Billionaire's Secret: Exposing Jay: A Chicago Suits Romance (Loving Jay Book 2)

BOOK: Billionaire's Secret: Exposing Jay: A Chicago Suits Romance (Loving Jay Book 2)
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Exposing Jay
Simone Sowood

© 2016 by Simone Sowood

All rights reserved.

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hat do
you want from me?” I asked through sobs. I’d been crying so hard my cheeks were stained with tears, but I couldn’t wipe them away because my hands were bound behind my back. I tried to dry them with my shoulder.

“Tell me!” I yelled. I screamed, my heart thudding. My head pounded from crying for so long. How long was it possible to cry for? I hadn’t stopped since I regained consciousness.

Why weren’t they saying anything? Where was I? Who was behind this? I wish they would say something. Anything.

I had no memory of how I got here. The last thing I remember was getting dressed for work.

I moved my head as if I were looking around the room for them, but of course everything was black. The blindfold was so tight on my head that no light even got through. Everything was black.

And quiet. The only thing I could hear was my breath and the breath of someone else.

“Please,” I pleaded.

A door opened and footsteps shuffled around. The door shut again. The breathing had changed, they must have changed guards. When I first awoke, I’d managed to get to my feet and crashed blindly around the room, knocking over furniture and falling before someone came in and hurled me back onto the sofa.

Since then, someone had always been in the room with me.

At least they’d put me on a sofa. Better than a wooden chair. Or the floor.

This was the cologne guard. They kept changing around, I don’t know how many there were, but this one kept coming back, his cologne so pungent the air was hard to breathe with him in it. But something seemed familiar about him. I don’t know what. His breathing maybe. Or the way he sometimes cleared his throat. For some reason, my heart beat faster when he was in the room.

I don’t know how I got here. All I know is I woke up blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back. They must’ve drugged me so I’d sleep, but I can’t even remember how I was drugged. Or where. Or when. How long have I been here? Why was I here?

I wish they’d say something. Anything.

I knew this was to do with Jay. James McAllister. I only hope the police followed through on my report and get to him.


!” I caught my leg on the door as I pushed through the crowd and snagged my nylons. Now there’s a massive run up the side of my leg, a go fast racing stripe.

Of course something like this would happen on my first day at CQ Francis. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

I’d spent the past two weeks on an incredible adventure with Jay, aka James McAllister, after he whisked me away to France on his private jet. Since Saturday, I’ve been back in his bed. Or rather, he spent them in my bed in one of the guest rooms at his mansion. A room he said is now mine, complete with the huge wardrobe he’d bought me. Enough clothes to last a lifetime, and all ridiculously expensive brands.

Last night was the first night I spent back at my condo since being slipped a date rape drug at the night club. Thank god Jay was there to save me. Especially since it meant spending so much time with him, which made me forgive him for lying about who he was.

It’s true, I never would have dated him if I’d known he was the owner of the company where I worked. And this way he knows I’m not a gold digger. I just want him.

Jay spent most days over the past two weeks urging me to return to Force McAllister. But I can’t go back there, everyone has seen me naked and bouncing on Jay’s cock. No way can I show my face there again.

Besides, I’m serious about my career, and don’t want to have any preferential treatment. I need to know that I’ve achieved it from all the hard work I’ve put in, not from fucking the boss.

He’s also been pestering me to let him pay off the mortgage I took out when my ex-boyfriend Matt conned me out of the money. But I don’t want his money. Giving Matt the money was my own stupidity, I hated myself for being so gullible, and I needed to be the one who pays the price for it.

* * *

y phone beeped
with a text from Jay.

Good luck today. Looking forward to the celebration afterwards. J

heart swelled at his words. I closed my eyes, imagining his embrace. The thought calmed my nerves as I waited for the elevator. I texted back then squeezed into the elevator.

How are we celebrating? ;)

I already knew how, and it didn’t involve clothes. My hand went to the diamond pendant that hung around my neck, now a permanent part of my body. My insides warmed at the very idea of Jay. I’d never been so enamored with a man before.

The elevator opened and my phone bleeped. I’m sure it was Jay, but I didn’t have time to look. First I had to get these ripped nylons off.

I didn’t see a washroom, so ducked behind a potted fern near the elevators. It took some wiggling and jiggling, but I managed to get them off. It’s just a question of if anyone noticed. I left my last job because of over exposure, I didn’t want to start the new one that way.

“Hello, I’m here for Laurie Thompson, this is my first day.”

“Welcome to the company,” the cheerful receptionist said.

I waited at reception for my new boss.

“Abbie, hi. All ready for your first day?” Laurie said, extending her hand.

“Absolutely,” I said, taking her hand and shaking it.

She explained practical things, like getting my i.d. done and providing me with a card pass for the door, as we walked through the open plan office.

“This is your desk. I’ll let you sit down and get settled for a few minutes while I run down and find out your passwords for the network.”


I’d been dying to read the text from Jay. As soon as she stepped away, I pulled out my phone.

Dinner at Dish and dessert at yours. Pick you up at seven. J

I smiled, imagining the things he would do to my body. My god could he do things to my body. Just thinking about it made me tingle. Shame CQ Francis has an open plan policy, and I didn’t have a big office like I had at Force McAllister.

But where there’s a will there’s a way. I tucked myself tight against the desk, spread my knees and lowered the camera into place. I took several photos, hoping at least one would turn out.

They were okay. A couple were blurry, some were cut off at strange places. But one was a money shot. Centered and in focus, it led the viewer up the corral of my thighs to my black lace panties.

Except you couldn’t make out the lace. Couldn’t make out much of anything. I flicked my eyes over the low walls of my cubical. Everyone seemed to be staring at their screens. Or looking at their phones. No one was paying attention to me.

I leaned my chest on my desk and reached down, sliding my skirt up and my panties down, the cool air of the office swirled across my mound. I flicked off my shoes and shimmied my panties all the way off.

Trying to suppress a grin, I took another look around the office to make sure no one was looking. I laid my chest on the desk, put the phone back between my spread legs and snapped away.

Shit. Laurie was coming, marching straight toward me. I bolted up and kicked my panties under the desk drawers. Desperate to send my photo to give Jay a teaser, I thumbed the send as a text option and hit send.

“Abbie, shall we go through some things?” Laurie asked.

“Absolutely. I’m quite eager to get into the role.”

I stood and followed her between the rows of cubicles and through a glass door into a meeting room. My phone beeped then beeped again. Man, what did Jay make of that? He must think I’m crazy. Well, he already knows I am, this will just confirm it.

Laurie took me through all the current reports and a bit about the people reporting to me. Three of them. The idea made me nervous. I’d only had one person report to me before, Sam, and that was only for one whole week. Managing people I didn’t know was daunting, but I could do this, I knew I could.

“Excuse me for a minute, I have to chase Mike over your password. He’s ignoring my emails. I’ll be quick,” Laurie said.

I took my phone out, craving Jay’s responses to my text. But my heart stopped when I looked at the screen.

Nice crotch shot. Aren’t you supposed to be working? LOL!!!! :P

My skin burned in embarrassment. Jenny must’ve choked on her coffee when she saw that one. The second was from Sam.

Hey sexy lady, heard you’re sharing nudie pics again, ‘cause you riding your man all over the internet isn’t enough for you lol

I am never going to live this down. I texted them each the same message. I shot one back.

Soz, obviously not meant for you

Damn, I thought you were ready to take our relationship to the next level

Ha, Jenny always cracked me up.

In your dreams

I read Jenny’s last text as Laurie came back into the room.

At least now I have a pic to masturbate to

Like the ones of Jay and I aren’t enough. Ugh, my skin crawled at the idea of all the people who had the photo and, indeed, might be using them for self pleasuring purposes.

The rest of the day was productive. I got a good handle on my role and responsibilities and made a good start on the work that needed to be done.

* * *

t my condo
, I had a quick shower and changed into the dress I’d earlier picked out from my collection at Jay’s. The collection he’d bought for me while I’d been recovering at his mansion. And when I say collection, I mean enough clothes to last a lifetime.

It was a skimpy one, a sleek fire engine red that barely covered my ass. The back dipped low, I’d have to go without a bra. I slipped on the first pair of Louboutins he’d bought me, not to be confused with the six pairs he’d bought since. Such stupid money.

I waited. Checked my watch. Checked it again. He should be here any minute. An idea hit, and I traipsed into the bedroom. I shimmied down my underwear and flicked my foot, sending them flying across the room. The Agent Provocateur g-string in my hands, I tried to figure out which string was which. It looked the same no matter which way I turned it. I pulled it on, but it didn’t seem right, so took it off and tried again.

The intercom buzzed. Oh well, the g-string wasn’t sitting right but it would have to do. I threw on my Burberry trench coat and hurried down to meet Jay. When I strode out of the elevator, I saw him standing at the door and stopped.

I swear every time I saw him he looked even hotter. Tailored Italian cut suit, thick black hair and a smile that could turn a man gay. And he was here for me! My insides did a little dance as I ran up and hugged him.

BOOK: Billionaire's Secret: Exposing Jay: A Chicago Suits Romance (Loving Jay Book 2)
13.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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