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The words seemed
to hiss and elongate when pronounced. Chloe stood and pulled out a gun she’d
found in Cian’s armory. Lelantos looked at her with a raised brow. “Why would I
use a sword when I can use a gun,” she said, cocking the pistol.

“True,” he said,
turning back toward the menacing dark. “Show yourself.”

The two hideous
forms came into the light and Chloe stopped herself from gasping. Fear unlike
she’d ever known crawled across her skin making her wish to run from the cave
and never return. These women were evil and old. The fact they had lived for so
long and survived the wrath of the gods was testament to how strong they were.

Chloe kept her
gaze averted from their face and instead just listened to the many snakes
covering their heads slither and hiss at them. “Like you I’ve been banished. As
punishment, my father Zeus has killed the man I love. I need your help.” Their high-pitched
laugh made her cringe.

“We will not
help you. We do not help anyone.”

“Yes you will,” Chloe
let her voice take on the commanding tone of a god who’d not be disobeyed. She
hated herself for doing it. This wasn’t her. Not anymore. And yet, if it would
return Cian from the dead she’d do anything to have him back.

“Your weapons
are useless against us, goddess Chloe. You should know we’re immortal. Medusa
was the Gorgon who was not and as you know she’s been dead a very long time.”

“I’ll do
anything you wish but I need the blood from your right side. It’s the only way
I’ll ever see the man I love once more.”

The two sisters
looked at each other, seemingly to speak telepathically in some way. “Anything?”
they hissed in unison.

“Anything,” Chloe

“What if what we
wish is not possible from you?”

Lelantos stilled
beside her and Chloe wondered what these two hideous beings could possibly want
from the titan. Unless ... it was the same as she. “Name it.”

“We want to be
free of this prison. No longer do we wish to hide away in the dark. We long for

“Your souls are
dark and dark is where you will stay.”

Chloe started at
the menace she heard in Lelantos’s words. How had she managed to go from a Scottish
holiday to being on a remote island in Italy, hidden in a dark, dank cave with
an immortal titan and gorgons?

“True, titan but
still this is what we wish.”

Lelantos turned
and pulled Chloe toward the entrance. “They cannot be allowed to walk free on
earth. Their whole existence is based around pain, killing and creating havoc.”

“Much like a
titan’s,” Chloe said, instantly regretting her words as Lelantos’s gaze
darkened with temper. “I’m sorry.”

“Do not cross
me, Chloe.” His tone as sharp as a knife. “What do you want,” he said keeping
his back to the sisters.

“We want the
gift of the unseen.” The two sisters hissed.

Chloe met
Lelantos’s dark gaze and knew he was furious with her getting him involved with
the gods and their enemies once more. “We shall give you this gift in payment
of your blood. But take heed you will never be allowed from this island. And
after today where you live will no longer be seen by man.”

“What!” Lelantos

“I’ve never read
anywhere that your powers were limited to flesh. Why can’t you make the island
disappear,” she whispered so the gorgons couldn’t hear.

“Fine,” he said.
“Now get this bloody blood so we can leave. They cannot be trusted.”

“You have our
promise,” Chloe said. “Lelantos will give you the gift of the unseen and you’ll
supply me with blood from the right side of your body.”

“We are in
agreement.” The gorgons disappeared into the dark once more before returning
with a vial of crimson blood. They sat it down on a boulder and stepped away.

“Careful Chloe,”
Lelantos said, clasping her hand.

Chloe walked
slowly toward the vial all the while looking at the floor.

“Do not touch
her, gorgon, or your longed for freedom will be the least of your problems.”

Chloe bit back a
smile at Lelantos’s protective spirit. For a titan, he was actually not that
bad if you could limit the time you spent with him. She picked up the vial and
slowly walked back toward the entrance.

Lelantos pulled
her out into the sunshine. Chloe squinted in the bright light and smiled down
at the blood clasped tight in her hand. She inwardly laughed at Zeus. The
all-powerful god wouldn’t win this time. For the first time in one thousand
years, she’d out-smarted him.

It was a heady

Lelantos waved
his arm and Chloe grabbed hold of him when nothing but air and ocean sat
beneath her feet. “Your powers are amazing.” She looked about and couldn’t
believe the island seemed to no longer exist.

“Yes, aren’t
they,” he drawled in a bored tone. “Now, get me the hell out of here before
those gorgons change their mind and wish us to stay.”

“What about your
reward?” she asked.

He smiled and
the gesture instantly put her on guard. “When I need you, I know where to find

Chloe wondered
what she had agreed to. She nodded and clasped his hand. “So be it, titan.”

Chapter Twelve

Chloe knelt on
the floor at the base of Cian’s bed and stared at the pile of ash. It was all
she had left of him and she prayed what she was about to do worked. Of course
it would work, there wasn’t any other option allowed.

After dropping
Lelantos back in the New York bar she’d found him in, she traveled straight
back to Scotland. Having been so frantic to get Cian back, she hadn’t even
thought of a maid coming into his room and cleaning up, sweeping up Cian’s
ashes. At the sight of them where they’d said goodbye, relief flowed through
her veins like a drug.

This would work.

The vial was
warm and she pulled out the cork before pouring it onto Cian. The blood seemed
thick and almost paste-like in texture. Chloe watched as the dark crimson fluid
started to bubble before her eyes. She scuttled back and prayed her plan for
resurrection would work.

The ash started
to rise and swirl like a small storm before twisting higher into the room. Chloe
could see the image of a body taking shape and hope rose in her chest. Within
moments what once was lost stood before her; Cian.

He stood there
silent and unmoving, his gaze unfocused and confused. Chloe leapt into his arms
and welcomed his closing tight embrace around her back. “Oh, Cian thank god
you’re back. I thought I’d lost you.”

The rumble of
his laugh was music to her ears. She snuggled harder against him. “I thought it
was the end too, lass.” He paused. “How did you do it?”

Chloe sighed and
told him what she’d done. About finding Lelantos and the gorgons in Italy.

“For a woman
who’s only known herself to be a god for a few days you’ve certainly taken to
its perks very well.”

Chloe laughed. “With
the knowledge comes the memories of everything I was capable of and who I knew
as a goddess. The divine walk among men all the time without them knowing and
I’m one of them. But there is something else you must know.” Chloe pulled Cian
over to the chair before the fire and sat him down.

He sat and for
the first time since having him back Chloe realized Cian was naked. She pulled
a throw rug off the bed and placed it over his lap, before she had the urge to
welcome him home as he truly deserved.

“What is it?” he
asked, pulling her down to sit beside him.

Chloe smiled and
pushed a lock of hair from his brow. How she loved him. Wouldn’t allow anyone
to take what she cared for most in the world. “I’ve ensured the gods can no
longer see us. The mortal world can, but no one from up there,” Chloe said,
pointing skyward.

Cian shook his
head. “And this will keep us safe, how?”

“Zeus’s power is
useless against us now. Obsolete even. Zeus cannot attack what he cannot see.”

“How?” Cian
kissed a line down her neck, and for a moment Chloe lost all train of thought.
His lips were soft yet insistent and always left her yearning for more.

“I mentioned
before I found a Titan, Lelantos who hates my father as much as I hate his
decree. We have an agreement.”

“Chloe ...”

The warning in Cian’s
tone made her cringe. Lelantos wasn’t trustworthy. She knew that more than
anyone. Gods, no matter they be Greek or Roman were not to be trusted. Yet, she
had no choice. Zeus was too powerful to go up against again. The next time she
may not be as lucky.

“I have you back
thanks to the gorgons so let’s not worry about what has been and what could
never come. Can we just enjoy life and live each day as if it was our last.”

Chloe wiggled
and came to straddle his legs. She felt along his chest before feathering
kisses down his neck. Heat pooled at her core when she slipped her hand inside the
throw rug and stroked along his hardened length.

“Do I even want
to know what a gorgon is?” Cian groaned and, throwing his head back, closed his

Chloe laughed. “Do
Medusa and her sisters mean anything to you?” She stopped her ministrations and
waited for Cian to look at her.

“You saw them.” Cian
looked at her with utter wonderment and she nodded.

“They are the
reason I have you back. They had something I could give them and in exchange
they helped me.” She smiled.

“Marry me, lass.”

Chloe gasped and
wondered if she’d heard right. Never had she thought such words would mean so
much to her. As a god, marriage had always meant advancement, strategy, a way
in which you brought more power and influence within the hallowed halls of Mt

But at Cian’s heartfelt
question, tears pricked her eyes. Having lived in the mortal world had changed
her. It had given her the opportunity to feel emotion. To care. To love.

“Yes,” she said,
swallowing the lump wedged in her throat. “I’ll marry you.”

Cian leaned
forward and captured her mouth with the lightest kiss. A kiss that was the
start of forever.

For eternity.

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BOOK: Banished
11.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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