Body Rocks [The Andersons 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)

BOOK: Body Rocks [The Andersons 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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The Andersons 3

Body Rocks

A victim of attempted sexual assault, Samantha Anderson is understandably wary of men. Then Daniel Ferris, a close family friend, arrives in her hometown of Silver Creek, Montana.

Daniel hasn’t seen Samantha for three years. When he turns up on her doorstep, he is totally blown away. With knowledge of the attack, he is happy for Samantha to set the pace in their ensuing red-hot relationship.

One sizzling kiss from Daniel is all it takes for Samantha to realize that this gorgeous man is for keeps. She knows Daniel will never lie to her or keep secrets. She can trust him with her heart. And her virginity.

But Daniel does have a secret. To reveal it, he believes, spells disaster for their relationship. Will keeping his mouth buttoned rip their love apart, or will the shock appearance of his long-dead half brother, Sam Carrick, do it for him?


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The Andersons 3






Marie Jermy










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The Andersons 3



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Chapter 1


Standing before the cheery-yellow painted front door, Daniel Ferris silently cursed himself for not being more presentable, gave his T-shirt and jeans a quick dust down, then raised his hand to knock. The door, however, was suddenly thrown open, and he was almost bowled over by the enthusiastic greeting made by the short, slim, fifty-six-year-old firecracker of a woman that was his godmother, Jess Anderson.

“Daniel! It’s about time you damn well visited—”

She abruptly stopped, and Daniel knew why. Sweeping her up into his arms, he gave her a huge bear hug. Just like his mother, Scarlett, Jess was as light as a feather. His mother and Jess were not related, but a twenty-seven year friendship, and one that would probably last as long as they lived, saw them as close as sisters. “I know about Sam,” he murmured softly against her hair. She pulled away slightly, nodded, and then peppered his face with affectionate kisses. He laughed and tilted his head back so he could speak. “Since I was in the neighborhood, I thought it was the least I could do.”

“In the neighborhood? Daniel, I hardly call sticking your head in the San Andreas Fault to see what color the soil is as being in the neighborhood.”

Daniel was a geologist with an interest in seismology. He again laughed and set Jess down. “I’ve been in Yellowstone, sticking my head in a geyser.” He followed her inside and glanced around. His gaze immediately fell upon the mantel above the stone fireplace. There was no trace of what he was looking for amongst the many birthday cards. Three decades ago, his half brother, Sam Carrick, who was thirty-two years his senior, and his godmother, Jess, had been detectives for the LAPD. They’d been partners and lovers, too, and the photograph taken of them together was gone. “Where is it?” he asked, knowing she knew exactly what he referred to.

“I’ve put it away. It was time. Way past time.” Jess joined him and tenderly mapped his face with her fingers. “You look so much like him.”

“It can’t be easy for you to look at me and not see him instead. Even after all these years.”

She shrugged, and her hands fell to her sides. “It couldn’t have been easy for you to find out that Sam’s your half brother, either.”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Daniel released a pent-up breath. “I think I’ve always known. Sam and Dad looked alike, too. And Dad always ignored that photo whenever we visited for the holidays. I knew something was up. I put two and two together but didn’t make four until Christmastime when Dad revealed all.” A thought occurred to him. “Do—”

“No, they don’t,” Jess interjected, anticipating that Daniel wanted to know if she and her husband, Ross, had told their children, Ross Junior, Matt, Ramona, and Samantha. “We haven’t said anything. Not going to, either.” Her voice turned as solemn as he’d ever heard it. “You now know of your father’s criminal past. And you know it’s not something he’s particularly proud of. When Ray saved my life, Ross and I made a promise to him never to reveal his crimes. Since Sam was part of your father’s past…Well, the same promise stood.” She sighed deeply, almost wistful. “We tried to reason with Ray about that. We couldn’t understand his logic. But he wouldn’t be swayed. Ross and I have never broken our promise, Daniel. Nor will we. Of course, you and Jessica had a right to know. Sam is part of your family, after all. I was glad when your father told you. I don’t know why he waited so long, really. Perhaps he was pushed into it?”

Daniel smiled at the not-so-subtle hint for more information. He didn’t know why, though. His godmother probably knew every little detail. “Yeah, he was pushed. Jessica found that photo of you and Sam in our attic, and she wanted to know about it. I think if she hadn’t found it, Dad would have remained quiet and we’d be none the wiser.

Jess’s lips curled into a knowing smile. “More than likely. Ray is as stubborn as a mule. Anyway, like I said, I’m glad that you and Jessica know. As for my children, I don’t think they need to know. It’s got nothing to do with them. The past is the past, and in their case, it should stay that way.”

Daniel nodded, though not in understanding. Considering how open and honest his godparents were, he thought their reasoning for remaining silent strange. He sensed trouble ahead. Sam Carrick’s photo had been part of the Anderson mantel for as long as Daniel could remember. Now that it was gone, it wouldn’t take long for somebody to notice. And though he lived in New York, Daniel had a feeling that Ross Junior would be the first. That’s if he hadn’t already done so. He knew Ross Junior had been home visiting when Samantha was attacked. For some reason, Ross Junior harbored an intense dislike toward Carrick, even though the man died thirty years ago, before Ross was even born.

“I know you can’t speak for your sister, but I don’t want you saying anything either,” Jess added.

The steely edge behind the soft tone was difficult to ignore. Definitely trouble ahead. In fact, the more Daniel thought about it, the more he knew his godmother was wrong. However, since Jess had respected his father’s wishes to remain quiet, it was only right that he should do the same. The only problem he could see was the similarities between him and Sam. That wasn’t his fault, though. He couldn’t help being almost identical in looks to his half brother, now could he? Like their father, they even shared the same gold-flecked blue eyes. But then again, so did his sister, Jessica.

Jessica had also already told him their family secret was safe with her. She’d been adamant when she’d said that no matter how far she was pushed, even if it was Ross Junior doing the pushing, she wouldn’t be revealing it. Daniel inwardly grimaced. Jessica would more than likely be a pushover, now that she and Ross Junior were an item.

“Jessica won’t say anything,” Daniel assured his godmother. It wasn’t exactly a lie. He just hoped that if his sister did say something, that one, there was a damned good reason for it, and two, that Ross Junior kept it to himself. He’d hate to see the Andersons and Ferrises falling out over something nobody could do anything about. In one respect, Jess was right, the past was the past. No amount of arguments was going to bring Sam back. He was dead. End of story.

“And neither will I,” Daniel added. He then changed the subject. “So, apart from Ross Junior, who I know has become a quick study in geology by getting his rocks off with my sister back in New York, where are the rest of the Anderson clan?”

Jess smiled at his comment, which was neither said out of spite nor with embarrassment. “Mona and Sammy are out back helping Ross in the garden. And Matt’s on duty.”

He placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Dad told me about what happened with Sammy. How is she?”

“Considering Raven’s been posted bail and is living a half mile away, she’s coping remarkably well.”

“Posted bail?” he choked, incredulous. “Fucking hell— Ah, sorry.”

“Don’t be. I used words far stronger than that.”

Daniel didn’t doubt it. He knew his godmother could curse a blue streak to rival that of his father’s. “So, Raven’s living with his parents?” he mused, narrowing his eyes and stroking his chin in an over-the-top, fiendish way. “Hmm, maybe it’s time I told the Ravens about the volcano under their house. In the interest of their safety, it might be wise for them to move out.”

BOOK: Body Rocks [The Andersons 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)
12.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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