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After barely escaping a madman’s attempt to annihilate all MetaHumans, Kelly Meding’s supernatural crime fighters have banded together to take back the streets of war-ravaged Los Angeles.

Dahlia “Ember” Perkins still feels like an outsider among her new Meta friends, despite everything she’s been through since coming into her miraculous ability to absorb heat and extinguish fires. But when the police need help investigating human skins discarded like slipcovers on the street, the Metas’ youngest team member quickly finds her place. Evidence points to a murderer the likes of which they have never encountered but who inexplicably seems to be gunning for Dahlia—and who may be neither human nor Meta. After a bullet meant for her nearly kills one of her teammates, Dahlia uncovers a connection to the crimes buried deep in her past. As the danger escalates and her personal life falls apart, Dahlia soon learns there’s no such thing as a “normal” relationship when you’re a superhero. . . .

“Dark and gritty, heroic and horrifying. . . . Meding pulls no punches!”
—Night Owl Reviews


is the author of
, the first book in a new superhero series now available from Pocket Books, as well as the critically acclaimed Dreg City series. A native of the Delaware seashore, she lives in eastern Maryland. Visit

“Meding is an author to watch!”
—RT Book Reviews

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, the first book in Kelly Meding’s critically acclaimed new superhero series set in post–Meta War Los Angeles!

Available from Pocket Books!

Praise for
the first book in Kelly Meding’s electrifying Meta Wars series

“Rising star Meding offers up the first book in a new series with her twist on the world of superheroes. . . . This story follows the journey of a young woman finding her place in a world that is about to grow much more treacherous.”

—RT Book Reviews

“Meding successfully captures the action-packed pace of superhero team comics with her group of colorful young adventurers.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Dark and gritty, heroic and horrifying, not to mention intense, aptly describe Meding’s work. . . . I can honestly say that I loved this book more than any other I have read by Meding. Her love of comic books,
, and the like comes through every single page. She pulls no punches, takes you to the heart of her characters so that you share their joy and their sorrow. . . . I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Trance and the gang!”

—Night Owl Reviews

“The first book in Meding’s Meta Wars series sets the tone for further exciting, death-defying adventures. . . . It is heartening to know that amid the life-and-death struggles, there is still time for romance. Excellent, compelling reading for all fans of urban fantasy.”

—Single Titles

“What a great world Meding has built with her new Meta Wars series. . . . The story line was fresh and engaging. I had NO clue who the villain really was. It was a total shock to me. . . . Definitely a great opening to a new urban fantasy series.”

—Urban Fantasy Investigations

“I loved the complete break from traditional urban fantasy mythology that
introduced. There is a real
X-Men/The Incredibles
vibe to this story that really worked. . . . There is certainly a lot of fun to be had in a world like this.”

—All Things Urban Fantasy

“Meding provides an entertaining superhero vs. supervillain urban fantasy. Filled with action from the moment the young MetaHumans begin to realize their powers returned . . . fans will enjoy this fun thriller.”

—Alternative Worlds

“A well-written book by a talented author. . . . I can’t say there is a character I didn’t enjoy. . . . And the villain was just crazy! . . . This book is so cool. I can’t think of a better word to describe it.”

—Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks

Praise for Kelly Meding and the Dreg City novels

“A fast-paced adventure.”

—Charlaine Harris, #1
New York Times
bestselling author

“Gritty, imaginative, and a terrific read. . . . A real storyteller.”

—Patricia Briggs, #1
New York Times
bestselling author

“Dark, dangerous, and delectable. . . . Impossible to put down!”

—Gena Showalter,
New York Times
bestselling author

“Action-packed, edgy, and thrilling. . . . You won’t want to miss this one.”

—Jeaniene Frost,
New York Times
bestselling author

“A phenomenal story . . . utterly addictive.”

—Jackie Kessler, critically acclaimed author

“Thrilling. . . . Especially impressive are her worldbuilding skills.”

—RT Book Reviews

“[An] excellent series.”

—Bitten by Books

“Will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

Book Lovers Inc.



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For the dreamers who dare to look beyond the obvious, and wonder “What If?”



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