Cinderella's Billionaire Bear: A Shifter Fairy Tale

BOOK: Cinderella's Billionaire Bear: A Shifter Fairy Tale
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Billionaire Bear

Shifter Fairy Tale)

Ella Jasmine

2016 Ella Jasmine

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story you're about to read contains adults in adult situations. So only
continue to read if you're a legal adult who isn't offended by steamy scenes
involving a hot werebear and his fated mate.


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Chapter 1



Cinderella, take my place at the billionaire's wedding. You don't even have to
stay for the entire wedding reception if you don't want to. I just need you to
go there and sign my name in the wedding guest book so that there would be
evidence of me having gone to the wedding in case Mom ever investigate the
issue. Please, Cinderella, I have a big date with Donald tonight, and I don't
want to miss it," pleaded my stepsister, Tasha.

"Your mom will
kill me if she finds out that I dare to show up at the wedding in your place.
She wants
to seduce one of the billionaires in attendance there.
Besides, I'm scheduled to work at the casino tonight," I said in response.

"There's no way my
mom will ever find out. She's on a business trip and won't be home until
tomorrow evening. Just tell everyone at the wedding that you're me, and no one
will be the wiser. It's not like anyone there has ever met either of us. As for
your shift at the casino tonight, you won't have to worry about that. I'll have
Donald find someone else to cover your shift."

"But what would I
even wear to a billionaire's wedding? None of the clothes in my closet would
work for such a fancy occasion."

"You can wear the
dress Mom bought for me to wear to the wedding."

I gave my stepsister a
once-over before giving her a funny look. "You're like 20 pounds slimmer
than me. How in the world am I supposed to fit into your dress?"

"They didn't have
the dress in my size. But since Mom thought the style was absolutely perfect,
she bought it for me anyway. She even gave me the money to go get it altered to
fit just right. But since I never really wanted to go to that wedding, I had
been putting off my visit to the tailoring place."

"And you think
that dress would fit me as it is?"

"I'm almost
certain it would," answered Tasha.

"But you know how
my car's been acting up lately. There's no way it will survive the drive from
New Jersey to New York."

"You don't need to
worry about that. Mom wanted me to show up in style to make a good impression
on the rich bachelors there. So she went all out and booked me a limo to ride
to the wedding. And since she wanted me to really hook one of the rich men
there, she's got the limo booked until tomorrow. That means you can even spend
the night over there if you want. Just make sure to start heading back home by
noon tomorrow if you don't have an alternative ride home."

For the first time
since our conversation started, I gave my stepsister's proposal some serious

The last week at the
casino had been extremely busy and hectic. Some of the other cocktail waitresses
had been out with the flu, so I had been picking up more shifts than usual as a

It had been a long week
of filling endless drink orders and dealing with more than my fair share of not
so nice guests at the casino. Therefore, the thought of attending the biggest
wedding of the century in New York instead of serving alcohol to people who
took out their gambling losses on cocktail waitresses like me certainly sounded
appealing. But was it worth the risk of my stepmother finding out?

Tasha noticed the
hesitation on my face and insisted that I at least try on the dress before
making my decision about going. I agreed and followed her into her room.

My stepsister opened
the door to her walk-in closet. Then she pulled out the dress, still hanging inside
a garment bag.

Even though one of my
daily house chores was to clean Tasha's room, I had never actually seen the
dress her mom had bought for her to wear. My stepmother had insisted that the
dress stayed inside the garment bag until the day of the wedding to ensure that
it stayed nicely protected. So despite my curiosity about the evening gown my
stepmother proclaimed to be Tasha's ticket to being a billionaire's wife, I had
never dared to take a peek at it.

Standing in front of me
now, Tasha was fumbling with the zipper on the garment bag. As soon as the
dress was revealed, I audibly gasped in response to the sheer beauty of the

The designer dress
looked like something an A-list celebrity would wear to a red carpet event. It
was sleeveless with a decent amount of shoulder coverage, and it had an
open-back design. Dazzling rhinestones embellished the front of the dress.
Cutouts and a plunging V-neckline gave it a sexy oomph without being obscene. And
the aquamarine color was simply stunning.

huh?" asked Tasha.

"It's not just pretty;
it's absolutely gorgeous," I said.

"Well, don't just
stand there and drool over it. Try it on."

I shyly slid out of the
house dress I had put on earlier to do some light dusting in the living room. Then
I carefully slipped on the evening gown before walking over to the mirror above
Tasha's dresser to check out my reflection.

My eyes widened while
my lips parted as I took a look at myself in the mirror. I barely recognized
myself in the expensive evening gown. In that moment, I felt like the ugly
duckling that had transformed into a beautiful swan.

The mermaid silhouette
accentuated my curves while the plunging neckline drew attention to my
bountiful breasts. Unlike my house dress, the evening gown didn't make me feel
frumpy at all. Also, unlike the clothes I had to wear to work at the casino,
the evening gown made me look and feel classy.

I did a quick spin around
and marveled at the train on the back of the dress. I had never worn a dress
with a train before and being in one now made me feel like a fairy tale

My stepsister smiled at
me and said, "You look beautiful, Cinderella. That dress looks like it's
made just for you. So please wear it to the wedding."

I knew Tasha was only
saying that so I would agree to her request. But in all honesty, I did feel
like the dress was made to be worn by me. The way in which it perfectly fitted
my curvy figure had me almost believing that a fairy godmother of some sort had
magically produced it just for me to wear.

So should I wear it to
the billionaire's wedding today? I definitely would prefer to wear this
stunning evening gown to a fancy wedding over having to wear a cheap-looking
dress to go serve cocktail drinks yet again at the casino. But even though my
stepmother was away on a business trip, I still felt fearful of what she would
do to me if she ever found out I wore the expensive dress she paid for to go to
the fancy wedding she had forbidden me to attend.

I stole another glance
at the mirror while debating my decision. Still in awe of the beauty of the
dress, I decided I was going to go after all.

"Okay, Tasha, I'll
go to the wedding and sign the guest book with your name."

"Thank you! Thank
you so much for doing this, Cinderella. I owe you one big time for helping me
out like this."

Seeing how brightly her
face lit up made me more confident in my decision to go. But then a frown
quickly formed on my face when I realized that I didn't have any suitable shoes
to wear with such an elegant gown.

wrong?" asked Tasha as she noticed the change in my facial expression.

"I don't have any
shoes to go with this dress."

"Don't worry,
Cinderella. I can help you with that easily."

"You can? Don't
tell me you have an exquisite pair of shoes in my exact size just sitting
around in your closet. Because if you do, I might start thinking of you as my
fairy godmother instead of just my stepsister."

Tasha laughed.
"No, I'm not your fairy godmother. I can't get a pair of shoes in your
exact size to appear out of thin air. However, what I do have is almost as
good. Remember the money I told you Mom gave me to get the dress altered? Well,
since the dress no longer needs to be tailored in any way, I'll give you that
money, and you can use it to buy yourself a pair of shoes to go with the

"But wouldn't I
have to leave soon to get to the wedding on time?"

Tasha turned towards
the clock hanging on the wall. "You're right, Cinderella. The limo Mom
ordered to drive me to the wedding should be here pretty soon. But that's okay.
Just take the money and go buy yourself a pair of shoes. I'll stay here and
tell the limo driver to wait for you."

"But that still
won't change the fact that I'll be late to the wedding."

"Yeah, you'll
probably miss the wedding ceremony, but at least you'll be there for the
wedding reception. Anyway, go now to shop for your shoes. You don't want to be
there any later than you have to be," she said as she handed me the money.

"Okay, I'll go
now. Don't forget to tell Donald to find someone to cover my shift at the

"Don't worry. I'll
call him right now to tell him. You go and find your shoes."


As if by magic, the
perfect pair of shoes to go with the evening gown was on display right in the
window of the shoes store. There was only one pair left, however, and it was
half a size larger than what I usually wore. I decided to buy the shoes anyway
since I didn't want to delay my trip to New York any further. Plus, I was in
love with the pointed-toe pumps. So what if they were a little too big for me? I
just had to be extra careful about not slipping out of them while walking

With my shoes newly purchased,
I excitedly drove back home again to prepare to go to the billionaire's



Weddings. What was it
about them that made people want to hook up so bad? Was it the romantic setting
created by the bride and groom? Or was it the free-flowing alcohol combined
with being surrounded by other wedding guests who were all dressed to

Honestly, I couldn't
tell you for certain what made full-fledged humans so likely to hook up at a
wedding. Because I wasn't one myself. What I could tell you, though, was why a
beautiful wedding ceremony would make a bear shifter like me feel the urgent
need to find a curvy woman to sink myself into.

Two months ago, Larry
and I were in his office talking about how we were increasingly growing bored
of the playboy lifestyle and desperate to find our fated mates. Then what do
you know? Not even a week after that, the lucky bastard found his fated mate,

Hell, he didn't even
have to go anywhere to find her. She just walked into his office one day for a
job interview. Then bam! Next thing I knew, I was asked to be his best man for
their wedding day.

So right now, I was
standing next to my buddy, Larry, as his bride, Goldilocks, walked down the
aisle. I was happy for my friend, of course. But I'd be lying if I said I
wasn't incredibly jealous as well. I wanted to find my mate already. And if she
wasn't fated to be at the wedding today, then I guessed I would have no choice
but to pick out a random beauty to help me forget my sorrows for the night.



I arrived at the
wedding reception almost an hour after the invited time. It took longer than I
had expected to get my hair and makeup ready. Then on the drive over, there was
traffic delay.

Stepping out of the
limo, my jaw nearly touched the ground. Standing in front of me was a castle
that looked like it belonged in Europe as opposed to New York.

I wanted to stand there
longer to just take in the sight of the castle, but since I was already late, I
didn't have the time to spare.

I hurried inside the
castle and found the interior of the wedding venue to be just as impressive as
it was on the outside. I was taking it all in when a young woman interrupted me
to make sure that I signed the wedding guest book. It was a good thing that she
did because Tasha would have been furious if she ever found out I didn't sign
her name in the wedding guest book as she had requested.



I tried to feign
interest as Melissa talked my ear off. The rich socialite was a wet dream come
true to most men in New York, but I wasn't even the least bit interested. Had
it not been for the fact that her dad was a business acquaintance of mine, I
wouldn't even bother giving her any time out of my day.

My eyes wandered as my
boredom for Melissa grew stronger. It was then that I saw her.

Dressed in a blue
evening gown, the stunning blonde woman simply took my breath away. She was
easily the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen, and my bear couldn't help but
growl at the sight of her.

I excused myself from
Melissa to approach the beautiful woman in blue. I had to talk to her and get
to know her in the most intimate of ways.

BOOK: Cinderella's Billionaire Bear: A Shifter Fairy Tale
4.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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