Captured Rapture: 3 (Mercy)

BOOK: Captured Rapture: 3 (Mercy)
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Captured Rapture



Mercy, Book Three


Galactic Union Enforcer Raina Mynn
never knew what hit her. One minute she’s busting bad guys across the galaxy
with the help of her scary and scarily reliable partner Fraz, the next she’s
being attacked by an insane man who thinks he’s part of an extinct species.
Attacked in the best way, mind you. Attacked by his hands and mouth and more
southerly body parts. Torr is as fascinating as he is infuriating. He won’t
stop until Raina is mated…sated…


But her gorgeous hunk of nutjob
isn’t what he appears to be. And much to her surprise—neither is Raina.


Inside Scoop: Ever had sex with
a dragon shifter? No? Well, we’re here to tell ya, it’s hot, hot, HOT!


A Romantica®
paranormal erotic romance
Ellora’s Cave


Captured Rapture
Lexxie Couper




Wyvernian—an ancient race of
dragon shifters that once called the minor planet Mercy and its surrounding
space home, in sector Seven A, Fourth Quadrant. Slaughtered by the Galactic
Union in an act of brutal genocide over three hundred years ago.

Legend says the ghost of the
last Wyvernian haunts the surface of Mercy’s beta moon. A savage man capable of
incinerating your soul with just a look. A dragon capable of incinerating your
flesh with just a thought…


Ha. Sounds like
to me.

Chapter One


I never knew what hit me. One
moment I’m skimming over the surface of Mercy’s beta moon, its dull red ground
a blurred carpet below me, its dry, cold air filling my lungs…

The next I’m flat on my back,
wrists pinned to the powdery grit, legs spread, with a man roughly six-foot-seven
pressing down on me. A cock that felt like a Tallaxion viper—y’know the really
big, thick ones they find in the Furthest Jungles—rammed at the junction of my
thighs, shoving at the lips of my sex with a brutal force that should have
pissed me off but instead made my pulse leap and my mouth turn dry.

I stared up at whoever the fuck
held me down, glaring into eyes the color of an angry Earth sky. A lone female
on a jet cycle probably looked like an easy target, but for fuck’s sake, I wore
the uniform of a Galactic Union Enforcer. What type of idiot, no matter how
desperate to claim a woman, jumped a cop? Especially one flying across a moon
at almost twice the safe propulsion speed with an Aglaian disruptor on her
right hip?

“This kind,” the hulking man who
felt like granite murmured, jerking my wrists above my head. He locked them in
one large fist and yanked my disruptor from its thigh harness before I could

Or digest the fact he’d answered a
question I hadn’t asked aloud.

His mouth crashed down on mine,
claiming my lips as his property. I could feel the possession in the fierce and
frightening way his tongue invaded my mouth, plunging and plundering. Merciless
and savage. Taking what I wasn’t giving. Well, what I was
not to

Truth be known, I was getting
aroused. More than aroused. If the man had reached between my spread, kicking
legs right at that point, any point actually—like the point when his teeth
nipped my bottom lip and sent shards of wicked pain into my center—he would
have found the crotch of my uniform damp with musky pleasure.

I’d been kissed many times by Raavelian
alpha slaves, by Slessorian Master Pleasurers, but none kissed the way

Gods. This male

His mouth fucked mine. There was
simply no other way to explain it. His mouth did to my mouth what a cock should
do to a cunt. It delved deep, took everything and returned it all back
ten-fold. His tongue lashed at the inside of my mouth, whipped at the edges of
my teeth, mated with a need so untamed I felt the building pressure low in the
pit of my stomach. Gods, I was going to come. From a kiss.
A kiss.

My attacker—for what else could I
call him?—dragged his lips from mine and scored a scalding line along my
clenched jaw to my ear. “From
kiss,” he whispered,as if he’d
once again heard my unspoken thoughts, before biting down on my earlobe.
Ribbons of wet sensations rippled down my neck, across my chest to my belly. My
nipples pinched hard, pushing against the restrictive confines of my uniform,
and I whimpered.

Who are you

The thought hadn’t finished forming
in my mind when he pulled away slightly, just enough to feel the cool kiss of
the moon’s dry air on my cheeks. His free hand, the one that had sent my
favorite disruptor flying who-knows-where, closed tightly over my breast, and I
gasped, reveling in the absolute rapture that spiraled through me from the
brutal possession.

“I’m the one you’ve always dreamed
of.” His fingers pressed into the swell of my breast and I whimpered again.
“The one you’ve always feared.”

His cryptic words caressed my
senses, as soft as he was hard. His turgid length ground against my sex, trapped
beneath a layer of thick, coarse leather but still capable of making my clit
feel like it was on fire.

I had to get away.

No, you don’t.

I was drowning in sensations I
hadn’t expected to be experiencing on a moon. Yes, in a sex-den; yes, after a
session with a masseur, but on the surface of Mercy’s least important moon? A
place more boring than a GU bureaucrat? While I was on recon? What would Fraz
do when I was late to report—

“Your partner will be fine.” The
mysterious man stared at me with unreadable eyes, the hand on my breast
squeezing with languid intent.

I glared at him, trying quite
unsuccessfully to ignore the wet licks of tension unfurling in my pussy. I’d
had enough of him knowing my thoughts.
had difficulty knowing my
thoughts sometimes, it was bloody annoying having a complete stranger, no
matter how arousing, do a better job of it than me. “Will you stop doing that?”

A very evil, very sexy grin pulled
at lips I knew would send a poor simple GU Enforcer to the Ninth Heaven. “No.”

I ground my teeth. Just as he
ground his cock to my sex again.

“There is nothing you can do to
stop what is to come, Raina Mynn.”

Hearing my name in that deep rumble
made my pulse leap into frantic flight. That, and the slow way he rolled his
hips higher, letting me feel his long, solid, thick erection stroke from base
to tip over my cunt. Gods, if
was to come, I was in danger.

“Not danger. It is your destiny.”


The word sent a chill straight into
my gut and I stiffened. When a strange man grabs you on a terraformed moon,
makes your body reacts in ways it shouldn’t, sticks his tongue down your throat
and his cock against your cunt, and then utters the word “destiny”, you know
you’re in trouble.

He was a zealot.
for whom? Which deity does he

“I worship no deity.”

I bit back a sharp growl. For fuck’s
sake, he was finishing my thoughts now.

I stared up at him, too aware of
the way his fingers ground my wrists together, too aware of the way his massive
weight pinned me to the ground. Way too aware of the massive shaft between my
thighs that seemed to be promising something I shouldn’t want but did all the
same. “Well then,” I snarled, trying to shift my cunt away from his dick. “Who
friggin’ decided being trapped under

“I did.”

His smile stretched wider. Moved on
from being sexy to fuckable. Yes, he had a fuckable smile. It was that horny.
That still didn’t mean I wasn’t going to fight the bastard off. When it came to
my partners, destiny didn’t stand a chance. I came. I fucked. I went. No preordained
spiritual nutjob was playing matchmaker with me. I liked my sex one way. No strings.
No strings meant no pain.

Well, not the kind of pain that
afflicts the heart. Other kinds of pain…slapping-the-ass-cheeks kind of pain,
biting-the-nipples kind of pain…those pains were—

What the fuck was I
going on about?

Destiny. The weirdo had uttered the
word “destiny”. I’m out of here.

Now, if only I could make both the
weirdo and my body listen.

Another chuckle rumbled low in his
broad, muscled chest. The guy must have bench-pressed R42 androids in his spare
time. “I must admit…” He laughed, and my pussy squeezed tight at the sound.
Gods, I was in trouble. “I didn’t foresee how argumentative you’d be.”

He dragged the pad of his thumb
over my nipple and the annoying little nub of flesh puckered instantly with
rock-hard appreciation. A gasp burst from my lips and before I could stop
myself, I arched my back, thrusting my breasts upward.

He chuckled again, the sound
sending vibrations through his body, making his cock jerk in little spasms
against my spread and thoroughly wet sex. “
I did see.” He teased my
nipple again, the coarse material of my vest doing nothing to stop the
sensations his arrogant touch created. “This I saw many, many times.”

He captured the traitorous,
distended tip between thumb and forefinger, rolling it gently. I gasped again,
biting my bottom lip too late to stop the soft inhalation. Gods, had I thought
I was going to come earlier? My sex felt ready to erupt. How could he do this
to me?

I glared at him, wishing him dead.
And yet at the same time, something began to bloom in the pit of my belly.
Something like…

“You are remembering.” His voice
sent a fresh wave of warm vibrations through my body. His smile—still all too
fuckable—turned smug. “Your dreams. Your nightmares. The one you lust for, long
for, yet the one you fear all the same.”

His words stroked my senses, and an
echo of images flashed through my mind…

A man,
man, locking my
wrists in io-cuffs, lifting them above my head until I stood naked before him,
arms stretched high, breasts thrust forward, my juices dribbling down the
insides of my thighs.

Cold terror sliced through me and I
sucked in a sharp breath. The dream. One of many. Too many to number. Always
the same man, always the same situation.

Me, captured. Bound. Fucked.

Every time, I woke from it
screaming. Every time, I felt the ghost of my orgasm still shuddering in my
cunt. My worst nightmare. My greatest fantasy. Forced submission.

For the first time since he’d
knocked me from my jet cycle and threw away my weapon, I
to escape him. I had to. If I didn’t, every one of my dreams would become
reality. Of that I had little doubt. “Get. The fuck. Off. Me!”

He pinched my nipple. Hard. “No.”

Base pleasure surged into my core.
I writhed, desperate to buck him off me. All I achieved was grinding my pussy
harder to his cock.

“As you want it to be,” he
whispered, his hand pressing my breast flat to my chest. He squeezed his
fingers and hot licks of pleasure shot deep into the center of my sex. “As I
will do for the rest of your life.”

That was the last straw. His
arrogance was going to drive me crazy—or make me come.

I whipped my legs up, locked them
around his hips and slammed them back to the ground, taking him along. It was
enough to jerk him partially off my body. Enough to take him by surprise.

I scrambled backward, kicking out
with my right foot as I moved. My booted heel struck him in the jaw, and for a
split second I swore his dark-brown skin shimmered with pearlescent gold light.
Those piercing gray eyes of his flashed brilliant green, a hiss unlike any I’d
heard from a humanoid tore from his throat, and before I could change my mind I
kicked him again. Square in the nose.

There was a crunch. There was
blood, but I didn’t give a rat’s ass. With the phenomenal agility that had seen
me finish at the top of my hand-to-hand combat class at the academy, I flipped
myself onto my hands and knees and launched from the ground.

I ran across the craggy moon’s
surface at a dead sprint, my heart hammering, my sex still pulsing. My nipples
ached, hard with lustful desire, but I shut out their insistent want. My body
didn’t have a fucking clue what it wanted. I had to get away.

Frantic, I scanned the desolate
terrain around me. Where the fuck was my jet cycle? The thing was programmed to
come to a complete halt once connection with its rider was broken. The second
the lunatic knocked me from its seat it should have ceased momentum, hovering
motionless in the exact spot my ass left its bio-tuned seat.

A low growl from behind made my
heart leap faster.
, he was coming after me.

I didn’t risk looking over my
shoulder. Where the flying fuck was my jet cycle?

Bright light glinted off something
metallic to my right and I changed direction, my heels skidding with chaotic traction
in the coarse red grains beneath my feet. There it was.

Another growl flayed my back.
Closer. Louder. A shiver raced through me. My pussy pulsed. For a split second
the insane urge to stop running flooded through me. Stop running, let my
pursuer leap on me, slam me to the ground, rip my clothes from my body and bury
his shaft into my willing, sodden sex.

I stumbled. My sprint faltered.

What the fuck are you doing,
Raina? Run! Get away!

The frantic scream sliced through
my head and, my blood roaring in my ears, I burst forward. My jet cycle was but
five feet away. Five never-ending, slow-motion, gods-cursed feet. I ran.

Four feet. Three. Two.

Fingers scraped my shoulder.
Strong, determined fingers that would make me moan with capitulation.

Mine to fuck. Mine to claim.
Mine to—

“Goddamn it, get out of my head!”

I heard a chuckle I swear sounded
like “no” and then I reached my jet cycle and slapped my palm against its steel
seat. I launched myself into an insanely impressive cartwheel over its
stationary balk and—mid-arc—snatched my molecular disruptor from its holster
fixed to the cycle’s fuel tank.

My feet hit the ground in a cloud
of choking red dust, blinding me for the split second it took me to raise my
weapon, the disruptor leveled on his hard, way-too-impressive chest.

Except he wasn’t there.

“What the fuck?” I frowned, jerking
my stare around the empty terrain. Not a sign of him. Not even a second set of
footprints in the moon’s coarse surface.

A tingle raced up my spine and I
gripped my disintegrator tighter. Where in all the holy hells did he go?
why am I disappointed?

“Enforcer Mynn, for the fifth
fucking time, what the fuck are you doing? Repeat,
the fuck are you
doing? I’m beginning to worry here. What’s your location? Your bio signs are going
fucking crazy, Mynn. Answer the fucking com-unit. Repeat, answer the com-unit!”

I jumped, the sound of my partner’s
raspy growl startling me more than it should. Scowling, I smacked the com-link
activator on my jet cycle’s dash, still scanning the eerie terrain for any sign
of my attacker. “I’m here, Fraz,” I said. “Stop stressing. I’m okay. Just
got…distracted.” An itch at the back of my neck made me spin, the sight of
endless red emptiness making my stomach churn. I needed to get a grip.

BOOK: Captured Rapture: 3 (Mercy)
7.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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