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Authors: Kit Rocha

Tags: #Romance, #Adult

Beyond Control (27 page)

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Dallas laughed. "Legs up," he instructed, lifting her high enough for her to obey. She wound up kneeling, her knees pressing into the cushions as his legs urged hers wide.

As Dallas slid his hands up to her arms, Noelle raised her head and met Lex's gaze over the gleaming, wet head of Ace's cock. Ace protested wordlessly, tangling his fingers in loose strands of her dark hair, but Noelle ignored the insistent tugging and smiled. "Make her come, Jas. For me?"

Ace groaned. "You inked fuckers are impossible. Can't even get through a blowjob without stopping to coo at each other. Where're your damn

Mad shut him up by swallowing half his dick, the strong column of his throat working. Lex held her breath until Ace flexed his hips with a groan, driving deeper into his mouth. "Fuck yeah, you clever bastard."

Clever. So was Dallas as he unfastened Lex's wrists only to guide them back toward her ankles. The metal clips on her cuffs hooked neatly onto the sturdy leather wrapped around her ankles, and suddenly she was trapped again, held not just open but motionless.

No leverage. No way to escape or even squirm as he curled hot, forceful hands around her inner thighs and scooted her forward, as if offering her to Jasper. "You heard your woman. But if you think you can get away with her trick with the fingers, I'll break your fucking hand."

Jas turned his gaze up to Lex. "He's even bossier than usual when you're naked."

From his smug, easy smile, he knew exactly why. "Takes a possessive bastard to know one," she murmured.

"That's right." He smoothed both hands up the front of her body, plucking each silver ring off her nipples. Before she had a chance to recover from the stinging rush of sensation, he doubled it by dropping his fingers to the metal hugging her clit and working it free, slowly and carefully. He tossed the metal aside and licked his lower lip.

Oh God.
It was one thing to have Jasper lick her pussy, and another to have him do it with the hard heat of Dallas's body at her back. She could feel every movement, every intake of breath, and it twisted up inside her, forming a knot of anticipation.

Jasper eased his hands over Dallas's, then worked his thumb through her folds to nudge her clit. "Nice and slow?"

It wasn't a question meant for her, and they all knew it. "Slow," Dallas agreed. "Don't push her over the edge until I tell you to."

Jasper had already bent his head, and his rumble of assent vibrated through her. Lex tensed and looked past him, over to where Noelle had completely abandoned Ace to Mad's deep-throating attentions. Noelle smiled at her as she knelt behind Jasper and stroked her hands up the flexing muscles of his back. "It feels good, doesn't it? His tongue? Sometimes it feels so good I think I'll die."

"It's not
good," Lex muttered, prompting Jasper to suck her clit--hard. "Fuck!" Only Dallas's arms wrapped around her like unforgiving steel kept her from jerking straight off his lap as pleasure cut so sharp it teetered toward pain.

Noelle slipped her hand through Jasper's hair, cupping the back of his head. Urging him on. "He tied me up once and did this for hours. So slow, and I thought it was going to be sweet and gentle, but when I was panting and begging..." Her eyelids drooped, and Lex watched her nipples tighten beneath her frilly bra, as if the memory alone aroused her unbearably. "His fingers. God, Dallas, you've got to let him use his fingers."

Tension trembled in Dallas's arms, and Lex swore he growled. "I said no, girl."

Reckless--or just oblivious to the danger--Noelle gave Dallas a baffled look. "
What is there to be jealous about? Ace could put his fingers in me--"

"Anytime, princess," Ace broke in, voice coarse with mounting pleasure.

Noelle wrinkled her nose. "It doesn't mean he owns me. I already made that choice." Leaning against Jasper's back, she touched the heavy leather buckled around Lex's throat. Not her usual collar, but a symbol just the same. "So did Lex."

Jasper raised his arm and slipped his fingers into Noelle's hair. "Dallas is Dallas, sweetheart. Not me."

Noelle looked so
, and Dallas's rueful laughter shook through Lex. "Christ, now I'm getting sex advice from a city girl."

"Because I listened to you." Noelle turned her face into Jasper's hand, licking the inside of his wrist above his cuff with a delicate shiver. "Bodies are just bodies. They can feel so good, but they're not the part you should get jealous over."

Dallas cupped a hand under Lex's chin and tilted her head. "Do I have anything to be jealous about, love?"

It sounded lighthearted, almost like a joke, but it didn't look like one. He stared at her, darkly curious. Intense, as if her answer mattered beyond what Jas was allowed to do to her.

Lex exhaled shakily. No lies. No hiding, not when he'd opened himself to her with the question in the first place. "Never. If I could have anyone or anything, it'd be you."

Moving with painfully gentle precision, he stripped the leather from her throat and replaced it with his hand. Four strong fingers and his thumb riding the side of her neck. "Make her come, Jas. As hard as you fucking can, whatever it takes."

Jasper moved, but only to put Noelle on her knees over the couch, right beside Lex's leg, her cheek pressed to the leather. He stripped off the pink panties she still wore and bit the curve of her ass with a growl, then dragged her arm back. "Give me your hand."

She stretched it out willingly, her thumb rubbing over Dallas's leg, and Jasper guided her fingers to Lex's pussy. "Just two," he instructed as he gripped Noelle's hips.

A soft touch. Noelle's fingers danced over her clit before sliding lower. No disobedience this time, just the luscious slide of two fingers pushing deep.

Holy fuck.

Lex jerked, pressing closer into Dallas's steely grip around her throat. The reminder of his dominance dragged a moan from her, but the sound was eclipsed by Noelle's grateful cry as Jasper drove into her.

"Jasper's getting creative," Dallas whispered against her cheek, the words warm and approving. "Or maybe he thinks you'll come faster if you're watching him ride Noelle. Will you?"

"I like to watch." It turned her on, being close enough to feel the other woman's skin heat as her arousal built, to feel the sharp exhalations of breath on her calf every time Jasper slammed home.

Jasper wound a hand in Noelle's hair, holding her still, then reached out to push her fingers deeper into Lex. "Make her come," he rasped. "Get her off and I'll fuck you harder."

Noelle obeyed, stroking Lex with a determined rhythm that faltered when Jasper drove his cock into her and resumed with renewed effort when he pulled back. Dallas let Lex watch, but only for a moment before using his thumb to turn her head.

Ace met her gaze, his eyes full of sleepy, sated pleasure. Beside him, Mad stared at her intently, his dark eyes heavy with hunger and anticipation, a look that said it all. Ace might have been languishing in the warm aftermath of a hard orgasm, but Mad...

Mad would jump in. All Dallas had to do was say the word.

"How about being watched, love?" he asked instead, holding her chin tightly. "Do you like that?"

"I like--" The words cut off with a hissed curse as Jasper thrust two of his fingers into her along with Noelle's. It burned for a split second, but she was so wet, so ready that the pain faded almost instantly into bliss. She could feel every finger pressed tight against her inner walls, each individual movement as they moved and slicked over and against one another.

Dallas spoke his next words against her ear, low and dark. "Or would you like it more if you could get your lips around someone's cock?"

Debauchery. The kind of sex she'd told herself she'd have to give up to truly belong to Dallas--and here he was, offering it to her.

"I need it," she confessed in a rush. "I need to know." The words kept spilling out, and she was babbling, but she couldn't stop. It was all so much,
much, especially when Jasper growled and pushed at Noelle's fingers inside her, curving them to rub her G-spot with every rocking thrust.

Lex tensed, flexing her hands in the cuffs that still held her bound. Release was a heartbeat away, curling up in a dark wave that could crash at any moment. But it didn't matter, because this was what Dallas had wanted--her helpless, undeniable pleasure--and no way in hell would he let it stop now.

"Oh fuck,
." It started as a low cry but built to a scream as Lex shook through the first tremors of orgasm. Not the peak, not yet, but so,
good. "More. Christ, Dallas, please--"

"Come here."

A clear summons, and then Mad was there, looming above her, his usually playful exterior stripped away in a moment of naked intensity. His belt already hung open, and in seconds he had his pants jerked open and his cock in hand, his fist clenched around the shaft and the blunt head hovering just before her mouth.

"It's his lucky day," Dallas rasped as he smoothed his hand around her throat and up into her hair. He nudged her head forward, until her lips brushed the tip of Mad's dick. "Because when he's buried halfway down your throat, you'll know
gave you that. I'll give you anything you need."

Lex clenched around the fingers inside her as she sucked Mad into her mouth.

He was so hard it had to ache, the head of his erection already slick and hot, and he groaned his pleasure at the first touch of her tongue. As if the sound had electrified her, Noelle redoubled her efforts, sending another bolt of sensation shooting through Lex.

The couch dipped as Ace settled on the couch opposite of Jas and Noelle, leaving Lex surrounded. His clever artist's fingers stroked the curve of her breast as Dallas tightened his grip in her hair and pushed her head forward. "This is what you wanted all along, isn't it?" Ace asked softly. "Everyone tangled together. All getting off on each other, you getting off on all of them?"

They all belonged there, right alongside Lex. There wasn't a person in the room who didn't belong to Dallas. They wore his ink, fought for him, trusted him with their lives.

It hit her, really
her, along with a dizzy rush of ecstasy. This fantasy, every last harsh, sweet moment, wasn't about her at all, but about
--her body for his pleasure, readied by those he trusted most. She'd known that, but not what it meant.

Her fantasies didn't
revolve around Dallas. They
Dallas, start to finish. Trust and belonging and a longing so razor-sharp it could carve you into a million pieces and leave you begging for more.


She moaned around Mad's cock as her shaking intensified, driven by the hard thrusts and soft caresses and possession. They were touching her everywhere, inside and out. Completely focused on her release, on an orgasm that finally seized her in its grip and twisted, wrenching a muffled scream from her throat.

Dallas moaned, as rough and desperate as the hand in her hair, and then his mouth was on the nape of her neck, teeth closing tight. "That's right, love. You're almost ready for me. Keep squirming. Keep coming."

She already couldn't separate the rise and fall of pleasure. Her vision blurred, and she clenched her fists until her nails bit into her palms. Distantly, she realized Mad had pulled away and Jas and Noelle's fingers were gone, but Dallas was still stroking her, still whispering filthy promises against her skin.

He gave her no chance to recover. She sobbed in a breath as Dallas released her wrists with two flicks of his thumbs, and then they were both moving, the room dipping dizzily as he rose and swung her up into his arms in the same graceful movement.

Lex hit the floor, carpet under her shoulders and one plush cushion under her hips. Dallas knelt between her thighs, sliding his belt free of the buckle.

Lex reached for him, but Mad caught her wrists in a firm grip. He guided them back to the floor above her head as Dallas jerked his belt loose, the leather rasping through each loop in turn. "What do you want, Lexie?"

She stared at him, at the flex and play of muscle beneath skin. "I want you."

"Damn right you do." He pulled open his jeans and spoke to Mad without releasing Lex's gaze. "Sharing time's over. Go make Noelle's night."

Not quite
get your hands the fuck off my woman
, but the undertone was there, the dangerous edge that wasn't play at all. Dallas had gotten off on giving her what she wanted, but now he was ready to take what he needed.

She could struggle. He'd get off on that, too. But all she wanted was to open for him, body and soul.

She reached for him again, and he caught her hips and drove into her. Hard enough to hurt, and Lex bit her lip until it bled. "Don't stop--"

Another thrust cut her off. Rougher, almost violent. His fingers pressed bruises into her ass as he hoisted her hips higher. "Don't stop what? Don't stop fucking you?"

She tried to nod but banged her head against the floor instead. He was already so deep, huge and stretching inside her, and then he stopped
, just clutched her hips and shifted them in tiny rolling movements that taunted her with too little friction.

And his words... "You want my cock?" Another thrust, short and abrupt, but so much sharper because he hauled her hips to meet it, slapping their bodies together with a deliciously crude sound. "You want me to fuck your pussy?"

Her ears were buzzing again. He could have made her come already, but he was holding back. Lex wrapped her hands around his wrists, digging her nails into his skin. "More. Fuck me hard."

"Quit giving orders." It took him forever to pull back, an eternity enduring the loss of him, and his return was almost as torturous. Deep, quick, but not hard at all. "What do you really want?"

"I want

"No." He lunged over her, hands splayed on either side of her head, pinning her hair, his body pressing down on hers with strength and heat. "You want whatever I wanna give you."

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