Blindsight: The Series (Complete Erotic Suspense STANDALONE) (7 page)

BOOK: Blindsight: The Series (Complete Erotic Suspense STANDALONE)
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“Still,” he whispered, and without reservation, I did what I was told. I held my breath as he peeled the black fabric down my thighs and slowly revealed my glistening pussy to his eyes. His lower lip pulled taut between his teeth as his eyes flicked open and closed a moment before turning up to me.

“Perfect,” he murmured and then pulled a string of pearls from his pocket.

“So perfect,” he breathed as he draped the string along the damp folds between my legs. The cool stones tingled and buzzed as arousal surged and pulsed.

“Do it for me,” he instructed, and without being told, I knew what he wanted. I took the string of freshwater stones from his fingers and trailed them across my core, dusting them along my abdomen, coiling them in the dip of my navel. And all along, he snapped away, hundreds of pictures I guessed by the time we were done and from every single angle I could have imagined.

I relaxed when he finally sat back on his ass, legs crossed and eyes riveted to the LCD screen, the beeping of the button as he reviewed the photos he’d taken the only sound over the drugging music.

“You’re fucking stunning, Princess,” he murmured and wrapped me in his warm arms, pulling me into him. “I’ve been warring with myself,” he said as he drew me towards the bed.

“Why?” The breathless word fell from my lips as my brain built up with pleasurable excitement.

“I’m bad for you, Erin.” His hands cupped my jaw, his lips hovering against my own. “But then I think maybe I’m the best thing for you.” His fingers kneaded at my waist and ran delicious circuits, lighting a current of lust in my body.

“What are you talking about?” I struggled to grasp his meaning. He was complex, his words always brewing with hidden meaning and innuendo. Was he good for me? Wasn’t he? Did I care?

“Soon. I’ll tell you soon,” he said, and with both his hands wrapped in my hair, I fell for him.

His hard body caged me in on the cotton duvet, fingers digging into my sides, hands running between my thighs, and lips everywhere. His tongue flicked at the hollow of my waist, licked around my navel, trailed along the concavity of my ribs, and then scraped at the lace covering one nipple.

“God, yes,” I whispered on wasted breaths as my fingertips trailed up his arms and over the dark ink that I’d been yearning to touch.

Raised flesh flowed under my skin as I roamed his biceps. Across his shoulders I found more. Over the inked forearms, still more.

He was covered in scars.

My eyes shot open as a ball of pain lodged in my throat. Every single tattoo that decorated his body covered a mark that he’d wanted to forget. Or remember. Was he living through the pain every time he saw them in the mirror?

My fingertips tightened around his upper arms, and I forced my mind to focus on him as his large hands roamed my curves while the music pumped on. Up my thighs he kneaded and placed kisses until finally he pulled the lacy fabric down my breasts and his lips attached in long hard sucks. I arched and clutched at his head and moaned before his fingers slid between my legs and massaged between my soaked folds. The muscles of my core bunched and tightened as my hips thrust off the bed while Hunter’s expert fingers worked me to a frenzy.

“Cum on me, Princess,” he hummed in my ear before one finger slid deep inside, curving and massaging relentlessly while his thumb turned figure-eights at my clit. My breathing grew shallow at his words, and just as I was about to unravel, his fingers were gone and his palms were fisting at my hips as his tongue drove into my pussy and licked in feverish strokes.

I rocked my hips, but his heavy hands held me in place. I couldn’t move if I tried. I didn’t want to. With my hands in his hair, fire pulsed through my body and strung my muscles into tightly bunched masses of useless energy. Hunter’s hand kneaded at my breast and pinched and twisted at my nipple as the ripples of pleasure burned from my toes to the hairs standing up at my neck.

The world swam, and before I could think twice, I was tucked under Hunter’s arm, my head across his broad chest. “Go to sleep, Princess.” His hand stroked delicately across my hair as he pressed his nose into my waves and inhaled.

“I still want you,” I mumbled, drunk with the promise of sex.

“You have me,” came his simple reply. “Sleep.”

I sighed, my eyes falling closed, one palm spread across his chest and fingering the dog tags that lay beneath the cotton. And for the first time, I felt him. Not the mystery, not the boss, not the man I pined over and rubbed myself to between the sheets at night. Despite my fucked up history in life and love, I felt him, and despite it all, it didn’t terrify me.


I WOKE SNUG UNDER Hunter’s arm, an alarm bleating in my ear. We were departing from LAX at six and by the time we were back in Chicago, we were cranky and exhausted. I was looking forward to crashing in my own comfy bed when Hunter’s hand slipped up my thigh in the backseat of his car. A corner of his lips lifted and his eyes warmed. I fell into them a little more then. I saw nothing of the bad boy he projected to the world, and everything of the genuine, warm, and compassionate man that sat across the leather from me.

“I’m so glad you came with me, Erin.” His hand squeezed high on my thigh and his warm, inked finger pressed so close.

My eyes fluttered closed and a smile turned my lips. “Thank you for inviting me.”

“I don’t know how I ever traveled without you.”

Hunter tucked me under his arm and escorted me into his home in the warm afternoon light. Without saying a word, Hunter opened the front door and guided me straight to his cozy master bedroom and the duvet-covered king bed. With dark hair cascading around me, Hunter snuck it between his fingers and then brushed his nose in the clean locks at my neck. I heard him inhale and then a small groan escaped his lips.

My fingers went to his waist and my nails dug into the muscles at his sides, sinewy and tight beneath the pads of my fingers. My pussy ached to feel him. A small sigh fell from my lips as his hands found their way up to my neck and wrapped around at the nape. Warm, rough palms abraded my skin and sent chills flittering through my insides and between my legs. I shifted and tilted my head to the side, begging him silently to fuck me. To use me and possess me with those intense, calculating eyes.

“Stay with me,” his rough voice growled, and my stomach fell to the floor.

“Yes,” I uttered, my breath so light it left my head swimming. His arms wrapped me up then, and he pushed us both back on the bed, pulling the white cotton around us. His leg thrown over mine, wrapped up in his arms, I fell asleep to the smoky scent that seemed to emanate from his neck, entering into a dreamland where real life fell away, and all that was real was him and I, here. Pure and unhurried, without a thought in the world. As I closed my eyes, I made my decision.

Tomorrow I would finally make it official.

I SAT IN A SILENT waiting area anxiety pressing in on me.

I fished my phone from my purse to check my messages in an effort to distract myself from the upcoming meeting. Hunter was usually up and checking in on me long before now. Realizing my phone was dead, I plugged it into the charger I kept tucked in my purse and waited for it to power on.

A barrage of messages from one demanding Hunter Ellis lit the screen up before my phone rang, echoing through the quiet room. “I’m sorry,” I whispered as I caught the disapproving glances before I answered the call.

“Hello,” I hummed, a smile in my voice.

“Where the fuck are you?”

“What? I left a note—” I stumbled, my brain failing to comprehend the harsh language he rarely used.

“And why was your phone off—are you okay?” The anger in his voice gave way to desperate urgency.

“I’m fine,” I whispered, still in shock. “I left a note on the coffee pot. I had errands to run, and I didn’t realize my battery had died until just now.”

“Fuck.” I heard him sigh on the other end. “I’m not even out of bed yet. I saw you were gone and thought the worst possible thing—wake me up next time. I’ll take you myself,” he finished, his voice weary.

“Okay,” I said softly, melting into his concern. “You’ve got a showing tonight; do you want me available?” I asked, referring to a showcase at a prestigious gallery.

“Yeah, definitely. Are you around today?” he said, and I felt the fight in his voice fading. Something deep down warmed and curled inside me. Maybe Hunter needed me as much as I did him.

“I’ve got a few things to do. What do you need?” I offered, my anger long gone.

“I just work better when you’re around,” he replied before a series of beeps echoed over the line. His burner phone. “Fuck. What now?” he grunted, and my brain landed on just one of the unanswered questions I had that surrounded him. But before I could give it half a thought, he said, “I’ve gotta go. Just…be careful, Erin.” And the line went dead.

Be careful? I frowned as I stuffed my phone into my bag and waited for my name to be called. I chewed on my bottom lip.

A secret. I knew Hunter had one; I felt it in my bones. I just couldn’t place my finger on it quite yet.

Until one thought occurred to me. With anxiety coiled in my gut, I rushed from the waiting area without concern for yet another missed appointment and stumbled into the bright sunlight, my mind swirling with the one idea I’d been dumb enough to overlook. Hunter had a girlfriend. Or worse, a wife.

“Fuck,” I mumbled and slouched onto the nearest bench as tears trailed down my cheeks.


I’D SLIPPED ON A sequined dress and added a few soft curls to my hair, and with an enticing floral scent emanating around me, I’d directed the driver to the address of the event I’d promised Hunter I would attend with him tonight. If it weren’t for my commitment to the job, I would have bailed and curled into the fetal position all night, my mind running away with the possibilities of Hunter’s secret. There was no other indication he was involved with someone else, and I would know, wouldn’t I? I was his PA, spent time in his home, in his

My muscles coiled as the cab slowed to a stop at the curb. I handed the driver a twenty and yanked at the hem of my dress as I ducked out of the cab and into the gallery, hoping Hunter was still here.

“Welcome.” A man nodded with a smile and passed me a glass of champagne.

“Thank you,” I murmured as I stepped into the tight space lined wall-to-wall with bodies. Women in designer gowns, men in modern suits with skinny ties and shiny, wing-tipped shoes. I turned to leave, prepared to drop the champagne back onto the waiter’s tray, when a warm hand snaked around my waist and a smoky scent curled around my nose. “I was wondering when I’d see you again.”

And just like that, my knees buckled. My head swam and my hand tightened on the glass of champagne so tightly I vaguely wondered if it would snap into fragments in my palms.

“You’re late,” Hunter murmured and swooped the glass from my hands, lifting it to his own lips and downing it before setting it on a tray. Butterflies rattled the cage of my stomach.

“I’m sorry.”

“I was worried. You should have called.”

“You could have called me,” I retorted, my mind still simmering with his secrets.

“I shouldn’t have to.” His dark greens boiled with something dangerous that had me nearly choking on the oxygen filling my lungs. “Let’s get out of here.” Hunter wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me from my thoughts, steering me around the maze of bodies, aiming for the doors I’d just entered.

“Where are we going?” I asked, hoping his anger was short-lived. He was a live wire, intense, but never unfair, though I still sensed that something lurked just below the surface. The way his eyes cut around the room as if he was always assessing, the wheel’s in constant motion. And then the second phone he always dismissed all else for.

“Dinner? They’ve been feeding me shit finger-foods for two hours. I want a fucking cheeseburger,” he growled and I burst into laughter, forgetting my anxiety and getting lost in his vibrant energy.

“Sounds perfect,” I grinned and squeezed my hand in his.

“Good.” He smiled back, then leaned in and placed a soft kiss on the apple of my cheek. “Glad you came, Erin.” He uttered the last words with his tone lowering just enough to have blood pulsing straight to my clit.

“Me too,” I whispered and was about to kiss his lips before he interjected.

“Can you walk in those things?” Hunter glanced down at my feet.

“Not really.” I frowned and cursed myself for forgoing the wedges I usually preferred.

“Then hop on.” Hunter turned and with his palms rasping my sensitive thighs, heaved me onto his back. I laughed and smacked at his shoulders, squealing for him to let me down but he held on tightly.

“Thank God you didn’t have far to go,” I laughed and smoothed the hem of my dress when he put me down a minute later outside of a local diner. The smell of frying foods filled my nostrils and left my stomach grumbling for carbs and protein.

“A Sam’s and two deluxe in the back!” Hunter called and held two fingers up to the oversized man behind the counter. He gave a slow nod as Hunter bee-lined for a corner booth covered in red vinyl, the table black and white checks with chipped corners.

“I love this place.” Hunter fiddled with a napkin at the table after unbuttoning the silky lapel of his suit.

BOOK: Blindsight: The Series (Complete Erotic Suspense STANDALONE)
5.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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