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Wordless.  There weren’t any I could have used
to describe her at that point.  Useless to even try.  She was beautiful, and naked, and wanting me to make love to her for the first time.  Nothing else existed.

prayed I would never forget how she looked to me in this moment, and I made a vow not to allow it to happen.

My body screamed with the need
to kiss every beautiful part of her but that would take hours to do properly and I couldn’t wait hours.  Hell, I couldn’t even wait seconds.  That train had blown through town already with no waiting, no stopping, and no changing.

, Elaina didn’t seem like she wanted things to be any different.

Christ, she’s so

I’m not sure how exactly
, but I maneuvered us to the bed with Elaina laid out like a goddess upon it, my window fantasy but a distant memory, as I sat back on my knees and tried to decide where to
first.  She had a body that took my breath away, and I planned on touching every bit of it, the need to know how she felt under my hands and mouth as necessary as breathing.

“What is it?” she asked.

“You’re so fuckin’ gorgeous I hardly know where to begin.”

“Kiss me.
”  She arched her whole body, offering herself up in the most beautiful way I lost the ability for coherent speech.  The point was moot anyway as my mouth got busy in ways other than talking.

slid my hands over her slowly, beginning at her throat and moving down, learning her soft curves, feeling her reaction to my hands on her, listening to the sounds she made because of what I did with them.

When my mouth found its way to
her breasts again, I slowed the pace, devoting some time to getting to know them intimately.  I took the whole tip of one into my mouth and sucked, rolling the nipple with my tongue and grazing with my teeth.  She cried out softly, arching toward me even more.  Her beautiful tits were very sensitive apparently, and this was precisely the kind of knowledge I desired to know about my girl.

I focused
my attentions onto her other breast, holding its soft weight in my hand while suckling with my mouth, nipping the hard-budded nipple gently with my teeth.  I got some beautiful sounds out of her for that effort, and I made a mental note of it for the future.  Sexy sounds of submission and the acceptance of my touch, allowing me to take what she was willingly giving to me.

sucked and licked and worked my way around both of her breasts.  I put so many love bites on her, that I couldn’t count how many when I finally stopped and looked over my handiwork.  Just claiming what was mine.

nd, I wasn’t a bit sorry about marring the perfectness of her skin either.  The marks I’d made with my mouth were symbols of what she meant to me, a tangible display of what we’d shared, and for our eyes only, to remember what we’d done on our first time together. 

needed so much more than that from her though.

My hand moved lower
to skim over her flat belly.  I heard the soft intake of breath, and felt a jerk when I covered her lips with mine at the same time my hand delved between her legs.  My fingers touched perfection—felt how soft she was there, how wet, how ready for me.

Ohhh, Neil,” she moaned under my lips, “I want—I need—I—please—”

She sounded blissfully frustrated and I loved it because I was the one causing her to be that way.  And
, I held the power to fix it for her too.  Bloody perfect position for me to be in as well.

“I know
, beautiful,” I interrupted, “but you’re gonna come for me first.”

I plied her folds with a finger
, circling the slippery nub of her clit until she was writhing underneath me, crying out my name again and again, spilling tears onto the bed sheets in passionate submission as she arched up and convulsed.  I watched her come apart, lost in her response both physically and emotionally, thinking that I could watch her orgasm over and over and it would never be enough, I’d still want to give her more pleasure.  Elaina owned me completely and it was so good belonging to someone. 
So fuckin’ good.
  I belonged to her as much as she belonged to me.  Even more, really.

“I want you n-n-now,” she panted on a whisper

I knew what she was asking
of me, and I was so ready to give her what she wanted that I wasted no time in reaching for the pack of condoms resting on the bedside table and slid off my shorts.

Elaina was the
n the one watching the show.

As her eyes settled on my rock hard cock, I wondered if she was worried about ho
w we’d fit.  I’d have to be careful with her this first time because I’d be wrecked if I ever hurt her when we fucked.  Not her.  Not my Elaina.  I felt a rise of panic and realized I was close to losing it—the utter mindfuck I was experiencing over the real fucking we were about to do.

Pull yourself together.

She saw me put the condom packet between my teeth to open it.

“You don’
t really need that,” she said, with a shake of her head.

, I do,” I said, as I rolled it down the length of my cock.  She might say we didn’t need condoms but I knew we did.  Elaina meant far too much for me to take a risk on getting her pregnant when I was leaving so soon.  What if we made a baby and I got myself blown up and she was left alone.  No.  Never.  Elaina was too young for babies anyway.  Later…much later, we would get to that point.  Marriage.  Children.  Yes, but later.

She tugged at my hips with her hands, begging.

,” I soothed.

settled above her, moving those long sexy legs of hers wide apart with my hands.  I hovered with my lips, wanting my mouth on her pussy, and my tongue dipping inside for a first taste, but realized this wasn’t the moment.  We were both far too impatient.

Later I’
d be doing it though, I vowed.

looked so beautiful spread underneath me I knew I’d always remember this first time.  The way she was offering herself.  How she was willing to let me take the lead.  I couldn’t mess this up with her or I’d never forgive myself.

smiled up at me, glassy eyed and mysterious.  I felt movement over my stomach and then the touch of her small hand gripping my cock.

I hissed when she touched me, h
er lips slightly parted, breasts heaving from the heavy breathing, the anticipation…and felt her guide the head of my cock straight up against her quim.

Fuckin’ hell
, I was so lost.

We both
jerked from the contact, that very first scorching hot intimate touch between us.  But nearly inconsequential because we were about to make that burn go even hotter—there would be explosions.

“I love you and want
to be with you so badly,” she said in a whisper.

  Elaina accepted my love for her.  That fact alone was enough to bring me to my knees, but even greater was the knowledge that this beautiful girl wanted to be with

“I love you, Cherry.”  My answer came with a d
eep push of my cock inside her very wet heat where she accepted the whole hard length, arching her hips up to meet my thrust.  Perfect fit.  Everything about her was perfect.  She moaned as I filled her up, soft and so fuckin’ sexy I lost my mind for a moment as I settled into her.

The grip of her pussy around my cock held me so tight,
I worried I’d come far too soon for what I’d intended it to be.  I hoped to make love to her all night, as many times as I could manage to get us there.

I brought my face close
, framing her in with my hands and captive to my invasion of her body.  I couldn’t help it.  I only knew this was the way it should be done.  Take her and make it so good, she’d never want another man.

But it
good.  We were

Is this all right?” I asked her.

She nodded back.  “Love me.”

“I do.  I will.  Always…”

Eye to eye and
nose to nose I kept her looking at me as I began to move.

“You feel so good
wrapped around me.”

thought I might die.

She moaned
at me, the sweet sound of her like a cue to get down to it.

tight wet quim became my universe for the next minutes as we found our rhythm.  I hoped it was the same for her with my cock, because that moment right then…was life affirming and life changing.  Making love with Elaina was a beautiful dance, and like nothing I’d ever experienced before with a woman.  But then, any other times for me had not been with her… so never with anyone I loved.  Comparisons were irrelevant anyway.  And, again, pointless.

ting…  I’d been waiting for it, and when it was happening, I felt more emotions coursing through me than I was used to dealing with.  I hardly knew what I was doing besides getting lost inside her.  She met me with every thrust, and drew back with every retreat.  We were a perfect union of minds and bodies.

Every time I filled her up she made a soft little sou
nd that wound me a little tighter with each stroke.  “Oh, fuck, it’s good with you, Cherry.”

” she begged, throwing her head back onto the pillow.

I won’t.”  I moved faster and deeper and harder, more than happy to oblige my girl’s request.  I gripped her hips to steady us, the frenzy growing more abandoned with each second that passed, when I felt her start to convulse and shudder.  A low breath came out of her throat as she jerked beneath me, her legs flexing tight around my thighs to keep me buried all the way inside her.  She gripped my arms as she rode out her release.

Elaina’s response
was like a trigger, sending me off right behind her, my orgasm taking hold violently from somewhere deep, pumping out of me and into her like an explosion.  Our eyes held onto each other as we stayed fused, the rush of pleasure still pulsing for both of us as we took in deep breaths of air, living in the moment.

felt utterly soft, and looked so perfectly beautiful when I pulled out of her, that I couldn’t bear to look away, and had to deal with disposing of the spent condom by feel.

“Stay with me
,” she demanded, with a tug on my arm.

As if I’
d go anywhere.

We’re not even close to being done.  That was just a warm up,” I told her, before finding her lips and plunging my tongue inside her mouth.  I kissed her long and deep, my need to be in her was barely fulfilled despite what had just happened.

She touched my face with her hand and traced down my cheek
.  “You loved me.”  The way in which she said it almost sounded sad to me, as if she was trying to come to grips with the idea of us.  Maybe, it frightened her.

“I did.”  I pulled her hand on my face to my lips and kissed it.  “Nothing could have stopped me from doing it either,” I said.

“Nothing?” she asked innocently.

“Nothing restricted to heaven and earth.”

“You’re sure about that are you?”  She reached down and wrapped her hand around my now less than hard cock.  My sweet girl liked to have a bit of fun teasing it seemed.

“I think someone needs a little demonstration of exactly how determined I am about loving you.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll be able to
.”  She laughed softly, her hand still gripping around my bare flesh, feeling divine as long as she was touching it.

“In a little while,
Cherry, you’ll get some more of that.”  I paused, waiting to drop my own teasing comeback on her.  “But first…I’m gonna make
scream again.”

“Ahhhh…Neil!” s
he gasped, when I shifted down the bed in a flash and spread her wide.

hips undulated against my hands holding her thighs open, sending my cock to attention despite the thorough workout mere moments before.

I was on a mission.  To get to
the place at the center of her that held me captivated.  “With my mouth,” I said, before descending on her pussy and staring at all the beauty right in front of me.  She wasn’t totally bare, but almost, the sexy strip of cherry-coloured hair making me crazed to have my mouth on her. 
How blessed was I?

at her folds until they parted, I found her clit and circled over and over with my tongue, serving that little sweet spot with some extra special loving attentions.  With Elaina at my mercy for the next minutes, I held her pinned open with my palms and feasted on her quim until I was satisfied with my results.  She was shouting my name—as promised.

BOOK: Cherry Girl (Blackstone Affair)
6.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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