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Birthright: After Earth

BOOK: Birthright: After Earth
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By Peter David

After Earth

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After Earth: Ghost Stories: Birthright
is a work of fiction. Names, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

2012 Del Rey eBook Original

Copyright © 2012 by After Earth Enterprises, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization.

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Mallory McGuiness lay on her back, staring uncomprehendingly at the twin suns of Nova Prime that were beating down upon her, and she wondered why it was that Private Lynch had suddenly turned into a mime.

She thought that perhaps she was dreaming. That would have explained a lot … hell, it would have explained everything. The sense of unreality; the fact that to her senses, Lynch was moving in what appeared to be slow motion. Lynch’s face was smeared with dirt and what appeared to be burn marks, and there were bits of dirt in his short-cropped red hair. His lips were moving, slowly and deliberately, but no actual sound was emerging. His eyes were wide with urgency and Mallory, for the life of her, couldn’t understand why.

Why is Lynch in my quarters? For that matter, it’s broad daylight … why was I sleeping during broad daylight? Where’s Janus?

In her bewildered, stream-of-consciousness flood of thought, Janus—her husband of four years—became the touchstone. Her thoughts locked onto him, as if she were being swept helplessly down a river and he was a jutting boulder in the middle that she was able to grab onto and find purchase.

No … we got up this morning. Janus shook my shoulder, woke me up. Kissed me lightly on the cheek. His beard scratched me. His beard grows so quickly that by morning it’s already non-regulation

I thought today was our day off. I tried to roll over and go back to sleep. But no, he reminded me we had a patrol. No Ursa within the attack perimeter of the city, but that didn’t necessarily mean anything. Damned things turn invisible; you never know when they’re going to just show up out of nowhere. “Have to be vigilant,” he told me

“Can’t I be vigilant later?” I said. I rolled over, tried to go back to sleep. I’d
slept poorly that night. Kept waking up. Bad dreams

He slapped me hard on my bare ass. “We have things to do.”

“I know what I want to do.” I pulled him down onto me. We kissed deeply. His beard still scratched but I didn’t care

We made love for the last time …

What? What the hell does that mean?



“Jan!” Her voice croaked. There was a coppery taste in her mouth. She spit out whatever was causing it and saw a small wad of dark liquid—blood—land on the ground next to her.

I’m outside? When did I go outside?


She heard Lynch’s voice. It sounded as if it were coming from very far away, but Lynch was right there.

It’s not Lynch. It’s me. I can’t hear him. There’s a ringing in my ears. Why is there a ringing in my ears?

She tried to sit up and Lynch immediately shook his head firmly. He told her to lie back down and was saying something about help being on the way. It was hard for her to be certain. His voice kept popping in and out, as if they had a bad communications link.

“Jan,” she said again, with greater urgency this time. She tried to push Lynch out of the way, started to move her right leg, and let out a shriek of pain.

“I told you! I told you to stay down!” he said firmly.

Mallory managed to move her head, and she looked down in shock. There was a piece of rock buried in her right thigh. It was a jagged fragment with blood trickling around it. She tried to reach down for it so she could yank it clear.

Lynch grabbed her hand and immobilized it. “We don”t know how deep it is. It may wind up being nothing, and you’re up and around in a week. On the other hand, if it hit an artery, then the fact that it’s in there may be the only thing keeping you alive. You could bleed out by removing it. So we’re not taking a chance; we’re waiting until we can evac you out of here.”

“I don’t understand … where’s—?”

The Ridges. The Golem Ridges, beyond the outer rim. There was once a colony city there whose population the Skrel eradicated during one of their earliest assaults. It was never repopulated; instead it was left alone as a memorial for the fallen. Unfortunately, Ursa have been known to hide there on occasion, waiting for an ill-timed visit by someone making a pilgrimage to the site

So we sometimes head out there to make sure …

And it was routine …

Strictly routine …

Janus …

He was just walking along through one of the many, seemingly endless passages through the ridges, his cutlass slung on his back. I was walking behind him. The rest of the squad was spread out. All eight of us were in constant contact. No sign of an Ursa
No sign of trouble. No sign of anything

And then Jan’s foot—I think that’s what it was—I think he …

He stepped on something

I can’t remember

What did he step on?

He was there

Then he wasn’t …

“Jan!” and she screamed.

“I need some help over here!” Lynch was looking desperate. He tried to pin
Mallory by the shoulders. She thrashed around like a lunatic as Lynch fought to keep her on her back. A second Ranger, Tomlinson, joined him, trying to make sure she didn’t keep kicking and possibly dislodge the stone wedged in her leg.

The last thing I saw … this look of confusion on his face, and then this burst of light and flash of heat. And then I was flying through the air, my arms waving around as if I could somehow stay in the air by flapping. My back slammed into the upper edge of one of the ridges and then I toppled over. I went from being propelled to tumbling downward, ricocheting off another outcropping of a ridge, falling to the ground about twenty feet below. I went loose, protected my head, landed on my shoulders. The rest of my body struck the ground but I wasn’t feeling anything below my neck. I must have been in pain, but I didn’t feel …

Jan was smiling at me …

He was smiling down at me …

Our bodies were merged in bed this morning …

I would have liked to stay there, find an excuse to get out of the patrol …

But we both knew that wouldn’t happen. We are Rangers. We have duties. We have responsibilities

Jan? Jan, you can’t be—

The truth came crashing down on her, but before she could get up a true head of steam and start thrashing around once more, she felt a pinch in her upper arm. She looked frantically to her right and saw a woman wearing the colors of a Ranger medtech. The woman had a sympathetic look to her as she extracted the hypo from Mallory’s arm.

Mallory started to ream out the medtech with an outpouring of profanity. But instead all she could manage was a confused grunt, and then her head slumped back. “Hate you,” she managed to say. “Hate you …”

“There’s no reason to,” Lynch said soothingly. “We’re your fellow Rangers …”

“Not you …” Her voice was little more than a whisper. “Jan … for making me
think … he’s dead … he’d never do that to me …”

And then she was in darkness. Truly alone.


She lay in her bed in the infirmary, staring blankly at Colonel Green. The rugged longtime Ranger was seated a few feet away, his face etched with a carefully neutral expression.

“A mine?” Mallory echoed what he had just told her, her voice hollow.

“Or some manner of unexploded incendiary device,” Green confirmed. “Left over from a previous Skrel attack.”

“But the last direct assault was decades ago.” There was no shock, no protest in the observation. “Unless I missed one.”

“No, you’re quite right. It landed, or perhaps was planted—hard to know for sure—and then through the years, the sandstorms that blow through Golem Ridge covered it over. And it just lay there, undetonated, all this time. It’s a miracle no one stepped on it before—” His voice trailed off, and he looked downward. “Sorry. That wasn’t exactly the best way to put it.”

“Why not?” She said it so indifferently, she could have been discussing a matter of simple academics. “It’s what we do, isn’t it? We Rangers? We work to keep our fellow Novans safe from the Skrel and the Ursa and whatever other dangers crop up around us. It was a miracle that no one else was hurt by it, just as you said. And because Janus stepped on it, he saved the life of … well, who knows who else? A family out for a picnic. An augur off on meditation. The Savant out searching for inspiration that would lead him to some discovery that will improve the lives of millions.”


“Any host of people who would, almost by definition, be much more important than Jan. It’s a fair trade.”

“Mallory, listen to me. Take off all the time you want …”

Without warning, Mallory pulled aside the bedsheet to study her injured leg. She was naked save for the simple hospital gown she was wearing, and that had ridden up to around her hips. Immediately Green looked away, his cheeks flushing slightly. Mallory was oblivious. Instead she was studying her leg with clinical detachment. The thin line that marked where she’d been wounded was bright red, but the intensity of it was already fading. She touched it gently. “It’s amazing what medical science can do, isn’t it. You know, once upon a time they stitched people together like clothing. No sealants. Nothing like what we have now. It’s almost miraculous. Not as miraculous as a bomb waiting years for Janus to step on it, but it’s right up there.”

“Mallory, for God’s sake—”

She lifted the leg, extended it, coiled it so that her knee was almost up to her chin, and then stretched it out once more. “Wasn’t an artery, then?”

BOOK: Birthright: After Earth
13.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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