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Blazing Hearts
Books 1-3

Blazing Hearts: Books 1-3


Kennedy Kovit

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The Bet
The Bet

The Bet (Blazing Hearts)


Kennedy Kovit


The Bet (Blazing Hearts)

Kennedy Kovit

lazing Hearts Series
, Book 1

Tyson is a man with a dark past and he isn’t much on wagers. But when his best friend bets him that he can’t romance the pants off their boss’s daughter, he can’t resist. See, he’s had the hots for Ms. Lexie Garnes for years, but she was too young to act on it. Now that she’s a college graduate, and more than legal, he’s all in. Tyson can’t hide his feelings for Lexie any longer. With a bet on the table, he has no choice but to man up and find a way for her to accept him and his kinky bedroom tastes.

Lexie is glad to be back down south. Her time away did her good but made her miss home. Middlefield may lack excitement, but it has something Boston never did—Tyson Morrows. Her father’s ranch foreman is sexier than ever and suddenly seems to have eyes for her. Is this too good to be true? Will his commanding hands in the bedroom prove to be too much for her and what will happen when she learns he only made his move because of a bet?

Chapter 1

ot too big
. Not too little. At least as far as small towns went. That was Middlefield. The town wasn’t huge, but it was decent sized when comparing it to other small towns. Used to be so damn tiny it didn’t warrant mention on a map. When they’d finally gotten listed on one, they’d had a town celebration to mark the occasion. Truth was, they tended to have a celebration for just about everything. The next one was to race armadillos of all things. Everyone would gather to watch it. It was just the way of things in small town America.

The evening sun beat down on everything, scorching the earth dry and making all the lawns turn brown and wither up. Already the month was behind on rainfall and it wasn’t as if they weren’t dry enough this time of year. If they didn’t get rain soon it would be a big issue. Some farmers were planting crops with the knowledge they wouldn’t take with the lack of rainfall, but they needed to collect on the insurance money. It was hard to make a living off the land, but it could be done.

Tyson Morrows hung his black Stetson on a branch near him and pulled his black t-shirt over his head. He discarded it behind him on the same low hanging branch that now held his hat, which one would be hard pressed to find him without. The shirt was from one of his favorite bands. He’d decided to think of the band only in terms of its glory days, not what it had become. He wasn’t sure how he felt about its frontman now being a judge on a reality TV show. He wasn’t much into television and for sure was not a fan of reality TV. Didn’t really see the point. If people wanted to see real life he thought they should just go out and live it. Not sit on their duff watching it play out on a screen.

Tyson fit the mold of so many men in the area. He liked pickup trucks, jeans, t-shirts, cowboy boots, meat and potatoes, and classic rock with some country music thrown in for good measure. Try as he might, he found it fit him, and he wasn’t one for putting on a false front. He’d made an effort to be less country when he was on a work trip to Boston, but that had proved to be an epic failure so he stopped nearly instantly.

Funny how the Boston women fawned all over him the minute he put his cowboy hat back on and stopped giving a rat’s ass about how much he was standing out there. The only regret he’d had about his time there was not following through on his original plan—not stopping in to pay a visit to Lexie Garnes. She’d taken off four years back to attend some fancy university there. He never could remember which. All the fancy ones seemed to run together. All he knew was she didn’t belong there. She belonged in Middlefield with him.

His chest tightened at the thought of her. She wasn’t far away anymore. Much to his surprise earlier in the day, she was home. His blond hair fell forward into his face, partially blocking his view. The sweat from working outside all day clung to him as he unbuckled his belt and then unbuttoned his jeans. He lowered them, his gaze on the lake and the sun as it began to lower on the horizon.

Tyson took hold of his cock and ran his hand down the length of it, his thoughts on Lexie. She always wore the tiniest bit of lip gloss, drawing attention to her full, naturally rosy lips. He pictured those lips slipping over the head of his cock as her green eyes stared up at him. Damn, he wanted her before him, on her knees, right this very second. He wanted his cock hitting the back of her throat. The very thought of it made him jerk harder on his shaft, tugging, pulling, working it with his hand.

He closed his eyes firmly, his thoughts consumed with Lexie. Envisioning her there, before him, eager for his cock was something he did often. Too often actually. It wasn’t healthy how much he thought about her, but he couldn’t stop himself. Each swipe of his cock, each pull, each tug, he saw her eyes looking up at him, felt her mouth in place of his hand. His balls tightened, drawing up as he jerked. Seed erupted from him, shooting out and over a nearby bush.

Tyson exhaled slowly, his body shaking softly. He tucked his cock back into the front of his jeans and walked to the edge of the swimming hole. Bending, he rinsed his hands and then stood. He walked back near the tree branch holding his shirt and hat. He kicked off his boots and then started to work on his jeans. He had them just over his hips when he spotted movement to his right. As dark hair flashed, followed by a shit assed grin, Tyson sighed and shook his head damn thankful he’d finished masturbating before the arrival of his friend.

“You almost got a full on view of my ass, dipshit,” he said with an annoyed breath.

Jake Earhart stepped through the brush carrying a twelve pack of beer and came to a stop near Tyson. “Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen your sorry ass.”

“Hey, my ass ain’t sorry.”

Jake raked his gaze over him slowly. “I’ve seen better.”

“Do not take it there,” warned Tyson, making Jake chuckle.

They’d been friends since before Tyson could remember. He hiked up his pants. “How did you find me?”

“Yeah, you’re
hard to locate after a hard day and runnin’ into Lexie,” said Jake sarcastically as he set the box of beer down and tore it open. He handed Tyson an ice cold one and then took one for himself. “For the record, you’ve been running to the lake every time your head gets twisted since you were six. It’s hardly a secret.”

Tyson took a seat on the unforgiving ground and Jake followed close behind. Tyson popped open his beer and took a big gulp. It was smooth going down and perfect on a hot evening. “Thanks.”

Jake nodded. “No problem. Figured you could use a drinkin’ break.”

Tyson grabbed at some dry vegetation and pulled it from the ground. He looked out at the lake and then drank more of his beer. “How did you hear I had a run in with Lexie?”

“Ran into Mr. Garnes down at the gas station. Said Lexie was home and that you were workin’ out at the ranch today. Figured you had to have run into her.” Jake leaned and nudged Tyson with his shoulder. “I’m a guessin’ she’s still as pretty as a picture.”

“And then some,” returned Tyson. He pulled apart the dried grass and tossed pieces of it in the air mindful none blew back into his open beer. “I didn’t know she was back from college. Thought she had another month or two to go.”

“Guess not,” Jake said, his voice low. “How you holdin’ up?”

Had anyone else asked him he’d have probably decked them a good one for assuming he was the type of man who would fold at the sight of a woman. Jake knew him well. Too well to bother lying. And Jake knew for sure, when it came to Lexie, that was exactly the type of guy Tyson was.

Apparently, the folding type.

“Not great.” He let out a long slow breath. “She came out in a bikini while I was workin’ on the fence to ask if I wanted some lemonade.”

“A bikini?” asked Jake with a low whistle. He drank nearly half his beer with one go. “I’m startin’ to think that girl is full well aware of the pull she has over you. Maybe she’s into torture.”

“Could be,” Tyson said with a snort. “You should have seen her there, Jake. Her skin is just barely sun kissed and looks so smooth. And that bikini she had on, damn nation, I’m guessin’ her daddy didn’t see her in it before he left because no way would he let her parade around in it. Hell, I wanted to cover her for fear someone else would see her.” He took another sip of beer. “I can’t get the thought of her in that bikini out of my head.”

“Ty,” Jake said after a moment of silence. “She’s an adult now. She’s legal.”

Tyson cringed at the reminder he’d had feelings for her since she was barely eighteen. Sure, by the law’s standards she’d been old enough to act on them, but not by his. It wasn’t right in his book. At twenty-eight he still felt too old for her and she was now twenty-two, nearly twenty-three. Since he could remember, he’d been drawn to her. He’d done a decent job of keeping his distance, and then she’d gone off to some fancy university giving him a reprieve. He’d done his best to lose himself in other women. To forget about her. It didn’t work.

Now she was back and as sexy as ever.

“You’re ignoring me again,” Jake said with a nudge before finishing off the rest of his beer. He belched loud and proud. “Did you hear me? She’s a woman now.”

Tyson picked apart more of the grass. “Even if she did see me in the same light, she’s Luther’s daughter, and I would never disrespect him like that.”

Jake grabbed himself another beer. He lifted one to Tyson.

“How are we gettin’ home if we polish all these off?” asked Tyson.

“Grabbed sleeping bags before I did the beer run.” Jake eyed him. “Figured this would end with us sleeping in our truck beds.”

He was probably right. When they were little, they’d take a tent out and sleep near the lake. Now that they were older, they made due with the back end of their trucks. Tyson never did point out they’d stopped tent camping around the same time a snake had found its way into the tent during the night. Jake was not a fan of them. Not by far.

All too often one of the gang played a prank on Jake involving snakes. They never went over well. Still, they did it.

“Listen, I know you see Mr. Garnes as a father figure of sorts, most of us do, but, Tyson, don’t you think he’d rather have you shackin’ up with his girl than some city boy from the North? One of them Bostonians? A smooth talkin’ yank?”

Tyson’s hackles raised. “What have you heard? Is she with a guy?”

“Whoa, down boy,” razzed Jake. “Take it easy. I haven’t heard anything, but it’s only a matter of time before some other guy snatches her up. You’ll regret it, Ty. Trust me. I know. You came just shy of brandin’ the girl as yours years ago. We all know it. Why do you think Kaleb hasn’t ever made a go at her?”

“Because he knows I’ll beat the shit out of him.”

Kaleb Smith was the town’s legendary ladies’ man. And it was true. He’d never made a pass at Lexie. Tyson had always assumed it was because she wasn’t his type. He snorted. She was every guy’s type.

He understood now. Kaleb stayed away from her because of Tyson’s feeling for her. He didn’t like feeling this vulnerable around anyone, but Jake understood his position on things. Tyson’s gaze moved to his friend, who was now nearly through his second beer. Jake’s heart had belonged to one girl since they were kids. He’d never acted on his feelings, and she was currently in another country with no signs of ever returning to Middlefield. Tyson wasn’t a hundred percent sure what had gone down between Jake and the girl, but whatever had happened had left Jake damaged when it came to women and relationships.

Often, Jake and Tyson were required to travel for Mr. Garnes, their employer. More than once Tyson had caught Jake looking around the towns they’d land in. Tyson knew what he his friend was searching for, or rather who.

Jake burped again and then laughed. “If I was you I’d walk right up to Lexie, grab her, kiss her and tell her you’re gonna fuck her until she agrees to marry you.”

“Marry me?” he asked, his eyes widening. “I’m not really lookin’ for marriage.”

Jake rolled his eyes. “Right. Whatever. Boy, you’d run to the church with her if you thought you could. Don’t try to deny it.”

He opened his mouth to do just that but stopped. Shit. Jake had a point. If Tyson ever did settle down it would be with a gal like Lexie.

Jake laughed. “I’ll bet you the new gelding that came my way, that you been eyeing up, that you won’t do it.”

“Do what?” Tyson questioned. “Marry her?”

Jake pushed him slightly. “That you won’t get her to surrender to you in bed. Ty, you have women fawning all over you and you’ve no problem takin’ what you want from them. Why not Lexie Garnes?”

“Because she’s Luther’s daughter and if I know her at all, she’s still a virgin,” he replied. “She isn’t gonna hand it out to me if she’s been savin’ it for marriage all these years.”

“You really think she didn’t let any of those fancy city boys from up North into her panties? Hell, I bet she’s seen more dick than you can shake a stick at. Them boys up there wouldn’t let somethin’ as smokin’ hot as Lexie get by them. No way. No how.”

The thought enraged Tyson. “She better not have!”

“There’s the fighting spirit.” Jake pointed. “Now, get in that lake and rinse off. You stink. Then, get your shit together, you’ve got a bet on the table, my friend.”

“I’m not takin’ the bet,” he said. “It’s stupid.”

“Chicken shit.”

He lifted a brow. “Really? You’re gonna try to goad me into it? What are you, two?”

“What? You are chicken shit. Tell me I’m wrong. Dare ya.”

He had a point. He thought more on it. As much as he did like the new gelding Jake had gotten, he liked Lexie more. If he could get her into his bed it would be a win win. The problem would be letting her out of the bed.

He leaned past Jake and grabbed himself another beer. As he popped it open, he looked up at the darkening sky. “What do you get if I lose?”

“A shot at Lexie,” answered Jake without any sign of joking. Tyson waited, assuming a smile would be cracked. None was.

“What? You’re not interested in her.”

“She’s a looker.”

Tyson watched his friend with a cautious expression. “Stay away from her. She’s not the one for you and you damn well know it.”

“The way I see it, the one for me will never be. Might as well start shopping for a new one.”

Tyson narrowed his gaze on him. “Don’t even fuckin’ think of it.”

With a nonchalant shrug, Jake snorted. “I suggest you get to gettin’ or you’ll have me to deal with. When I set my mind to somethin’, I don’t back down.”

“You wouldn’t,” Tyson said, unable to believe what he was hearing.

“I’m ready to settle down.” Jake opened another beer. “Past ready. You lose the bet and Lexie is fair game. Deal?” Jake leaned in close. “If you don’t accept the bet I’ll assume she’s fair game anyways. Plus, I’ll be sure to drop the hint to Kaleb next time he’s out at the ranch that you’re not interested in Lexie, and he’s free to make a move on her.”

Livid, Tyson smashed his beer can sending beer exploding out the top, all over his hand and down his forearm and pant leg. His nostrils flared.

Jake hooted. “If you could see your face right now. I’m gonna say that is a ‘yes’ to the bet.”

BOOK: Blazing Hearts: Books 1-3
3.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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