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Chosen by the Alpha

BOOK: Chosen by the Alpha
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Chosen by the Alpha


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Smut Shorties: City Wolves Series

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Chosen by the Alpha

Smut-shorties: City Wolves Series








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Copyright 2015 Mina Carter

Cover Art by Mina Carter

Joel Hicks
& Anna Johnston

Published by Blue Hedgehog Press: March 2015.


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

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This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are fictitious or have been used fictitiously, and are not to be construed as real in any way. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales, or organizations is entirely coincidental.


Author's note: All sexually active characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Chapter One


No matter what happened, there was always one thing Isla could rely on: the sheer arrogance of male wolves. That, and their overriding assumption all females found them irresistible and were desperate to get them in the sack. Mostly she
desperate to get them in the sack, if only to stop their whining, but she didn't think a sack six feet under was precisely what they meant.

"Liam." She managed a sigh instead of a growl at the young, eager wolf in front of her. This was so what she didn't need, not with the arrival of a delegation from a rival city imminent. "The answer is no. It was no yesterday and it'll be no tomorrow as well."

The young male didn't give any indication he heard her. One shoulder leant against the wall, his posture was all about the hip lead and pelvic tilt, thumbs looped into his belt so his fingers framed his genital region suggestively. Classic position for the horny male wolf.

She doubted he even knew he was doing it. Just as she doubted he realized that if she gave a good yank on the brocade drapes he leant against, he'd end up in an undignified heap on the floor. Not exactly what a young wolf out to impress wanted, now was it?

The urge to yank the drape grew, but she shouldn't. She really shouldn't. While Liam Allan was young, he was also the son of a pack alpha and likely to succeed his father. And in the convoluted world of wolf politics, she couldn't afford to make an enemy of him this early in his life.

Lust burned brightly in his eyes as his gaze swept her figure. Ugh, she needed to take a bath, a week long one. While she never pegged Liam as a creep, having someone she'd seen in diapers look at her that way was...wrong. Just wrong.

"Way I see it, you need a man. Female wolves always do. They're too highly strung without regular sex. And I've been watching don't have a man. Haven't for years." He smiled, seeming smug with his misogynistic reasoning. "You need me, baby. Just admit it and we'll all be happier."

Isla didn't know what to say. Of all the high-handed, insulting, male chauvinistic, fucking bullshit.

"And that is
bollocks. A woman
a man like a fish needs a bicycle. A woman
a man, however, is a totally different matter."

For a moment, Isla thought her mouth had operated without the intervention of her brain. That it had also changed her voice from feminine and sharp to a cultured male drawl as well was interesting. A frown creasing her brow, she turned and what she'd been about to say dried up right there in her throat.

A male wolf stood behind her. Although stood was subjective. Somehow he managed to make standing look like an indolent slouch. Tall and broad shouldered, he was dark haired and dark eyed. No ring of amber showed around his irises, but power wreathed him like a cape, an aura of charisma her inner wolf immediately sat up and took notice of.

“And who the fuck are you?” Liam, eager to react to any perceived encroachment on his “territory,” shoved to his feet and started forward. A growl rumbled from the back of his throat, and the threat hung in the air. The guy in front of her straightened and his expression hardened, taking him from laid back to very dangerous-looking within a heartbeat.

Shit shit shit
. This was going to be a fucking bloodbath.

“Hang on, youngster.” Isla’s voice cracked like a whip in the sudden silence of the corridor. Not the voice of a woman trying to convince a persistent guy to get lost, but the voice of the Captain of the City Guard. One who expected to be obeyed. Without hesitation.

“Huh...he—” Liam’s confusion was palpable and he tried to push past her. Moon save her from idiot men and their territorial urges.

There was no arguing with the hand she shot out and slapped onto the center of his chest. Her fingertips sprouted vicious looking talons. Ones she wasn’t above using if the guy in front of them was who she suspected.

“Stow it, Liam,” she hissed, and turned to the newcomer. The wolves behind him were silent but bristled with tension. She didn’t like the look of them. Or rather she did, and that was the problem. Far from being the normal court dandies, these wolves were all as dangerous as the man in front of her.

“My Lord Delegate, I assume?” she asked with a smile.

“Guilty as charged.” A smile spread over her mystery wolf’s face. His expression transformed from growly and severe to heart-stoppingly handsome.

Her wolf gave a whine, pushing at her to get closer. She didn’t need to because he closed the gap between them. Walked was not the word. No. Instead, he stalked, his eyes riveted on hers like he was the predator and she the prey. After years of being one of the most powerful werewolves in the room—despite his attitude, even Liam knew she could fuck his shit up permanently if she wanted to—to be looked at that way was unsettling.

It was also sexy as all hell.

He came to a stop in front of her, towering over her. Usually, she was eye level with men so that was something else new. And she liked it.

“And...who would you be, my lady?” He tilted his head to the side, and a strand of long hair fell loose, the rest pulled back and wrapped. She clenched her fist to stop herself reaching out to undo it. Something about the way he held himself suggested he didn’t wear his hair like that often.

“I’m not a lady.” Her voice was raspy, forcing her to clear her throat. Great, how sexy was that? She sounded like an asthmatic frog, right in front of the bloody Lord Delegate. “Isla, Captain of the City Guard.”

Belatedly, she offered her hand to shake. As a city official, she wasn’t anywhere near this man’s social standing, but the only person she’d ever bow to was Reena, so it was all he was getting.

“Nick Trevais,” he murmured, taking her hand and rather than shaking it, he bowed to
and lifted it to his lips. “Alpha of the Trevais pack, Lord Delegate, and a man who very much knows when he’s in the presence of a lady.”


Nick Trevais, while an alpha and leader of his pack, had always been considered a bit of an oddball. He knew that and didn’t care. What people failed to realize about oddballs was most of the time, no one knew what they were likely to do next…which Nick had figured out worked very well for him indeed.

Like kissing the hand of a very pretty woman when she was least expecting it.

He savored her little gasp and the sudden flare of amber in her eyes as she reacted to his touch. She was tall and slender with blond hair. He couldn’t tell if it was long or short because it was pulled back into a loose bun. Her scent hit him first, wrapping around him like the coils of a seductive serpent ready to lead him into sin. Once he’d seen her, interest flared like a fireworks display, quickly followed by anger at the man attempting to crowd her, trying to persuade her to take him to bed.

Nick’s wolf growled within as he straightened, flicking a look of warning at the younger man. The only man this woman would be taking to bed anytime soon would be him. His expression made the other man pale and Liam backed up with some excuse about getting ready for the ball. Nick let him flee, returning his attention to the beauty in front of him.

“My lord—” He’d managed to discomfort her with the kiss, her cheeks flaming red as she dropped her gaze. Interesting. To have attained the position of Captain of the Guard told him she was as tough as nails, but being thrown off balance by a simple kiss was charming. Utterly charming. As he watched though, she regained her composure and smiled at him.

“The ball is about to begin and I know the Mistress of the City is awaiting your arrival. If you and your partner would come this way?” At that, she stepped back and to the side, indicating he should precede her toward the ballroom. He didn’t miss her glance through his entourage, searching perhaps for a female wolf. She wouldn’t find one.

“You see, I have a little problem there,” he admitted, dropping his voice and moving closer. “Normally I attend these things with my sister…” He didn’t, but back home they were well used to Nick arriving at official functions without a partner. “And she’s recently mated, so I find myself at a loss for companionship. Perhaps, you…”

At that, he deliberately encroached into her space, leaning in to almost run his lips against her throat and breathe in her delicious scent. If she didn’t want him, he had no doubt she would back away or react to stop him in some way. She didn’t, and the heady aroma of her arousal and interest filled his nose.

“Perhaps you could suggest a partner who would be willing to accompany me?” He drew back, but not all the way, his voice pitched so only she heard.

She blinked and swallowed, the amber in her eyes gobbled up by a different sort of darkness. Not salacious but something very human, and very primal. The hint of the blush remained on her cheeks, but she hadn’t backed away, and she met his gaze directly.

“If my Lord wishes, I’m more than happy to accompany you.”

“Excellent.” He smiled and extended his arm. “Shall we?”

His breath stalled in his chest as he waited for her touch and in that instant he regretted the fact he wore evening attire. He wanted her to connect with him, skin to skin. Even so, as her hand made contact with his arm, electricity arched between them. Her breath caught and she looked away quickly, color rising on her cheeks.

With a smile, he covered her hand with his and headed down the corridor toward the ballroom.

Chapter Two


“Madam Mistress, a pleasure to see you again.”

Isla stood to one side as Nick bowed low over the hand of Reena, the Mistress of the City. She noticed though, his lips merely brushed the skin of Reena’s knuckles instead of actually pressing a kiss to them as he had with her. Which was a good thing because Archer, Reena’s lover, stood at her side and looked ready to tear the man’s throat out. That was nothing new. He was ready to tear out any man’s throat if they gave any indication of looking at Reena with lustful thoughts on their minds.

“As it is you, Lord Alpha.” Reena’s voice, as always, was calm and well measured. “Once again, we cannot thank you enough for your kind counsel to your Master of the City that brought our cousin back to us.”

“You are more than welcome. Master Veyr sends his regards, and his thanks for your kind wedding gift. He and his lady loved the vases. They’re in pride of place in their private sitting room.”

Isla folded her hands demurely in front of her. Of course, Nick Trevais was the reason her city and his had a tentative alliance. Reena’s young cousin, somewhat of a rebel, and some friends had gone on a rampage. One that unfortunately had taken them over the borders into another city’s territory where they had been caught. Normal policy for any city was to execute interlopers on the spot, but Nick argued the youngsters should be returned to face punishment in their own city. It was a move that earnt him Reena’s respect and forged an alliance, but until now, Isla herself had never met the legendary Trevais alpha.

Reena had failed to mention the guy was drop dead gorgeous.

“I’m glad they liked them.” Reena gave a genuine smile this time, her happiness that the couple had liked her gift obvious even through the language of diplomacy. “Although, I understand the Trevais pack also celebrated the master’s wedding, perhaps more so than most packs. The new lady of the city is your sister, if my sources are correct?”

BOOK: Chosen by the Alpha
7.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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