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Bear Lake- Book Four

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Note from the Author;

All names, places, and incidents
contained herein are purely fictional and have no basis in actual events or
linked to actual Humans, Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, Lycans, Werebears or
persons living, dead or undead.

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Chapter one




had a hard and fast rule; he never dated a girl twice. Well, he never dated
them at all really, they just seemed to fall right into his lap, and by lap
that would be bouncing on his manhood. They really, really liked that.

Shane’s mate, had a name for the women in Marcus’s life, they were known as
bear bait, because they were the bait, and they liked bear shifters for the
good time guaranteed by all.

liked bear bait; sex kept his beast on an even keel, and boy did he need that.
Especially now with three damn mates in his clan and the men acting like love
sick cubs around them.

bear was antsy tonight and he headed to the local bar to see what was on offer
to bounce on his lap for a good long while. Midweek was usually slim pickings in
the bear bait club. They tended to come out at weekends and holidays, and boy
did he like weekends and holidays.

walked into the quietness of the local bar and scented the room as he entered.
So much for slim pickings- no damn pickings. The bar was empty aside for the
usual suspects and his particular tastes didn’t stretch as far as the barman,
Norman, or Old Jack, but beggars couldn’t be choosers and if his bear got any
more feisty then he might just have a change of heart, or rub himself against
the nearest damn tree trunk.

Norman half sighed. He guessed it wasn’t much fun being a barman in an empty

leave the bottle.” If he couldn’t shag then he’d try and drown his bear back
from the edge.

it.” Norman knew all about the bear shifters. His youngest sister was mated to
one from another clan. “Marcus…”


don’t smash up the damn bar tonight.” Yeah, Norman knew shifters alright.

give it my best shot, man.” Marcus frowned.

never be able to guarantee something like that one hundred percent, no matter
how many babes he danced on the end of his tether.

don’t shoot anything either.” Normal chuckled as he slapped down a bottle of
the bars finest on the counter top and added a glass.

“I hear
ya, but you know me…” Marcus shrugged those huge shoulders and Norman nodded
his head.

like Marvin, you need your sexual healing.” Norman chuckled.

straight.” Marcus eyed the empty space around him. “Not looking too good for

the weekend, you’ll be beating them off with a stick.”

this stick…” Marcus chuckled as he grabbed his semi-hard meat just as a suited
and booted woman walked in looking all fine and upper crust. Her eyes dropped
to what he was holding and those perfect eyebrows rose high on her forehead.

growled to himself as he snatched his hand away. That woman certainly wasn’t
bear bait. In her late thirties, and with a nice curvy figure that had his
attention, she was definitely not looking for someone like him.

“Can I
help you, Janice?” Norman shot him the stink eye as he walked down the bar
towards her.

“My car
broke down and I’m hoping to wait out the tow truck in the warm.” Even her
voice was crisp and polite. Maybe not posh as he’d expected, but the woman
certainly wasn’t on this bars level of nightlife.

on in. Can I get you something to drink, coffee maybe?”

prefer a glass of scotch. It’s been one of those days.” She admitted.

saw Norman’s eyes flick to his bottle and he almost scooped it to his chest
like a Winnie the Pooh honey pot. Damn, but he didn’t want to share. Not

Norman reached for the bottle and Marcus reluctantly pushed it towards him.

“Open a
new one you tight bastard.” Marcus grumbled low and deep and that brought him
the attention of the woman that was stealing his particular brand of honey.

Janice nodded and Marcus nodded back. Then when she had a glass in her hand he
raised his own.

“To crappy
days and long nights.” He made the toast and heard her sigh.

to that.” She knocked the scotch right down the back of her throat without even
blinking against the fire that must have burned like hell all the way down.

chuckled. Now that he hadn’t expected. He thought she’d be a sipper, maybe even
leave most of it in the bottom of her glass, she’d surprised him.

one on me, you look like you could use it.” Marcus offered and she frowned.

“Not a
good idea.” She smiled tightly. Those jade green eyes of hers held him
captivated for a long moment.

“I’m not
expecting anything in return, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Marcus
offered her the hand of friendship and she’d batted it away. He had to wonder
if she knew what he was and had taken a disliking to him because of it.

didn’t think you were. I’m hardly your type.”

knew about these guys. She’d heard all the stories from the local gossips when
she’d moved here, and while they didn’t bother her, live and let live, she
wouldn’t admit to a little ogling when she saw them out shopping either.

might have been getting older and sworn off men, but that didn’t mean she
didn’t have eyes.

don’t have a type.” Marcus loved all women. Black, white, tall, short, curvy or
bean poll, if they wanted him then he’d oblige.

seen you and your friends around town.”

steered well clear?” Marcus saw the small frown on her forehead. “Don’t worry,
I won’t be offended. We get that a lot.”

kind of sad in a way.” She frowned harder as she climbed up onto a stool two
down from his.

sniffed the air, taking her scent in and storing it in his memory. It was sweet
and spicy, like apples covered in cinnamon, and his bear stirred, probably at
the thought of food.

“We get
used to it, red.” He liked the fire red of her hair. Redheads were kind of
crazy in his book, and he liked that even more. Maybe he did have a type after

guess when you have a certain reputation…” She eyed him to see if he was
getting her meaning.

what kind of reputation you talking about? The- oh, he’s a shifter and he’s
gonna rip my head off- type or the- oh he’s a shifter and he’s gonna rip my
clothes off type?” Marcus grinned and the room lit up. She couldn’t help but
smile back. It was contagious when he did it.

She chuckled as she reached for her glass and nudged it towards him. “I guess
I’ll take that drink. I don’t like to be a

chuckled. This woman was alright. He never took the time to converse about
anything with his bear bait buddies- most of them weren’t interested in his mind,
just what he had going on between his legs.

his clan was right- he was a ho. No wonder regular folk around these parts
liked to keep to themselves.

Lock up
your daughters, Marcus the man-ho is in town.

poured her a large one without thinking too much about it and slid her glass
back to her. She eyed it on another chuckle.

you’re trying to get me drunk, don’t bother. I’m steering clear of men.” She
informed him. “And I wear panties, so I definitely don’t think I’m your type.”

tossed his head back on his neck and roared with laughter. He liked this woman
the more she spoke, that was unusual in itself. Although, he got on just fine
with his clan’s mates.

leaned his big frame in sideways towards her, nice and slowly so as not to scare
her. She turned to eye him as he lowered his voice and whispered.

“Now, I
like a woman that wears panties, it gives me something to rip off with my
teeth.” He chuckled and the deep rumble rolled towards her. Her laughter was
like a whisper, as if she was in a library and didn’t want to disturb anyone.

such a sweet talker.” She chuckled some more and Marcus pulled himself back up
and joined her in laughter.

nice to actually speak to someone, a female, without them wanting to jump my
bones.” He lifted his glass and toasted her. She copied his move, leaning
sideways on her stool and whispering towards him, although with his hearing the
leaning was unnecessary.

said I didn’t? Maybe this is my way of seducing you.” Marcus eyed her for a long
moment, trying to see if she was pulling his dick or not. Not that he wouldn’t
have minded a little dick pulling with her. She treated him like a human being.

splattered out the laughter that was bubbling inside her and he actually jumped
in place. Marcus tossed his head back on his neck and roared again. Slapping
one big hand down on the counter top in front of him as they chuckled in

really did like this woman. She was a scream.




was all arms and legs as she tried to climb out of Marcus’s van. As drunk as a
skunk and with a fit of the giggles to boot, she hadn’t waited as he’d told her
too for him to come around to help her out.

fine. Fine. I can doddle it myself…” She muttered to herself and almost slipped
on her backside when she perched on the edge of the seat and her skirt slipped
against the leather- shooting her off the edge.

scooped her up before she hit the floor. And she snorted another chuckle. When
this woman was drunk she had one hell of a dirty laugh to her. It was little
wonder that she did that silent laughter at other times- Marcus liked the sound
of it.

you go. You’re feet are down there somewhere, honey, just…” She was kind of
like a ragdoll in his arms. “Let me just toss you over my shoulder and carry

She found her feet and waved her hand in front of her as if she held a sword
and was trying to cut off heads. “I’ve got it.” She pointed a drunken finger in
front of her and set one foot in front of the other.

turned around to close the truck door and heard the hearty thud. Turning back;
he found her face down in a pile of snow.

He reached down and scooped her up against him.

happened? It got cold…” Janice mumbled against his chest.

face planted a snow bank. But I got you now and I ain’t letting go until you’re
in bed.” Marcus growled. That was his bad. He should have trusted his instinct
to take care of her, but she was little Ms Independent.

She sniggered that dirty laughter of hers. “Having sex with you must be like
choking on your uterus…” She half whispered before she cracked up laughing

find out?” He teased as he tossed her up and over his shoulder where she
squealed like a stuck piglet.

BOOK: Bear Lake- Book Four
6.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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