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A vague melody interrupted her thoughts and he pulled away with a soft growl. “Your phone is beeping.”

“My what?” She tried to pull him back and he laughed, running a hand over her exposed shoulders.

“Your phone.”

Blushing, she scooted away from him and walked in her bare feet over to the big mahogany dining table. Fighting to get her phone out of the stupidly small purse, she pretended not to notice him grinning at her. “I, uh better make sure it’s not important.” What she was really trying to do was get some distance from him. His kisses undid her to the point where she was considering taking him right here in the bright lights. Kenny had always insisted on only making love in the dark. She secretly suspected it was because her body disgusted him.

With these dark thoughts in mind, she checked the text message an unfamiliar number had left on her phone.

Hello, my goddess. I wanted to make sure we are still on for tomorrow night. I’ll be waiting for you at Neiman Marcus at 5 p.m. Barney

The reminder that she had another date tomorrow night had the effect of a cold shower.

Carlos surprised the hell out of her when he said from over her shoulder, “I have something to show you.”

Her phone clattered to the table as she yelped and startled against him. Strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her close to his body. Feeling the thick bulge of his erection against her lower back, she went liquid and pliant. With a gentle hand, he moved her hair over and whispered into her ear, “You feel so good. Lush and soft like a woman should be.”

Pressing back into him, she stiffened as his hands slowly glided downward, skimming over the exposed skin of her chest. Giving her time to protest, he lowered his hands to the top curves of her breasts. If he didn’t touch her soon, she was going to scream.

Tracing the edge of the cloth with his fingertips, he dipped his hands fully down the front and cupped her breasts. Rough words in a foreign language stirred against her ear as he pressed into her. Looking down, she watched his dark hands work their way up to her aching nipples. Before he touched them, he slid his hands out and she whimpered.

“Come, I want to show you this before I lose control.” He tugged her over to picture covered in black cloth. Grabbing the edge of the material, he turned to look over his shoulder at her. “As you know, I’m a photographer.” She nodded and wondered what he was going to show her. “Do you remember the book that we both have in common?”

Unable to find a flippant remark, she just nodded instead. Of course she remembered the book. Every erotic image was seared into her memory. He licked his lower lip and his voice came out in a low growl that turned her on even more, if that was possible. “Some of my work is in that book.”

The dark cloth slid off the picture and she couldn’t hold back her gasp. Blood pounding in her ears, she stared at the picture of the whip coiled on a woman’s ass. Mouth open in shock, she looked from him to the picture. The implications of this revelation clanged around in her head, at once arousing her and alarming her. How could she possibly live up to his standards?

Concern filled his gaze. “I’m sorry. I truly didn’t mean to offend you, please—”

The hurt in his voice roused her enough to speak. “No, you didn’t offend me.” She stepped closer to the picture, admiring the play of light. “It’s beautiful.”

Il mio arrossendo violetta.
” He nuzzled against her cheek, drawing her close. “Would you like to play with me?”

Uncertainty, fear and desire all mixed together and had her hiding her face against his chest.

“If you are not ready—”

“It’s not that.”

His hand stroked her hair, smoothing it over her back and caressing her skin. “What is holding you back?”

The truth was too embarrassing to say out loud, she could barely think it. She was afraid of his disappointment when he saw her, in her lack of skills in the bedroom. The evening had been pretty much close to perfect, beyond anything she had dared hope for. She didn’t want to end it having to face his regret.

“Do you trust me?” His hands inched down her back, gently gathering her skirt to expose her bottom to the air before dropping the skirt back with a whisper of fabric that tickled against her overly sensitive skin.

Instead of answering, she nodded against his chest.

“I will never abuse that gift.” His fingers entwined with hers and he tipped her head up. “We need to talk before this goes any further.”

It was so hard to hold his gaze. His dark eyes were intense and serious, seeming to capture her in their depths. She felt as if he saw her more clearly than anyone ever had before. “Okay.”

“What are your limits?”

Those words, read a hundred times in her erotica novels but never uttered aloud, set out a chain reaction of desire that burned through her body. He must have noticed because he pressed his hips into hers and she felt the unmistakable bulge of his erection against the softness of her stomach. “Violet, I asked what your limits are and I expect an answer or we stop right now.”

He pulled his hips away and stepped back, leaving her illuminated in the spotlight that shone on the painting behind her. Her whole body felt energized, tingling, and she didn’t want that feeling to stop. The answer came quickly, not surprising considering how much she thought about BDSM when she was alone and fantasizing. “My hard limits are no blood, no burning, no defecation play and no humiliation.”

“Soft limits?” He moved around the open space while she considered what to say, turning off the lights until the only illumination was the fire burning in the hearth and the single spotlight trained on her.

She tried to squint past the glare, tried to see his reaction to her words. Her knees felt weak and wobbly, as if she had run up fifteen flights of stairs. Letting him know her soft limits was somehow more difficult than her hard. Hard limits were lines she would never cross, no matter what. Soft limits were lines that she might cross, given the right situation. Would he try to push her if she told him what her soft limits were? Should she be honest with him or add extra limits to her list just in case he pushed her too far?

His voice came like the snap of a whip from the darkness to her right. “On your knees.”

Warmth pooled between her legs and her panties were soaked with her arousal. As gracefully as she could, she sank to her knees. Recalling a favorite scene from one of her books, she spread her legs and placed her palms upright on her thighs. The dress hid her mound from him, but rode up high enough to make her self-conscious. Being like this brought a strange sense of calm and she found she could focus her scattered thoughts enough to answer him honestly. “Whipping, weighted clamps, public service and anal.”

“What are your must haves?”

She desperately tried to think of what he meant but couldn’t recall ever reading about that term. “My what?”

His voice was a low rumble as he moved behind her. She kept her gaze on the floor, unable to face the intimacy of looking at him. Everything was moving so fast, and she was almost grateful for that. If he gave her too much time to think, her practical side would have her running for the door. Her stomach clenched as she realized that when she was focused on him, answering his questions and following his directions, she had not once thought about how fat she must look in the bright lights or how badly the freckles on her chest and shoulders must stand out.

The warm press of his fingers against her throat made her shiver even though his touch was gentle. Trailing over her skin, his fingertips rested lightly on the banging pulse in the side of her neck. “What turns you on? What things do you require to come?”

“I-I—” She swallowed hard and knew he could feel it. “I don’t know,” she finished in a whisper.

“Have you ever done anything like this before?”

Mutely, she shook her head and clenched her hands into fists. Her lower lip trembled and she fought back the tears. Now it would come, the rejection she had been preparing herself for the moment she walked into the restaurant. He must have been willing to overlook the fact that she was pale and flabby because he believed that she was knowledgeable about the D/s lifestyle. She was so sure about his response that she tried to move away from his hand, ready to gather her things and leave with as much dignity as she could.

His fingers wrapped around her throat and he crouched down next to her, the solid press of his body a wall of heat at her back. “Did I tell you to move?”

To her disgust, her voice came out thick with unshed tears. “It’s okay, you don’t have to pretend—”

He fisted his free hand into her hair and tilted her head back. She had no choice but to close her eyes against the bright glare of the spotlight. That movement let free one of the tears she had been blinking back. To her astonishment she felt the warm rasp of his tongue licking the tear from her cheek. “I would never do anything I don’t want to do. Rest assured in that. I will always be honest with you and I expect the same courtesy in return.” He took a deep breath, his chest pressing against her back as he tilted her head back farther. “The thought of being the first one to fulfill your fantasies, to give you what you need is amazing. I look forward to helping you find what you’ve been looking for, and to watch you have multiple screaming orgasms.”

By the time he was done speaking she was panting and trembling in his grasp. If she wasn’t already kneeling she would have fallen to her knees long ago. This magnificent, handsome man wanted her! The idea was so hard to wrap her mind around that she simply gave up trying.

“If you choose to play with me I will expect you to honor me in all things. That means follow my directions, do what I ask of you, and trust me to lead you where you need to go. This beautiful body will be mine to play with however I chose. You may address me as Sir or Master. Do you understand?”

She tried to nod, but his grip on her throat prevented her from moving very much. Instead, she whispered, “Yes Sir.”

His hand around her neck vanished and he placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. “You smell like musk and honey. I can’t wait to make you melt on my tongue.”

His words felt like a hand stroking her soul, warming her from the inside out. The beat of her heart throbbed between her legs and she didn’t think she had ever been so turned-on in her entire life. He stood and pulled her up by her hair, not hard enough to hurt but enough so she felt as if he was in control of her. The tug of his hand had her tilting her head back again and this time his lips claimed hers in a kiss that was ruthless and demanding. She melted against him, giving him everything she had in a silent plea.

Chapter Four


The fierce smile on his face when he pulled back took what little strength she had left in her knees and she stumbled. To her astonishment, he scooped her up in his arms and carried her down the hallway. Her embarrassment was like a cold splash of water on her body as she imagined him complaining about her weight. His poor back must be ready to give out. At least that’s what Kenny said the one time he had to pick her up to carry her after she sprained her ankle while jogging with him.

And that was only with Kenny letting her lean on him. She couldn’t imagine how much Carlos was suffering having to hold all of her. Even if he didn’t show it. His arms didn’t tremble and his pace was strong and sure as he carried her. Pushing at his chest, she said, “I can walk.”

He stopped at once in the middle of the hallway and glared down at her. “What did you say?”

She crossed her arms over her chest and returned his glare, hoping to hide her embarrassment. “I said I can walk. You don’t have to carry me.”

Without another word he put her on her feet and she winced at the darkness of his eyes. She used to think brown eyes were flat, one-dimensional. Not his. They went from a warm, honey brown to almost black when he was aroused. Grabbing both of her hands in his he turned her to face the wall and placed her palms flat against the cool white paint. The light from the living room barely illuminated the hallway, but she could see the edge of his pants brushing against her calves.

With one deft movement, he kicked her legs apart until she stood spread-eagle against the wall. The answering rush of moisture from her pussy showed her body’s approval even as her mind tried to figure out what was going on, and if she liked it.

“I carried you because I wanted to carry you. You feel good in my arms and I enjoy having all that softness pressed up against me.” His voice came from her other side as his fingertips trailed down her bare back, stopping at the edge of her dress. Goose bumps followed the wake of his touch until it felt as if every hair on her body was standing on end. “Your body is mine to play with, however I choose. But you must be punished for forgetting the most basic rule.”

Fighting the urge to turn and face him, she said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, please—”

The cool air of the hallway hitting her bare ass shocked her into silence even as his growl rumbled against her back. She was glad she decided to wear one of the few thongs she owned, at least the black silk and lace looked pretty against her big bottom. “You have a beautiful ass, Violet. Plush and round, just waiting for my pleasure. Now I’m going to turn that pretty ass pink. Forget to call me Sir or Master again and I’ll turn it red.”

Gripping her hands into fists, she silently berated herself. How could she have forgotten to call him Sir! It was the most basic, the most fundamental command and she had screwed it up. Some sub she was turning out to be. She should have never pretended to be one. Obviously she had no idea how to even do that right.

Her worries trailed away until her entire being was focused on the man at her back, waiting for the first blow to fall. How would he hit her? Would it be hard or soft? What if she didn’t like it? Did she dare use her safe word over something as little as a spanking? The smack took her by surprise even as she anticipated it coming. Sharp and stinging, the pain settled into the throb between her legs and she moaned.

Spreading her legs wider, he took a deep breath. “I can smell your arousal.”

A moment later another slap stung her, low on her bottom. Not particularly hard, his spanks had her jerking against the wall nonetheless. Here she was, a grown woman, being spanked by an amazingly handsome man like a naughty girl. Pressing back into his hand, she made a guttural sound deep in her throat as he took the edge of her thong and pulled it up tight, pressing the cloth against her aching pussy and tender clit.

Arching her back, she silently pleaded with him to touch her. His fingers moved her hair over one shoulder and pulled at the bow holding her dress in place. With one hard tug he undid the top and the dress puddled around her hips. He lowered her hands and turned her around slowly. Her heart hammered in her chest as she stole a glance at him through her lashes. His dark gaze was so focused, so intent it made her nipples harden further until they ached.

“Beautiful breasts,” her murmured before brushing the back of his hand over her tight buds. “Nice, big pink areolas and your nipples are so hard.”

He gave her left nipple a flick and she jumped in response. Making a pleased sound deep in his throat, he bent down and lifted her breasts, cupping them in his hands and testing their weight. The hot brush of his lips against her nipple had her clutching at the back of his head. When he took one stiff peak into his mouth she nearly screamed.

Deep and hard, he sucked on her breast until each pull felt as if it were connected to her clit. He released one breast and moved to the other, his hands kneading her with a restless intensity. She watched him, mesmerized by the sight of his dark lips working against her pale flesh, drowning in the sensations he was drawing from her body. She’d never felt anything close to this with any of her previous boyfriends. Sex had always been pleasant, something akin to taking a warm bath. This was like taking a shower in Niagara Falls.

For as long as she’d had boyfriends they’d always been interested in her large breasts, pawing at them every chance they got. She had never particularly enjoyed breast play, but pretended that she did in order to please them. This was different. The scrape of his teeth, the burning sting of his bite notched her arousal up until she was grinding herself against him. He let her nipple go with one last lick and pulled back. “There now, that’s a pretty picture.”

He cupped a breast in each hand and rubbed his thumbs over her swollen nipples. They were almost twice as long as normal and extremely sensitive to every brush of his finger. “Could you have taken harder play?”

She nodded and he made a clucking sound. “Tell me.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Yes Sir what?”

She looked up and met his eyes, silently pleading with him to not make her say it. His cold smile did nothing to alleviate her discomfort and he arched a brow, waiting. The warm burn of her ass reminded her of the limit to his patience and she forced the words out. “I could have taken more, Sir.”

The sharp pinch of his fingers on her stiff nipple had her gasping. It felt so good, the pain mixing in with the pleasure. The knowledge that what she was feeling, how she was responding aroused him made her relax into his touch. All of his passion was there in his dark gaze. He didn’t need to tell her, she could feel how much he wanted her. She was focused on him like she had never been focused on anyone before. His pinch tightened until she was moaning and struggling away from his hand. When he released her nipple, the throb had her rubbing her pussy against his thigh in a desperate attempt to gain relief.

His hands slid down her sides, tugging the dress until it pooled around her feet. He kicked her legs apart again and tossed the dress down the hallway. The light glinted off his dark hair as he crouched in front of her, his face level with the dark square of cloth covering her mound.

“Ahh, Violet. I can see your cream glistening on your thighs. It pleases me to see how much you’re enjoying yourself.”

Unsure if she should speak or not, she twitched her hips as his breath blew across her inner thigh, cooling the telltale wetness there. If he didn’t do something soon she was going to go crazy. As it was all she could think about was his mouth moving just an inch forward, soothing her ache. Hell, all he had to do was blow on her the right way and she would come.

“Do you want me to taste you, Violet? Do you want to show me that beautiful pussy of yours?”

Making a strangled sound she nodded and shivered as he ran his nails down her thighs.

“I didn’t hear you.”

Damn him, he was going to make her talk about it again. Why couldn’t he just take care of her? It usually took her a long time to even get close to the point of climax, and now she trembled on the brink and it was torture. “Please, Sir, put your mouth on me.”

“Show me where you want my mouth, Violet.”

Blushing furiously, she edged over the soaking strip of black fabric. His deep exhale was warm against her and she shifted her hips. The skin around her clit was soft and smooth from her bikini wax that Bethany insisted on giving her. Every bit of hair was gone except for the small strip of auburn curls directly in the center of her mound. At the time she had been mortified, but now she just hoped he liked it.

“Fucking beautiful.” He placed one long lick from the bottom of her slit all the way to the top, stopping just short of her clit. The groan of frustration escaped from her throat before she could stop it and he chuckled. “Tastes like honey. Show me where you want my mouth, Violet,” he repeated.

Amazingly, the embarrassment she should have felt was missing. She guessed that her mind and body could only handle so much emotion at once, and every part of her being was devoted to her desire at the moment. Holding apart her wet labia with both hands, she displayed her clit peeking out of its hood for him.

“Good girl,” he growled a moment before his tongue gave her a swipe that had her eyes rolling back in her head.

“Do not move,” he said in a cold voice before licking in slow circles around her clit. He would lick up one side, then down the other, catching the edge of her hood but never where she needed it the most. Her pussy really did ache now. Not just a dull throb or a swollen feeling, but an actual ache. His hands reached behind and held on to her ass, pressing into the sore flesh and reawakening the burn.

He pulled back and left her standing there, still holding herself open for his gaze. She was hardly aware of the pleading sounds she was making. If she moved her hand just a little bit she could rub herself and would orgasm in seconds. That thought quickly fled her mind as he eased his zipper down and pulled his erection out of his pants. Thick, with a wide head and a slight upward curve, his cock seemed like the answer to her prayers. He squeezed the base and a little drop of pre-cum formed at the tip and glistened in the subdued lighting.

Licking his lips, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a condom. “On your hands and knees, my blushing Violet.”

She was on her knees with her ass facing him before he had a chance to open the condom. Spreading her legs wide, she arched her back and offered herself to him. Later she would burn with mortification at the thought of how eager she had been, but right now she would do anything to have him inside her.

Positioning himself behind her, he wrapped his fist in her hair and pulled her up until she was arched uncomfortably, balancing on the tips of her fingers. “I love your hair. It’s like holding a handful of silken fire.”

He rubbed his cock between her legs and she bucked against his grip, trying to shift her hips and fit him inside where she hurt the most. More teasing strokes through her slick folds until she began to make a sound that was somewhere between pleading and a scream of frustration.

His grip tightened and he pulled his hips back, leaving her cold and empty for a heartbreaking eternity before slamming into her with such force that she fought against his hold on her hair. Too big, he was too big to fit inside her. The brutal width of his cock shoved into her body, seeming to open a path where there wasn’t one before. He pressed her face down to the carpet using her hair as a handle but left her bottom up in the air. This angle was a little better but she still felt stuffed full of cock. He stretched her, pushing more and more until she was panting. When he was fully seated inside her, he reached beneath the curve of her hips and began to circle her clit.

Just like that too much became just enough as her arousal shot back up to the unbearable level. He must have sensed the change because he began to move, short jerks of his hips that sent sparks racing through her blood. “So fucking hot. Your pussy is perfect.”

She moaned in response, spread wide open as he began to move inside her in earnest. The pressure built and built until her body buzzed with endorphins and energy. Giving her clit a hard pinch he said, “Come for me.”

The keening moan seemed to start deep in her stomach and force its way out of her throat as she trembled on the edge of her orgasm. One more pinch on her swollen clit and the world flashed white before her pounding heart obliterated every other noise. The contractions ripped through her and he had to hold on to her hips with both hands as she bucked beneath him. So good, he moved in time with the ripples of her body until she couldn’t stand it. He just kept drawing her orgasm out. She thought she was done then he would move inside her and another tensing and releasing of her inner muscles would have her fisting her hands against the carpet.

Holding her hips so tight she couldn’t move, he made this raw, sexy noise deep in his throat and slammed into her so deep she could feel the crisp hairs of his pubic area pressing against her bottom. The small pulses of his cock jerking inside her as he ograsmed felt like heaven. She floated in bliss, her body rewarding her with a numbing pleasure that reduced her to a puddle of twitching nerves.

They both groaned when he pulled out and all she could do was curl onto her side on the carpet and try to remember how to breathe. A few minutes later he came back and scooped her up into his arms, carrying her back to the fire. After laying her down in front of the embers, he pulled a burnished gold blanket off the back of the couch and tucked it around her.

BOOK: Blushing Violet
2.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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