heaving and his eyes white hot. “You aren’t attacking or growling.”

She slid one hand up his chest, ignoring her audience, and wrapped it around his neck. “No, I am not. My beast wants to, but I am not.”

He pressed a kiss to the inside of her wrist before he peeled back her collar and pressed a kiss to her neck. “Thank you.”

She smiled mistily. “Thank you. Your people may have started something, but I get the feeling that I was supposed to be here all along.”

His kiss was wild, and she was bent backward in his arms. His hands were shifting to claws and back, and she said the one thing that had been on her mind since she got dressed.

“Ozwin, if you rip this suit…I will kill you.”

Author’s Note

Leeahan Ryan is spunky, but every strong woman needs a strong man…eventually. The Keymin are a fun species, but they don’t get out much and can only breed with their own kind. Now…how do I get more Terrans there…

Thanks for reading

Viola Grace

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About the Author

Viola Grace was born in Manitoba, Canada where she still resides today. She really likes it there. She has no pets and can barely keep sea monkeys alive for a reasonable amount of time. Her line of day job tends to be analytical which leaves her mind hopping to weave stories. No co-worker is safe from her character analysis. In keeping with busy hands are happy hands, her hobbies have included cross-stitch, needlepoint, quilting, costuming, cake decorating, baking, cooking, metal work, beading, sculpting, painting, doll making, henna tattoos, chain mail, and a few others that have been forgotten. It is quite often that these hobbies make their way into her tales.

Viola’s fetishes include boots and corsetry, and her greatest weakness is her uncontrollable blush. Her writing actively pursues the Happily Ever After that so rarely occurs in nature. It is an admirable thing and something that we should all strive for. To find one that we truly like, as well as love.

BOOK: Badge
11.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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