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Beyond the Call of Duty

BOOK: Beyond the Call of Duty
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Beyond The Call of Duty

Wendy Stone

Eternal Press
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Beyond The Call of Duty

by Wendy Stone

Digital ISBN: 978-1-61572-359-1

Print ISBN: 978-1-61572-360-7

Cover art by: Dawné Dominique
Edited by: Pamela Hopkins

Copyedited by: Carrie Richardson-Orosz

Copyright 2011 Wendy Stone

Printed in the United States of America
Worldwide Electronic & Digital Rights
1st North American and UK Print Rights

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned or distributed in any form, including digital and electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the prior written consent of the Publisher, except for brief quotes for use in reviews.
This book is a work of fiction. Characters, names, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Dedicated to my Stephanie.

I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Chapter One

She slid her tongue down his chest, leaving a sheen of moisture glistening in the bright light of the living room and the television. He grunted, tipping his head to the side and moving his eyes from the screen where two guys were double teaming a red-headed cheerleader, to the tiny blonde who curled onto his lap, slowly driving him nuts with the slow lapping of her tongue on his skin.

She caught his glance and smiled cheekily, slipping out of his naked lap to the living room floor and pushing back the coffee table to keep it out of her way. His cock rose from his lap, a nest of dark, wiry hair cushioning her hand as she wrapped it around the base. “This is so sexy,” she lisped as she ran her closed fist over the bulging member.

“Don’t talk, suck,” he growled, digging his hand into the ponytail bobbing above her head. He guided her down and then looked back to the television set to see the girl on screen screaming as three hooded men broke into her home and caught her masturbating on the couch. It was one of his favorite parts of this video, and he watched as she tried to run, her pussy lips rudely spread by the huge dildo she’d been ramming inside herself.

One of the men caught her, grinning as she jiggled against him, and reached down, moving the dildo inside her and hearing her squeak. Her juices squelched around the heavy plastic, and the shot moved in for a close up, showing off her bare cunt and the man’s hand.

Gabriel Elliot gasped as his little blonde parted her lips wide, taking his distended member deep into her mouth at the same time as the little blonde on television was surrounded by the three men in black masks. They held her captive, moving their hands over her, ignoring every protest and weak cry for help that came from her mouth.

He smiled as one man knocked her to the floor, grabbing her hair in somewhat the same manner he had the blonde bitch in his lap, and forced her to rub her face against the bulge distending his black pants. The man on screen ordered the girl to pull his hard cock out of the confines of the dark denim and breathed a sigh as she tugged his zipper down and reached in to take out his bulging prick. Gabriel watched as the girl took it deep into her mouth and the rapist buried her nose against his pubic hair, grinning at both the camera and the other men with him.

“Bitch can suck,” Gabriel muttered as the man on television spouted the same line. One of the other men lifted her onto her four-inch heels and yanked the dildo from her cunt, a string of pussy juice hanging from the tip of the huge phallus.

“Let’s see if she can fuck,” said the man holding the dildo. He dropped the plastic pecker onto the floor and slipped down his black jeans, exposing a hard cock of roughly the same size. It was black, the head shining with his pre-cum, and with one thrust he plowed into the blonde’s bare cunt, laughing as she squeaked out her denials of his movements. Slapping his hand on her white ass, he ordered the bitch to hump it and do a good job or...else.

The threat was weak, and Gabe could have come up with something a bit more appropriate and sure as hell a lot sexier than that, but it was effective. The little blonde in the video began moving in ways he had never seen a girl move. He leaned back on the couch in his living room, his hand still wrapped around his blonde’s ponytail, forcing the bitch to take his cock deeper and deeper. He ignored her gag reflex, knowing she’d have a hard time puking with his cock in her gullet and enjoying the way her throat muscles felt as they worked around his meat.

“Suck it, bitch,” he growled down at her, seeing the tears in her blue eyes as she looked pleadingly up at him. “Quit your bawling. You’re getting paid for this.” He kept up his rhythm, occasionally letting her come up for air, but probably not as often as she would have liked.

The action on the television got intense as Gabe kept looking from the bitch being plowed on the screen to the one he was face-fucking. He could feel the tension rising in his balls, and he reached out, swatting the little blonde across her white ass and admiring the red palm print he left.

The sound of his cell phone ringing made him sigh, and he grabbed for the damned thing where he’d thrown it on the coffee table when he’d brought the bitch in to fuck her. “I didn’t tell you to stop sucking,” he growled before he hit the button to answer the phone. He didn’t bother to mute the television, not caring what the person on the other end would think. “Yeah?”

“Gabe, he needs you.”

“Aww, fuck, Teri. He gave me the night off.”

Teri Milner, tall, leggy brunette with gorgeous tits and the boss’s mistress, gave a soft, seductive laugh. “You’re paying her, aren’t you? I don’t think she’ll care.”

“Paying who, Teri? You know I only got eyes for you.” He grinned as she laughed again.

“What about the little slut who’s got your cock in her mouth now, Gabe? Let me guess; she’s about eighteen, skinny with big boobs and blonde hair in a ponytail. You’ve got your hand wrapped around that ponytail.” She didn’t say anything for a moment as he made a suspicious-sounding grunt. “You’re about two minutes from flooding her mouth with your spunk, Gabe, so don’t get all fucking holier-than-thou on me. I know damn well you can finish up with her and get your ass over to the boss’s house in the next hour.”

“Yeah,” he growled, jerking his hips as he continued moving the blonde over his cock, “but he owes me.”

“I’ll be sure to tell him you said so.” Teri laughed. “Now fucking finish with the blonde and move your ass. He said to tell you to hit the warehouse and then bring the package to his house. His wife is there.”

He laughed as he heard the disgust in her voice. “You know, Teri, he’ll never leave her for you.”

“Yes, and thank God for that. Do I fucking look like the maternal type? I damn well don’t want to raise his kids or wash his clothes. I don’t do dinners or clean toilets, Gabe. He gives me what I want, and I only have to fuck him and stay faithful.”

Gabe felt a shudder of pleasure begin in his balls as he pressed down on his little blonde lover. He groaned again before telling Teri good-bye and then increased his pressure on the girl. “Swallow it all, bitch,” he growled as he began to spurt into her mouth. He jerked his hips, forcing her down harder.

She swallowed every thick spurt, swallowing again and again to keep it from coming back up. Tears flowed freely out of her pretty blue eyes, the black mascara she’d so carefully applied earlier in the evening running and making her look like a messy raccoon.

“Clean it off, bitch. Do it right!” He grunted again, sighing heavily as her tongue cleaned every bit of his cum, even licking over the head of his dick, and then threw her off him. He grabbed his wallet off the coffee table and took out the agreed money, throwing it at her before he stood up and grabbed her clothing. He went to the door.

“Hey! What the fuck?” she yelled.

“Get out!” he ordered. He stood there, not caring about his own nudity as he waited for her to collect the money and get out of his apartment. She went, cussing at him the entire way until he slammed the door behind her. “Stupid bitch,” he muttered, making sure the lock was turned. He now had work to do. He gathered up his clothing and tossed it in the hamper, and then turned on the water in his shower.

Waiting until it got hot, he glanced in the full-length mirror on the far wall of his bathroom. With a critical eye, he looked himself over. “Not bad for being thirty,” he said softly. His chest was wide and muscled, his abdomen ripped. He had a scattering of chest hair, and a short and closely sculpted beard. His hair was a bit on the longish side, and when he had to work he usually kept it pulled back and into a short ponytail at his nape.

He was tall, stocky and muscular and kept that way with a rigid workout schedule.

Gabe got into the shower, relaxing against the sharp spray. With a sigh, he hurried, got cleaned up and brushed his teeth. Turning off the water in the shower, he grabbed his bottle of mouth wash. He took a healthy swig and swished it through his mouth, finally spitting it into the sink. One towel he wrapped around his hair, the other he used to vigorously dry himself, brushed out his hair and headed into his bedroom to get dressed.

His black suit pants slid easily on over his boxer-briefs, and he tucked a pure-white dress shirt into them. He got out his favorite tie, knotting it quickly before sliding on the suit jacket. He twitched at the fit once and grabbed his wallet, sliding it into the inside pocket of the jacket. Looking in the mirror, he saw a wink of the diamond studs he wore in his ears. They’d become part of his signature, one he was proud of. It had taken him almost a year to earn these diamonds; they’d been a private gift from the boss and one he cherished.

Pulling his keys off a hook, just next to the front door, he took a quick glance out the peephole, wanting to make sure blondie left. That was the pain about using hookers; sometimes they just didn’t know when to shut up and get the fuck out, and sometimes they needed a bit of a lesson about who was the boss. He glanced at his hand; it was a great reminder to the ladies about who they’d be loyal to. Many a non-loyal girl had ended up spanked to within an inch of her sanity.

He smiled. He liked the way the girls’ flesh felt under his hand. He had a fetish, and he knew it. He liked to watch the girls try to move out of the way of his hand, but of course if they did, or if they lost count, he was always more than willing to start over.

Gabe smiled and went out the door. He had a vintage, cherry red 1968 Mustang, one that he’d done all the refurbishing on. She was cherry all right, with an engine sexier than the little slut he’d just been with. He started the car, listening critically to the engine, and smiled as she settled down into her usual growling purr. He’d been a little worried about some of the parts he purchased when he redid the engine, but it was running smooth.

Sliding the gear shift into reverse, he backed out of his parking spot in the underground garage of his apartment and started down the streets of Monroe City. The night-life was just starting to hop, and the cops were out in force. He knew most of them, and a couple waved as he drove by. It was good practice to be in with the local LEOs; Law Enforcement Officers could mean life or death if one of the teenage gangs tried to get too big for their britches.

He pulled into the warehouse, on the port side of the town, and turned off his car. It looked shut, but he knew Ray would be in there, waiting for him. Ray didn’t get paid if he didn’t keep the boss happy. Gabe got out of his car and banged on the metal door. He didn’t quit pounding on it until a light came on inside and the front door slid open just the tiniest bit.

Ray looked out, breathing a sigh of relief at seeing his face. “Gabe, what the fuck? You can’t do what everyone else does and walk inside and yell for me? I thought we had another bust going down.”

Gabe laughed. “Gotta keep you on your toes, big guy. You know what would happen if Tony came down here himself and got this kind of reaction? You’d better just be happy I like you, Ray.”

“Yeah, yeah, you always treat me right. There’s something in the wind, Gabe. I’ve been hearing a buzz on the streets for the past couple of days. You going to wanna be careful the next week or so until things settle.”

“What things?” Gabe asked, his eyes on Ray’s movements. He seemed...twitchy. It wasn’t a good look for the guy, who weighed about a buck-ten soaking wet. It worried him. If Ray was getting into the meth once more, he wasn’t sure if Tony would get him off again. Tony bailed the boy out more than once to listen to him promise and swear on his dead mother he wouldn’t touch the stuff anymore. Gabe found out Ray’s mom was alive and kicking in some senior-citizen joint down in Florida. Needless to say, Tony wasn’t happy.

“Bad things, Gabe. Bad scary things. I’ve been trying to keep my ear out, but no one really knows any specifics. They only know it’s going to go down, and go down soon. I thought maybe you might want to warn Tony and tell Teri to get her ass off the street for a while.” Ray’s head began to twitch, and he closed his eyes.

Gabe stepped up close, grabbing Ray’s chin and forcing him to look at him. “You ain’t back on that shit are you, Ray? Tell me honest, ‘cuz if Tony has to step in another time for you, it’s going to mean both our asses.”

“No, Gabe. I ain’t touched that stuff since last time. I promise. I got the boss’s box all ready for you.” He tipped his head toward the desk in the corner of the warehouse, and Gabe could see the wrapped package, a little bigger than a shoebox, sitting on the table. He walked over and scooped it into his arms, feeling the stuff inside shift just a bit.

“You keep your nose clean, Ray. I don’t want to come down here someday to get rid of your body ‘cuz you couldn’t stay clean.” He grabbed Ray’s face, turning it up to the florescent lights above them. His eyes seemed clear even if the rest of him was twitchy. “See you, Ray.” He slapped him on the back and headed out the door of the warehouse. He dropped the package on the passenger seat and started his car, turning around to get to the more expensive area of town.

Out along the lake were the houses of the rich and snooty. Each house had lake-front access, and the residents sure used it. Huge boats moved up and down with the slight waves caused by the freshening breeze. Tony had a boat and offered it to Gabe, but the idea of bobbing up and down only got him excited when some girl was doing it to his meat. The boss could keep his damn boat; it held no enjoyment for Gabe.

Pulling into the driveway, he rang the bell and waited for Marissa to open the gate. Marissa was in her late forties and kept Tony’s house clean as well as understood the different men that would be over at all hours. She gave Gabe a hug when he walked in. “He’s waiting for you. I’ve got some of those apple dumplings you like, Mr. Gabe. Don’t you let him forget.”

BOOK: Beyond the Call of Duty
11.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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