Biker's Captive: Outlaw Motorcycle Club Capture Fantasy (Steel Horsemen MC Book 1)

BOOK: Biker's Captive: Outlaw Motorcycle Club Capture Fantasy (Steel Horsemen MC Book 1)
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Biker’s Captive

Outlaw Motorcycle Club Capture Fantasy


Frankie Blue

Copyrights © 2014 Frankie Blue

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All characters are over 18 and not related by blood


Trapped.  The screams of Marnie’s crew rang in her ears even though they’d fallen ominously silent.  Twenty bikes roared and circled, growing ever closer with each rotation.

The colors were instantly recognizable. The Steel Horsemen were an outlaw motorcycle club and Marnie’s crew were passing through their territory.  Her mother told her that the Horsemen were intent on chaos and death; unlike the others they couldn’t be bargained with, or reasoned with.  The only language the Horsemen understood was force and blood.

It was a road detour. It’s not like it was their fault and they were only just over the border, twenty minutes and they’d have been out.

Marnie was dead already, the final blow simply hadn’t come yet.

The bikers dismounted and surrounded her, closing in and pulling their helmets off to reveal scared sneering faces.

One leather-clad bastard pulled off his helmet and came closer, revealing a shock of white hair. The patches on his vest showed that he was an enforcer and the scars on his hands and face left no room for doubt that he took his job very seriously.

He circled her slowly, heavy boots echoing in on the asphalt. Looking her up and down and licking his thin lips he came to an abrupt stop and tipped his head to the side as he looked down at her. 

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the prize daughter of the Fallen Boys M.C. President.” His voice was quiet and filled with cool amusement. “I’d only seen you in pictures before. On your bike, tending bar, hangin’ with your girls."

Her eyes got wide and an ice cold shiver shot down her spine. Marnie shouldn’t be surprised they were having them watched but the idea of being secretly photographed made her feel sick.

“They don’t do you justice, sweet-thing.” He sank his teeth into his bottom lip and dragged his gaze down over her hip-hugger jeans, white singlet, and black leather jacket. His leering stare paused on her small breasts and where she was sure the red lace bra was peeking out. He made a growling sound in his throat that made her want to throw up.

Marnie swallowed hard and squared her shoulders. She forced a breathless laugh and smirked up at him, hoping he couldn't see the fear sweat pricking around her eyes.

"Well here I am. One woman all alone and half your fucking size and yet you needed twenty of your boys to even have to balls to talk to me?” she looked him in the eye.  "Scared of something?"

He returned her smirk, an evil glint in his eyes. "Oh, Marnie, I am not the one who needs to be afraid."

His words were simple but the inclination made her shiver and she wrapped her arms around herself, keeping her gaze locked on his.  All she could do was watch, reigning in her fear tight, as he covered the space between them in three long strides. He waged one long gloved finger from side to side making a tut-tut sound.

Leaning down he turned her face roughly to the side and hissed into her ear. "Since I get first fuck, I will be sure to send my thanks and a detailed description of your quick eager surrender to your father."

The sound of guffawing laughter coming from the surrounding men made her blood boil. "Then get on with it," she spat. "From what I've heard, it won't take long."

A single bark of laughter sounded behind her and his eyes glittered dangerously.   With a growl, he backhanded her across the face, the force of the blow making her head spin.

Before she had time to catch her breath he gripped her chin again and forced her to look at him. His lips curled as his free hand covered her breast and squeezed roughly enough to make her cry out.

"Trust me, my soon-to-be T-devil whore, I can make even a few short minutes seem like hours." He released her breast and reached into his jacket, pulling out a long, jagged looking knife.

Just looking at the blade made Marnie tremble.

It looked sharp and thick and curved upwards like a fish-gutting knife, but it was the wicked looking jags that made her cringe. There was no doubt this knife was created to kill in the most painful way possible.

"I see you like my knife," He sneered. "I would usually not lower myself to using knives to get my pleasure, but this..." He held it higher in the moonlight so it glinted in the silvery rays then brought it to her cheek letting her feel the cold metal, grinning at the way she moaned her terror as he let her feel every curve.

He slid the blade softly down her cheek and she gasped at the sharp sting, tears falling freely as the pain and fear throbbed in her veins. Her blood spilled and ran in a long rivulet down around her jaw and under her chin.

He leaned closer, his breath hot in her face. As much as she wanted to keep her eyes on his, her gaze continued to flick to the knife. "P – Please..." Was all she could manage and she hated herself for letting it out.

His hand covered her breast again, the knife resting against her bloodied cheek. "Your daddy gave me this…” he pointed the knife at the long ugly scar running down the left side of his face.  "After these good men and I have violated you to our satisfaction, and that includes my little toy." He slid the knife down her body till it was pressed against her mound, eliciting a terrified moan. "I plan to send a few of the more intimate parts of you to your club so they may enjoy them as well."

What happened next happened so fast that at first she wondered if she’d passed out and was dreaming. A huge fist came from nowhere and he was thrown back and in the next instant fell unconscious on the road. While she still stood, frozen, staring at the man on the ground a bike revved and a single muscular arm wound around her middle, yanking her off her feet to sit sidesaddle across the lap of another biker. 

Marnie's mind was a jumbled blur to everything but the rumbling motor below her bottom and the strong arm holding her against a broad, warm chest. She gripped onto his black leather jacket and buried her face in the crook of his shoulder and throat. He smelt of musk and beer and she gripped the stranger, pressed her body harder against his, and felt his arm tighten, a movement that she was sure was meant to give comfort.

“What about my bike?" she whispered against his neck and felt him laugh. A rumbling shudder that made her feel oddly warm.



Axle felt the woman's heartbeat calm against his chest as they sped along the deserted old highway.  She was so delicate, her body so much smaller than his and so light. He was sure he could snap her in two with one hand. Her breath was soft against his throat even though her hands continued to hold his jacket in a death grip.

He liked the way she’d confronted Carl, even though she’d been shuddering in her stylish boots. The feisty chick held her ground like a boss, saying shit that, to his memory, no one had ever dared say. Even Axle wouldn’t have tested Carl’s temper that much. She was either stupid or hiding a pair of brass balls.

Her face was pretty, not beautiful, but there was something striking about it that he couldn't quite put his finger on. A small pert nose, lips pink and plump but not pouty, soft creamy skin with a slight flush staining her cheeks and long wild brown hair.

He didn’t know what had made him react the way he did, he’d never struck a brother without provocation. But the second he saw her in the flesh something clicked in his head, like a light switch.  She was his.  A simple fact.  It hit him hard and wouldn’t let go.  She belonged to Axle.



Marnie gripped tighter and buried her face against the stranger's shoulder as she felt him slow.  That curvy knife flashed in her mind over and over. The cold blade against her skin and his threat to – violate her with it made her flesh crawl. But then out of nowhere this guy knocked him flat and pulled her out of there.

The patches on his jacket showed that he was an enforcer like Carl, but which one? As far as she knew there were five enforcers in the Horsemen. Why would one of them save her?

She was in shock. There was no other explanation.  Marnie should be afraid, she needed to scream, to fight, to punch and kick out at her new captor. But as she clung to his jacket and felt and smelt his masculine warmth, she felt calm.  Safe.

As long as I stay with him I'll be safe,
she thought and loosened one hand to wrap over his shoulder and around the back of his neck. The hair escaping from his helmet felt silky over her fingers and she wondered what it would feel like to comb her fingers through that hair.

The stranger pulled her closer against him and lowered his mouth so he could be heard.  "I won't let them hurt you," he murmured, echoing her thoughts. "Just watch that smart mouth and do as you’re told."

She nodded and they pulled to a stop. He helped her to stand and held her steady while her legs grew accustomed to the hard ground. Marnie was surprised how attune he was to her, it was like he knew what she was thinking, or maybe her mind was still swirling and it just felt that way.

They stood together in the grounds of the gated compound, moonlight giving everything a dim silvery glow.  At length she raised her eyes to finally look at her savior; no that was wrong, not savior, captor. She licked her lips and forced herself to look at him.

And her heart stopped.

She had no words. Right or wrong he gave the words
a whole new meaning.  He was nothing like the riders in her club. He stood well over six foot and then some, with shaggy black hair that curled around his ears and almost hit his shoulders.

He wore black jeans over long thick thighs and a vest barely covered an impressively wide chest. His arms were strong looking and his long fingered hands were poised and ready to grab her should she try to run.

Finally meeting his gaze she realized that he had been studying her in the same way. She expected him to make some stupid joke.  He didn't but the knowing grin and predatory darkness in his eyes was somehow worse and all too disturbing.

"Who – who are you?" She asked, cringing at the way her voice trembled.

He bowed, mocking eyes never leaving her face, then straightened to his full height. "I’m Axle.  T-devil enforcer."

Everything went very still. She’d heard his name, every club in the country new about Axle. He wasn’t just a T-devil enforcer, he was their deadliest, most efficient hitman.

Axle laughed and his hand struck with the speed of a cobra, fingers encircling her wrist and squeezing enough to make her wince. "I see you've heard of me."

"Why did you save me?"

His fingers tightened briefly on her wrist and his jaw tightened as he looked down at her.  "Come on, we're expected," he said, his voice gruff and pulled her along as he headed towards the front door.

Marnie had to almost run to keep up with his long strides as he led her through the huge foyer. As she passed she managed to get a blurred view of the trophy wall covered with pictures either side of a line of framed vests. They passed by an alcove and she caught sight of a seriously awesome bike on a wide pedestal, bathed in silver light. She tried dig in her heels so she could get a look but he was stronger.

She sucked in a breath, ordering her mind to relax. Her options were few and the chance of escape was going to be slim. She had a theory or two of why Axle would want to protect her and didn't like the sound of either of them but he made a good point.
Keep your smart mouth shut and do as you're told.

Axle opened two large doors and loud metal music poured out like cold air-conditioning on a hot day. At least ten Horsemen sat around a bar, drinking beer and two others were playing pool. Everyone turned as they entered and she noticed a couple of women draped over their men, throwing her curious looks.

The music shut off and the room suddenly filled with whispers as she was led further in. Marnie's attention was drawn to the figure standing by the window. He stood tall with no hair anywhere that she could see and in the candlelight he glowed with an almost sickly malice.

She didn’t need anyone to tell her who he was. He’s Kaine, president of the Horsemen. She’d heard things about him, things she couldn’t believe, didn’t want to even contemplate but seeing him here, she believed everything and all she wanted to do was run.

The moment he reached for her she felt Axle's hand tighten on her wrist and she knew that to cringe away or show any sign of the disgust she felt would be a bad idea. Instead she swallowed hard and kept her eyes on his even as his cold fingers slid over her cheek and down her throat. His red eyes grew large as he touched her hair and cupped the back of her throat and Marnie had to clench her teeth to hold in the scream that welled up inside as he brought his face closer. His head tipped first to one side then the other.  He was sniffing her.

Axle still gripped her wrist and without thinking she wrapped her fingers around his. He pulled her closer, a movement so subtle that she wondered if he knew that he'd done it.

Axle bowed his head in respect.  “Kaine. We spied this one and her crew riding through our territory.”

Kaine turned his icy gaze on Marnie. “I’m impressed. I expected your father to send someone less – female.”

She bit back a scathing retort and settled on something more polite. “There was a road detour, we had no choice. We were just skirting the boarder to get home. We came nowhere near your church or anything else.”

“So you and your crew were just passing through?”

“We were just following the road. It doesn’t even lead into town. If your enforcers hadn’t stopped us we would have been out of your territory in less than half an hour.” A thought crossed her mind to be followed by a wave of guilt. “My crew.”

At her questioning look, Axle smiled. “They took some bruises but we didn’t intend to kill them right away. I would assume they scampered off when they saw us distracted by our new plaything.”

They left me? How could they just leave me there to be killed and worse by our family’s rival?
Her relief at their survival is swamped by a sudden rush of rage. She wasn’t just some hanger on, she was the fucking Fallen Boys president’s daughter.

“Don’t be too hard on them,” Kaine said, reading my expression. “Do you think your tiny crew could have stood a chance against my enforcers?”

“So not the point,” she growled but conceded that she’d have never forgiven herself if they’d been killed protecting her. Still, a token effort might have been nice…

She was just scolding herself for being childish when there was an explosion of angry voices and stomping boots and three angry looking bikers slammed into the room. One of them was Carl, the bastard with the knife and Marnie unconsciously shifted closer to Axle.

“You traitorous fucking son-of-a-bitch,” Carl raged, marching towards us, murder clear in his expression.

“Brother, wait. I had reasons to do what I did,” Axle said, his hands palm out.

“You don’t get to call me brother after what you fucking did.”

“Alright, Alright, children!” Kaine’s voice echoed loud and booming in the enclosed space. “Let’s take this in stages, shall we?” His tone was suddenly deceptively calm and I wasn’t sure if I was impressed or more disturbed by the fact that both enforcers backed down and actually gulped. He focused on Carl and waved a hand for him to start.

Throwing a glare towards Axle, Carl said, “The plan was to take out the Fallen Boys President’s little bitch and we were about to do that when this chicken fucker—” He cocked his head towards Axle. “—punched me in the fucking face, knocking me out cold in full sight of our motherfucking crew!”

Axle cringed and for a second almost looked abashed. “The whole scene was spinning out of control too fast. I had split seconds to make a call and I made one.” He looked at Carl. “I’m sorry, brother, I should have executed it better.”

“Yeah you should have,” Carl snarled. “How about opening your fucking mouth and telling me what the fuck was going on in ya head?”

“Would you have listened?” Axle growled at Carl. “I wasn’t sure you were even capable of understanding me with your knife in one hand and your dick in the other.”

“Fuck you,” Carl spat. “I was following orders. We take out the bitch and make sure her daddy knows about it. What’s wrong with getting our dicks wet first?”

Marnie stiffened but the feel of Axle’s hand tightening on her arm kept her quiet.

“Right now her crew are telling Big Stan the news that his precious little girl is dead. They know our rep as well as he does. He will react the same, fuck up the same because he fucking believes we killed his brat.”

“But we haven’t,” Kaine said. “And why is that?” He threw me a mocking smile. “No offence.”

I was about to flip him off but instead almost yelped when Axle’s fingers dug into my arm warningly.

“Look, we got the result, yeah? But what if it doesn’t work? What if being pissed and distraught just makes the motherfucker smarter. We’ve had these turf wars before and we’re always equally matched when it comes to Fallen Boys. Say things go to shit and they get the advantage. We’ll have an ace in the hole. His daughter, alive.”

Kaine stared at Axle for a long time, his expression unreadable. Then his mouth quirked, his shoulders jerked and he let out a bark of laughter.

“Axle, you are one slippery son-of-a-bitch.” Kaine said, wiping the corner of his eye, still chuckling. “We orta send your ass to Washington with that kinda thinking.”

Carl glared at Axle and Marnie but didn’t say anything.

“So,” Kaine said. “We keep her hidden and alive. It might be months till we need to reveal our secret prize. If I was a betting man, which I am, I’d bet on you having a solution to that as well.”

Axle shrugged. “I could use a bit of property. I’ll train her, keep her occupied. We need another broad to tend the bar, since Reg and Pete made old ladies of Loraine and Shelly we could use a replacement to clean and shit.”

Marnie rounded on him. “Excuse me!”

But he just gave her a look. His black eyes drilled into her soul and his silent message was clear. It was her choice. Become Axle’s property or die – Carl’s way.

Shit. Shit – shit – shit!
She gritted her teeth and nodded her agreement. There may or may not be a chance to escape but this wasn’t it. She’d have to bide her time and wait.

Kaine’s gaze was on her, curious, interested. Finally he smiled and nodded his approval. “Smart girl. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, Big Stan wouldn’t raise a brainless gash.” Focusing on Axle he shrugged and grinned. “She’s yours, brother, take her, train her, enjoy her.  But don’t forget the plan. Try not to kill her or do irrevocable damage.”

“Appreciate it,” Axle replied, his expression stony.

“You are a lucky girl.” Kaine said to me, his eyes sweeping me up and down. “This night could have gone very differently for you, try not to forget that.”

Carl was fuming, hands fisted at his sides and his face flushed. “And what if it all comes to nothing. What if the gash is fucking worthless?”

Kaine looked tired, looking at him as he might look at an annoying tick. “Then, I suppose you’ll get your dick wet after all.”

Marnie barely had time to process that before Kaine gave instructions to a couple of the women sitting at the bar to strip her of her colors and get her cleaned up.


Marnie didn’t put up a fight as the two women lead her into a shower stall and stripped off her clothes. One looked about nineteen, Marnie’s age, with peroxide blond hair and fake breasts, the other looked older with black hair and heavy eyeliner. Neither woman spoke but they weren’t rough either, both just seemed tied, a little bored.

Was this something that happened a lot? How many women had been taken and owned by the Steel Horsemen? How many had Axle claimed for himself?

Marnie shoved the thoughts out of her mind. For the moment she was protected, safe. Everything else could be brooded on later.

Showered and exhausted, the women left Marnie to dress and she found a white satin slip and a pair of lacy matching panties laid out on a king-sized bed. The walls were covered with metal posters and biker girls and she noticed he favored the darker shades of black and red in his décor. Or maybe all the rooms looked the same?

She turned to find Axle watching her. He stood totally still in the doorway, the shadow of his huge, muscular body almost reaching her feet. In his black jeans and vest, he epitomized the kind of sexuality she’d only read about. Staring back at him made a flush steal up her chest, throat, and face and her whole body seemed to hum with electrical charge, just waiting to be released.

But her mind ranged against her body’s reaction to him. She’s only had sex once before, Rory Campbell, in the back seat of his dad’s car. It wasn’t an awful experience but, she was pretty sure she didn’t enjoy it as much as he did. She’d always just assumed she wasn’t a sexual person but standing here, the captive of Fallen Boys’s rival gang, it was like her whole body was screaming to jump his bones!

BOOK: Biker's Captive: Outlaw Motorcycle Club Capture Fantasy (Steel Horsemen MC Book 1)
9.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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