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"And what might that be?"

Chelsea's gaze again turned solemn. "I should like to hear you say that you love me.
Chelsea Grant, and not . . . " she did not finish the sentence.

Ford's eyes became especially warm and understanding. "You are saying you grew weary of hearing me call you by . . . another's name, is that the case?"

Chelsea nodded.

"I love
Chelsea Grant. I love you with all my heart."

Chelsea's breast swelled with joy. "And I love you, Rutherford Campbell." Her chin began to tremble and her eyes to brim with moisture. "I shall love you always and forever, and I am so very sorry for the . . . "

"Hush!" He put a finger to her trembling pink lips. "We shall never speak of the deception again. Though, if it had not happened, you and I would never have met. And, my dearest Chelsea, I would sooner die that not have you by my side, forever."

Her lips trembling, Chelsea swallowed her tears. "Well then," he said, smiling down at her, "that leaves only one last thing to settle between us. Where shall we go for tea?"

Chelsea tilted her golden head to one side. "I have it on good authority, sir, that Honduras is quite nice this time of year."

Ford laughed aloud. "Honduras is it, my dear." With love shining from his dark eyes, he gathered Chelsea into his arms, and kissed her very, very tenderly. Chelsea made a mental note to tell Mr. Merribone that she'd been offered another position. One that would last a lifetime.


Historical Note:

In 1787, William Wilberforce became the leader of the anti-slavery movement in England, though his Parliamentary Bill for the abolition of slavery was defeated, due in part to the pressure exerted by men who stood to profit from the shipping of Africans to British colonies. In 1805, the importation of slaves into new colonies was forbidden, and in 1807 Parliament passed a General Abolition Act, which extended the measure to all British possessions.

Still, according to an historian named Henderson in
An Account of the British Settlement of Honduras,
gangs of Negro slaves were still being used in 1809 for the cutting and shipping of mahogany trees and to work sugar plantations throughout the West Indies. In fact, documented proof exists showing that as late as 1829, slaves were still being offered for sale at public auctions.

It was not until 1833 that all slaves in the British colonies were finally set free.

Dear Readers,

I hope you enjoyed
and will want to read all of my other Regency novels:
Felicity’s Folly, The Unsuitable Suitor, Miss Eliza’s Gentleman Caller
The Uppity Earl, Miss Darby’s Debut,
and coming soon,
The Wrong Miss Fairfax.
My newest novels,
Deceptions: A Jamestown Novel
A Petticoat and Lambskin Gloves
are set in Colonial American in the early 1600s. Both are historical suspense novels, available in print and as e-books.
Betsy Ross: Accidental Spy
is also a Colonial American historical suspense novel set during the American Revolutionary war and is available both in print and e-book format from major on-line retailers. My newest novel, a contemporary murder mystery titled
Stalking A Killer
was recently released by Mayfair Mysteries in both print and e-book formats. For additional information, feel free to contact the author at marilyn clay at yahoo dot com or visit the author’s website at:
Marilyn Clay Author




In 1617 Jamestown, Virginia, a daring deception leads to dangerous passion in this riveting blend of romance, intrigue and adventure. Desperate to find and wed her childhood sweetheart and to escape a marriage arranged by her aristocratic London guardians, beautiful but innocent Catherine Parke secretly boards a ship bound for the New World. But the shock of what greets Catherine in Jamestown nearly destroys her. Catherine’s betrothed, now a successful trader, has an uncanny way with the Powhatan Indians. Although Catherine knows that adherence to a strict moral code rules the colonists’ lives, she soon discovers that beneath their proper facades not all is as it seems.

Determined to succeed, Catherine bravely starts a Dame School. Although disappointments and disasters repeatedly test her strength and courage, a burning desire to uncover the truth drives her to unravel a confusing web of lies and deceit. With her own life in jeopardy, Catherine is drawn to the one man who can save her. But, can she trust him, or will she be swept into an unknown and terrifying wilderness, once again loving the wrong man and paying dearly for it?

Vivid historical details bring the Jamestown settlement and Indian villages to life. Marilyn Clay’s suspenseful and compelling tale of one courageous woman determined to forge a new life for herself in a frightening and dangerous New World is an irresistible combination of suspense and romance. Well-researched, fast-paced and brimming with unexpected twists and turns,
will keep readers guessing until the final page.


Author Marilyn Clay delivers another intricately woven tale of life and survival in the New World colony of Jamestown Virginia in1620.
chronicles the lives of four young ladies, each hiding secrets, who make the treacherous voyage to Jamestown from England aboard a Bride Ship, carrying girls chosen especially to become wives to the New World settlers.
has enjoyed a privileged, upper-class life but a sudden tragedy forces her to leave it all behind; sisters
both long for adventure and eagerly look forward to finding husbands.
Sallie Mae
carries a shocking secret too horrendous to reveal. Despite their differing backgrounds, on board ship the young ladies forge lasting friendships. Seeking love, husbands and the adventure of a lifetime in Jamestown, instead the girls are swept into a maelstrom of lies, treachery, and deceit. Someone in Jamestown wants one, or
of them dead. Still reeling from the tragedy that left her an orphan, Diana bravely sets aside her grief to unravel the mystery before the killer strikes again.

When all clues point to the most likeable and highly-respected Jamestown colonist, Diana knows that here in the New World, where women must remain silent and submissive, no one will believe her. Yet as she meticulously uncovers long-hidden secrets, she knows that saying nothing makes her part of the lie. When charges of witchcraft are leveled against one of the girls, Diana boldly speaks out in her defense.

Despite the turmoil in their lives, each girl still longs for what every girl on the Bride Ship sought: love, husbands and marriage and the chance for a new life. With the lies and treachery spinning out of control, the final shocking event stuns the entire colony. Will
secret now come to light? Or are the most horrific best left buried?

Author Marilyn Clay draws readers into early American colony life, allowing them to experience all the struggles, hardships and joys that one might expect to find in the New World colony of Jamestown, Virginia. Major characters from Marilyn Clay’s
. . . Catherine, Phyrahawque, Noah, and Adam . . . contribute to this suspenseful tale of intrigue, romance, and adventure in the New World. Rich with historical detail, fast-paced and brimming with unexpected twists and turns,
will keep readers wondering until the final stunning event reveals who the dastardly villain really is. Originally released in hardcover as
Secrets And Lies, A Petticoat And Lambskin Gloves
is now available online in both print and e-book formats.


Betsy Ross: Accidental Spy
, recently published by Mayfair Mysteries and released simultaneously in print and as an e-book, is now available from major online retailers. In Philadelphia 1776, Betsy Ross wonders what really happened the night of the munitions warehouse explosion that killed her beloved husband John Ross. Was it an accident or was the warehouse fire intentionally set? Was someone attempting to steal the Patriot weapons and gunpowder stored there? When the authorities refuse to investigate the crime, Betsy determines to uncover the truth, and soon finds herself drawn into Philadelphia's confusing underworld of spies and double agents working for both the British and the Patriots. Ultimately she has no choice but to trust the wrong man, but will she lose her life, or the lives of those she holds dear, in the process?

is a gripping, emotional tale of one woman’s courage during the pivotal year of 1776 in the Revolutionary War, by all accounts a dangerous but poignant time in the history of our nation.


. . . is the title of my newest novel, a contemporary murder mystery released by Mayfair Mysteries in both print and e-book formats.
Stalking A Killer
is set on a fictional lake outside Dallas, Texas. Amanda Mason aspires to become a private investigator but is stunned when her first case is to uncover who killed the man her own father has been locked up for killing! A gorgeous blond boat mechanic offers to help solve the crime, but can Amanda trust him or should he be the
name on her suspect list?


Marilyn Clay
is the award-winning author of over twenty books, including twelve novels, two children’s books and nine non-fiction titles. Kensington Books published all of Marilyn’s Regency romance novels in the mid-to-late nineties. All have since been translated to foreign languages and are still available around the world. New, print copies are available directly from the author at marilynclay at yahoo dot com. In addition, Marilyn Clay founded, and for sixteen years, published
The Regency Plume
an international newsletter focused on the English Regency period in English history. A former University Editor with The University of Texas at Dallas, and a professional commercial artist for many years, she also designed the Romance Writers of America’s RITA award statuette and was presented the first RITA award statuette ever given at the RWA conference in San Francisco the year the RITA was unveiled. You are invited to visit
The Regency Plume
website where all back issues of
The Regency Plume
are still available for purchase as are period maps and other research material on the Regency period. Visit
The Regency Plume
The Regency Plume Newsletter

Thank you for purchasing this e-book. I hope you enjoyed my story and will want to read all of my Regency Romance novels. - Marilyn Clay


Brighton Beauty Copyright 1996 by Marilyn Jean Clay

This novel is also available in digital format as A Pretty Puzzle

5.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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