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Blackmailed Merger

BOOK: Blackmailed Merger
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Blackmailed Merger




Marie Kelly


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or locales is entirely coincidental.


Blackmailed Merger

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Samantha had stood at the corner of yet another narrow cobbled street.  Sighing she had looked up and down the picturesque road hugged by the white
washed buildings and walls which made up every street in the small village.  With a small groan she had finally admitted that she was completely and utterly lost, a hint of panic entering her lovely eyes as the soft hues of sunset had settled around her, lighting all with a hue of pink and orange, which strangely only added to the beauty of the street. 


Her mind had flown back to how she had arrived at the small Greek island, how excited she had been on hearing that she had won a holiday
of a lifetime
its name
one that she had never heard of
the bonus being that she was able to bring her two friends Kate and Bella with her.


They girls had planned on eating at a restaurant they had passed earlier that day on the way to the beach, each of them finding themselves the subject of admiring looks.   While all three were physically very different, each was beautiful in their own way, the sight of three such stunning girls attracting whistles and calls from the many Greek men who seemed to spend their time relaxing in the numerous small tavernas in the hot summer sun.


Kate had been in her
element.  Sam and Bella rolling
their eyes as their friend had flirted her way down to the crystal clear waters and golden sand which beckoned from the top of the hillside all carefully making their way down the stairs hewn into the rock.


Of the three
Samantha Trey was the youngest being
only 22 and the smallest
in height and build
.  Kate was stunning with her long black hair which flowed down her back, the small skimpy bikini only just covering her voluptuous curves.  Bella also wore a bikini, but one less revealing than Kate

s, looking every bit as lovely with her blonde hair swinging around her shoulders.  Sam had looked down at herself, wearing a full one piece costume, which Kate had laughed at, calling her granny Sammy.  While there was nothing wrong with her figure, every bit as slender and curvy as her older friend, Sam was shy and more reserved.  Her auburn hair was pulled up into a tight bun, which still did not take away from her perfect complexion and emerald eyes which seemed so large on her beautiful face, those eyes averted from the many complimentary looks and calls.


The news of her holiday win had been a surprise, Samantha not even remembering entering the competition
  When Kate and Bella had learnt that they were to be accompanying her their excitement had pushed the nagging voice from her mind,
wiping away the doubts
as she had accepted her luck and the chance to get a break from four hectic years of exams


In the two days they had been there, Samantha had never been able to truly find her way around the labyrinth of winding streets, which made up the sleepy sea side village.  The others had laughed at her each time she would make to move up the wrong road.  However, despite this she had fallen in love with the picture post card surroundings, enjoying the relaxed pace of life, a welcome reprieve from the hectic few years she had spent completing her degree.


Giving another deep sigh she had regretted telling the other two women that she would catch up with them, having forgotten her camera in the luxurious villa they were staying at.  To make things worse, she had not seen another person for several streets, and Samantha could feel herself
start to


The sound of footsteps behind her had made Sam swing around, a relieved smile on her face, the smile wavering as the tall man had appeared before her.  Within seconds she had taken in so much about him as he had stopped before her, his expression one of polite surprise at seeing her there. 


He was tall, well over six feet with a slim muscular body.  Thick glossy hair perfectly shaped against his handsome face, with the most sensual dark eyes she had ever seen.  Aware that he was looking at her with
, Sam had shaken herself a small blush rising to her cheeks


In her best Greek she had hesitantly tried to say hello, her mind searching desperately for the right words for lost, as she had fished out the name of the restaurant the three girls were waiting at for her





She had stuttered, desperately hoping that she was not saying something outrageously stupid, seeing as his mouth had twitched gently, his eyes smiling warmly at her attempt to speak in his language, before responding in perfect English with only a slight hint of an accent, his voice
sending shivers down her back


“You are lost” he had asked softly


Relief filling Sam, as she had grinned back at him nodding




He had held out his hand for the slip of paper she clung to, Sam passing it over as though it were the most natural thing in the world to do.  He had looked at the name on the paper, before smiling widely back at her


“A good choice.........and I am heading there myself”


Samantha had smiled again


“Really?” she had been unable to stop herself, as he had given a small nod




For a second Sam had hesitated suddenly aware that this man was a complete stranger, not sure if she should follow him, her
words of stranger danger filling her head.  As though reading her thoughts the man had moved slightly forward looking back at her, a
smile on his face


“Or you could stay here”


The realisation of just how lost she was finally spurring her to follow him


“Thank you.......I appreciate it”


Together the two had moved down the narrow streets, the man pausing for a second to extend his hand


“My name is Dante Durant”


Placing her hand into his, Samantha had shaken it, the feel of his firm hand covering hers sending a strange tingling sensation through her as she had given him her name, seeing as he had rolled it around on his tongue


“Samantha Trey”




“A beautiful name for a beautiful lady”, Samantha averting her eyes in embarrassment, giving a small nervous laugh, before moving forward again.


The stranger,
had moved with authority and had made polite conversation as they had travelled down the maze of streets.  Despite her earlier unease, she had found herself
up to him, telling him of her holiday win, as he had congratulated her on her good fortune.  Finally they had broken out into the main central square, Samantha instantly recognising where they were, the relief filling her, as she had seen the restaurant
Kate and Bella sitting at one of the patio tables patiently waiting for her. 

BOOK: Blackmailed Merger
8.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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