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BOOK: Charlotte & Leopold
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Queen Hortense, daughter of the Empress Josephine, mother of the Emperor Napoleon III and mistress of Prince Leopold and Count Flahault.

Madame Récamier, the famous French beauty who broke Prince August’s heart.

A cartoonist’s representation of the Regent introducing the penniless German princeling German princeling to his daughter.

‘Slender Billy’, the Hereditary Prince of Orange. Leopold, he lamented, had taken ‘his wife and his kingdom’.

Prince August, ‘the only black sheep in the Prussian royal family’. A portrait of Madame Récamier hangs on the wall behind him.

Leopold wearing the moustache he grew to please Charlotte.

Leopold resplendent in the robes of a Knight of the Garter, which he wore to stunning effect at his father-in-law’s coronation.

How Charlotte’s father’s coronation might have looked if her mother had been allowed to attend.

The apprehensive Prince sets sail for his precarious new kingdom.

The Regent and his mother, assisted by the Lord Chancellor, scrub up the verminous foreign Prince to make him fit for Charlotte.

Published in hardcover in 2007 in the UK by Old Street Publishing Ltd

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BOOK: Charlotte & Leopold
4.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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