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But I guess she cashed the return fare, or else she didn't need it, because she hasn't come back. And sometimes late at night I'll pass a window with posters of simstim stars, all those beautiful, identical eyes staring back at me out of faces that are nearly identical, and sometimes the eyes are hers, but none of the faces are, none of them ever are, and I see her far out on the edge of all this sprawl of night and cities, and then she waves goodbye.

About the Author

William Gibson was born in the United States in 1948 but moved to Vancouver, Canada, in 1972 after four years spent in Toronto. He is married with two children. Gibson has been hailed as ‘the new George Orwell'
(The Sunday Times)
and ‘the Raymond Chandler of SF'
but above all he is the unchallenged guru, prophet and voice of the new cybernetic world order and virtual reality.

His first novel
changed for ever the way we look at tomorrow.

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‘Gibson is the information age's resident populist prophet. The pessimistic vision of
has inspired technologists from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and a global network of computer hackers who have committed countless nefarious deeds in the book's honour –
was a literary Big Bang'

The Sunday Times

‘A mindbender of a read…fully realized in its geopolitical, technological, and psychosexual dimensions'

Village Voice

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(with Bruce Sterling)



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Copyright © William Gibson 1986. Preface © Bruce Sterling 1986 ‘Johnny Mnemonic'; ‘Hinterlands'; ‘Red Star, Winter Orbit'; ‘New Rose Hotel'; ‘Dogfight'; ‘Burning Chrome' © by Omni Publications International Ltd, 1981,1982, 1983,1985.'The Gernsback Continuum' first appeared in
Universe 11,
© 1981 by Terry Carr. ‘Fragments of a Hologram Rose' © 1977 by UnEarth Publications. ‘The Belonging Kind' first appeared in
Shallows 4,
© by John Shirley and William Gibson

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BOOK: Burning Chrome
3.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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