Captive-Sated (Dark Romance Series)

BOOK: Captive-Sated (Dark Romance Series)
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Suzanne Steele

Dark Romance Series:

©2014 Copyright by:

Suzanne Steele







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Captive Sated:

Copyright © 2013 by Suzanne Steele

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I ran stumbling through the back all
eys of Afghanistan in fear for my life. I should have known better than to venture away from the military base but I was close—just not close enough for anyone to hear my screams.

I jumped as a caged dog lunged towards me giving my location away to the men in the van at the mouth of the alley—the alley that had brought me to a dead end.

I watched as the man wearing a turban made his way towards me with caution, as if he had cornered a wild animal. I ran towards him in an attempt to head butt him but it was useless. His robe deceived me in that it never revealed the solid body mass beneath the gown. The last thing that I felt was his thumb as it viciously clamped down on an artery in my neck and then nothing.

I huddled on the filthy mattress covering my ears to try and make the screams stop piercing my throbbing head. When I tried to sit up and eye the men who seemed to be fighting about my abduction, bile erupted from my wrenching bowels. I slumped back
down onto the mattress. At least I had made certain that it landed on the concrete floor.

My eyes tried to adjust to the dim lighting but even that was an effort. I needed to see the man in the suit addressing my captors—it was evident that he was in charge.

Once again I attempted
to rise up and process what was happening—what had happened. An overwhelming wave of nausea hit me again forcing me back down face first into the mattress that reeked of sweat and body odors. Had there been more women before me?

The blinding pain in my head was making it impossible to remember anything but bits and pieces of memory. As desperately as I attempted to put the puzzle together there was nothing but jumbled chaos in my brain right now. Confusion—pain—darkness…














Chapter One

Six weeks ago

     I am standing in the middle of a stage with 100,000 adoring fans screaming out my name. I should be happy but I am not. I live the life that teens dream of and adults covet, yet each day I ward off thoughts of slitting my wrist and ending it all. For a woman who has so many people around, I sure am lonely.

Lady…..Lady……Lady….Lady…..Their chants pull me back into the present and I signal the band to strike up the first notes of tonight’s concert.

I begin to sing; it is the only time that I am happy……So sing……..I will…….

There is no time, no space, only peace when I am here. I can feel the energy of a crowd who thinks that they love me. The show is over and I feel as if only moments have passed—when in all actuality it has been close to two hours.

     I’m hustled off of the stage and down a long corridor as if I am cattle at the end of the show. This is always a time that I have mixed feelings, exhilaration over a successful show and a sense of being bombarded by my staff. I want to scream, “Everybody get the fuck out of here and die!” Maybe today I will……….

I settle for disconnecting and waiting until they leave before I make my way to the shower. The last time that I went crazy on everyone they tried to insinuate that I was suffering from an emotional breakdown, when actually I am just tired of being everyone’s ‘cash cow.’

The heat of the shower washes over me helping to relieve me of the stress that I am constantly subjected to. It seems that my life is everyone’s b
ut my own. Who am I kidding—it is. I exit the shower and make my way to my computer to view the reviews of tonight’s show. In this world of chaos that I inhabit the fans are the only thing that matters to me.

I close the laptop as I hear my entourage coming for me. A good night’s sleep sounds inviting so I welcome them to usher me home.









Chapter Two

It’s dangerous Lady. I forbid you going to Afghanistan right now. In case you haven’t noticed we’re at war.”

“Dangerous? I’m sure that the men
and women who lay their lives down on a daily basis could tell you something about danger, Danny. I find that statement to be very offensive. I also find your insinuation that I’m uneducated to current events very offensive.”

“Lady, I’m very aware of just how smart that you can be—that is what concerns me.”

I held the letter up that I had been personally sent by I dear friend of mine and stated, “The soldiers want a concert and they are going to get it. This is not open for debate.”

“This is exactly why I have your mail monitored, Lady.”

“Well, we wouldn’t want to allow me the freedom of choice, would we Danny?”

“It isn’t like that Lady. You have to be protected when you are in the public eye.”

I turned and eyed Danny from my makeup table, “You have a trip to be planning and you have one week to successfully do so, you’re wasting time.”

I could hear his exacerbation as he exited breathing deeply and muttering under his breath. I just didn’t care. What I did care about were the soldiers that suffered low moral
e due to being in hellish circumstances on a daily basis.

I wasn’t crazy about getting on a helicopter and flying into the desert either, but I was excited to go and give our troops a break from the mundane. I was going to do this—if I had to do it alone.
















BOOK: Captive-Sated (Dark Romance Series)
5.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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