Billionaire Alpha Romance: The Proposal (Mature Gentlemen Book 2)

BOOK: Billionaire Alpha Romance: The Proposal (Mature Gentlemen Book 2)
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The Proposal

Billionaire Alpha Romance

Mature Gentlemen

By: Maurice Bedard


Sexy Tracy Compton at 50 years old needs a break from her drab love life but there is nothing she can do about it; until a proposal from a handsome stranger lands on her lap. The stranger insists she travel with him to Mexico after his younger girlfriend dumps him.

The handsome stranger is Luke Richmond who is trying to move on from his young and immature girlfriends. He thinks the more mature Tracy will be the best rebound for him. He has never dated a woman his own age; all he knows is the young models and actresses are only after his billion-dollar empire. A proposal that started as a game for Luke has become much more intense and serious. He sees all the qualities of a woman he wants in Tracy and decides to give it a try.


The Crazy Request

Tracy Compton glared at the computer screen, one “friend pending” request and three new friends added. She wondered what people found to be so interesting on Facebook until her friend Amelia forced her to join. They had made a bet that if she opened an account, she would soon find a new boyfriend. She stared blankly at her newly created Facebook account, all she wanted was Amelia off her back with relationship issues. She felt uneasy around people and didn’t know if she could handle a new boyfriend. It is undeniably obvious that she was absolutely drop dead gorgeous at fifty. She was every man’s Milf fantasy, her plain clothing displayed her natural curves in all the right places.

But Tracy just wanted to work and nothing more. Tracy enjoyed her life of solitude and never really cared much about the latest trends in fashion or social media. She enjoyed being married to her work at the Fairmont travel agency. It was not easy being the office administrator but she always made sure everything in the office ran smoothly. Her mind was so occupied with things that she did not seem to notice all the clients leering at her.


Courtney was excited about the upcoming trip to Mexico with Luke Richmond. They had been planning on this trip for a while and she couldn’t believe it was only one week away. She eagerly wanted to show him all the lingerie she bought for the vacation. Feeling way too excited to just rest or call him, she decided to drop by and surprise him.

When she arrived at his incredibly elegant home, she was surprised and delighted to find the front door not locked. Once inside, his house was very big and every space sumptuously occupied. The house was dim and the air reeked of exotic incense. Then suddenly the silence was broken with some kind of sound coming from his bedroom. She began to smile.

He was home. Luke was usually not easily available. She hung her jacket on the hook. She laid down her purse and placed her car keys in the crystal bowl that was on the antique table. She could smell his distinctive cologne. She walked slowly to his bedroom. The bedroom door was slightly open which made her stop in her tracks, something caught her attention.

She peeked through the opening and saw Luke on the phone. He was talking to someone on the speaker phone. She could hear a woman’s voice. He was confessing his love to her and was doing most of the talking. She listened carefully to their conversation, then suddenly barged in. He looked shocked and surprised to see her, as the color in his face suddenly turned to pale white. He quickly changed his tone and pretended to be talking with a colleague, even though the woman had hung up seconds earlier. She patiently waited for him to end the pretend call.

“Why are you here without telling me you were coming?” he asked.

“Who were you talking to?” she asked furiously.

You can’t answer a question with another question, but I’ll answer you. That was a colleague from work, he wanted us to have a meeting by next week but I told him I had other commitments like our trip.” He moved closer to her.

“Him?” she asked

“Why are you asking that, it seems you don’t trust me?” He said defensively.

“I heard the entire conversation; don’t take me for a fool. I know you were talking to some bimbo.”

“You are mistaken.” He tried to hold her by the waist but she moved away.

“You lying son of bitch” she yelled.

“Honey, it’s not what you think.” He pleaded.

“I heard everything! Who was that fucking whore?”

“You heard it wrong; I wasn’t talking to a woman.”

“I gave you all my love and this is how you repay me? You lying bastard! When did you start seeing this whore?”

“She means nothing to me.” He defended himself.

“How can I believe you when you said a minute ago that I was mistaken, and you were talking to your colleague? Now you are admitting that she was on the line, so which is it Luke? Was I hearing voices? Was she a colleague or have you finally remembered the whore I’m talking about that was on the fucking phone. You keep changing stories. She took a deep breath and tightly closed her eyes for a minute while her hands brushed her hair. “You are not a good liar.” She said softly. “You confess your love to some random girl and say it’s nothing?” she slapped him on the face and walked out of the room.

He walked after her and held her by the arm.

“I love you.” He confessed.

“Oh and another thing, you can cancel the trip.” She picked up her jacket and keys and abruptly left.

He cupped his face. He felt like dying, he had planned this trip for a long time and didn’t expect this to happen. He stared somberly at the phone. He knew she would never change her mind. It was a tough decision to make but he knew he must cancel the trip.

He dialed the number of the travel agency, it was picked up on the third ring.

“Fairmont Travel Agency, how may I help you?” Tracy said in a sweet voice.

“I’m Luke Richmond, I booked a trip to Mexico.” He was low and down.

“Don’t worry sir, all the arrangements are in order and everything is in place.”

“But I want to cancel the trip.” There was silence from the other end of the line.

“What do you mean cancel?”

He quickly perked up, he wanted to hear her talk some more.

“You heard me right, I need you to cancel the trip.” There was something about her voice that captivated him. She had a very mature sexy voice.

“Sir, I’m sorry that you want to cancel the trip but is there some way for you to reconsider this decision? She insisted. She was good at persuading her clients over the phone.

Luke always loved playing games with women. He had worked with this agency for five years and had never met the face behind the beautiful voice. He wanted to see if this would be possible. He decided to toy with her a little bit.

“I will go through with the trip, but you must accept my offer to come with me to Mexico.”

“Sir, I’m sorry that will be impossible, but I can make arrangements with one of our staff to tour with you.” She politely tried to resist.

“Fine, have it your way! I will stop working with this agency if you cannot come with me.” He said as he abruptly hung up.


The Crazy Girlfriend

Luke stood up and stepped away from the desk. Weariness ran up his back and turned into pain. As Luke stretched, he rubbed the heels of his hands against his eyes leaving them stinging and irritated just like his mood. He walked over to the ensuite bathroom to find the aspirin bottle. Luke stood in front of the sink and stared at his reflection in the mirrored medicine cabinet. He felt physically and mentally exhausted but he hid it well. His features were well chiseled with a strong Greek nose, firm chin and salt and pepper hair. His broad shoulders and lean muscular build filled out a suit well and worked magic on the ladies. The British accent and buckets of money had not hurt either. He looked good at fifty. Luke’s shoulders dropped and he felt tired all over again. He rifled through the medicine cabinet and found what he was looking for.

Dating a model was not all it’s cracked up to be, especially one who values fame above all else. He suspected Courtney was selling stories to the media. Other than being on a list of most eligible bachelors or some business publication, Luke was barely in the press. The moment he started going out with Courtney, his image was on every tabloid cover and gossip website. The tabloids were covering their relationship all the time. They didn’t even bother calling him Luke anymore. He was being referred to as Luke-Rich. The most infuriating issue for Luke was when the publications took it a step further and shortened the Luke-Rich to $Luke. He could read entire articles and never see his name appear once, but his picture with Courtney was always there. Wherever he went he was recognized and addressed by some horrid nickname. People were no longer treating him like a respectable businessman and philanthropist. It felt like he had been demoted to something of a lame rapper or vapid reality star. 

Luke and the rest of the family owned Richmond Industries, a conglomerate with dealings in hotels, real estate, distilleries, olive oil and sports teams. The family decided it was best to send Luke’s brothers Nick and Steven to handle the Las Vegas hotel and casino project to avoid any publicity nonsense. It took Luke almost two years to close that deal and now he had to hand it off to his brothers. The whole situation was frustrating to say the least. 

Even on business trips to London the meetings weren’t the same anymore. Luke’s family moved from Spain to England right after he was born and Luke regarded London as his hometown. He assumed in the city where he grew up that people would treat him like they always did. Unfortunately, that was no longer the case. Either potential clients wanted to get close to sell stories and pictures to the press or they wanted to keep their distance. He had to work twice as hard to prove he wasn’t just some jet-setting, trust fund guy banging supermodels.

Steven had sent Luke a memo about some vicious social media yesterday, with a message saying “This is the worst one yet and Mom is not amused in the least.” The memo had Courtney’s head superimposed on a cartoon wearing an all gold jumpsuit, carrying a golden shovel, holding a green carrot top of dollar signs with Luke’s head as a carrot while the heads of other affluent men rolled around in the background.  The caption read, “Courtney Snagged-a-Richer-Son.” If Courtney was selling the stories as he suspected, it was backfiring on both of them.

He shook his head. That wasn’t true. If her goal was to be seen and known, it was working just fine for her. Luke was on the downward spiral alone. Where it was taking him, he didn’t know and he wasn’t quite sure he cared anymore. “Down is as good a direction as any.”

He stared vividly at the wallpaper in his office. The wallpaper was leather and very masculine. He never paid attention to this wallpaper but he just realized how much it bothered him, maybe it was because he was not in the mood for anything.

He thought that maybe there might be another direction besides down, if he could just get off the spiral before he landed in hell.

“Lucifer? Satan? Vlad?” He waited as the leather walls seemed to start caving in on him. Luke felt trapped as if in a tomb instead of a private office. He imagined himself as some desert King taking all his riches to some lonely ancient version of the underworld. “I have to get the hell away from this with my sanity.”




Luke could not handle rejection from women but especially not from the mysterious sexy travel agent. He wanted to meet her so badly; he had never felt the urge to see a woman like that before. Her voice said it all.

Now he was lonely and needed to feel a woman’s touch. Soon he was hanging up the phone after calling one of his old flings. He sipped his scotch as he watched his favorite detective series. Miranda will be here soon, he said to himself. It was unusual for him to be bored when meeting any lady, but he felt like he was making a mistake. He heard a knock on the door.

Miranda opened the door slowly. He had made himself clear about certain things, there would be no attachments. He watched her undressing but there was no spark. Miranda knew why he called her and she didn’t want to ruin it by asking too many questions. All that was on his mind was this mysterious woman at the agency. He just had to know her answer, would she go with him to Mexico?

He pretended to concentrate as Miranda moved slowly to him. She knew about his relationship with Courtney but would never ask.

“I’m sorry I can’t concentrate. I’m going to the club. You may come if you want.”

“No thank you, you wasted my time.” She dressed up and left.

BOOK: Billionaire Alpha Romance: The Proposal (Mature Gentlemen Book 2)
12.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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