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The Dining Club
Part Two
Marina Anderson

New York   Boston

Chapter One

Once she’d made her decision, a clearly delighted David suggested that he should show her round the Dining Club, and introduce her to some of the people who worked there. Walking down the long, curved staircase they found Andrew in the hallway, filling in some forms. He smiled at them.

“Having a look round?”

Grace couldn’t help noticing the way his T-shirt clung to his chest, showing very well-defined muscles. Combined with his overall build and dark floppy hair he would have made the perfect Stanley in
A Streetcar Named Desire
she thought to herself, her mind switching into work mode for a moment. She imagined he was very popular with women, and his quiet charm was intriguingly at odds with his physical appearance.

“Yes, Grace wanted to meet some of the people here before this evening, didn’t you darling?” said David, looking across at her.

“Yes,” she said hastily, aware that daydreaming about Andrew wasn’t something she should be doing right now.

“You’ll find everyone is very friendly,” he assured her. “Very friendly indeed,” he added, as his eyes swept over her.

“That’s a relief,” she said with a nervous laugh.

“Well, I’m sure you’ve got a lot to do, so we’ll go and meet the twins,” said David, sounding less than pleased with the friendliness of Andrew.

“I look forward to seeing you at dinner,” said Andrew, as David hurried Grace along a narrow passageway with concealed lighting set all along the sidewalls, as well as in the low ceiling. At the end was a white painted door, which he opened before stepping aside to let her through.

A soft gray carpet covered the center of the floor, with bleached wood around the sides. The walls were a pale coffee color, the long soft sofa a darker shade of coffee with chocolate-colored cushions. Several very large chairs had been placed around the remaining perimeter, all matching the sofa. One entire side of the room was made up of windows from floor to ceiling, and gray curtains that matched the carpet were drawn back at the sides.

Through the windows Grace could see a part of the garden that had been invisible from their suite. It was a secluded walled area, with sunbeds around a small pond, which had a decorative fountain in the middle.

“Why don’t you sit down,” said David, gesturing toward the long sofa, which was unoccupied.

Grace did and, seeing the other women in the room wished fervently that she’d worn something a little more formal than her black boot-cut jeans and coral-colored V-neck top. Sitting in a chair opposite her, arms wrapped round each other like small children, were two very young, blonde women, who were clearly the twins that David had mentioned.

One of them was wearing a halter neck sleeveless turquoise dress that finished halfway down her thighs and had beading below her breasts, while the other was in a similar dress but in a very pale pink. It was strapless and longer than her twin’s, although to compensate it had a thigh-length split down the left side.

“Grace, meet the twins, Amy and Laura,” said David with a smile. “Amy will be sharing our table at dinner tonight, isn’t that right, Amy?”

Amy nodded, but her attention was on her twin and Grace saw that she was stroking the top of Laura’s slim, tanned thigh, letting her long, beautifully manicured nails scratch lightly on the skin. Laura, who had opened her eyes just long enough to look at Grace, had now closed them again, and the only movement she made was the occasional wriggle.

“Say hello to my guest,” said David sharply. “I don’t like rudeness, Amy, as I may have to help you remember later this evening.”

Amy’s eyes flew open and she smiled sweetly at Grace. “Hello, Grace. It’s lovely to meet you.” She then looked to David for approval.

“Laura?” he said smoothly, apparently unaware that she was shuddering in the chair as a result of her twin’s attentions. She struggled to open her eyes, but managed it eventually. “Hello, Grace, I hope you like the Club,” she gasped and, like her twin she then looked at David for approval.

“That’s better, girls,” he remarked, finally sitting down next to Grace. “The twins have been working here for almost a year now,” he explained to her. “They’ve still got a lot to learn, but they’re quick and as you can see they know how to enjoy themselves in their spare time!”

One of them, Grace wasn’t sure which, giggled but the other didn’t. Instead she studied Grace thoughtfully. “Jeans aren’t allowed here,” she said at last.

“Don’t be silly, Laura,” said Andrew, walking in through the door. “Grace doesn’t work here; she’s a guest. Only members and staff have to follow the rules. Visitors are free to wear what they like. Hope you like your suite,” he added, smiling at Grace. “I forgot to ask just now.”

His smile was friendly, his tone relaxed and cheerful, and Grace realized that she really liked him. She thought he was probably a couple of years younger than David, maybe twenty-eight or twenty-nine, and he had a boyish charm about him that was very endearing.

“It’s a beautiful suite,” she replied. “I might copy it to use in one of my plays sometime.”

“Let’s hope your budget is a large one then,” said David dryly.

“Is there anything you wanted, anything we’d forgotten?” Andrew continued.

“I thought you said you were busy,” remarked David, and although his voice was smooth Grace thought he looked tense, and not particularly pleased to see Andrew again so soon.

“I found I’d finished. David, do you fancy a swim?”

David smiled, and relaxed again. “Great idea! You’ll be fine with the twins for company, won’t you Grace?”

Taken by surprise, Grace didn’t feel she could object without sounding rude, although the twins’ behavior made her feel distinctly uncomfortable. “Of course,” she said, hoping she sounded more cheerful than she felt at the prospect.

“Good, see you later then. We won’t be long.”

“I’ll take good care of him,” promised Andrew, smiling at Grace again.

As the door closed behind the two men, the twins disentangled themselves and sat bolt upright, side by side on the one chair, their heads tilted as they surveyed Grace with interest.

“Are you here for dinner tonight?” asked one of them. Grace nodded.

“As David’s guest?”

She nodded again.

“You must be special,” said the other twin. “He’s only ever brought two other people in all the time the Club has been open.”

“And we’ve only seen one of those,” they chimed in unison.

“I’m afraid I can’t tell which of you is which,” apologized Grace as she digested this interesting piece of information.

“I’m Laura,” said the one in the pink dress. “I’ve got bigger breasts than Amy.”

Grace couldn’t help but smile. “I’ll take your word for it!”

The twins looked at each other in surprise.

“You don’t have to do that!” they said in unison. “We’re meant to entertain you while the men are talking business. You can find out for yourself.” With that, Laura peeled down the top of her dress so that her large, creamy white breasts were fully exposed. Amy quickly unfastened the clip at the back of the halter neck on her dress and let the top half fall forward so that her breasts were on show as well. Then they got up and came across the room to join Grace.

“Move over,” said Laura. “You can sit in the middle of us. I was telling the truth wasn’t I? My breasts are bigger.”

Grace was so shocked she didn’t know how to react. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. It was like a bad dream, except she knew she wasn’t going to escape by waking up.

She was now sandwiched between the twins, who were both naked to the waist, and clearly expecting her to comment on their exposed breasts. She tried to speak, but her mouth had gone dry and it took her a few minutes to form the words.

“Yes, they probably are,” she agreed at last. “You’re both very slim apart from that though,” she added, anxious not to hurt their feelings.

“You’re meant to feel them,” laughed Laura. “Don’t be shy. This isn’t a club for shy people!”

“Shut up!” said Amy. “She’s only just arrived. She doesn’t know…”

“Sorry,” apologized Laura. “Do feel though. I love having my breasts touched, and it’s so long to wait until tonight.”

“Tonight?” queried Grace.

“You are so dumb, Laura,” said her twin. “You’re lucky David isn’t here. He’d be seriously annoyed with you.”

“Just cup my breasts,” continued Laura, ignoring her twin. “They’re double G, and totally natural,” she added proudly.

Grace knew that she had to react, had to take part in what appeared to be nothing more than mild fun for the twins, because clearly what lay ahead that evening was going to be much more of a challenge than this. As Laura pushed her upper torso toward her, she reached out one tentative hand.

“Not like that,” murmured Amy softly. “You must look more confident.”

Grace opened her mouth to say that she didn’t feel confident.

“She likes this,” whispered Amy, putting a hand beneath one of her twin’s breasts. “Try, Grace, you have to try.”

With trembling hands, Grace cupped each of the large, soft globes in her hands and then lifted them slightly.

Laura sighed luxuriously. “You can play with them.”

Grace shook her head and went to get up. She just couldn’t do it.

On the other side of her, Amy drew nearer and pushed a section of Grace’s long, chestnut brown hair behind her left ear. Then, under the pretext of stroking the hair she whispered “There’s a camera in here, and we’re being filmed as part of your first test.”

Grace froze in mid-movement. She wanted to jump off the sofa and run out of the house, to escape now, before even worse things were demanded of her. But then she thought of David’s words urging her to trust him, to do whatever was asked of her for both of them, and she knew that she had to go ahead. If she wanted David to love her, and stay with her, which she did, then she had no choice. As Laura whimpered and wriggled she concentrated her mind on David, and releasing one of the breasts she lightly teased the nipple, rolling it between her thumb and index finger until it grew rigid.

Laura arched her back and moaned softly, while Amy continued to play with Grace’s hair. “She’d like you to lick it now,” she whispered.

Grace started to draw back. “If you want to pass this weekend, just do it!” hissed Amy.

Looking down at the swollen globe resting in her hand, Grace realized to her astonishment that she herself was becoming excited, so she lowered her head and flicked her tongue lightly across the taut nipple.

“Perfect,” groaned Laura.

It was then that Grace remembered what David had done to her in her flat a week earlier, and without further thought she closed her teeth around the tender, tight bud and nipped it, before swirling her tongue around the reddening tip.

“Oh yes!” exclaimed Laura, and her whole body shook as she climaxed.

“You’re not meant to let visitors give you orgasms until tonight,” said Amy smugly.

Laura’s left hand flew to her mouth. “I forgot, but that was such bliss I couldn’t help myself anyway.” Pulling up the top of her dress she looked at Grace admiringly. “You’re good for a beginner,” she admitted. “Very good.”

Grace was trembling herself, and her own breasts felt tight and needy. Next to her, Amy laughed softly.

“You had fun then, didn’t you? I think David has got it right this time. I wish I was joining you after dinner. It will be seriously interesting!”

“Is this what it’s like?” asked Grace.

The twins got off the sofa and returned to their armchair, where once again they sat entwined, only now their fingers were still and rather than touching each other they were content to sit and study Grace.

“We’re not allowed to say,” said Amy. “What do you do in the real world?” she asked politely.

BOOK: Bound
8.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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