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Authors: Rodney C. Johnson

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Blue Knickers, A Spanking Short

BOOK: Blue Knickers, A Spanking Short
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Blue Knickers, A
Spanking Short


By Rodney C.




Copyright © July 2012
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Rodney C. Johnson
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Part 1. Dance The Night

Part 2. Car Trouble

Part 3. Peel'm Off

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Part 1. Dance
The Night Away


[Alicia Buckingham, Age: 19]

The mobile thrummed away in her purse, yet
Alicia ignored it, being that she was much too busy chatting up a
delicious stud of a guy. Little did she notice it had already
gotten to be fifteen minutes past her eleven o’clock weekday

Instead the brunette, her full breasts taut,
buxom beneath a snug, black long sleeved top, cut in such a way as
to reveal just the correct amount of cleavage, pushed against the
boy, who cupped one of her nicely contoured denim concealed

Alicia whispered into the boys ear, and then
walked with him, hand in hand onto the dance floor, her spike
heeled boots clacked with each stride of her long legs. Naughtily,
Alicia was quite conscious of the fact that her powder blue
knickers waistband peeped out from under the fitted jeans while she
writhed on the dance floor to the pounding music's steady beat. Her
guy even gave the elastic a teasing snap.

The song came to an end, and Alicia moved
back toward the table, where she could no longer disregard the
sound of her ringing mobile phone, which almost caused her small
purse to pulsate off the tabletop. Seeing the digits, Alicia
gasped, and quickly took the call. “Mum...” The response from her
irate mother made it rather clear to Alicia she was in trouble.
“Yes I'm sorry I'm late.” Lateness however wasn't Alicia's mum's
only concern. “Oh my God!” Said Alicia after her mum explained why
she had been calling all night. “I completely forgot. Mrs., and Mr.
Ashdown aren't too upset are they?” Like that matted, given her mum
seemed downright outraged, a fact which would end up costing Alicia
a great deal of soreness.

Alicia gazed around the club; bit her lower
lip, nervous, when she noticed everyone had begun to listen as her
mum frothed at her from over the phone. “I'm sorry – “ She pleaded,
almost tearing up. “OK Mum, I'll be home! No come on...” She
implored. “Please don't do that...” Alicia flushed, the delicious
guy who only moments before she had been rubbing against on the
dance floor overheard a good amount of what her mother planned for
her at home. “Alright – I know.” Stomping her heeled boot she said.
“Whatever, I was going to get caned for being late anyhow.” And
with that she hung up, grabbed her stuff to leave the club. Things
were already bad enough, no sense being even more late for her
engagement with the cane.





Part 2. Car


Alicia slammed her fist down on the steering
wheel, huffed, let out a low whimper as she pulled the sputtering
blue Vauxhall Astra off the road. “Bloody hell!” She screamed.
Outside rain cascaded off the Astra's windshield, which served only
to add more to her dreary mood.

Of course, right at the moment, her mobile
went off. “FUCK!”

Calming herself as best as she could, Alicia
answered her phone. “Hi mum,” she said sweetly. “Yes I know I'm not
home yet. No I will be, there's something wrong with the car. I
don't know, sounds like the engine.” Alicia didn't like the news
her mum just told her. “No! Do they really need to be there?
Please, can't this wait till tomorrow?” Alicia realized no matter
what, her mother was not about to be reasonable about all this.
Sure, she screwed up, blew off a babysitting appointment to go
club, technically she had forgotten in her haste to go to the
nightclub with her friends just after work that she'd been
scheduled to babysit, but really, did that thoughtless mistake call
for such drastic punishment?

Her mum had requested Daniel, and Lisa
Ashdown come to their flat so they could witness her being
punished. It simply was too much humiliation! Of course, that was
meant to be the point. Alicia had not fulfilled her responsibility,
and her mum wanted to be sure such a stupid mistake would ever
happen again.

Now, with the car breaking down, Alicia's
mother had become convinced that her irresponsible daughter was
doing all she could to put off returning home to bend for the cane.
Actually, Alicia agreed she should be disciplined, after all, she
should have remembered her promise to babysit for the Ashdowns, but
Alicia didn't really think they needed to be there to watch her
bare ass be striped by the yellow cane that her mum kept in the
hall closet.

A knock on her window caused Alicia to jump
in her seat. Her fright did not last long, as she realized it was a
patrol officer who spotted her car broke down on the roadside.

Miss, is there a problem?”

Yes officer. My car, I think it’s the engine
clunked out,” She demurely bit her lip, while batting her big blue
eyes. “I really need to be home.”

Out late.” The officer stated.

She found herself blushing, the patrolman
wasn’t that much older than her, and he was pretty good looking on
top of it. “I really shouldn't be,” she purred, somehow Alicia
always went into seductress mode. “My mum's expecting me home an
hour ago.”

The patrol officer didn't seem fazed by her
flirty eyes, or her abundant cleavage. Rather, he radioed into his
superior and returned to her window, said. “I'll tell you what.
We'll wait for the tow truck, and then I’ll be sure to escort you
home safely.”

Thank you.” Alicia managed even as all sorts of
embarrassing thoughts went through her head.

While they waited for the tow, Alicia began
to chat him up, such was her nature, and got his name. Greg Alban,
only twenty-one. Naturally Greg asked whatever had set Alicia's mum
off, and so she could not help but recount the whole sordid affair
to the good looking Constable... though being sure to leave off the
bit about going home to be caned for her mistakes.





Part 3. Peel'm


Greg, true to his word escorted Alicia to her
front door.

Well, this is it.” Alicia bit her lip; she
lingered beside the young patrol officer. All sorts of dreadful
thoughts crossed her mind. Any second now, her mum might open the
door, cane in hand, and truly embarrass her. “I'll just be going in
now.” She said hoping he'd go before things got awkward. Instead
Greg waited, expecting something.

I gather, you're in hot water for tonight.” Greg
said in an attempt to break the uneasy silence.

, she thought, but only answered:

So I was wondering – “

Yes Greg?” Alicia blushed

Might I have you're mobile number?”

Ah – Sure!” She smiled, and quickly scribbled it
inside his offered notepad.

Pleased, patrolman Greg Alban sauntered back
to his car, leaving Alicia starry eyed on her doorstep thinking of
how sweet he had been.

Missy you'd best get inside.”

Alicia turned to find her mum; a stern
expression creased her face at the open door.

Going on in, Alicia found a smallish audience
there awaiting the main event – her corporal punishment. Daniel,
and Lisa Ashdown, the young couple from next door who were new
parents of the newborn she had been expected to babysit waited
beside her father in the lounge. A quick glance, and Alicia noticed
that the flexible yellow cane rested on the plush, semicircular
white leather sofa.

Instantly Alicia turned focused on the
Ashdowns, as sincerely as she could, she attempted to apologize for
blowing them off. “I really should have been more mindful. My
friends just all wanted to go out to party a bit. That's no excuse
for what I did.”

Alicia,” Mr. Ashdown said. “We accept your
apology. Up until now you've been a very good babysitter. Your mum
told us however she thinks you deserve a reminder of how badly you
screwed up tonight, and I can't say I disagree.”

Resolved to the fact of her public
punishment, Alicia nodded.

OK then Missy, peel'm off.” Commanded Alicia’s

Alicia sat down on the sofa's edge, and
unzipped her spike heeled boots, which she pulled off to reveal
polished pink toe nails clad in smoky nylons. As she stood up, and
turned to face the couch, Alicia realized she had begun to tremble
ever so slightly. All eyes on her, Alicia unbuttoned her jeans,
fumbled with the zipper, but at last found the courage to push her
jeans down to her knees. Without need of further instruction
however she bent, hands placed firmly on the leather sofa, her
heart shaped, ass lifted in the air, wiggled in anxious

Thumbs in the waistband of her naughty
daughter's blue knickers, Alicia's mum pulled them slowly past the
smoky hold-up stocking tops, downward into the bunched up crumble
of denim fabric. Pleased that Alicia was now made ready, her mum
hefted the cane which stood nearby, and bent it in a full




Slash Alicia's mother brought the rod down

OUCH!” Alicia yelped.


Alicia's knees buckled, but she steadied
herself. Could see the Ashdowns, through her flood of tears did not
look away as her mum drumbeat her bare ass with the whippy rod.
Their presence added greatly to the humiliation, with each whack
Alicia knew her womanly regions were more fully on display.

Normal canings for Alicia were a solid six of
the best. Not this time, Alicia's mum wanted to be sure her
daughter had been well punished, so she thought this particular
error demanded a full dozen. Once Alicia's bared bottom had been
crisscrossed with a lattice of embossed red welts, she was sent to
the corner, jeans and blue knickers still bunched at her knees.





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BOOK: Blue Knickers, A Spanking Short
11.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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