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An erotic novel
Jean-Philippe Aubourg

Published by Xcite Books Ltd – 2013

ISBN 9781909520646

Copyright © Jean-Philippe Aubourg 2013

The right of Jean-Philippe Aubourg to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

The story contained within this book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the product of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be copied, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, electrostatic, magnetic tape, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the written permission of the publishers: Xcite Books, Suite 11769, 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY

Chapter One

Adrienne always went antique shopping when she needed cheering up, but today it was not helping. As she browsed through the ornaments and bric-a-brac, she wondered what might look good in her bedroom. And that only brought back memories of James.

It was never meant to be like this. She had convinced herself this was it; he was The One. It was a feeling which had grown over the six weeks she had been seeing him. That was all the more surprising, as she’d never intended to spend that first night with James.

She and her best friend, Rachel, had been enjoying a post-work drink in the pub opposite Adrienne’s office, when he came in with two of his friends. The bar was getting crowded and the girls were only taking up two seats of a large table, so it seemed a harmless request when the boys asked if they could sit there too. Of course it was impossible for them not to get talking, and after a couple of drinks it was suggested they all visit a curry house. With some pushing from Rachel, Adrienne agreed.

The meal was good and it led to another bar, one with a late licence. At 1.30, the little group wandered into the street, merry but still in control. Throughout the evening Adrienne had found herself talking mostly to James. She occasionally glanced toward Rachel, feeling guilty at ignoring her friend for so long, but Rachel seemed to be getting on famously with the other two, so she returned her attention to the tall, fair-haired businessman who was paying so much to her.

When they left the restaurant, he put his arm lightly around her shoulders, catching her long blonde hair and flicking the ponytail. In the second pub, his arm was around her waist, protectively keeping her to himself. When she found a vacant bar stool, he stood beside her and allowed his hand to stray onto her stockinged thigh, then up her short, pin-striped business skirt.

She did not resist his advances. Although she was aware of her own attraction for men, Adrienne had not had so many sexual partners. Her one long-term boyfriend had been and gone two years ago, bailing out when she suggested it was time to look for a place together, and it had been some months since she had found sensual pleasure in anything other than her own hand. As the night drove toward its inevitable climax, she began to get butterflies and a rising sense of panic.

They spilled out into the brisk night air, almost the last to leave. It was no great surprise to find all three men claimed to live close to Adrienne and Rachel’s Fulham flats, separated by only half a mile. The five quickly found a black cab and headed south.

They reached Adrienne’s block first and James announced this was close enough for him too. She was pretty sure it would be even closer before much longer. He paid the driver, then turned to her as the cab disappeared.

‘Well …,’ he began, a little sheepishly.

‘Er, yes,’ she answered, fishing in her bag for her keys. ‘Coffee?’ she asked automatically. It had been a long time since she had played this game and she hoped she could remember the rules.

‘Love to!’ he said with relish, and followed her up the big stone steps of the Victorian terrace which housed her flat.

Once inside, she pointed him to the living room while she took off her coat and jacket, and left them with her heels. She padded into the kitchen where she went through the motions of making coffee. Only instant; she hoped they would not get the time to drink it. They could have filter in the morning. She also turned the central heating up a notch. It was a chilly night for rolling around in the nude.

She brought the coffee back to the living room. James had slipped off his jacket and was loosening his tie. She set the mugs down, sat next to him, and undid it altogether. In reply, he slipped his hand behind her head and tugged at the band holding her hair in place. She felt it slide off and shook her head so the hair flowed out across her shoulders. She felt his hand compel her face toward his.

Instinctively, she opened her mouth. Their lips touched and his tongue reached hers. My God, had her “I’m available” signs been so obvious? Tongues already!

There was no question of fighting him off. Already her right hand smoothed a path across her chest, the material of his expensive shirt feeling exquisite. Emboldened, he did the same to her, but his hand began to sneak inside after flicking open two of her blouse buttons. She felt his fingertips squeezing her right breast through her bra. She deepened the kiss as her arousal grew. Then he was tugging the hem aside to explore her naked breast. She reached down to help by pulling the blouse out of her skirt waistband.

She looked down to see her breast, still semi-decent with its white lace covering, pointing out of her rumpled top. Her heart was pounding and it pumped even harder when James’s firm hand gently peeled down the cup. For a moment they both stared at the long, brown nipple, engorged with blood as Adrienne’s excitement grew. Then he smoothed his palm over it, his fingers gently clawing the generous flesh of her bosom.

She smiled up into his eyes, then kissed him again. She decided that what was sauce for the goose was sauce for her gander, so as he continued to knead her breast she snaked her right hand down into his groin. His legs parted as soon as he divined her purpose.

She found the hard lump straight away and massaged it through his trousers. She fingered the catch of his zip and pulled it down, teasing him very deliberately. She heard him grunt, even though their mouths were still locked together. Her hand pushed into the gap she had created and felt the heat of his crotch on her fingers. They trembled as she touched his erection through his boxers.

His squeezing of her breast had become more insistent, but now he let go. Soon both his hands were pulling at the buttons of her blouse, drawing it open and dragging it down her shoulders. To be rid of it completely she was obliged to pull her right hand out of his fly, but as it came out she brought his penis with it. Adrienne gasped as the hard member sprang into the open.

Momentarily released from contact with him, she decided to make the most of it before diving back into the fray. She stood and unclipped the front-fastening bra to fully reveal her breasts, then dropped the wispy garment on the carpet with her blouse. Her skirt followed and, seeing no cause for modesty, so did her panties. Her hold-up stockings were academic; she decided not to waste time pulling them off.

She sank back on the sofa and renewed her kiss with James. Both his hands cupped her breasts and soon his lips began to slide down her neck, then the upper slopes of her chest, and finally onto the ultra-sensitive aureole. Adrienne gasped as his tongue and lips rolled around each of her nipples in turn. She ran her hands through his hair, urging him to stronger and stronger motions, until he was taking a whole bud into his mouth each time.

After several minutes of sucking, by which time her nipples were throbbing, she decided it was time to return the compliment. She pushed him back against the sofa. He looked up, desire burning in his eyes. He followed her gaze as her eyes wandered down to his penis, jutting proudly from his trousers. He grinned as he guessed what was coming.

Sliding onto her knees, she took the base of his tool in her left hand, circling it with her fingers. It jumped as she touched it, and she hoped she had not left it too late. Gingerly, she squeezed his testicles. They felt tight, the texture of the skin rough and furrowed. She saw the glans pulsing and decided to get on with her task as quickly as possible.

Pointing her tongue, she put the tip on the underside of his swollen head. She flicked upwards and was rewarded with a groan. She gave him a couple more licks before planting several gentle kisses on him. A small drop of fluid had formed on the very tip and she gently scooped it off with her tongue. He shivered, and so did she as she tasted his saltiness.

She knew she had to move quickly to achieve what she wanted. She carefully slid back James’s foreskin. The glans was swollen and purple and she knew he was ready for action. Adrienne opened her lips and smoothed them over the end of his organ.

It slid easily into her mouth. She closed her lips halfway down and took a deep breath through her nose. Then she began to move her head up and down. At the same time she squeezed his testicles again and began to masturbate the base of his penis.

His moans grew louder and his breath came in short stabs. His hips began to buck in time with the bobbing of her head. Both movements became faster. Adrienne felt her own fingers brush her lips as her stimulation of his penis reached a crescendo. She gave his balls another squeeze and that was it. He was gone.

She gagged as the strong, thick fluid hit the back of her throat. There was too much – some even spilled from between her lips and trickled down his shaft. Her head movements slowed as he pulsed three or four times. Then he was still. She gave his length a gentle stroke before swallowing for the last time and pulling her mouth away from the shiny, wet end. It was rapidly becoming limp and as she kissed the tip, then ran her tongue over it, he moaned and tried to pull away. Now it was too sensitive to be any use, for the moment at least.

‘Wow!’ he gasped, as she knelt up and looked at him. ‘I didn’t expect that.’

‘Don’t raise your hopes too high and you’ll never be disappointed,’ Adrienne said enigmatically. She lifted her neglected coffee cup to her lips. It was lukewarm but it would do.

‘That was some blowjob,’ James went on, ‘and I haven’t done anything for you.’

‘Not yet,’ said Adrienne, ‘but you will. And when you do, you’ll do it twice as long as you would have if I hadn’t blown you first. I’ll be in the bedroom when you’re ready.’ She got to her feet and headed in that direction. ‘I’ll expect you in about 15 minutes? Condoms are in the top shelf of the bathroom cabinet. Grab a couple.’

‘Crafty girl,’ muttered James as he watched her naked bottom retreating across the living room, then saw the door close behind her. ‘Which lifestyle mag did you learn that trick from?’

Ten minutes later he opened the bedroom door. Adrienne was now completely naked, but half-covered by a single sheet. She had changed the bulb in her bedside light for a soft orange one. Sex might be infrequent for her, but she had not completely lost her touch.

She saw that James was now completely naked too. He had a good physique. She congratulated herself on making such a catch. He closed the door and padded slowly toward the bed. She could see his right hand gently pumping on his revived penis. In his left he carried two small foil packets. As he reached the foot of the bed, he held them up and smiled. ‘Would you care to do the honours?’

She sat up, allowing the sheet to fall away, exposing her breasts to him once again, and took the condoms. Tossing one onto the bedside table, she tore open the other packet. He climbed onto the bed and knelt astride her, presenting his erection. Once more she leant forward and took the head in her mouth, but only for a few brief seconds. ‘Extra lubrication,’ she explained, ‘and a good luck kiss!’

She turned her attention back to the sheath. In a moment she had stretched it down the length of his shaft. Almost eight inches, she judged, now she saw it in all its glory. This was going to be fun.

Giving James a couple of encouraging tugs, she lay back and opened her legs. He manoeuvred himself into position. She felt the head rub against her inflamed lips before he began to push forward. At first there was a little resistance, but they both wriggled and began to shove against each other. Millimetre by millimetre he slid inside her.

Adrienne threw her arms out and savoured the slow entry. She closed her eyes and felt his hand on her left breast, squeezing her nipple to prominence, then his teeth, tongue, and lips as they closed on the sensitive, swollen cherry.

He had gone in to the hilt and now paused to savour the delicious, soft tightness he found around his organ. But after a few seconds he could wait no longer and withdrew to the bulge, then pushed home with the same force. He grunted, she sighed. He shoved again; the cries became louder. Another stroke and Adrienne reached up to run her hands over the back of his neck, then through the short, neat hairs on his head.

He ground away, his passion rising. Adrienne looked down between her breasts and saw the joining of their bodies. For a moment it seemed as if she was looking at another couple making love, but the churning in her lower abdomen soon brought her back to reality. She was being fucked, and royally. Taking the edge off his libido really had worked. He would last long enough to take her over the edge for sure.

She ran her hands down his smooth back and gripped each of his buttocks. She found them pleasingly hard and muscular, clenched in excitement. She squeezed tightly, her nails digging into his flesh as she physically pushed him even deeper inside. She began to grunt through her teeth. ‘G-g-go on! Yesss! F-fuck me!
Fuck me

He obliged and, a few seconds later, she felt the wave of relief as all the pent-up emotions of the evening came flooding out. She opened her mouth in one long scream of abandon. She held his rear cheeks in a vice-like grip, not allowing him to pull out. He struggled, believing he needed a few more thrusts to finish himself off, but the hot pulsing of Adrienne’s tunnel soon saw to his needs. She felt his whole body stiffen as he ejaculated into the rubber safety zone, so strong but thin enough to allow them to feel each other’s pulses. He groaned as he orgasmed and she relaxed her grip. He pulled out and lunged a couple more times, somewhat half-heartedly now, before carefully withdrawing. He reached his face down to kiss her before rolling over onto his back. A few minutes later she could hear his steady breathing as he slept.

She drifted off herself, but was woken as she dreamed of lying in a bath full of soft white feathers. The tickling sensation around her groin was insistent but very pleasurable. Slowly she landed back in reality and sensed a movement below her waist, hands clutching her thighs. She looked down to see James’s head bobbing between her legs and registered his tongue on the outer lips of her vagina.

She laid her head back again and reflected on what a lovely way it was to be woken up. He was not the best she had ever met, but his enthusiasm made up for what he lacked in style. He obviously felt the need to do a good job, another benefit of her pre-emptive fellatio.

BOOK: Catherine's Letters
2.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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