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Bite Me

BOOK: Bite Me
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Bite Me
by Lana Amore

Copyright 2013 Lana Amore

All Rights Reserved

Cover Design by Lana Amore

Smashwords Edition October 2013

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters,
trademarked products, events, and locations are fictitious or are
used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual events or persons,
living or dead, are entirely coincidental.



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Meeting

Chapter 2: The Hideout


was yet another late night at work, a day of miserable frustrations
with her clients only to be topped off with a coffee spill on her
skirt and Mariah Wiles was exhausted. It was almost ten o’clock in
the evening when she found herself staring in the bathroom mirror
blowing away a stray lock of light auburn hair, no longer
well-combed and professionally polished. Her meticulously applied
eyeliner had smudged sometime over the past twelve hours leaving
her blue eyes circled with grayish, uneven rings underneath.

I’m certainly a sight to
behold, Mariah thought wryly. Grabbing her purse, she headed out to
the lobby, waving goodbye to the few stalwart co-workers left,
running into Greg Harrison in front of the elevator bank.

Greg was their premiere IT
guy, smart and really cute, with shaggy brown hair, bright green
eyes and a geeky smile that made Mariah warm inside every time she
saw it. They’d flirted on and off since Day One, but nothing ever
came of it as their schedules refused to coincide. He never could
make it to the department’s end-of-month celebration parties and
she was too busy the other ninety percent of the time to make room
for regular dates.

It was too bad, but Mariah
supposed it was never meant to be and left it at that.

Still, Greg showed no signs
of giving up. “Hey,” he said, trying hard to look like he hadn’t
been waiting by the elevators just to say goodnight to her. “You’re
leaving kind of late tonight.”

She shrugged. “I wanted to
go at five but the Anderson account said otherwise. What are you
still doing here?”

He seemed a little taken
aback by her question and Mariah had to hide a smile. He’d been
hanging around just for her and didn’t want to admit it. “Oh, you
know, um, servers and wires and stuff. By the way, do you want a
walk through the parking lot to your car? It’s kinda dark and scary
and I’ll be glad to head out there with you. If you want me to that

really nice of you, Greg, but I’m fine.” The elevator doors slid
open and Mariah stepped inside, waving goodbye to him. “I’ll see
you tomorrow, okay?”

Greg’s face fell, showing
his disappointment plainly. “Okay. See you.”

The doors rolled shut and
Mariah felt a pang of regret. But she looked a mess, not to mention
was falling asleep on her aching feet, so she would have to chalk
up this latest near miss to yet another sign that she and Greg were
Not Meant To Be.

Still thinking about Greg,
Mariah left the building and entered the parking lot, distracted.
She should have been looking around more carefully but she was
tired, wanting nothing more than to get into her car and go home to
crawl into bed, maybe to never come out again. She didn't see the
two men approaching her until they were blocking the driver's side

If she thought her day was
bad before, it was about to get a whole lot worse.

Shit, she thought, fumbling
with numb fingers for her keys which had a small canister of pepper
spray attached, the one her mother insisted she carry but didn’t
even know how to use. Not that it mattered, Mariah never got that
far as one of the goons smacked the purse out of her hand and sent
it flying to the ground, its contents scattering.

"Take it! You can have the
money," she cried, backing away, pointing frantically at the purse.
"Just take it and go!"

One of the men showed her
an ugly smile, a combination of yellowing and missing teeth. "We
don't want your money, bitch. Come here, we want to 'talk' to

Mariah knew she should have
run at that moment but fear rooted her to the spot, paralysing her.
She felt one of the men bump up behind her, his fingers already
wandering over her breasts, pushing their way inside her blouse.
She screamed before his filthy hand covered her mouth, silencing
her. Struggling, she could feel herself being lifted and dragged
away, toward the bushes that lined the parking lot.

I'm going to die, she
thought, panicking. They are going to rape me and kill me and

That was her last thought
before an unearthly howl shook the very air around them. A huge
dark blur knocked one of her attackers off of her, sending him head
over heels, his face scraped raw across the rocky pavement. A
shrill human scream followed and Mariah found herself dropped to
the hard cement as the second man let her go, obviously in

What followed was a
nightmarish scene, straight out of a horror movie but without the
comfort of knowing that it wasn’t really happening. Mariah watched
the huge, hairy figure bend over the first attacker, its intent
clear. It opened its long mouth, showing rows of knife-like fangs
before snapping shut around the man's neck, filling the air with a
dark spray of blood.

Mariah stared in terror as
the other man tried to run away but the wolf-like creature was
already on top of him and a second later, Mariah heard a sickening
crack of bone before he fell dead to the ground, his neck snapped
in half.

The monster then turned
toward Mariah and she could see it clearly for the first time. Over
eight feet tall, its inhuman body stood easily on two hind legs,
not quite wolf but certainly not human. It overshadowed her,
blocking out the dim moonlight and she could see its fur, dripping
with the blood of its victims. Its canine teeth gleamed white and
its long tongue slid over them, hungrily licking away the last bits
of gore from its mouth. It stared back at her as she sat on the
parking lot ground, frozen to the spot.

With a roll of its powerful
shoulders, the wolf raised its head to the moon above and shattered
the silence with a horrific howl.

Mariah scooted back a few
inches in fear unable to get up on legs that felt like rubber
bands. Inside she was screaming, run, run, run, but it was too
late. She was going to die and no one would ever know how. No one
would ever believe this!

She shrieked when a
powerful hirsute arm effortlessly scooped her up, hoisting her onto
its shoulder and took off at furious pace. In a few loping strides,
they were across the parking lot and with one leap, over the fence
and running off into the woods.

Mariah somehow found her
courage then, struggling as it carried her on a breathtaking run
through the woods. Branches scratched at her face and arms as the
creature leapt and whirled around obstacles without effort. A full
moon shone through the trees creating eerie shadows adding a sense
of surrealness to their journey. The seconds passed in slow motion,
turning minutes into hours and Mariah wept as the endless horror
enveloped her.

As suddenly as it started,
the creature halted and the world ground to a dizzying stop. With
surprising gentleness, it put Mariah down and she crumpled to the
ground atop a soft pile of leaves trying to catch what was left of
her breath. When she dared to look up, she could see the beast in
the moonlight, staring back at her with bright, yellow eyes. She
shivered and backed away but there was nowhere to go and trying to
run would be pointless. She was trapped and at its mercy, there was
nothing to do but wait.

It was panting from
exertion, its heavy fur glistening. It no longer seemed angry, in
fact, Mariah might have been imagining things, but this terrifying
monstrosity seemed to be examining her with a kind of concern. One
paw graced with spiky claws reached out and tenderly brushed aside
a lock of windswept hair out of her eyes.

"Go away," she begged,
praying it might be able to understand her. "Please, leave me
alone. I didn't do anything. Please!"

The monster shook its head,
as if trying to clear its thoughts. Its muscles rippled and
stretched and slowly the creature began to transform into something
else entirely. Mariah's mouth fell open as the form in front of her
shimmered and shrunk, its fur shortening until it turned into hair,
claws retreating until the paws resembled human hands. Teeth and
jaws retracted, leaving in front of her a rather ordinary, if
handsome human male.

A human male she knew quite
well. "Greg?" Mariah gasped as her co-worker, Greg Harrison, stood
in front of her naked and smeared with blood. "Oh my god, you're
... you're ..."

He nodded. "A werewolf.
Right as always, Mariah," he replied drily.

That was a joke between
them at work, where Mariah always took pleasure in needling him
about her detailed knowledge of the company's business as well as
the office gossip, secret and otherwise. But this was a secret
she'd never have guessed at in a thousand years. Who would have?
Mariah laughed weakly, partly in hysterical relief until she
remembered what had transpired in the parking lot.

"You killed those men," she
whispered, reliving the sight of rivers of frothing blood and
hearing the echoes of their final, terrified screams.

Greg shrugged coldly. "They
were about to rape you. They deserved to die.” He held out a hand
to her and helped her stand on trembling legs. "Come on, I have a
hideout about a hundred yards from here. It's just a cabin but
there's running water, a stove and few supplies. We can stay there
until morning." He glanced up at the full moon and Mariah saw a
full body shudder pass through his lanky frame.


Gone was the geek from IT
and in his place was a buff, naked, hot wild beast. This was an …
interesting … development.

"Are you all right?" she
asked, trying not to stare too much at his slim, nude body and the
huge cock that hung down between his legs. She always considered
him adorable in a nerdy sort of way but never imagined he was quite
this hot … and well-endowed.

Of course that wasn't the
only thing he'd been hiding.

"Let's go," Greg said,
holding tightly onto her fingers and leading her toward a
house-shaped shadow in a nearby clearing. "Without the fur, it
feels like winter out here."

Mariah followed him
willingly, more intrigued than afraid, her feelings an odd mix of
heartfelt gratitude, curiosity and ... blazing heat. Her pussy
twitched around the thong she was wearing underneath her
conservative suit skirt and she blushed at how wet she was getting,
staring at this man, or this creature, that had saved her.

The cabin was exactly as
Greg described it, tiny but comfortable. It had one room with a
potbelly stove that also served as a fireplace and a hook-up sink
in the corner. She sat gingerly on the bed while Greg started up
the stove, getting a warm fire crackling there in minutes. Turning
on the sink, he washed the blood off of his face and broad chest,
sliding the cloth quickly over his cock, tight ass and legs while
Mariah watched, her face flushing red-hot.

"I was bit by a werewolf
when I was a teenager," Greg recounted as he washed, in the weary
tone of someone who had told this story more than once. "I don't
know why or how, but every month it's the same -- I transform into
the wolf you saw. I've learned how to control it for the most part,
except ..."

"During the full moon?"
Mariah finished for him.

"It's just harder then. And
sometimes, it's not worth controlling." Greg turned around, his
skin glistening clean. He sniffed the air and looked at Mariah, a
slight glow gleaming in his eyes. "Everything all right? They
didn't ... touch you, did they?"

"No," Mariah whispered.

"It's just that I smell
..." His eyes narrowed and Greg's gaze turned distinctly wolfish.

"I've just never seen you
like this before," Mariah said, her mouth turning dry as Greg's
human features turned more lupine with every passing second at the
scent of her excitement. "It's amazing. What you did back there,
saving me, that was amazing too."

"You think I'm amazing?"
Greg smiled at her, his fangs starting to show again, the sight
making Mariah's blood pound through her veins. "I think you should
know that during the full moon, I don't have complete control over
my transformation. Especially not when a female in heat is near me.
If you think it's wiser that I should leave, I can spend the night
in the woods instead."

Mariah gasped at the words
'female in heat'. But that's what she was, wasn't she, already wet
and sticky between her legs at the thought of being touched ...
taken ... by this wolf-creature.

BOOK: Bite Me
7.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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