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The second her feet were over the threshold, he slammed the door shut.

Less than a breath later Loukas started crying, the shrill sound carrying through the house. “Great. Just fucking great,” Peter groaned.

He righted his clothing, and saw that Kelly had actually ripped the metal teeth off the fly of his pants and he was also missing a few buttons from his shirt.

Stomping up the stairs, Peter couldn’t even look at the guest room where Luka was staying. He just passed the closed door and went straight to the room that he had turned into a nursery for Loukas, which was adjoined to his own via a bathroom.

Loukas had worked himself into a proper fuss, with fat tears rolling down little red cheeks. “I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to wake you up. How about we have a little bounce, huh? With Parrot?”

Picking up the slightly-damp toy, he held Loukas to his chest, bent his knees and rose, bouncing them a little. He did it a couple of times, talking to Loukas while he did it, and soon the tears were gone and his baby boy started to drift back off to sleep. “You’re such a good boy for daddy. At least I can count on you not to treat me like I’m the bad guy. Daddy loves you more than anything else in the world.”

When Loukas snuggled into his chest, Peter figured they could both do with some cuddle time. He sat in the chair next to the crib and got comfortable, laying his son on his chest and stretching his legs out.

Just being around Loukas calmed him down and relaxed him as he rubbed circles on Loukas’s back. But his mind still stuttered over Kelly’s accusation.


Was that what he was? Was he a different person from who he was when he woke up yesterday?

He didn’t think so, but Luka had turned everything upside down and Peter didn’t know the inside of his own head anymore.

“What’s daddy going to do, huh? You got any suggestions, Parrot?” Looking into the face of the toy Loukas clung to, Peter was reasonably sure he’d finally lost it. “I’m talking to a toy parrot with an eye-patch and a fluffy wooden leg. Suttcliff, you are a mess,” he told himself.

Peter didn’t know how long he sat there while Loukas slept, but by the time Loukas woke up ready for a diaper change and a feed he was no closer to figuring out this mess.

Luka avoided him for most of the day, holding out in the guest room until Peter couldn’t take it anymore. He had no idea what he was going to do, but he wasn’t going to let Luka blame him for something without having the facts. They were not in a relationship, and the man had no right to give him the cold shoulder for what happened with Kelly. Even if he
slept with her, or accepted her crazed advances, Luka was the one who had pulled away from their kiss.

But he had also come down to apologize, but caught him in the middle of an admittedly very compromising position.

Peter didn’t have to think anymore. They were going to sort this out, one way or the other. Loukas was down for another nap, to make up for the late night and the game of tickle-monster they’d played, so if he wanted to have it out with his old friend then now was the time to do it—before his son figured out he’d been tricked into going to sleep twice today.

The talk shows on late-night TV all said that sometimes you needed to take a leap of faith.

And they were qualified people to take advice from. “Yeah right,” he snorted at himself.

Walking up the stairs, Peter went through all the plans from bursting in and demanding Luka listen to him to calmly making a spreadsheet of why they should give whatever was between them a shot.

At the guestroom door he still hadn’t decided on a plan, and he hesitated as his hand gripped the handle. Peter took one more breath, then twisted the knob and entered the room.

He’d expected Luka to be sitting down or drying off in the en suite from the shower. Instead he found Luka laying spread out, naked, on his back on the bed, fisting a large, hard cock.

“Holy fuck,” he whispered, totally shocked and flustered.

Luka must have heard him come in, as his eyes shot open and he scrambled to sit up and cover the erection he’d just been pumping. “Peter!”

“I, umm, I’m sorry. I came up here to-”

To what? He honestly couldn’t remember, and his knees wobbled as he continued to look at Luka’s naked body. From what he could see Luka was smooth all over too, not a hair anywhere on his body but his head.

“Look, it was my fault downstairs. I just broke up with my boyfriend, and saw meeting up with you as a sign. I kissed you, and then she came over, and you clearly wanted her. But I swear, I know you’re straight, and I won’t try anything again,” Luka interrupted, sounding worried and stressed.

None of it registered that much. Peter was still mesmerized by the sight of Luka stroking himself. He wanted to see more.


“It wasn’t what it looked like with Kelly. I don’t want her, Luka,” Peter forced out, slowly edging closer to the bed, and he met Luka’s eyes.

Luka had always been able to read him when they were younger, but clearly the time apart had compromised that since Luka just stared at him, clearly wanting him to say more. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing that he wasn’t an open book now, but it meant he’d have to put into words what he wanted when he wasn’t sure what that was. He just… wanted.

“I’m straight. I’ve never looked at a man in a sexual way…” Luka was nodding along with everything he was saying, but Peter could see a note of sadness in Luka.

He reached the bed and climbed onto it. When his knees touched Luka’s, he stopped. “Peter, what…?”

“At least, that was all true until we kissed. Even before I knew who you were, I was attracted to you—and when I did know it was you, I still wanted you. That kiss was powerful. I’ve never felt that just from a kiss before,” he said quietly as he leaned forward.

Luka hadn’t moved, and was still staring at him as if he’d lost his mind.

Closing the slight distance, Peter bent to kiss Luka—but Luka leaned back at the last minute and shook his head. “You can’t just decide not to be straight, Peter. It doesn’t work like that. You were kissing that woman.”

Now that he’d made up his mind, Peter knew how he wanted this to end. And that was with both of them naked and sweaty. “It can if it feels right. I want to feel you, and see you, and learn how to please you. And that woman won’t be coming back. I didn’t want her here to start with, but in a crazy way she did me a favor. All I wanted when she was kissing and groping me was to be with you.”

This time, when he tried to kiss the man, Luka didn’t stop him.

Curling his hands around Luka’s rounded shoulders, he slid them down until he reached Luka’s wrists. He lifted Luka’s arms and brought them around him.

Luka caught on and pulled him close, arms holding him tightly—but it wasn’t exactly how Peter had thought it would be. The arms around him tightened, and he yelped in surprise.

“I think you like how strong I am,” Luka teased, rubbing his lips over Peter’s neck.

Suddenly his hands were grabbed and he couldn’t move. The tiny flutter of fear and nervousness he’d felt downstairs came rushing back in full force. He could feel Luka’s strength—and he loved it.

“No comment,” he gasped as Luka tightened his hold.

Peter yelped when Luka’s hips shoved upwards, grinding against him. If he’d been aroused earlier, he was close to begging now. Luka pulled him up and rearranged him so he was straddling Luka.

He could honestly say this was never a position he’d found himself in before in the bedroom, but he liked it. He liked it a lot. Licking his lips, he met Luka’s eyes and shivered at the heat there.

The old pants he wore didn’t serve as much of a barrier between them, and Peter swore he could feel the length of Luka’s cock rubbing against his ass. It had to be about nine inches.

He pulled against the hand holding him, but Peter didn’t know whether he wanted to be let go or not. “More. Just more,” he moaned, pulling again.

Luka obviously knew what he wanted, what he needed, as the man let go and reached to the side to pick something up. “No!” Without Luka holding him, it felt as if the world was going to come rushing back and crush him.

Two fabric ropes, each about a foot long, appeared in front of his face. “Do you trust me?”

“I let you hold my son,” Peter answered, not sure where this was going.

Okay, he knew where he wanted things to be going with those ropes, but he wasn’t sure if he could do it. Could he give up that much control?

“Trusting me with your body and your heart are two different things,” Luka pointed out, with a look that said Peter was being cute.

“Don’t look at me like that. I know you’re asking to tie me up. I’m not naive, just inexperienced and confused,” he snapped in irritation.

Luka looked a little surprised at the vehemence in his voice, but Peter didn’t regret saying it. He didn’t like not being in control, but he couldn’t deny the thought of trusting Luka that much held a certain erotic appeal.

Peter held his hands out in front of him and demanded Luka use the ropes. “Tie me up.”

“You know, usually when people are being tied up, they aren’t the ones in charge,” Luka commented, but did as he asked.

“Wait, my clothes—Oh, never mind.”

Luka didn’t falter or pause; he just ripped the old pants apart at the seams, taking the boxers with them, and the open shirt he wore as well. The display of strength just about did Peter in, but anticipation of the ropes kept him in check.

Luka secured his wrists in front of him and waved the other rope over his body. “Yes, you really like how strong I am. Don’t you, Peter?”

The teasing lick of fabric trailed over his chest, paying close attention to his nipples, before drifting lower over his stomach. He hissed out a breath when the heavy fabric settled over his erection, brushing over the sensitive head.

Luka repeated the move again, and again, until Peter was a straining, quivering mess of bare nerves. “Luka!” he pleaded.

The torture stopped for a minute as Luka leaned forward, raising Peter’s gaze to his. “Maybe one time you’ll let me bind you up like a pretty package, for me to unwrap and have my wicked way with. Hmmm? Would you like that? For me to bind you all over in my silks?”

Peter only managed a strangled whine that sounded as if he was in pain. And he was. It was a delicious pain as Luka wound the roped fabric round and around his dick until it looked like something out of a mummy movie.

The picture Luka painted was eerily similar to what Peter had dreamt about, late at night after his divorce, when he’d gotten drunk enough to have to sleep at a friend’s. In the dark at night, when he was alone and fantasizing, he’d dreamt of somehow giving up control to someone who loved him—to someone who wouldn’t think he was weak for wanting it, and wouldn’t take advantage of his trust.

Another hiss escaped as Luka pulled the rope tighter, but only for a split second, and then the fabric fell away. “But that is for another time, methinks,” Luka said with that tasty hint of Irish again.

Dragging in a ragged breath, Peter watched Luka toss the extra rope over the side of the bed. A part of him wanted to dive after it, but the bigger part was glad he wasn’t pushed too far right now.

“Are you all talk? You said you wanted me, but so far all you’ve done is tie me up and tease me so I can’t touch you,” he goaded, trying to get back some control even as he willingly gave it up to begin with.

“Having sex with someone you care about isn’t supposed to be wham-bam-thank-you-man. I’m taking my time with you Peter, savoring it until…”

“Until what?”

“Until you run back to women and forget about little gay Luka,” Luka spat, looking away.

“I’m not going to do that, Luka. But you won’t believe any promise I make until morning, so take me tonight—and tomorrow I’ll show you just how much I still want you.”

Luka glanced at him, but quickly looked away again. But not before Peter saw the fear there. “Pete—”

Peter cut Luka off with a kiss. “Now shut up and bring me over to the dark side,” he quipped, letting his inner geek-flag fly.

Luka threw his head back and gave a deep belly-laugh. “The dark side it is, then!”

With a swift movement Luka rolled them so Peter was on the bottom, his arms still bound between them. This time when Luka settled against him, between his spread legs, Peter could really feel everything. Gulping, he looked down, watching his erection rub against Luka’s.

“Touch me, touch us,” Luka said, before attacking his neck. The scrape of teeth was tantalizing and made Peter’s toes curl.

He had just enough freedom of movement to wrap his hands ground his aching cock, and if he stretched, he could hold Luka’s as well. Damn he was big. The girth was almost too much for him to hold both of them together.

“Harder,” Luka panted, thrusting against him.

He built up a rhythm where he could move his hips up every time he stroked them. His eyes drifted shut as he concentrated on the feel of them together. Peter heard a snick at the same time he felt Luka pull back.

Opening his eyes, he saw Luka sitting back with a tube of lube in his hands. “You need to decide what you’re willing to do, Peter.”

His eyes widened at the implication.

Why the hell hadn’t he thought of

Of course Luka would want that.

His chest tightened and his heart slammed against his ribcage. “Uhhhh…” He couldn’t make his mouth form words, and to be honest there weren’t a whole lot in his head right now. His breathing came quicker, and he pulled against the rope binding his wrists for real this time as he started to panic.

Luka dropped the tube and grabbed his face, making him meet his gaze. “Hey, hey now. You know I won’t make you do anything you don’t want. We can just kiss and cuddle, Peter,” Luka said trying to soothe him.

Peter’s panic lessened as he saw Luka meant what he said and he stopped trying to get free.

“Do you want me to undo them?”

Still unable to speak, he just nodded. He was so embarrassed.

The excitement was gone, as was his erection and Luka’s. He’d ruined the moment.

BOOK: Briefcase Booty
5.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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