Bedded by the Trillionaires (Menage for Mankind Book 4)

BOOK: Bedded by the Trillionaires (Menage for Mankind Book 4)
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Bedded By the Trillionaires


Book Four of Ménage for Mankind


By Ella Mansfield


Copyright 2014

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Jayn has put up with a lot of nonsense in her quest to be a good daughter, but when her father tries to make marrying her a punishment for a man’s indiscretion, she decides it’s too much.  The bride auctions provide the perfect way out and a chance at really being wanted and loved.  Nothing in her life has prepared her for the attentions of four men, and she finds herself struggling to cope.  Can she handle being the beloved of four men when she was raised to believe monogamy was the only way to go?



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Jayn returned from her walk through the woods to find her father waiting for her in the kitchen.  Her mother had died when she was a child, and she took care of him as all good daughters should.  She cooked and cleaned while he took care of the community as their religious leader.  He was a busy man, and she did and would continue to do everything she could to make his life easier.
  She knew it was a woman’s role in life to take care of the men around her, and she had no problem fulfilling that role.

She rushed to the crock pot to make certain dinner was cooking as it should before turning to him.  He rarely sought her out, preferring to only speak to her at meals.  It was the way of their people.  Women weren’t very important, and daughters were even less important.  That was starting to change now that the community was finding great wealth by selling off their women, but her father would never do that to her.  H
e was too proud of his daughter and too strong in his beliefs.

“You wanted to see me, Father?”

Jacob Wilson, the bishop, took a seat at the table and nodded to the chair across from him.  He waited until she’d taken her seat to speak. As was his way, he got straight to the point. “You will marry Benji in a small ceremony six months from now.”

Benji?  But I don’t love Benji.  I barely know him.”  Jayn was confused.  Girls in her community married for love.  There was almost never an arranged marriage, because the general belief was that arranged marriages didn’t work out well.  The couples stayed together out of duty, but they were rarely happy.  So why was her marriage being arranged?  She didn’t even
Benji.  He and his twin brother were both in love with Amber.  It was common knowledge.

“He was caught in an indiscretion.  We can’t allow him to remain single.  His brother will marry Wendi, but you…you will marry

Jayn stared at her father in shock.  “So I’m his punishment?  Are you serious?”  She had no idea her father thought so little of her.  She wasn’t beautiful, but small children didn’t run away in horror upon seeing her. 

“We must marry him off, and you are single.  You’ll do.”  He stood and walked from the room then, giving her no chance to protest. 

Jayn stared after him in horror. 
Why would he do this to me?  Haven’t I been a good obedient daughter?  Haven’t I done everything I should?
  Tears streamed down her face as she finished fixing dinner.  She’d talk to him later.  Surely he’d see reason.

Chapter One



Finn, state senator of Montana, looked up from the sheaf of papers in his hand at the knock on his door.  “Senator?  There’s someone here to see you.  He wants you to propose a bill.”

Finn sighed.  He was known for taking on every bleeding heart bill that anyone dreamed up.  What did they want him to endorse this time?  “Send him in.”
  If he could help the man, he would definitely do it.  He’d helped everyone else in the state.

He leaned back in his chair and looked at the elderly man who entered the room.  He must have been at least one hundred-fifty
, if not older.  He collapsed into the chair before Finn without being invited to do so.  “You have to stop the auctions, Senator.”

“Stop the auctions? 
Cattle auctions?  Land auctions?”  What was this man talking about?

The man shook his head. 
“The auctions for women.”

Finn’s eyes widened. 
“Women?  There are auctions for women?”  He had no idea what the old man was talking about, but he was intrigued.  If there were women, young women, left in this world, then he definitely wanted one.

The old man took a deep raspy breath.  “Let me start at the beginning.  My name is Albert Jenkins.  I’m one hundred sixty-three years old.  I was one of the scientists who decided that child-birth was barbaric.  I blame myself.”

Finn sighed.  The men who had decided to outlaw childbirth and start creating all children in pods had changed the course of earth’s history…and not for the better as they’d hoped.  “Who is auctioning women?”  He didn’t want to hear the story.  He just wanted to know where the women were. 

Albert shook his head.  “You have to let me tell it my way.  There was a small religious community in Wisconsin who decided that the pod babies were against God’s law, so they settled themselves in the woods in the middle of nowhere and continued to live as humans had always lived.  Women had babies, and they all lived.  They have shorter life-spans than those of us outside their community, because they have given up the right to vaccinations.”  He sighed heavily.  “They have young girls there.  Many more young girls than they have young men.”

Finn leaned forward in his chair, fascinated by what the man was telling him.  “Are you saying there are young women out there who are fertile?”  Not only young women, but women who could give birth?  No wonder they were being auctioned.  They would be worth trillions!

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.  The women are being sold off to groups of men.  They go for trillions.  Some man in Madison sets up an auction and
trillionaires from around the country attend.  They form groups of four men, and they purchase the girls.”  Albert shook his head.  “You’re young.  You don’t know what it’s like to have a mother who loves you.  A wife who looks to you and only you as the man she loves.  Once the rest of us die off, that community can repopulate the earth.  The auctions are wrong.”

Finn nodded as if he agreed, but his mind was racing.  He…wanted one of those women.  He had never been interested in men.  Now that there were so few women left, and all were old and infertile, so many men had turned to other men.  He was one of the few who had no interest in that lifestyle.  He dreamed of having a woman with soft skin and the ability to bear children in his life.  He always had.  He was one of the richest men in the state of Montana, thanks to a gift from a dying friend.  He’d used the money to run for office, with the intent to better mankind.  He could afford his share.  “Please, write down everything you know about these auctions, and I’ll look into it.”

Albert sagged with relief, and Finn felt incredibly guilty for deceiving the old man.  He thought he was going to help the women, when really?  He just wanted one of them for himself. 

After the older man was finished writing, Finn got to his feet and shook his hand.  “Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.”

The old man shuffled out of the room, and Finn rushed to his desk, flipping through his computer contacts.  He needed to find his richest supporters…heterosexual supporters anyway.  There had to be three other men he could go in with to purchase a woman.




Dimitri stepped out of the holodeck and wiped his sweaty face off with a towel.  The new version was coming along nicely.  He’d had such a good orgasm that time he was going to need a good shower to clean up.  He grinned.  This new holodeck was going to make him even more money. 

He walked toward the bathroom, thinking about
who he would have test out the new design when his phone rang.  He glanced longingly at the shower, but rushed to answer it.  “Yes?”

“Is this Dimitri Balboa?”

Dimitri didn’t recognize the voice, but this was his private number.  Only certain people had it.  “Yes, it is…?”

“Senator Finn
Hargrave here.”

“Oh, Senator.
  Do you need more money?”  Dimitri had been a supporter of Finn since he’d come onto the political scene in Billings.  The man was the genuine article from what he could tell.  He seemed to want what was best for the world, not what was best for his pocketbook. 

Finn laughed softly. 
“Not at all.  I have a business proposal.”  He paused for a moment.  “I have to ask you a question first, though.”

Dimitri frowned.  Why would the senator call him with a business proposal?  “What’s the question?”

“Are you hetero?”

Dimitri blinked for a moment.  These days everyone just assumed everyone else was gay, and no questions were asked.  It was a very odd inquiry in his opinion, but he decided to answer truthfully. 
“Yes, why?”

There was a sigh from the other end of the line. 
“Oh, good.  Here’s the deal.  There’s a woman who is going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder in Madison, Wisconsin six weeks from now.  I’m trying to get four men to go in together to purchase her.”

“A woman?
  Why would we want to purchase a woman?”  All the women Dimitri knew were at least sixty and looked much older.  Women born in the pods didn’t age well at all.

“She’s a breeder.”

Dimitri’s eyes widened.  “A breeder?  How old?”  Of course, he was interested in a breeder.  A real woman who had the ability to reproduce?  He’d give up the rights to the new holodeck for one.

“Twenty.  Her name is Jayn.  I don’t have a photo, but I’m assured she’s fertile.”

“How would that work?  We’d share her?”  Did he want to share a woman with three other men?  How would he feel about that?

“We would.  We’d have to find a place where we could all live in close proximity or even together to make it work.  A minimum of four men are required, and paperwork says there’s a maximum of four on this one as well.  You interested?”

Dimitri’s mind raced.  “How much are we talking about?”

“Looks like one or two trillion from each of us if we get four.”

“You work out the details and let me know.  I’m in.”  Dimitri never made decisions without sitting and weighing every angle, but this?  It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and he wasn’t passing it up.




Gustav sank down into a chair in his lab and sighed contentedly.  The new vaccine for fwansitis he’d discovered would save thousands of lives every year.  Not to mention it would make him even richer.  He loved his job, and he loved saving lives, but he loved the money he made from it even more.

He picked up the phone to call the research hospital he worked in conjunction with to tell the about the vaccine.  “Hello?”  There was a voice already on the line before he could tell the phone to call out.

“This is Gustav Enrich.  How may I help you?”  Gustav knew he’d have to deal with whoever was on his line before he could call the hospital.

“Gustav, this is Senator Finn

Gustav frowned.  He was a big supporter of Senator
Hargrave, but the man had never called him before.  “How can I help you, Senator?”

“I have a business proposal for you, but I need to ask you a question first.”

“I’m not a businessman, Senator, I’m a doctor.  I think you may have the wrong man.” 

“No, I know you’re not.  You’re the man who found the cure for six different sexually transmitted diseases.  Correct?”

“Yes, I am,” Gus responded cautiously. 
What does he want?

“Are you heterosexual, Dr. Enrich?”

Gus frowned.  That was an extremely personal question.  “Yes, why do you ask that?”

“I’m forming a group of four men to buy a young breeder at auction.  Are you interested?” 

Gus took the phone away from his ear and stared at it in shock.  Was he interested in a woman?  A woman who could have children?  Of course he was.  “Yes, I am.  What’s involved?”

“Well, there is a woman who is a certified breeder coming up for auction in Madison, Wisconsin in
six weeks’ time.  She’ll cost around four to eight trillion depending on who all bids on her.  I want to form a conglomerate of four men to purchase her together and share her.  I will marry her, and she will be my legal wife, but all of us will have conjugal rights and the right to father children off her.”

“What would the living arrangements be?”

“We’ll need to work that out yet.  For now I’m concentrating on finding the four men to work together.  If you’re interested, then we only need one more.”

“I would be happy to be part of your group.”

“Good.  I’ll be in touch once we have our fourth, and we’ll meet and work out all the details.”

Gus stared at the phone in his hand after the senator had hung up. 
A breeder.  A real live breeder.  He wondered what she would be like.  Would she have a belly button?  He’d always wanted to see one…





Porter leaned back in his chair in his plush apartment.  He was thinking of retiring.  He’d put in fifteen years as a high paid mercenary, and now that he had an army of his own to fight for him, it seemed ridiculous to keep fighting.  He would start up a consultant business to keep busy and keep the ultra-wealthy protected.  He didn’t need the money, but he had no interest in sitting around on his ass for the rest of his life.

He stared out the window over the sprawling city that Billings had become.  He loved Montana.  He’d learned to fight there as a young boy and had made his life out of fighting.  What more could a man ask for?

He jumped as the phone rang.  He’d only been back in the states for a few days and hadn’t gotten used to all the modern conveniences of life again.  Living in tents was always interesting.  It was easier now that he had
saturnite to power everything, but he still chose to live off the land for the most part.

“Porter here.”
  He hoped it wasn’t some idiot despot trying to fight off a coup.  He wasn’t leaving yet.  The leaders of the small countries of the world would just have to figure out how to put their armies to use for a change.

“Porter Jackson?”


“This is Senator Finn
Hargrave.  How are you today?”

Porter frowned.  He knew of the senator, of course.  Everyone in the state did.  There hadn’t been such a popular politician in a hundred years.  “What can I do for you,

“Are you hetero?”

Porter blinked a few times.  “No one has ever asked me that.”

“I’m asking.  I have a business proposition, but I need to know if you’re hetero first.”

Porter paused for a moment but decided there was no harm in admitting it.  It wasn’t popular to be hetero these days, but there was not a thing wrong with it.  “Yes, I am.”

“Good.  I was hoping that was the case.  Are you interested in pitching in with me and two other men to buy a woman?  I’d marry her, but we’d share her equally.  She’s a breeder.”

“A breeder?”  Were his ears deceiving him?  “Where the hell did you find a breeder?”  The thought of a woman young enough to still have children that he would have the right to touch…to fuck.  There was nothing more he wanted in the world than that woman.

Finn laughed. 
“In the woods of Wisconsin.  She’ll be available in six weeks.  If you’re interested, the four of us will need to meet soon to discuss logistics.”


“Where we’ll live, how we’ll share her…that kind of thing. 
So?  You in?”

“How much?”
  Porter honestly didn’t care how much, but he needed a minute to wrap his mind around the idea of getting a breeder.  He hadn’t even known there were any left. 

“Between one and two trillion apiece if things go like previous auctions have.”

Two trillion?  It was a hefty sum.  It would be half of his savings.  Of course, that would still leave him enough to live comfortably for the rest of his life.  “I’m in.” 

“Good.  I’ll call you within twenty-four hours to set up a meeting with all four of us present.  I’ll have a lawyer there to draw up a contract.”

BOOK: Bedded by the Trillionaires (Menage for Mankind Book 4)
10.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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