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Broken Obsession - Part Two

BOOK: Broken Obsession - Part Two
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Part Two


Written by

Trisha Fuentes




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For Zach


Hoping he will choose Plan A

Instead of Plan B


Chapter ONE
Las Vegas, Nevada


Reverend Michael Mulroney had seen couples come and
go. Having been the
Wedding’s in Heaven
for nearly twenty years, he’s had his fair share of outlandish,
fabulous, imaginary, both dazzling and humbled a wedded pair. He’s
seen celebrities grope and tear at their clothes while saying their
vows only to hear that they had the union annulled two days later.
He’s officiated over pairs as old as ninety and as young as
sixteen; pregnant, obese, mixed race, dwarfs, drunk, sober, foreign
couples, once even a mob boss (who happened to be the father of the
bride) that held a shot gun to his soon to be son-in-law’s
terrified head at the altar. But that union was hush-hush and
Reverend Mulroney was sworn to secrecy over that little wedding;
and last he heard, the man was elected recently into state
government and the couple had four grown children and were


But without a doubt, his favorite to pledge in
marriage was a couple who seemed truly in love, a man and woman who
he knew in his heart were destined to be married and stay coupled


Stationed before him was one of those pairs, the chap
couldn’t take his eyes off his ladylove. They held each other’s
hands intimately and only a few feet apart and not once had they
glared around them or at other guests. They acted as if they were
the only two people in the room; in love and on the cusp of
rapture, and that’s how it should be, Reverend Mulroney



“Do you Eduardo; take Amber as your lawfully wedded
wife?” Reverend Mulroney asked the tall man, who wasn’t about to
tear his eyes away from his lovely raven-haired lady.


“I would...forever, I would.”


“And do you Amber, take Eduardo—”


“Yes, I would.”


The Reverend cleared his throat, “I haven’t finished


Amber gazed over at the Reverend’s eyes, her hazel
eyes widened with emotion, “I’m sorry...but I would.”


The Reverend smiled, the love he could distinguish in
her eyes alone warmed his very toes. “By the power invested in me,
I now pronounce you husband and—”


The Reverend rolled his eyes once again because the
couple didn’t even allow him to finish his pronouncement! The lofty
man grabbed the woman’s head from behind and brought her mouth up
to his. Their kiss, so sensual and impassioned, brought on a few
gasps of surprise by even his witnesses! They braced their bodies
with such force; they practically glued themselves together.


“...Wife,” he finished, “You may kiss the bride.” The
Reverend looked away from the couple and over at the two smiling
and crying women that had been the couple's witnesses; the older
woman was holding a little boy—a fidgety little boy, the Reverend
thought, who looked remarkably similar to the bride.


“Congratulations!” Sheila Thomas, Amber’s mother
exclaimed, throwing her arms up in the air and reaching out for her
daughter to give her a fond hug.


Amber towered over her petite mother and leaned down
to give her a meaningful hug. “Oh I love you mom, I’m so happy
right now.”


“Oh I know darling, I can imagine,” Sheila said in
return, closing her eyes and feeling her daughters radiating


“Your big sis needs a hug too!” Molly Fitzgerald,
Amber’s older sister exclaimed, reaching out to give Amber another
fond squeeze. “I’m so happy for you Amber!”


“Oh Eduardo, the ceremony was short but absolutely
beautiful, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much at a wedding
before, especially at any of my six,” Sheila joked, hugging her
son-in-law near. He too, had to bend down to give Sheila a hug.


Eduardo reached into his pant pockets and pulled out
two key cards. “Sheila—Molly, there are two suites at the Bellagio
waiting for you, meet us tomorrow in the lobby at five, we have a
seven o’clock flight to catch.”


Sheila looked at her son-in-law bewildered. “What,”
she asked in dismay, looking down at the key cards with the
Bellagio emblem engraved on their front.


“Where are you going? I thought we were going to a
reception!” Molly teased, watching her sister and brother-in-law
wrap their arms about one another in unison and walk toward the
chapel exit.


Eduardo gave his sister-in-law a far too burning
grin. “Everything’s paid for in the suite, room service, and
massages, day care if you want to go down to the casino and gamble
a little bit. You even have a couple thousand free of charge to
spend on whatever entertainment you desire. Thanks for being here,
I don’t know where I’d be without you Sheila-Molly, I love you
both, but now I have to be alone with my wife.”


Amber gazed up at her husband and caressed his cheek
with her hand. She then gave a friendly good-bye and blew a kiss to
her son.


Sheila rolled her eyes. “Looks like the honeymoon has
already started,” she replied, watching Eduardo practically ravish
Amber’s neck passionately.





Does happily ever after really exist? It does for
Amber and Eduardo Sanchez.


It’s true and incredulous to believe that Eduardo
Sanchez was once Amber’s brother-in-law. But if she had met him
first, she would have married him in a heartbeat. The two of them
were meant to be; soul mates, one half the same person. They had
been to hell and back and never believed that they’d really be
together after all the lying and deceiving that they did. Fifteen
years of loving each other secretly and continuing a three-year
physical affair, until one-day Amber decided she wanted more from
their clandestine relations and asked Eduardo to leave his wife,
her sister-in-law, Leticia, for her. Eduardo balked at the idea,
claiming the scandal would destroy his family and opted to continue
on with their affair. Amber was willing to do anything for Eduardo
and decided she was going to leave her husband and her kids for
him, why wouldn’t he do the same? Eduardo had misrepresented
himself all those years and they never really did have any kind of
future. Telling her that he loved her was just a device to continue
on with their affair. She felt like a fool back then because she
kept on falling for his unvarying charm and Amber felt used,
discarded, ashamed and unwanted. Her Father Figure didn’t want her
anymore and Eduardo forced Amber into making a harrowing obsessive
irreversible decision, causing Amber to try to take her own



The moment they arrived on their floor, Eduardo
scooped up his bride and walked her down to the honeymoon suite on
top of the Bellagio hotel. They were kissing and necking the whole
way through and Eduardo nearly buckled under his knees when he
reached the doorway. “The key card,” he breathed, not venturing far
from Amber’s heavenly skin.


“Where?” She quietly mouthed, roaming his pant
pockets searching for the card. Amber beamed when she found
something else inside his pants. Solid and tempting, Eduardo’s
erection was tough to ignore.


Amber sliced the key card across the electronic door
lock and the door immediately opened. Eduardo then nudged the door
open wider with his knee and dropped Amber’s thighs so she could
maintain her balance immediately.


“Over the threshold, now onto consummating this
union,” he breathed, grabbing his wife into his arms and
immobilizing Amber against the suite wall. He wanted to devour
her—he waited so Goddamn long. Sixteen months since they last made
love. Sixteen months since he last kissed her like this. Hot
burning passion consumed him as he continued to buss her skin, up
and down her neck, her shoulders, hurriedly ripping off all her


Amber opened up her eyes and surveyed the suite. The
room was exquisite...
oh God that was nice
...the space was
stunning! The bed, the couch, the view...
oh good Lord, Eduardo
was naughty!
Amber looked down at him as he knelt to the ground
and released Amber of her white slacks then her underwear.


“Good God Amber,” Eduardo huskily uttered, “I want to
practically eat you—you taste so good.” Eduardo allowed his hands
to roam her body at will, all the while kissing her flat stomach,
tonguing her navel, up her mid section then circling around her
nipples. “Excuse me,” he roughly expressed, “I apologize for not
being patient,” he breathed through sucking her bust, “but I’ve
waited so long—I’m a little out of control.”


Amber smiled and watched her husband as he
practically engulfed every inch of her upper body; trying to fit
her plump mounds into his entire mouth, continuing to grind her
erotically and spiraling a runway inferno between her legs. She
instantly brought to mind the first time they had made love.
Eduardo had her up against the hotel room wall, like he was doing
now; his body compressed against hers in a seductive animalistic
way. She couldn’t even move, his leg was between hers and she
nearly climaxed from the way he pressed against her carnally,
granulating and bringing her to a mania she needed controlled. He
was doing that now and he was such a vulgar psychopath! “You are
such a tease! Enough already with the foreplay! Would you just fuck
me already?” Amber pleaded, feeling Eduardo’s mouth release from
her body and brought up to hers awarding her a wicked grin before
lifting her up and throwing her to the bed.


Amber’s known him for more than fifteen years, but
had only been sleeping with him for the past three. She married his
younger brother Victor right out of high school, but knew something
was missing in their marriage from the very beginning.






Amber always craved the love she missed by not having
a stable Father Figure in her life, one daddy and the strength of
an authority in her life; and late in her marriage she realized the
reason why she was so attracted to Eduardo in the first place, he
produced that fervor she never had with her husband. She had love
in abundance though, from Victor loving her, worshipping her, but
Amber always felt incomplete, as if she was walking around with an
outer shell surrounding her body. When Victor would kiss her, when
they would make love, there was always something absent from their


The day she met Eduardo, he was twenty-five and just
home from graduating Harvard Law School, and boy, was he something
else. Arrogant as hell and so lovely to look at, he was single then
and owned his sexuality. Amber never met anyone so incredibly
confident before! They were friends first and Eduardo held back his
infatuation for Amber while Amber and his brother got married, had
a child, bought a house and made another baby. He fell in love with
Amber on their first meeting, but restrained himself in fear of
losing his brother’s trust.


Eduardo at forty was like fine wine and just as sexy.
Having matured well, Eduardo was still employed by the high-priced
Century City law firm, Aldridge & Watson. He was well known in
the legal community and considered somewhat a celebrity defense
attorney now and oftentimes had his picture taken by the paparazzi
alongside his movie star clientele, and, at six feet four inches
tall, Eduardo Sanchez was not only intimidating in height, but
exuded confidence and charm. And, as of late, Eduardo couldn’t walk
into a room without every head turning to gape at him. Men
included, Eduardo was a man to be envied. He was accustomed to
grabbing the attention of crowds and exercised his magnetism

BOOK: Broken Obsession - Part Two
13.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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