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so beautiful,” he rumbled.

slow smile spread across her lips. “You’re not so bad yourself, handsome.” She
gripped his hips tighter with her legs and lifted her hips again, urging him
faster, and then there was no more talking. Her inner walls clenched around his
cock as he pounded into her, shaking the sturdy bedframe beneath them as he
pushed them both closer to the edge, and when she stiffened beneath him, crying
out her pleasure, he came as well, waves of breathtaking sensation washing over

shit,” he cursed when he looked down at them both. He started to pull out, but Jocelyne
only tightened her hold and drew him closer.

worry,” she said with a smile. “I’m on birth control. It’ll be fine.”

okay,” Harley breathed a sigh of relief, and buried his face in the crook of
her hair. “Still, that was pretty irresponsible of me. I’m sorry.”

laughed. “I wouldn’t have let things go this far if I was worried about it,”
she said, stroking his back gently. She pressed a soft kiss to the side of his
neck, sending a pleasant warmth through him. “Thank you,” she whispered. “For
being here with me.”

.” He rolled off her and pulled her flush against his chest,
spooning her once more. “I don’t think I would have been able to make it out of
there alive without you. You saved me.”

saved each other,” Jocelyne murmured sleepily as she burrowed deeper beneath
the blankets.

in the darkness, Harley was content to hold her there for the rest of the

Chapter Eight



Jocelyne woke up surrounded by strong,
steely muscle and a cocoon of warmth so pleasant, she almost immediately sank
back into sleep.

is, until Harley rubbed his cock against her hips, and she remembered why she’d
woken in the first place.

to herself, she reached behind her and gently squeezed his cock. “You up?”

seem so,” Harley mumbled against her hair, apparently mostly asleep himself.
She squeezed him again, and he groaned. “Jesus, woman, you’re killing me here.”

turned in his arms and kissed him. “Well, if you have to die, I figure this is a
good way to go.”

made love again, then hit the shower, which didn’t amount to much more than a
single stall. Nevertheless, Jocelyne only lasted a few seconds before she
decided to join him in the tiny glass enclosure, stepping beneath the spray of water
and circling her arms around his waist from behind.

want to wash you,” she murmured against his back.

the soap from his hand, she leaned him back against the tile wall and began
lathering up his body. She slid the bar of soap along his chest, exploring the
definition of his muscles with her fingers as she slid them through the crisp
hairs on his pecs. Harley watched her through dark, hooded eyes as she moved
lower, gliding the soap across his six pack, then lower along the v-cut of his
hips. He was built like a warrior, all gorgeous muscle with hardly any fat
between his smooth, yet not hairless skin, and looking at him made her hot all
over again even though she came three times this morning.

to her knees, she lathered up his legs, then slid the bar of soap along his balls.
He groaned, his hands sliding into her hair as she cleaned and rinsed him, and
she was rewarded with a full body shudder when she took his length into her
mouth for the first time.

he gasped as she sucked him, fondling his balls with one hand while she gripped
the base of his cock with the other. He was so big in her mouth, she thought as
she pleasured him, so heavy and hard, and she could feel him pulsing against
her tongue as he strained not to come, to hold out as long as he could. His
eyes turned gold, his claws lengthening as he gripped the wall, gouging marks
into the tile.

Guess they were going to leave some evidence behind after all.

not to lose this battle of wills, she slid one hand behind his ass and gripped
his cheek hard, pushing him deeper into her mouth as she sucked him hard and
fast. A shudder wracked his body, then another, and let out a long groan as his
hot seed spurted into her mouth.

win,” she said with a grin, kissing her way up his body and back to his mouth.

you did.” He grinned back, then slapped her on the butt. “You’re a bad girl,
and I love it.” His face sobered a little. “But we gotta get going.”


* * *

scrounged up a quick meal of corned beef hash from the pantry, then did their
best to put the cabin back to rights and hit the road again. Harley knew he
should be kicking himself for leaving gouge marks in the shower with his claws,
but he was still feeling so good after spending the early morning with Jocelyne
that he was finding it pretty hard to be upset about anything. He had to force
himself to keep his eyes on the path ahead and his senses trained to their
surroundings, because he constantly wanted to just keep looking back at her as
she trekked along behind them.

woman was a serious distraction, and part of him didn’t like how off-balance she
made him. He was starting to understand why none of the other Squad members had
women – they were a weakness that was easily exploited.

Jocelyne was moving a bit faster today, and they hit a small village after only
three hours of walking. A quick look around at the signs told them that they
were in Washington, and Harley cursed inwardly.

a long way from home,” Jocelyne muttered, her pale face pinched with worry.     

put an arm around her slim shoulders and hugged her reassuringly.
likely the idea behind why they set up their facility here,
he thought, but
aloud he said, “We’ll figure things out as best we can from here.”

grabbed some breakfast sandwiches from a gas station, as well as a prepaid cell
phone, and Harley found a secluded spot in a small park for them to sit and eat
while he made a phone call.

Auction House,” a nasally female voice answered.

is Hawk, calling for Alpha One,” Harley said tightly, gripping the cell phone.
He hoped like hell that the Commander was available. “Urgent business.”

moment please.”

narcolepsy-inducing elevator music came on, and Harley scanned the park with
his eyes, watchful for any suspicious characters. Thankfully it was the middle
of the morning, and all early morning runners and dog walkers had long since
vacated the place. A mother and two small children played at the small park
located in the center of what was otherwise just a stretch of green grass dotted
with a few trees and benches, but that was it.

real place for a spy or assassin to hide either, since the branches were sparse
and the trunks of the trees themselves were pretty thin, no doubt recently
planted. Hell, from the lack of scratches on the bench he was seated on, he
suspected that the park was a relatively new addition to the little town.

few minutes later, Commander Fitsimmons came on the line. “Hawk,” he burst out,
a mixture of anger and relief in his gravelly tone. “Report.”

not on a secure line, sir.”

Commander cursed. “Well, get to one, then.”


was a long pause. “Where are you?”

That was their code word for Washington. “Decided to take your daughter out for

Christ.” The Commander’s voice actually shook, which told Harley just how much Lee
loved his daughter – he’d never seen, or heard Commander Fitsimmons show
weakness in his life. “Is everything going well?”

having a good time,” Harley said casually as Jocelyne eyed him curiously,
questions brimming in her lavender eyes. She was smart enough not to interrupt,
though. “But we’re still looking for a place to spend the night.”

could hear keys tapping in the background, and he knew that the Commander was
having his location triangulated. “Start heading west,” he told Harley after a
long moment. “I have some relatives nearby you can stay with. They’re on their
way to pick you up.”

you sir.”

and Hawk?”


you for taking care of my daughter.” The Commander’s voice was rough with
emotion, and he cleared his throat before continuing. “Now head out.”


Chapter Nine



Jocelyne thought her feet were going to
fall off by the time a black, armored SUV pulled up along the side of the road.
Her heart leapt as a mixture of hope, and fear swelled within her, desperately
hoping that this was their ride to the safe house, and yet fearing that instead
this was the enemy catching up with them.

here,” Harley murmured, holding up a hand. They were walking amongst the trees
on the side of the road, out of view, which of course made the walk harder, but
also safer for them. Jocelyne stood amongst the copse of oak trees as she watched
Harley slowly approach the vehicle. Two men dressed in suits and dark
sunglasses got out of the car and flashed identification. Words were exchanged.
Some posturing was done.

Harley turned around and gave her the go ahead to come forward.

winced as the ball of her foot rolled over one of her many blisters, and she
limped over to the SUV. “You must be Homeland Security,” she said.

agent closest to Harley, who had a square jaw and black hair slicked back from
a high forehead, raised a brow. “You’re very observant,” he said. “Your
father’s influence?”
            She nodded,
and Harley scowled, clearly impatient with the small talk. “These are Agents
Forrest and Lancaster,” he said, pointing to each of them in turn. “They
already know who you are. Can we get going already? I’m getting tired of being
a sitting duck out here.”

piled into the SUV without comment, and Jocelyne let out a long sigh of relief,
glad to sink into the heated leather seats and take a load off her feet. “I
don’t think I’ve ever walked so much in my life,” she told Harley with an
exhausted sigh. “And that’s saying a lot, since I grew up in the city.”

smiled and squeezed her hand. “Hopefully we won’t have to do anymore hikes,” he
said. “With any luck we’ll be able to stay at the safe house until we can get
safe transport home.”

sounds pretty excellent to me.”

drive to the safe house took about an hour, and Jocelyne wanted to cry with joy
when they passed into the city limits of Spokane, Washington, and she actually
began to see signs of real civilization, like fast food restaurants, banks and
neighborhoods. “Oh my God,” she said as they passed their third pizza joint. “I
hadn’t realized how hungry I am until now”

of the agents tossed her an amused glance. “I can imagine,” he said. “There are
a whole bunch of takeout menus in the kitchen. Just let us know what you want,
and we’ll get it for you.”

minutes later, Harley and Jocelyne were chowing down on pepperoni pizza, seated
around the kitchen table of said safe house, which was a two-story clapboard
conveniently located near the subway in case they needed a quick getaway. They
were also dressed in fresh clothes, which the agents had provided since Jocelyne’s
clothes especially seemed to be in tatters. The agents had checked all the
locks, drawn down the blinds, and made sure Harley and Jocelyne were nowhere
near the windows, and had taken up surveillance positions in the house, one
manning the camera setup upstairs, and the other one stationed by the front

Jocelyne said around a mouthful of crust and cheese. “This is delicious.”

smiled, already on his fourth slice. “Even though it’s not New York style

rolled her eyes. “Any kind of pizza would taste absolutely delicious right
about now.”

of the agents moved to check the back entrance, and Jocelyne sobered, reminded
once again of where they were and why they were here. “You know, you never did
tell me who it was that kidnapped us.”

frowned. “Honestly, I don’t exactly know who they are,” he admitted. “The night
they kidnapped me I was meeting with an informant who had information, but they
ambushed me before I had a chance to read it.” He let out a gusty sigh.
“However, from what I learned it seems like they call themselves Justice, and
they’re a terrorist organization aiming to stamp out all supernatural life

gasped. “That’s… that’s ridiculous! Why would they do that?”

shrugged. “I’m honestly not sure.” He twisted his lips into a cruel grimace. “Perhaps
they’re just afraid or jealous of what we can do. The Order of Protection has
been able to accomplish a lot of things that normal human military just aren’t
capable of. We’ve always known we’ve had enemies… we just didn’t realize there
was an organization out there who’d decided our presence meant they had to get
rid of
of us.”

bit her lip. “But if that’s the case, then why were they holding you instead of
just killing you? Were you a hostage as well?”

dark brows drew together as a thundercloud passed across his face. “No,” he
said harshly. “They were torturing me in a series of experiments to try and
test my limits,” he told them. “After that they were planning on engineering me
into some kind of super soldier, I guess. Like an evil Captain America, maybe.”

why?” Jocelyne gasped. “If they hate shifters and supernaturals in general, why
would they want to use them?”

fighting fire with fire. Guess they know they aren’t necessarily strong enough
to take us down on their own, so they’re recruiting and brainwashing some of us
to the cause.” An ugly look passed across Harley’s face. “I wonder who they’ll
go after next, if they can’t recapture me.”

chilled Jocelyne’s blood at the very thought. “We can’t let that happen,” she
said. “We have to stop them, however we can.”

we will.” Harley pushed back his chair and headed upstairs. “By getting
whatever information we can back to the Order so we can figure out our next
move. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a report to make.”


BOOK: Broken Moon
13.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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