Christmas With The Houstons (Acceptance #4)

BOOK: Christmas With The Houstons (Acceptance #4)
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Christmas with the Houstons

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For my friends – Family is not only assigned to you by birth but also given to you by choice. You are my family, my choice, and the light in my darkest of days. Thank you for choosing me, too.















“April, are you sure you want to do this? I mean, isn’t this exactly what Amazon was created for?” I’d laugh at my husband if he wasn’t being completely serious.

“Jake, I hardly think Amazon was invented so pregnant women wouldn’t have to go shopping for Christmas.”

He looks at me skeptically then flashes me one of the biggest grins I’ve ever seen. “Fine, maybe not
for pregnant women. I’m sure it was also created so we don’t have to go to the seedy porn shops in the valley to get the good toys.” 

“Jake!” I exclaim with a laugh. “You are too much. Can you please indulge me? I’m seven months pregnant and as big as a house. There’s no way I’m going to be able to battle the mall in December, and I really want to be able to put thought into the gifts we give. I’d rather not just randomly point my mouse on something and have it delivered.”

As he wraps his arms around me and nuzzles my neck, I relax in his arms. Jake is the only man I’ve ever loved and not only will this be our first Christmas as parents—as long as I’m not overdue—but it’s also Hope, Zayden, Haven, and Grant’s first Christmas. Plus, Hailey and Lucas are both at ages where they’re excited about the holidays. It’s going to be so much fun.

“I always indulge you and if Christmas shopping the first week of October makes you happy, then that’s what we’ll do. But while you’re decking the halls, I’m going to be keeping an eye out for some fucking cool-ass Halloween stuff for Hailey and Lucas.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less,” I reply, placing a soft kiss on his lips. “Now, let’s go. If we get there soon, the only people who will be there are the mall walkers.”

Jake chuckles and shakes his head. “God forbid we miss the mall walkers.”

As we get into the car and I struggle to get the seatbelt around my giant belly, I explain my rationale, “I’m seven months pregnant and it’s going to be over a hundred degrees today. The mall gets hot when there are a lot of people there. The best time is to go in the morning when all the senior citizens are doing their mall walk. It’s still cool and not one bit crowded.”

“Got it. Easier to waddle with the oldies.”

“You’re so lucky I love you. You’ve been teasing me all morning. Actually, you’re in a really good mood today. What gives?” Jake’s eyes are focused on the road, but I can tell from the way they narrow slightly he doesn’t like the fact I indirectly accused him of being a grump. The fact of the matter is he
been on edge lately.

“Does something have to give for me to be in a good mood?”

“Well… normally, no. But honestly, Jake, you’ve been on edge for the past few weeks. I tried chalking it up to my hormonal state but even Kate noticed.”

His hands grip the steering wheel and I feel his mood plummeting. This was not what I was hoping to accomplish today.

“So you and Kate are gossiping about me now?”

“Jake Houston! Get off your high horse for just a damn minute. Kate is not a gossip and you know that.”

I reach over and peel one of his hands from the steering wheel, lacing my fingers with his. “Babe, I’m just worried about you. I’m happy you’re in such a good mood today but it’s not hard to put two and two together. You took today off from work and you’re happy, relaxed, more like your normal self. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me. What’s going on at work?”

With a sigh, Jake turns into the mall parking lot and pulls my hand to his lips. “It’s nothing you need to worry about.”

“That’s not fair and you know it. I
worry. Even more so lately. You’ve been shutting me out for weeks, Jake. Talk to me... Please.”

With a shake of his head, he gets out of the car and walks around to my side to help me out. As he pulls me from the car and into his embrace, his tension is palpable. I feel it throughout his back and shoulders. This isn’t like Jake at all.

“Between us, April, I mean it. You can’t talk about this to
… including Kate and Connor.”

“You know you can tell me anything, Jake. If there’s one person in the world you need to trust it has to be me. For better or for worse, remember?”

A small smile cracks through his rough exterior. “One of the best days of my life. I could never forget that.”

“Then talk to me and let me help you figure out how to deal with whatever it is you’re going through.”

Entwining my fingers with his, we walk slowly through the parking lot. I love how he slows his pace to match my waddle. As he opens the door, he places his hand against my lower back, guiding me in ahead of him.

That move right there is the sign of a man who has feelings for a woman. There are so many things men do to show their affection but when he puts his hand against your lower back and walks with you, it’s a small way of staking their claim on you. It’s my favorite thing in the world. Well, aside from his kisses, and his smile, and the way he fucks me. Hell, I’m getting turned on; we need to shop and get home.

“You’re glowing,” he says softly.

“Oh, please don’t start.” I’m flushed because I was thinking of sex, but I’m not about to tell him that in the middle of the mall.

“Oh, I’m going to start. See that guy over there? The one who’s standing over by the coffee shop? He hasn’t taken his eyes off you since we walked in.”

BOOK: Christmas With The Houstons (Acceptance #4)
12.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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