Casey's Secrets (Full Trilogy)

BOOK: Casey's Secrets (Full Trilogy)
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Casey’s Secrets

The Full Trilogy

Ophelia Bell

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Book One

Casey’s Secrets

Casey’s Secrets:
Chapter 1

s that clock right?” I asked my friend Sarah, pointing at the dashboard clock in her car. We’d been parked outside my house, deep in conversation for who knew how long already. I’d made such a point of making it home by curfew, I’d totally spaced that I needed to actually go inside before midnight for it to count. Now, the clock read “12:05” in accusatory bright orange.

“Yeah, it’s right … What’s the matter, Case?”

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’ve gotta go. Max likes to wait up just to catch me breaking the rules. He’s been a total jerk about it all year.”

“Your stepdad’s a super hot jerk, at least.”

“You’re not helping. I’ll call you tomorrow, ‘kay?”

I hustled out of her car and waved a quick farewell before jogging up the walkway. I took the steps two at a time onto the front porch. The living room lights were on, which didn’t bode well. I didn’t care how hot Sarah thought my stepdad was—ever since I’d turned eighteen he’d suddenly turned into an overbearing asshole about the “rules of the house”. I could hear him now: “You may be an adult now, Casey, but as long as you continue living under my roof, you’ll continue following my rules.”

He was even worse whenever Mom was out of town on business, which was about a week out of every month, including this week. I’m not sure what had gotten into him. I missed the sweet guy who had taught me to ride a bike, who had built me a dollhouse before I got too old to play with dolls.

Now I dreaded even opening the door and having to deal with his critical scrutiny. The fact that he was probably the best looking man I’d ever known simply made things worse. The older I got, the more I recognized his purely sexual appeal. Why Mom had probably married him. And I hated understanding what it meant. I hated worse that he didn’t seem to see me any differently, even though I’d grown up. I was still a little girl breaking the rules to him. But to me, he’d always been the man I wanted most, even if it meant loving him in secret.

I loved the guy even more in spite of his shift in behavior, and I hated disappointing him. Of course, the things he didn’t know about me would probably make his head explode, like the tattoos and the piercings that I kept cleverly hidden.

My key slipped into the lock and I opened the door slowly, my pulse racing. I breathed a shaky sigh when I walked through the foyer and saw the living room empty. Only the vintage Tiffany lamp my mom loved was lit on one side table. The huge grandfather clock ticked away against the wall beneath the staircase.

Maybe I could get to my room before Dad realized I was ten minutes late. I could throw on my PJs and pretend I’d been there for awhile and he wouldn’t be any wiser.

The master bedroom door was closed at the end of the hall, no light shining beneath. That was a good sign. He’d probably gone to sleep. Maybe he’d relaxed a bit finally and decided to cut me some slack.

It didn’t register that my own bedroom light was on until I rounded the doorframe and saw my dad sitting at the foot of my bed.

I stopped cold.

“You’re late, Casey.” His deep baritone accusation sent my heart back into arrhythmia territory.

“Just a few minutes,” I said. “Seriously, Sarah and I were here at 11:30 … We just got to talking and I lost track of time.”

“You know the rules.”

As if his voice wasn’t bad enough, that gray gaze of his pierced my defenses. Yet he sat so nonchalantly on my bed, dressed only in his navy blue flannel pajama bottoms. For a forty-something man, he was incredibly fit. I’d seen him with his shirt off a few times growing up, but this was the first time I’d had a chance to really look. He had an odd tattoo on the side of his ribcage beneath his left armpit. It looked like writing, but I wasn’t close enough to read it.

I hated the disappointed scowl on his beautiful face. It brought back too many memories of my accidental misbehaviors as a child. But when I was seven I could always wipe that look from his face by giving him a big hug, a sloppy little-girl kiss on the cheek, and saying how sorry I was. I didn’t think that would work now that I was eighteen.

“So, am I grounded?”

“No, baby girl. I think you’re a little old for grounding. Drop your pants and bend over my knees.”

The word shot through my head, unarticulated, but it took me a few more seconds with my mouth hanging open in surprise to actually say out loud.


My stepdad’s scowl deepened, but it only made him more brutally handsome. The man had chiseled features with angles layered upon angles, and a severe, military haircut that left just enough dark length so that he didn’t look entirely bald. His eyes had always been my favorite thing about him, so sweet and kind, but tonight they blazed with anger so dangerous I was a little frightened.

“You broke the rules, baby girl. If you don’t want all your privileges revoked for the next three months,
drop trou and bend over.
You never did anything bad enough as a little girl that required a spanking, but I’ll be damned if I let you get away with this without some repercussions.”

I was too astounded to respond. I stared at him, mouth agape, just trying to find words. Finally I said, “You want to …

He was suddenly on his feet, looming over me, terrifying in his magnificence. “You will be punished, Case. One way or the other. It’s your choice. My hand on your backside, or yes, you’re grounded for three months.”

My mind spun. Three months of being treated like a fucking child didn’t appeal to me at all. It was the beginning of the summer after graduation. I’d be away from my parents soon enough, sure, ensconced in a dormitory at college a few hours away. But I had plans for the summer that would be totally screwed if I had to rely on Sarah for transportation on a daily basis. I had my own car, too, but “grounded” meant driving privileges being revoked as well as the freedom to even leave the house unless I was running errands for my parents.

I scowled back at my stepdad as fiercely as I could.

“Fine. You want to fucking spank me, have at it, you old bastard.” I tore the button of my jeans open and threw down the zipper, shoving the denim and my panties down my thighs. I rejoiced at the brief shock on his face when the word “old” sprang from my mouth. I didn’t think of him that way, but the bite was meant to hurt. He’d have a few more shocks to deal with if he caught sight of my tattoos. At least the piercings were in places he’d never see.

He gritted his teeth and grabbed my forearm, pulling me across his lap.

“You’re a mouthy bitch, aren’t you? I don’t think I like the way you turned out, Case. I just hope I can instill a little discipline in you before you start to think you know more than the real grown ups. If you can’t be a sweet girl anymore, you’ll at least learn to follow the rules.”

Casey’s Secrets:
Chapter 2

he air hit my ass a split second before his large palm smacked into my flesh with a loud
. I cried out, more from surprise than pain. With one hand I inadvertently grabbed his flannel-covered calf to steady myself, and braced the other on the edge of the bed.

“That’s just one. You’re getting a lot more before I’m done.”

My left ass cheek burned from the sharp heat of the strike. The pain subsided quickly, though, simply leaving behind a hot tingle, sinking into my flesh. The tingling part I liked, and I especially liked the buzz of sensation that went deeper, but before I could contemplate enjoying the ordeal, his hand connected hard with my right cheek.


Then he hit both at once and sharp, burning stings bloomed across my ass. The deeper heat grew, confusing me with its insistence. It was the opposite of painful, but the sharp pain that accompanied his relentless slaps confused me.

My pulse was beyond salvaging. My heart raced, both due to the humiliation and the pain. He kept going, barely giving me time to recover between each strike. Tears streamed down my face and I just wished for it to be done so I could be alone and figure out what the hell my body had done to betray me, because I really, really liked it.

I still hated the implication, in spite of it all. It was bad enough that I’d come so close to fucking up my summer break, but to have to endure my stepfather’s wrath this way—to be so acutely aware of his disappointment—broke my heart. The knot of emotion in my belly finally burst on about the fifteenth smack of his hot palm on my sore butt.

The sobs came out, unchecked. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I’m so, so sorry.” I choked on a sob before I could say more.

His posture shifted and rather than strike my ass again, he stopped, leaving his hand resting lightly atop my lower back on the tail of my shirt, just above the twin infernos that were my ass cheeks.

“What are you sorry for, Casey?” he asked in a low, soft voice.

I drew in a stuttering breath. “For disappointing you. I hate disappointing you. I’m so sorry.”

“Not for breaking the rules?”

“I didn’t mean to, I promise. Please don’t hate me.”

“Baby girl, I would never hate you. I just need to make sure you understand there are consequences when you misbehave. Now hold still.”

I took a deep breath and buried my face in the bedspread, anticipating more swift punishment, but none came.

The next thing I felt was a cool wetness on my scorched skin, and the scent of lilacs hit my nostrils. I let out an audible sigh as he spread the deliciously chilly lotion over my skin. His fingers were gentle, a sweet contrast to the harsh treatment he’d given me before. They rubbed lightly, smoothing the cream in wide circles over my flesh. It felt just a little too good, with the soft, cool caresses of his fingers on my abused ass. I clenched my eyes shut and held my breath to avoid giving any outward sign that I liked it more than I should. He must have sensed my tension, though.

“Does this feel better?” he asked, his voice strangely deep and gruff. He traced his fingertips along the creased arc beneath one cheek, each slight stroke along my upper thigh sending jolts of pleasure through my over-sensitized skin. He teased perilously close to my core before lifting his hand and doing the same to the other cheek.

I bit back a gasp and did my best to resist wiggling to get more contact.

“It feels nice,” I whispered. I wanted to spread my legs but feared that might give the wrong signal. He was just attending to my abused skin and that was it.

“You’re wet,” he blurted suddenly. “Did the spanking do this to you?” When he said “this,” he did the unthinkable. He pressed his thumb between my thighs and slid it along the crease of my hot folds. I knew I must be sopping wet considering how much my pussy felt like a solid, pulsing knot. It throbbed even more than my ass did, and the contact of his thumb against me didn’t help a bit.

I clenched my eyes shut and nodded into the mattress. I was done with this, I decided. There was no way I could take more. He’d spanked me. I said I was sorry. That was enough.

I struggled to stand, but he held me down across his lap with a hand against my shoulder blades.

“Oh no, you don’t. I need you to say it out loud, Case. Did my spanking you turn you on?”

Did it turn me on?
Did having my hero’s bare palm hot against my ass turn me on? Not that I’d ever fantasized about him, except in a very abstract way, but my stepdad embodied everything I found attractive in men. Damn right it turned me on.

Admitting the truth was another issue entirely. But this was my chance. I braced myself and commanded my voice to actually speak.

“Y-yes. And then the lotion. Can I stand up now?”

“No.” His palm came down on my ass once again with a loud crack. I yelped and lay still, too overwhelmed with surprise and arousal to form a coherent thought.

My stepdad gripped my ass with both hands and spread my cheeks, murmuring to himself in appreciation. “You are so fucking wet right now. I wonder what I should do about that.” His hands slipped over the mounds of my ass and gripped my thighs, pushing them apart. One hand slid up my inner thigh and grazed my sensitive pussy again. I winced, hoping he didn’t explore too far.

It was bad enough that he insisted on still punishing me, but humiliating me this badly seemed unlike him.

“Daddy, please. I said I was sorry...” I uttered weakly. This was all wrong. His touch on my thigh made no sense. The way that touch made me even wetter made even less sense. And he was about to discover one of my dark secrets if he kept on teasing me. I needed him to stop before he found out, even though I really wanted him to keep going.

No such luck. The slick tease of his fingertips made it deeper. I gasped when he slipped one long digit deep into me and back out, then moved toward my clit. He paused abruptly when he reached it.

The light flick of his finger over the small, curved steel bar that pierced my hood had me on the verge of orgasm. I couldn’t help but moan as he probed and gently rubbed.

My life was fucking over now, I was sure of it. I could say farewell to summer vacation. Except none of that really mattered at the moment. All I wanted was for him to just rub a tiny bit harder so I could get off. I twitched my hips, hoping he’d get the hint. I’d lost the capacity to care that he was my stepdad doing these things to me, too. I just really, really needed to come.

“Please,” I whimpered.

“Do you need to come?” His free hand suddenly snagged my chin and made me turn my head to look at him. “Tell me, Case, do you need to come?”

“Oh, God yes, Daddy. Please let me come.” I was halfway mortified to even articulate such a thing, but had relinquished control of my entire life in the last ten minutes, ever since that first, soft brush of his thumb over my wet opening.

He gave me an approving smirk. “All right, baby. Just know that when I’m done, you have a little bit of explaining to do.”

With that, his fingers rubbed in quick strokes along my clit, pressing the bar of my piercing right onto the spot it was meant to stimulate, as though he knew precisely how to work it. Swift surges of pleasure radiated out, through my lower body and further, until every single inch of me felt like it vibrated with warmth. I cried out and dug my nails into the free arm he’d used to cradle my shoulders while his other hand did its job on my pussy.

I felt him shift and lean over me as I lost control, his breath hot in my ear and his lips velvety smooth against my neck. “That’s right, baby girl. Give it up to me.”

He placed a lingering kiss beneath my ear and gave my clit one last little nudge. Tears still streamed down my cheeks but from ecstasy rather than despair. The kiss brought out a shuddering sigh. It meant he wasn’t angry, at least. I suppose the mind-blowing orgasm he’d just given me might have clued me in on that detail already, though.

“Stand up, Casey,” he said softly, urging me off his lap. As I shifted back, I leaned into him to catch my balance. My hip leaned tighter against him. The unmistakable thickness of his erection pressed against me for a moment before I finally stood, still shaky from the entire experience.

BOOK: Casey's Secrets (Full Trilogy)
8.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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